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Articles and Special Features 17 Oct 2014
INDIFFERENCE by The Oracle The emotional roller coaster that is the trade period has ground to a halt and the pundits are already carrying out their post mortems and arguing among themselves about...
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Articles and Special Features 15 Oct 2014
HAPPY DAYS by The Oracle The free agency and trading period which began so brilliantly for Melbourne when the club secured Billy Stretch for a third round national draft selection and overall pick...
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Articles and Special Features 12 Oct 2014
by The Oracle There we were earlier in the week, sitting back lamenting about the whole free agency and trade thing and thinking it was nothing more than a dull, colourless and boring snorefest. He...
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THE TEMPEST by Whispering Jack

Articles and Special Features 11 Oct 2014
by Whispering Jack   "There be some sports are painful, and their labour Delight in them sets off. Some kinds of baseness Are nobly undergone, and most poor matters Point to rich ends. This my...
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Articles and Special Features 10 Oct 2014
by The Oracle "There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear" - Buffalo Springfield We were almost at the halfway mark of the trade period and some very strange things were happen...
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