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Articles and Special Features 14 Sep 2014
How poorly does a team have to perform before it qualifies for draft assistance under the current AFL rules? Nobody really knows the answer because the outcome of an application is based on vague g...
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Match Reports 31 Aug 2014
The sign above the crowd (if that is what you call the gathering in attendance at Etihad) proudly advertised dog food. And it certainly was a dog's breakfast for football fans, and one of undesira...
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UTOPIA - NOT YET by Whispering Jack

Match Previews 28 Aug 2014
The last time Melbourne beat North Melbourne was during Nathan Jones' debut season in a game played on the MCG way back in 2006. Jones played the last eight games of the 2006 AFL season, including...
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THE LOWEST EBB by KC from Casey

Casey Articles 26 Aug 2014
The Casey Scorpions ended their most disappointing season in recent years with a 17-point home ground loss to Coburg on Sunday. The Scorpions, who have been VFL finalists in every season since the...
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OUTSMARTED by William from West Perth

Match Reports 24 Aug 2014
Our correspondent William from West Perth was at the game. Here's his story as told to Whispering Jack You could have been forgiven if you thought that the Melbourne bus had arrived at Patersons St...
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