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WHAT ME WORRY? by Whispering Jack

Match Previews 16 Apr 2014
WHAT ME WORRY? by Whispering Jack I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday afternoon and I tapped out the usual message that directs me to the footy news. The headline that flashed across the screen sai...
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BLEW IT by Whispering Jack

Casey Articles 15 Apr 2014
When the winds start blowing up around Casey Fields, the elements can be unforgiving. The Scorpions discovered this on Sunday when they blew it in the first quarter against 2013 grand finallists Ge...
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THE RIGHT RESULT by Whispering Jack

Match Reports 13 Apr 2014
Until this meeting, Melbourne had not tasted victory over Carlton since the infamous "Kreuzer Cup" affair in the final round of the 2007 season and to this day, I'm still not sure if that game...
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BEYOND BLUES by Whispering Jack

Match Previews 09 Apr 2014
Many years ago (in fact somewhere in the 1980's) I tried to imagine what football would be like in the future. At the time, I was into reading science fiction by writers such as Isaac Asimov and hi...
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Casey Articles 07 Apr 2014
In the absence of a Casey writer at present, here’s the Fairfax report of Essendon v Casey Scorpions  Jack Trengove impresses in close win by Casey Scorpions   Casey Scorpions 0.5.5...
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