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  1. Lloyd should go and grow his flat top and sprinkle blades of grass.
  2. I'd play Pedo, it makes us less predictable and with Pedo playing every game as if it's his last will show the boys how it's done. Peace
  3. It looked pretty obvious that Clarry was focussed solely on the ball and brushed past him.
  4. This is horrible. The team look so flat and virtually no fight.
  5. Let's see how we respond in the second half. We can claw back 5 goals in the 3rd quarter if we play well. This isn't over yet.
  6. A tad dramatic. We have Port, North and Adelaide up next and a spare game v Essendon who look to be struggling. On tonight's form I reckon that's 4 wins which would make us 7-4. Hardly a disaster.
  7. The gap between Fitzys best... And worst... ... Is too far.
  8. I walk into this thread thinking there is some relevant news re Jesse Hogan and there is an entire page wasted discussing whether we should target Levi Casbault. Stage 3 restrictions are really taking their toll. Can I suggest we all watch and enjoy tomorrow night's game as what is shaping to be a fantastic contest regardless of result.
  9. Might have been because they didn't know if he'd miss any matches, so why broadcast a fractured cheek in case he was ok to play.
  10. Agree WJ. I honestly believe we are in a good spot to challenge this year. We travel well, have a well balanced and fit list, and are building some good form.
  11. Pretty impressive if we consider those above Trac and Max have played and extra game. Adjust for this and Trac is second and Maxy equal third.
  12. No changes for me. Really looking forward to Sunday. This is an opportunity to build on the last couple of weeks against a top side, while potentially securing a spot in the 8 with a game up our sleeve. So far we've lost to three top 8 sides (Richmond, Geelong and WCE), beaten 1 top 8 side (GCS) and Beaton two bottom 8 sides (Carlton and Hawthorn). We are playing our best footy in 18 months and have looked better each week. Dees!
  13. Looking forward to Oliver playing on Neale next weekend.
  14. Haha, too bad I don't gamble. Happy for us to play well 😁
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