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  1. Assuming close contacts that weren't at exposure site need to test negative but not subject to 14 day quarantine. If he tested positive then the need for teammates to quarantine for 14 days would probably take effect on basis that they would be primary close contacts or change room may be classed as a tier 1 exposure site.
  2. Our lack of composure and that we didn't slow the game down in the last 5 minutes stood out to me and what I took away from the match. I don't read to much into it as it is only 1 game and I'm sure the team will address it. I felt we were pretty fortunate to get the draw (compared to a loss it provides a buffer for our % against Doggies and Geelong. and from this perspective is almost worth as much as a win).
  3. I really enjoy Kane Cornes role in the media. He's not afraid to say his piece and while he can be deliberately brash and polarising he has a job to do. Has some good insights and comes across as genuinely loving the game which can only be a good thing.
  4. This thread has an air of entitlement about it. In the current environment, we've been pretty fortunate to; 1. Be able to watch footy at all. 2. Be able to attend games. 3. Be playing well. 4. Have arguably the most exciting list and have our 'window' open. 5. Have a stable admin and be financially independent, noting the $1.8 million hit that purchasing a GF guarantee will help cover. For those bemoaning the lack of value in their MCC membership, ditch it. If you want to attend the GF and can afford it, buy an MFC membership with GF guarantee if you don't have one. Or if you do have an MFC membership then upgrade it. If you can't afford it then ditch MCC, simples. Our success over the next 5+ years will depend somewhat by our membership and willingness/ability to contribute financially to the club.
  5. Agree on this BBP, they beat us around the ball early and defensively were very disciplined to not allow us to get any overlap run. Hunt was doing the right thing in trying to generate some run in the 4th and him being caught is more a reflection of the pressure than what he did. Players such as Spargo and ANB were also caught a couple of times early in the match as well which I'd say is pretty uncharacteristic. Similar to how we denied Richmond and Doggies there ability to play the game on their terms, GWS did the same to us. Where we failed is that despite evening up the contest in the second half we didn't matches their pressure defensively right across the ground. How many times were they able to run the ball out of our forward 50 without enough pressure.
  6. I'm prepared to give our boys the benefit of the doubt today. Contest was off for the first half and were wasteful by foot failing to convert in the second half against a disciplined team that was strong around the ball, and pressured us well around the middle of the ground blunting our forward 50 forays. In our defence it was bloody cold at the ground, I was there, and am proud of our boys for playing out the game in such withering conditions.
  7. I think the Weid would benefit from signing a 3+ year contract to stay at Melbourne and establish his position as our key forward for the next 5 or more years. I reckon the off field pressure of his contract isn't helping his on field performance and I think he will finish alot more of his work (contested marks, goal accuracy) without this added 'off-field' pressure. I'm of the view that he's done reasonably well over the past 5 games, acknowledging he had a poor game v Collingwood, and is capable of being an excellent forward per last few home and away matches/finals in 2018.
  8. On a positive I'd rather lose to bottom 4 sides than top 4 contenders. Wins against the top sides effectively become 8 point matches when competing for a home final.
  9. Parish deserves to be in the 22 but not as a forward. It makes me furious when they put genuine midfielders as forwards to fit extra mids in the side.
  10. Weid was ok v Brisbane and I reckon internally the club would have been happy with his game. I cannot recall him being outmarked and he brought quite a few balls to ground, took a few good grabs and with improved kicking would have had 2-3 goals. He's come off an injury interrupted season last year and missed alot of the preseason and I reckon he needs a good run of a few games to clunk an extra mark or two and get his confidence back in front of goal.
  11. Spargo is so reliable that practically every time he receives the ball in our forward half it results in a decent percentage shot at goal. Between Spargo, Pickett and ANB we have a great mix of small forwards.
  12. I reckon with the big dog T-Mac in the side there is isn't room for Weid or Ben Brown. He's the alpha dog and the others know it.
  13. How good is Spargo. Everytime he has the ball in our forward half ends up with a shot on goal.
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