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  1. I'm going to miss the really small screen.
  2. Great - looking forward to seeing how Ben Brown, Weird, and Pickett work together in our forward line. Dees 💪
  3. Were talking about the club that delisted 3 of its best players on the eve of its finals berth.
  4. FFS, this has Misson's mitts all over it.
  5. I reckon they will just close off the top section. It doesn't make much sense to spread everyone around only to have to have the upper level food, bar and toilets open and staffed.
  6. Not sure about that chook, I reckon under Burgess we tend to report longer term injuries as 4-5 week proposition, it comes across a bit more precise.
  7. I like the mandatory 12 day break as players shouldn't be concussed often enough for this to present an impost on the team. The idea of the bye between the prelim and grand final also makes alot of sense in minimising the impact of a concussion before the most important game. I'm in no way an expert and have now experience whatsoever with concussion or injury at junior level, but would think it extremely unlikely for an under 12 to suffer concussion and the benefit of them learning correct technique and to protect themselves from a young age to be a net benefit. To lift the age is a bit l
  8. Lord Nev, this information was reported months ago. Someone might be able to confirm but from memory it was discussed in the members forum.
  9. They managed to liquidate Jayden Hunt's car which he had left parked at the G, which also resulted in the sale of a case of chocolate Big M's.
  10. Get Beau on the basis that a player cannot kick 5 goals against you if he's on the same team.
  11. A wise person once said "Websites don't win premierships".
  12. Agree on the Lord Nev. My kids x 3 just received their packs and I reckon they have done a great job with personalised stickers, key chains, beer cooler bag etc.
  13. It is described as a Pathway Program which implies learning and professional development.
  14. I reckon this is a bit of a storm in a teacup. While I understand that calling for students or "graduates" to volunteer 10-25 hours per week could be viewed as taking advantage of inexperience if recent graduates it probably reflects the reality that the work is suitable for students but that the club doesn't want to overlook recent graduates who otherwise couldn't gain paid experience in their field due to he impact of Covid on sporting clubs. Our club is pretty good on being responsible citizen and I think they deserve the benefit of doubt here.
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