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  1. Super impressive individual and I think will do a great job.
  2. Same day travel is ludicrous for a professional sports organisation. I've travelled alot through my work and nowadays wouldn't even consider travelling on the same day as an important meeting or client engagement. Both the early start and sitting in an aeroplane without fresh air is taxing on the body.
  3. So good, this is awesome news! Now let's get ANB signed beyond 2022 and were set.
  4. Accidental means no case to answer homie, which is what the Tribunal ruled. Case closed.
  5. Goody talks about picking out best team every week and Fritsch was our best player last week and is our best forward. I'm bewildered why we would allow him to sit out a week when he should be playing. We are one of the big boys now, only one of 6 unassisted clubs, are top of the ladder, haven't lost a game all season and we are coming up against a tough opponent in Sydney. It is totally unsurprising that the club is seeking to overturn the 1 week suspension.
  6. Dice, I disagree with players being suspended for playing within the spirit of the game, and accidentally make high contact through an action that is reasonable under the circumstances. I'm all for 1 week suspensions for jumper punches that land high and other such actions but when a player gets suspended for playing the ball and the game in the manner it is meant to be played there needs to be a more nuanced approach that considers whether the players action was reasonable.
  7. I reckon there is a case for the incident to both; 1. Be graded as accidental rather than careless, on the basis that Fritsch had no alternative to making contact with Powell and that the brace and push off was a reasonable action under the circumstances. 2. Downgraded from medium to low impact assuming that the damage was low but potential for harm resulted in medium. Because Powell's action to cannon into Fritsch contributed to the potential for harm and that Fritsch's contribution should be his action and not the sum of his and Powell's action. I genuinely think we have a goo
  8. Since injuring his foot in 2017, Jack has averaged 15 games per season from 2018-2020. He is an absolute jet and a big game player, if he played 10-15 games a season for the next few years and we manage him so he is available to play finals then he represents great value. Probably one of the biggest games I have seen from any player was Viney v West Coast in 2017, he had 38 disposals and fell a couple of possessions short of the all time contested possession record despite missing the 3rd quarter with a shoulder injury, and came back in the 4th to get us across the line.
  9. Did he have a concussion test? As if that were the case it is a mandatory 20 minutes off ground and nothing was mentioned by commentators. I thoughts he went to the bench, had a spell and got back onto the ground.
  10. He did not do a concussion test and provided there are no adverse findings in the medical report it would likely be low impact.
  11. I think Fritsch has a good case for accidental as he played the ball, had zero alternative but to make contact and the high contact was no more careless than Tom Hawkins clumsy elbow against May. Common sense dictates that Fritsch was playing the ball and did not act unreasonably. I suspect the AFL will avoid the accidental v careless aspect in terms of suspension and grade it as careless, low impact, high contact which is a $1500 fine.
  12. Go away party pooper🥳😋
  13. There is no way Fritsch gets rubbed out for the high contact. He had the ball and pushed off the players shoulder/head to change direction. It is a completely different action to a bump when you don't have the ball.
  14. We've come a long way since the days when after an 8 goal loss our percentage went up - Dees 💪
  15. Absolutely wrapped for Jesse having a big game today. I'll always remember when he re-signed with us despite the lure to WA and in dealing with his personal challenges. He will always be a Demon and I hope he stays healthy and has a fulfilling AFL career 💪
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