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  1. We are building a team to play finals for hopefully the next 10years. A whole host of 19yr olds may not win us a flag this year (although I believe we are right in the mix )however all we lacked tonight was a little polish & finishing. Don’t care who the Bulldogs or any other team had missing …you play who you play. Appalling umpiring but again we can only blame ourselves for losing. I believe Brown had one of his better games even though conditions didn’t suit ..I’ll change my opinion if he doesn’t incrementally improve against the Suns. I’m actually happy we will slip from top 2..remove supporter expectations & let them roll on through the next few games. We’re ok…
  2. Thought it was interesting in Bradshaw’s after match interview that he alluded to playing the Bulldogs next week. Thought it was a slip of the tongue but maybe they had already been told it could be a possibility …if they were told before the game maybe that’s what they were thinking about ..
  3. Dunkley out ..14 day quarantine
  4. Always a lot different when you put these players in a side surrounded by top players
  5. It was listening to the commentators who said he had rolled his ankle & the other comment was that Bedford was the top small forward in the VFL at present. So no other source of info !
  6. Mitch brown rolled his ankle last week..Bedford was ok tonight & Lockhart …chandler not so.
  7. Lose by 1pt…what stood out for me similar to the AFL side .,,heaps more pressure by GWS
  8. Ben Brown had been off since 3/4 time ..doesn’t seem to be injured so maybe for Port ,1 pt
  9. Have a look at their membership no ‘s …I was at the game today & considering GWS have no supporters..not a bad turn out. It was pretty hard to get excited with the quality of football we were playing …at least we didn’t sook it up like ESS
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