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  1. Myself & my son received ours in Dec before xmas. I only paid for mine in November ...my son earlier ...
  2. I believe Hardwick made finals in his 4th year of coaching & there was plenty of angst amongst Richmond supporters regarding his coaching . He had plenty of “ups & downs”. I think Goodwin deserves 2021 before he is judged quite so harshly...
  3. Great appointment. He will be fantastic with the young players ...was a very talented player & just a great bloke. I’m really happy we have got him & think he will do well.
  4. I absolutely agree with this. I just listened to Oscar on the radio & he spoke so well about the club & the handling of his delisting. I just hope he never read the vitriol spouted about him ...I shudder to think who will be the next unfortunate player who gets “dumped” on now he had gone. I sometimes think we forget that the players are just young men who play to the best of their ability but unfortunately we expect them to play to our expectations & they often don’t marry up !
  5. He absolutely has to get fit. He was definitely a bit “chubby” this year but I’m giving everyone a pass because of the nature of the season but he needs to have a “Trac” type of preseason because he could be anything ..I’ll back in Roos opinion of him !
  6. So telling Adam Treloar that he was not wanted by senior players wasn’t his “problem” ?
  7. Agreed...an extremely high footy IQ & you can’t teach that. If he had kicked even half of his missed goals this would be an entirely different thread. He took Maynard out of the game against the Pies & played a brilliant defensive role against Nick Haynes who I thought was one of GWS best players this year.
  8. Who still has a bottle of the Woewodin port in their liquor cabinet ?
  9. Agreed...I’m pretty sure that Brisbane played outside Qld twice & had a very healthy list & ditto Port who spent most of their time in Adelaide with 2 home finals & a full list to pick from. Both teams will never have this advantage again & yet neither are playing in a GF. We on the other hand travelled all over Aust & played at the most stadiums. Hopefully this will hold us in good stead next season. Go Cats (not sure I mean that but anything better than Richmond)
  10. From someone who was there ...with coach (bus) issues ...we arrived about an hour before Sydney game !!
  11. Pathetic embarrassing supporter group. We have finished 9th...prelim..17th & 9th. Arguably the players that will move us up the ladder are the three we got when we finished 17th. It’s a tough competition & we weren’t good enough this year . We were the most compromised team in terms of travelling & flying. The top 4 teams comprise of the most experienced & teams that have hardly travelled. Just acknowledge a player group that are coming into their window ...have done the best they could & have an enormous upside. They got me through Covid ...thank you for that! So get a
  12. So harsh on Jones & McDonald. I’ve just watched reply & without the emotion you can be more measured in your comments. Sure Jones coughed up some crucial disposals but he sure wasn’t alone there. Apart from those there was nothing wrong with his game. Oscar is so maligned ....I think the Saints forwards got maybe 4 goals & Oscar wasn’t responsible for one. The goal Membrey got ...he couldn’t have done a lot with that. He at different stages covered Membrey/Ryder & Marshall. Even when May was on Marshall in the last part of the game he was out marked twice. He also allows May &a
  13. I’ll have a crack. Probably the easiest way to shoot down your points are to tell you to read player interviews where most of your “opinions “ are addressed. I’ll mention a couple...Weideman who says holding him back and allowing him to address the defects in his game i.e. double clunking his marks...being more aggressive in attacking the ball and his positioning have allowed him to transition quite seamlessly into this current team has given him great confidence even though he still has a lot to work on...Petracca (5 seasons realistically as he had a knee) who himself came to the realisation
  14. I’d much prefer to beat teams either in the eight or vying for the eight than beat up on teams whose seasons are finished. What confidence would we have in our team with that type of form ?
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