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  1. Certainly don’t agree with the sentiments of “lack of intent and hunger”. Intent and hunger probably won us the game last night. There is a distinct lack of cohesion with clearances which Goody is aware of & as some other posters have alluded to...fix that even by 50% and our winning margins will increase dramatically!! Aside from that is Gawn perhaps carrying a niggle ?
  2. She has gone to see her daughter in Amsterdam who has given birth & it was a rush as there were a few worries. Should be back in a week or two .,,
  3. I think it is offensive to say “Jones dumped” just as it was equally offensive to say before his 300th that he was was a “perennial “ loser. He is a 33 yr old ...had a huge few weeks...surely “ managed” is appropriate.
  4. If we win against north & are clear top of the ladder...is that the first time in Nathan Jones career that Melbourne has been on top of the ladder ?
  5. So would have nothing to do with the increased maturity & selflessness that the players are showing plus a very healthy list with competition for spots? Maybe Goodwin has finally getting the list performing as he would like...
  6. Can’t believe that Goody hasn’t even been questioned...unbelievably rude...Robbo is so ignorant!!
  7. He is absolutely not the difference between us winning or losing that game. You have an extremely short memory if you don’t think our heart & soul ex Captain doesn’t deserve this game. He was the one reason that I went to the football at times. He deserves this honour 💙❤️💙❤️ j
  8. Always think the new in’s need a qrt to pick up the pace of the game & their place in the game. Thought all 3 ins and the team started to get a bit more cohesion in the 3rd qrt & broke them down in the fourth. Was Petty off inj in the last ?
  9. I think it may have been Goody/Gawn who stated that with up to six players having none or one rotation it allows around 70 rotations to be shared by other players. Great benefit to the team.
  10. Happy to give him a pass with it being his first game & also horrendous conditions. However would have to show marked improvement next week. On song his delivery into the forward line is a weapon & he was generally a good shot for goal.
  11. It was reported off a news feed which is why i prefaced it with “apparently” however Dermie also alluded to the fact that he hoped it wasn’t a broken eye socket with the amount of bleeding. Not on here to score points ..I would be devastated if he misses weeks but would think if it was a couple of stitches ..they could have possibly done that at the ground. Let’s hope for the best possible outcome.
  12. Let’s hope against hope it’s not that bad but I think from the presser Goodie had some idea it wasn’t good news. At least once it settles down he should be able to keep up fitness levels etc with no contact to the head but have no idea what this type of injury means in terms of rehab
  13. Celebrated the Fremantle win in the Frank Grey Bar on Level 3 till 5pm when the bar closed ...
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