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  1. I have a work mate from WA who had Luke over at his house a few weeks ago (his son played with both LJ and Riv), ......anyhow my mate was asking when he was gojng to come back and play for the West Coast, whereas LJ shook his head gave a fist pump and a big smile and said "GO DEES!!!!". He's a beauty alright.
  2. Great player, and one of those really popular supporter favourites, I remember when he was traded to Collingwood, I was angry and couldn't understand the logic, one of the poorest decisions by the club, along with the early retirement of Junior. I sometimes think this is why we lack the solidarity of other clubs, because at times we have got it wrong with our champions.
  3. Came highly recommended from a friend in WA, who says when the WEagles aren't playing he follows the Dees, because of LJ and Riv. (i believe they both hail from the same WA team...that was really smart recruiting)
  4. Darcy Moore needs to follow his fathers footsteps and come to the Dees
  5. I loved that, amazing how one thing can lead to another, the main actress in that film is Elspeth Ballantyne, googled her and found the Boys form Boronia Boys movie trailer. LOL
  6. After today's news can we get jack Watts as a Goal kicking coach?
  7. I taught Trade for about 3 years, to pre-apprentices, a wander around the room to look at their notes I would invariable find a student, drawing penis's on his workbook, for some reason it's just what they do.
  8. Watch Daniher end up at the Giants. Cameron to Carlton.
  9. Feeder club for the rest of the AFL
  10. Boy if this umpiring was against Melbourne we'd be screaming the house down
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