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  1. I may have told this story before (I am getting to an age where I seem to repeat myself), but i won 2nd prize in the raffle in the members area ($50 voucher to the Demon shop). I went to the shop and was told that I could spend the $50 but I wasn't eligible for the members 10% discount. Now I have spent hundreds of $$$ (not begrudgingly) in the Demon raffles, and it seemed a bit of a kick in the teeth
  2. Follow up to that the first 2 finals vs Nth and Sydney, found them on VhS in a box but dont have a player any more
  3. I'm not doubting you but I cannot find this information anywhere. Can you tell me how you know this?
  4. I go to the pub and watch the games not on FTA, with the guys I go to the games with. mind you it was a bit hard to do that last year so I signed up for KAYO for $5 a month, then they cancelled the season for 3 months, and I forgot to unsubscribe my KAYO and ended up get stiffed for $25 per month., but kept it cause it was the only way I could watch the Dees.
  5. How come my membership number is one number longer than the boxes provided on the back of the voting slip?
  6. You might be right, 53 days is way off and aaaanything could happen. But would be good to know the method of allocating seats, even if it is 25k would still like not to miss out
  7. Really. I haven't seen a game live in 18 months, wild horses couldn't keep me away, I'm sure there will be plenty of others who feel the same
  8. Maybe not, but there a few hardy souls that cram into the Premium member area in the southern stand, can't have 10k in one section and nobody in the other half of the ground
  9. Just thought i would start this conversation, are there any hints as to how the tickets for the season will be allocated. I have a Redlegs membership and that comes with selected seats (not that I often sit in my correct seat). However if there is a 50% Capacity allowed, How do they decide who gets in?
  10. Must admit, sometimes I'm a bit lazy reading emails. I get to the first line and then usually move on. Missed a few things over time I admit
  11. I contacted the club via email, and they said that you had to nominate whether you wanted a pin, and If i replied to the email, they would send me one. I replied and stated "yes please", I also explained that members who choose the roll over option don't get the opportunity to select such items or choose a picture for their membership, and suggested maybe they could fix this. Ph: (03) 9652 1111 PO Box 254 East Melbourne Victoria 8002 Email: [email protected]
  12. Q. (And I don't know the answer), who was the last person to kick a drop kick in the AFL/VFL in a game?
  13. A nice surprise when I walked into the Inverloch Club Rooms to see his picture hanging on the wall as an ex player
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