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  1. I've seen his new girlfriend , can't blame a man for wanting to spend more time with the family
  2. Might bring a few more to the QB game. Do we still get the gate receipts?
  3. Out Hunt In Langdon. I know Melk, and Weed are under performing but we can afford to carry them till they surprise us all and come good
  4. Man that's tough @DemonOX, this game now means even more for you. Go get em Dees!!!
  5. Mathieson out, I'll have to find someone else to shout at the telly about
  6. And your wish shall be granted
  7. Looking ahead one week, I don't think that the QB game would be a big a boon as many on here think, the Filth are going that bad that their members (who are as fickle as Hawks members) wouldn't have shown up at the G. I would be surprised if we even would have got 40k there even with a 100% capacity. Didn't they only get 15k to a Filth v Freo game a week or so back. They are in a world of pain (wipe smirk off face) and just won't show
  8. That would suit us we've got a tough last month
  9. I think sometimes teams play better without the Star Player, teams can tend to be too "Ablett centric" teams understand when the star is missing they all have to put in that little bit extra, plus when the star player is a forward, it makes them more predictable and easier to coach against.
  10. Level 5 (534) Row Z, for $79 plus $6 booking fee, I'm sure we don't treat visiting teams so miserably, anyhow first time visit this year and looking forward to it
  11. We May Lever Nose again?
  12. I understand there was an interview with Kate on the ABC this week, where she stated she had travelled and observed pre-game entertainment, and was encouraged by the US model. Personally I don't like all the hype that is the "Match Day experience" , Can you ask her why she thinks we need to suffer this intrusion. i.e Flashing lightning strikes and loud booms when we kick a goal, and blaring music during all the breaks. (I don't think I am alone here)
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