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  1. Players should be made to travel home on the train and listen to the Collingwood supporters mock us. Thanks guys
  2. I was at the game, it was a lousy night for big forwards, Weed competed in every forward entry, I think probably the best 1 disposal game I have seen. And Freo are a snipey team they scragged him at every opportunity, umpires just turn a blind eye to this every week,.
  3. I understand the AFL gave the Dockers permission to train on the ground on Weds. (to get used to the conditions FFS)
  4. Maybe we could do a phantom Bulldog injury and get Chandler on in the 4th Quarter
  5. Hoping Chandler gets the Med Sub position, just hope we don't get to use him
  6. I'm not sure playing easybeats is good preparation for finals, ithas undone them the last few years
  7. That will make Heppell, Hopper and Hooper, surely a law firm in the making
  8. I think you may be missing the point, most agree here that as the law stands at the moment the free will be paid, however what I am advocating if you stop awarding frees for high tackles then it could save someone a very serious debilitating injury later in life. Seems to me a small price to pay, just change the rule and stop players deliberately putting their head in the firing line.
  9. Tiers is correct, it really should easy to stamp out. But the Neanderthals of this world will scream that we are de...manning...the sport. But it won't be them pushing the wheelchair.
  10. Our game is played at such high speed, this will eventually happen. To sit down by the fence and see how hard the contact is in a game of AFL it's frightening. so while we at it stop calling players like Selwood and Ginnivan "Brave and Warrior like" Someone is gunna pay ...big time
  11. And further to the Dangerfield logic Ginnivan’s style could open him up to concussions and head trauma if he is regularly tackled high but Dangerfield said there was no need for a complete rule change.
  12. The point is, it should be so easy to stop. If a player deliberately drops his knees or ducks into a tackle, then penalise him. And yes there will be howling from the media, but really it's a no brainer (sic)
  13. Ginnivan within his right to drop his knees, says Dangerfield Jon Pierik AFL Players Association president Patrick Dangerfield says Collingwood forward Jack Ginnivan does not need to change his playing style amid criticism he drops his knees to secure high-contact free kicks. Ginnivan’s technique of taking the ball low and rising into a tackle has been a hot topic since the clash against North Melbourne on Saturday. He won two high free kicks for high tackles around the neck but, in a contentious third incident, was not awarded a free for high contact because the umpire felt he swung his arm up to force the tackle to go high. My View:.................................. Not sure how Danger can condone this. Head high tackles are dangerous and can potentially put the player tackled at risk to concussion, including CTE problems. Again .........in my opinion the AFL needs to not encourage players to initiate head contact if they are serious about the players well being. STOP playing free kicks for this. 1. It is not in the H & S interest of the player 2. It is a really bad look, btw all teams have their "Ginnivan" (we have Spargo) 3 They changed to rules before i.e. Bartlett throwing the ball in front to get a free
  14. Just finished watching the replay. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned but the Demon supporters at the ground put up a mighty effort. The singing of the song with 4 minutes to go and then the chant of "Lever Lever" and the roar when took his last intercept mark was fantastic. Well done to all those that travelled or turned up from Adelaide to support the Dees.
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