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  1. I have one wish, that the AFL don't dribble out the fixture timeslots like last year. I tried to get to Alice for the game, by the time I actually knew what day it was being played on all the accommodation had gone and the airfares were 5 times the price.
  2. Need to find something here.... dig deep Dees
  3. I know we are getting off subject, but that final against the Swans in 87 was one of my fondest memories. I remember thinking, " I bet you're glad you left Gerard" ha ha
  4. At least Schache knows the words to Freed from Desire
  5. This reminds me of the old VFA Sundays.
  6. When he took the ball out of the ruck in the first few minutes last night and had a ping for goal, I thought "He's on here" unfortunately that was the highlight of his whole night.
  7. Not to seem pedantic at this time, but her birthday is April 21st (one day after my Mum)
  8. Took 25 mins but got in and got 5 Cat 1 tickets in N2 I'm rapt
  9. I shouted myself hoarse, even got a "chewy on ya boot" for their first miss on goal. I did my bit. Would have been nice not to have to line up for half an hour to get 2 metres up in line at the bar to sooth the throat too.
  10. Is it just me or have the hours today gone for 90 minutes
  11. I was at the G the last time Melb played Sydney in a final , lets hope for a similar result: 1987 Melb 21 23 149 to Syd 10 13 73 What a day. I remember it rained nearly the whole game, but Melbourne handled the ball like a dry day. Great memories. I remember shouting at Healy, that he should have stayed a Demon. (Not that he could hear me of course)
  12. Really enjoying the contest, but the excitement level of the commentary when Adelaide go forward is annoying
  13. Wouldn't let me buy 5 tickets together in Cat 1. I bet London to a brick there will be spare seats everywhere when I go. I did get 2 for my son and I. But what a joke this system is
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