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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. I remember Ray Smith from the Dons being a very serviceable backman
  2. Just checked Big Footy and this this my all time favourite If that gollum looking midget goal umpire campaigner doesn't call that an imaginary touched goal, we win. What a ******* disgraceful game by the men in fluoro. Disgrace.. Oh what short memories they have !!!
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but does Kolt have an indigenous heritage?
  4. Did I just hear BT say this has been a inspiring start to the season by Ken Hinkley???
  5. This is a boring game of football
  6. Settle people, if we had got reward for our tackling we'd be 3 goals up
  7. how can you swing a bloke around twice and puts the ball on the ground not get paid as holding the ball?
  8. That was an appalling advantage call
  9. Am I the only one on here, that is quite enjoying Hawthorn's fall from grace
  10. If you want a real enjoyable read, head over to Big Footy and check out the PA comments post game, seems every second post has blamed the umpires for their loss. Oh and Hinkley is not the right person to coach their team
  11. How many games have we lost in the past when we dominated the inside 50's , it's obviously not the most important stat. Even Port's first 3 goals were from chaos type i50 entries. You can can get lucky but entries like that don't generally win you games
  12. Should have been 4 frees against us then
  13. But they are contributing by some very undiscipline play
  14. Just announced Pendlebury gets a fine
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