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  1. I'd have Jason Taylor a fair way ahead of that promo.
  2. ........ and very hard to change a team that won a Prelim by 83 points at its last outing. GO DEES!
  3. "Should auld acquaintance be forgot" ............. thanks for reacquainting Ash!
  4. Outstanding work again folks. Thank you so much, and GO DEES!
  5. Outstanding player, outstanding leader, outstanding person, outstanding representative of our Club! His growth in all of these areas has been exceptional.
  6. Thanks guys. All the right questions to Perty, and the answers I wanted to hear. My confidence is growing, albeit at a slightly slower pace than the nervous tension ....... but I wouldn't want it any other way!
  7. This is perhaps the best MFC related interview I’ve ever heard. Thanks Daz! Make no mistake, PJ’s business prowess, integrity and persistence have been pivotal in getting us to the 2021 GF, and beyond.
  8. I’m an old so and so, who was fortunate enough to live through our Golden Era of the late 1940s, the 1950’s and (obviously) 1964 as well. I have my place adorned with Dees flags, as shown in the ‘Flying the Flag’ thread. I was sitting on my front porch this evening, enjoying a glass of Shiraz, and taking in my attractive garden as the twilight took over. When the evening breeze began to flutter the flags it caught my attention. I spontaneously and unashamedly, burst into tears. That’s what a premiership would mean to me! Cross my heart, that’s a true story.
  9. So TMac will be on a starvation diet then?
  10. All of us supporters who have stuck by this downtrodden Club through thick (and mostly) thin. We will truly be the 'unsung' heroes. BUT onfield , it's hard to go past Vines and Nibbler.
  11. Gee, I hope it's not the same bug that some Geelong players are reported to have had prior to the Prelim.
  12. I agree Dante, and for this reason I suspect that TMac has played an important part in building the 'culture' that is so important to where we now sit as a team.
  13. Given what he’s done as an 18 year old, the sky is the limit for Bowser. Already plays like a 100 gamer. One of those uncommon youngsters who ‘just has it’, and ‘it’ was apparent from day one.
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