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  1. I’d prefer that he get his thumb (?) / hand (?) / wrist (?) fixed first. 😄
  2. I love all the praise above for Daisy. Every bit of it 100% justified and earned. She’s a true legend of our great Club, and the game itself.
  3. Great to see no post-surgery bandaging or strapping on Clarrie’s injure hand.
  4. ……… my preferred trifecta: Flag (AFL), Flag (AFLW), Flag (Casey Demons). We came close in 2022, and hopefully we can go one better in 2023.
  5. Yes, compliments of the season to members of the Demonland family everywhere, and especially to Andy, and all those involved in keeping this wonderful ‘meeting place’ up and running for all Dees fans
  6. Great pod, thanks! Out of every player on every AFL list, Max would be my first choice as skip. We are so lucky to have him!
  7. If only we had one in the MCG precinct to 'train down'!
  8. A couple of points of motivation, apart from watching the Dees in win #5 for the 2023 season OD: - free accommodation in a mates apartment, within walking distance of Adelaide Oval, - Mrs DoF and I enjoy visiting the SA wine regions and beaches. We’ll drive from Canberra, and make a bit of a holiday of it. The Dees game is followed by another game (Port and somebody) so we will probably stay on for that. Yes, we went to watch the Dees [censored] Adelaide at AO last season.
  9. Got my tickets this morning, no probs. Reserved seat in a dedicated area for Melbourne members for the Dees game. Very happy!
  10. Fabulous poddy thanks to Andy, George, Bin, and of course, Jason Taylor. I’m currently in a remote part of the Snowy Mountains, with pretty dodgy internet coverage, so I couldn’t listen live. However, I’m pleased to say it’s coming through loud and clear this morning, as I sit outside in the sunshine, sharing my toast and marmalade with a red and blue (Crimson) Rosella, which is sitting on top of my IPad, which rests on my lap. How lucky we are to live in this great country, and to follow our great team play in the greatest sporting competition on earth! Thanks again guys, for your podcasts throughout the year. Always interesting, enjoyable and informative! Go Dees!
  11. A fantastic ’fit’ for the MFC job. All the best Benny!
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