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  1. Addendum to my question above, Is ‘Pup’ Brown a realistic small forward prospect for ‘24?
  2. Kozzi mostly midfield or forward? I know he’s been injured, but from what we seen, can AMW step up?
  3. Petts and Salo please. How much time with the main group? Round 0 is approaching quickly.
  4. Outstanding summary! Hits all the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of 2023 perfectly. As stated, bring on 2024. I can’t wait!
  5. He’s obviously coming along nicely. Twice the player he was last season.
  6. I just wish that the AFL would turn its focus to more important matters.
  7. Showed some good attributes in the first half of ‘23, but then faded. A work in progress who still needs to ‘nail down’ a spot in our best 22.
  8. Just a ‘solid’ year for mine …… on a par with Lingers. I guess I had the bar set a little bit higher.
  9. Huge thanks to @Demonland & @Whispering_Jack for this outstanding site, plus Andy,@george_on_the_outer & @binman for our fantastic pods, and all genuine contributors to Demonland. As an ‘Interstater’ Demonland is my MFC / AFL ‘lifeblood’. Seasons greetings to all. Go Dee’s!
  10. The MFC share the same vision. Perty, very astutely imo, covered off this aspect during the DeeBrief podcast.
  11. Trained yesterday, but don’t know at what level. See pic in Training Gallery on MFC website.
  12. Great interview Andy. Great insights into what makes the young man tick. Seems very balanced ‘old head on young shoulders’.
  13. Has he, or is he likely to read Demonland? If 'yes' does he understand the risks involved?
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