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  1. 5. McNamara 4. Paxman 3. Hore 2. L. Pearce 1. Hanks
  2. ……. and a pig (not Hibbo) running around the SCG, interrupting play, and being chased by players and security guards. I think it was Tony Lockett who eventually caught it.
  3. Joining the throng of Melbourne supporters in the change rooms immediately after a win at the ‘G’, chatting to the players as they rehydrated with cans of VB, and joining them in rousing renditions of both verses of the Grand Auld Flag. There were plenty of wins back then too. Of course, it was a male only domain.
  4. Fitter and stronger with a bit more class when it counted. Well done Dees!
  5. Huge thanks to George and ‘fence’ for bringing the session alive in my lounge room.
  6. So real but so hard to fathom. RIP Harley.
  7. Go Dees. Fast start to the season important. I'm full of confidence.
  8. "the fittest I've ever been" ....... wow! Competition for spots in the best defense in the AFL will be intense, and that bodes damn well for our quest to go back to back!
  9. I desperately want us to take out the quinella, and I think we have the AFLW squad to do it!
  10. Anyone who attended the incredibly moving ceremony before the first game of the 2005 season, will never forget it. RIP Broady! Never to be forgotten around here.
  11. Whenever I talk about football, I have to reach for another tissue. I doubt that will change until the first bounce in season 2022, because I’m certain to be quite emotional when our Flag is unfurled on 16 March.
  12. This stinks! It's certainly a disincentive for most clubs to put effort into developing their own NGAs.
  13. After almost 70 years closely following the VFL / AFL, and putting aside my Melbourne bias, that was without doubt the most exhilarating minute of football that I’ve ever had the good fortune to see. Any team, any era, it wins hands down!
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