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  1. In an interview before round 1, Max said that our players were “hurting” because they had let themselves and the supporters down by not making finals in 2020 .......... they were intent on redeeming themselves in 2021. His statement was (quite reasonably) greeted around here with many comments along the lines of “we’ve heard it all before”, “talk is cheap” and “we want actions, not words”. Well, I think in the first four rounds, we are starting to see strong evidence that Max is a man of his word!
  2. So hard to separate them in what is one of the very best TEAM efforts I’ve seen from the Dees in a very long time. Here’s my crack at it: 6. Lever 5. Viney 4. Gawn 3. Petracca 2. Langdon 1. Fritsch
  3. I’m quietly confident if singing a very rousing post-match rendition of the Grand Old Flag. Our new found maturity, and ability to readily change up / adjust our tactics to suit the game situation, will see us home by around three goals.
  4. I’m just shaking my head. Confusion, disbelief, I dunno, but I don’t like the sound of it one bit.
  5. Gee that was disappointing. We looked lethargic from the outset, and I reckon we had run our race before the first bounce.
  6. We Demonlanders have experienced far too much ‘flat earth’ to be in the least concerned about what that Society thinks. Onward and upwards Dees!
  7. I was at the game, and the work that was put into Clarrie off the ball was unbelievable. His numbers were understandably down. The umps need to put a stop to this sort of crap.
  8. 6. Gawn 5. Pickett 4. Langdon 3. Hunt 2. Hunt 1. Salem
  9. After watching the GWS game last week, I described them as a ‘rabble’, and predicted that only a poor attitude would bring us undone. I’ve revised that a bit as the week has progressed, because surely pride will drive them to do better after the hammering they’ve copped in the media (MFCSS?). I still favour us to win, but I’m a little nervous now. Cheer loud and strong all you Demonlanders coming to Manuka tonight!!!
  10. I really liked the way we adapted to the conditions, depending on which way were kicking. In fact, we've been extremely adaptable over the last month, and it's become a great 'strength' to take into a finals campaign. Two weeks to go girls! Jeez, I love that song ...... especially when it's belted out after a final!
  11. I'm likely to have a spare guest pass graz (friend now unlikely to be in a position to attend). PM me to firm up if you wish.
  12. Good on our Club for getting on the front foot and clarifying the situation, and damnation to the Media (especially CW) for their gutter journalism.
  13. GWS are a rabble. Based on that performance, complacency is all that will beat us next week. Stay focused Dees!
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