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  1. Casting votes today is very similar to my Year 6 maths exam ie. aImost impossible!! All of our boys lowered their colours, in a performance I seriously want to forget, but here goes: 6. May - under immense pressure all game given the amount of ball coming in, and the complete absence of our hallmark ‘team defence’. Battled manfully, and won or halved some contests. 5. JvR - worked hard, whether ruck or forward. Commendable effort against huge odds. 4. Petty - clearly not a ruckman, but battled hard all game, and contested marking around the ground (especially in the second half), was a worthy effort. 3. Langdon - ran all day (again!), and should be commended for his work-rate. 2. McVee - solid in the face of insurmountable odds. Showed his usual good composure when he had the ball. 1. Rivers - little influence as a mid, but improved considerably when he went to HB in the second half.
  2. I don’t like it one little bit, but I can accept being out-played. However, what I find completely unacceptable, is being totally out-worked. I’m gutted!
  3. Goody said during the week that we are a ‘different side’ to the one that capitulated to Freo a short time ago, and he is spot on! Some different personnel, an injection of speed and excitement, a more cohesive forward line, and now playing as a galvanised unit with a game plan that is more adaptable to meet whatever the opposition and weather throw at us. This is another ‘statement’ game, and I reckon we will be well primed to make a statement, as we close in on the pointy end of the season. Dees by 9 points! ❤️ 💙
  4. 100%! It’s a beautiful thing!
  5. I don’t have high hopes for him, but he certainly earned another crack at it after his game for Casey on Sunday.
  6. Great work as usual Bin, and loved the new segment! Thank you!
  7. An outstanding win, highlighted by the character and discipline of our boys, the continued emergence of our younger brigade, and a coaching masterclass by Goody and his cohorts in the coaches box. I found it very difficult to narrow it down to 6 vote winners, but this is my crack at it: 6. McVee - showed great temperament, vision and polish under pressure. A future AA candidate, if I’m any sort of judge! 5. Langdon - back to his best, which is very, very good. The perfect link man, always in the right spot at the right time. Another 16km+ game? 4. Rivers - continued to build on his recent run of very impressive form as a mid. His strength and power in the contest stood out to me. 3. Pickett - provided energy, pressure and a regular ‘spark’ when we needed it. Continued to add to his very impressive highlights reel. Great 100th! 2. ANB - again showed his enormous work ethic and discipline to keep a potential match winner fairly quiet, while getting plenty of the ball himself. 1. Windsor - pace, vision and ball use were fantastic. Such a mature head on very young shoulders. Too many other strong contributors to mention them all, but May, JvR and Clarrie warrant special mention.
  8. We’ve turned a significant corner over the last two weeks with our pressure and contest work, and I expect them to be on show again tonight. Goody will have plans for the ruck, and to (somewhat) cover the absence of Max around the ground. The form and enthusiasm of our ‘in form’ youngsters gives us a new and exciting look, and the cool heads and leadership of our ‘elder statesmen’ will hold us in good stead when it counts. I’m on edge, but quietly confident that we can take the 8 points on offer.
  9. Brilliant solo effort Bin. Loved the stats, loved the analysis and loved the predictions. Both interesting and entertaining! ………. Go ‘Redleggers’!
  10. I’m an old and emotional fart when it comes to our Dees. I shed a few tears!
  11. Just give Draper & Co the kind of the treatment that Max cops week in / week out. They’ll sook about it, and go to water!
  12. Excellent win, very strongly influenced by our next generation players. My votes: 6. Rivers - BOG! His week by week improvement as a mid bodes extremely well for our future, both in 2024 and beyond. 5. JvR - his best game at the level. Another youngster on a significant upward trajectory. Huge future for a young KPF. 4. Windsor - has shown great potential from his debut in Round 0, and today was his best yet! 3. TMac - choosing the right option, and pin point passing by hand and foot were features today. The only ‘elder statesman’ in my votes, but he’s rediscovered his ‘youth’ as a defender. 2. Pickett - always dangerous, and continuing to build his consistency in the combined midfield / forward role. 1. Chandler - excellent game as a defensive forward, which was great reward for his outstanding work-rate. I reckon we turned an important corner today, but next week will be more testing material.
  13. Many thanks for another great Pod guys. Essential listening every week of the season! Enjoy LA Andy!
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