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  1. The composition of our team is exactly what many/most of us predicted. My further prediction is that the final margin in this game will be somewhere between the margin in the last two meetings of these two clubs. Melbourne will be the victors, of course!
  2. Outstanding effort by the Army on Saturday. I witnessed first hand how vocal they were in support of our mighty Dees. Although outnumbered (maybe) 500:1, they made themselves heard throughout the match, and at one stage late in the game, the MELBOURNE chant is all you could hear around the ground. The Crows and their fans were ‘dead & buried’! Loved it! Well done Army!
  3. Thanks guys for another fantastic poddy. Kept Mrs DOF and myself 100% engrossed as we drove from Adelaide to Coonawarra, after spending Saturday arvo watching our mighty Dees at Adelaide Oval. Couldn’t agree more with Bin’s assessment, that it was a fantastic performance in the context of our season.
  4. From day one he was a ‘work in progress’. As you say Nascent, he hasn’t had an ideal start to his career, but in my view, he has definitely earned a contract extension. Jason Taylor doesn’t get too any wrong, even with his ‘speccy’ picks.
  5. Seems like a fabulous kid who loves our Club, and has worked his [censored] off to get the most out of himself. A great prospect, and another giant tick for Jason Taylor and his crew.
  6. 6. Petracca 5. Langdon 4. Oliver 3. Viney 2. Lever 1. Brayshaw
  7. I‘ll be there in support WCW. It will be my first visit to the new Adelaide Oval, and I’ve driven 1200 kms, across three States, to get here. Looking forward to yelling my lungs out for our Mighty Dees, and clearing the immediate area of Crows fans by 3/4 time. 😇. Celebration planned in the Barossa tomorrow.
  8. Outstanding footballer. I remember crying my eyes out when I first heard the horrible news of his passing. RIP Sean.
  9. Great work again guys. Thank you!
  10. Dogga strikes me as someone who is too far principled to play those sorts of games, and in any event, why would he want to 'walk' to North, which is where he'd end up based on today's ladder positions.
  11. One chapter closes, another opens. All the very best for bright horizons. Thank you Majak!
  12. A minor earth tremor was recorded in Canberra last night ……….just moments before Spargo’s goal in the last.
  13. 6. Viney 5. Lever 4. Oliver 3. Jackson 2. Harmes 1. Jordon
  14. Now that’s what happens when we play ‘the Melbourne way’!
  15. In the unlikely event that we lose to Brisbane, we will get on a ‘post loading roll’ against Adelaide the following week
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