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  1. The Sorrento Osteo is flying the flag 🔴🔵
  2. Totally agree, I hope Goodwin and Yze are right on to this aspect of the game !!
  3. What are everyones thoughts on the tactical battle ? Bevo loves to push extra numbers from the half forward line up to the stoppages. Generally we are happy to have and extra in the backline to help our intercept game. Is it too dangerous to let the bulldogs have an extra or two at stoppages ? Or do we back our system in and prefer to have an extra in the back line? I am little worried about this potential tactic considering the bulldogs quick hands to get from inside to outside the stoppages. I am hoping that if our pressure is high then this would be mitigated I need someone to put my mind at ease 😂
  4. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/bulldogs-to-devise-plan-to-curb-gawn-s-impact-20210917-p58sml.html I suppose they have to try and counter Gawn, I hope we are ready make sure Max is not limited by their tactics
  5. I don't post on here often but I just have to say that was bloody amazing !! Still feel like I am floating on air So proud of our club !! From where we have to been to now is unbelievable and you can just tell that they are still so focussed on what is to come. My late grandfather was recruited to the Dees back in the 40's or 50s but never got the chance to play as he did his knee and then his father put a stop to his career to work. As a young kid would I go to the footy with my best mate and his family and loved the whole experience of getting to the G and seeing Schwarz , Lyon, Tingay , Neitz , Farmer etc, etc do their thing ! Sadly my best mate tragically passed away at aged 13, we both loved the Dees, and I know he will be smiling from above today ! I have lurked on Demonland since 2007 and I've constantly loved the discussions, humour and debates on all matter of topics, even when the only thing to get truly excited about the impending arrival of a new coach or early draft pick. So Thank you to all the contributors who make it happen. I was at the ground for 186, and 148 against the Bombers at the G, so have seen the darkest of times ! In those times I use to just pray for a competitive performance. But to be a Melbourne Supporter and member today feels incredible. The work the whole club as done to turn things around off field and on field is just fantastic. Sad not be able to attend the GF. But lets hope the boys bring it home 👊🔴🔵
  6. I would like to know if JT is worried about the club not having a 1st round draft pick in next years draft given that it is meant to be a very very strong crop.
  7. My Take on our Trade/Draft Period With North having our 1st rounder this year obviously don't have as many bargaining chips to trade for what we need. But we need to make changes to the list to keep improving (not to mention the coaching but that is another discussion). I think we still need some young talent on the list so would be wanting to use at least a second rounder and 3rd round pick in this draft. Unless it was for an unbelievable deal I would not give our 1st rounder for 2021, as it is meant to be a very very good draft and who knows where we finish next year ! I think for the right deal Brayshaw should be considered as trade bait he still holds a lot of value, We have the upper hand with him being contracted ( apparently Fremantle are keen) If so ask for their 1st Round , Adam Cerra, Darcy Tucker or even Sam Sturt who we were keen on in the draft a couple of years ago other players we should consider trading that hold some value Brayden Preuss ( however we still need to find some back up mature ruck from else where if he goes ) Tom Macdonald - Not worth much at the moment - but if a decent deal came along we would have to look at it Realistic players to Target given our needs. Adel - Rory Atkins Bris - Alex Witherden , Cedric Cox Carl - ? Coll - Tom Phillips, Tom Langdon Ess - Adam Saad Frem - Darcy Tucker, Adam Cerra, Sam Sturt, GWS - Adam Kennedy, Xavier O'Halloran ,Jeremy Finlayson, Harry Perryman, Zac Williams , Zac Langdon Geel - Nakia Cockatoo, Quinton Narkle, GC - Alex Sexton Haw - Jack Gunston, Issac Smith Nth - Jarred Polec Port - Kane Farrel, Karl Amon Rich - Patrick Naish, Oleg Markov Stk - Jack Lonie, Jack Sinclair Syd - Matthew Ling, Oliver Florent, Ben Ronke WCE - Andrew Gaff, Jackson Nelson, Tom Cole WB - Bailey Dale, Toby Mclean, Lewis Young, Top 3 realistic Targets for mine 1. Adam Saad 2. Alex Witherden 3. Toby Mclean
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