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  2. Not sure how you can name Salem, Rivers and Kozzie as 'bloody good midfield' options when there is still a lot of unknowns on whether they can step up when needed. Sparrow I would say to some degree hasn't exactly taken the next step in proving he can become a quality midfielder in years to come. He's a role player who needs to lift his numbers and input and not continue to live off averaging 16-17 disposals per game. Based of what I saw against Richmond I saw nothing in his game that suggest he's improved. Now I'm not using that as evidence to suggest that he won't improve this year but he absolutely needs to step up now with Brayshaw gone. He's got all the tight athletic tools but we barely see enough of it. Rivers has only had minor spurts in there and taking him away from our backline does leave it vulnerable because he is just as good down back. He's the one out of the lot I see transitioning well into full time midfield role similar to what Elliot Yeo did when he started off as a defender in his early days. Kozzie is very unknown still. Barely used there last year and doubt he has the tank to to play big minutes in there. Good for short bursts, but against the top sides like Collingwood who are elite at two way running then he'll need to step up in that area. Like Rivers, you're also taking his strengths away being an elite small forward because no one else in our teams comes even close to his level up forward. There is zero evidence to suggest Salem can step into the midfield role and be successful. Goodwin has already trialled Salem as a starting mid in early 2018 and he was pretty ordinary so they had to move him back in his natural position down back We've also trialled the two tall defenders thing and it simply does not work. One of the most bizarre coaching selections moves I saw was certainly not the not using Josh Schache sub but going into our first final against Collingwood with May and Lever as our only tall defenders. What was even more bizarre is that Goodwin admitted sometime last year that he prefers the 3 talls down back as it gives some like Lever to be released as the roaming 3rd tall. That final against Collingwood we butchered up that team selection that badly that they had no other choice but to play Rivers on Dan McStay all night which completely took away his running game because he had to play a full lock down role. Never again.
  3. Always got on well with both Mother in Laws. Eventually not so well one wife. cannot wait for the game this week. Then the real stuff. Time for the team and FD to become cohesive and if you excuse me HARD.
  4. hmmm, but no statement from the AFL itself. Odd.
  5. Can gorgeous Dolly be included somewhere? Her facial expression was priceless last year when Angus came over to greet and sign things after a game. I imagine she is devastated by Gus's forced retirement :-(
  6. Doesn’t matter in the slightest. Unless of course your appetite is being whetted at an inappropriate place, for example, your mother-in-law’s house. 🤭
  7. What ever floats your boat, but I like reading demonland and watching pretty things. But fishing on the internet is not my thing. question. Does it matter where you get your appetite, if you only ever eat at home.
  8. What's assuming someone drives Ram's and being divorced multiple times got to do with 'one-hit wonder' teams? 🤣😂
  9. We've tried this before. It doesn't work defensively and actually derails Levers ability to intercept and for us to springboard effectively. Its a shame Turner is out of action but otherwise we need to use one of TMac or Tomlinson as a deep no frills, big body lock down defender. May and Lever need to play their natural game and the springboard needs to come with more run and dare from Bowey, McVee, Rivers, Salem, Howes.
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  11. Dear, sweet 640… you do know there’s places on the internet other than Demonland that are teeming with Bristols, right? These sites are also free, and you don’t have to trawl through the MFCSS in order to see said Bristols… and they’ll bring more than a smile to your face 😜
  12. I'm sure someone could do this a lot better than me but: "Gus, MAY your NARateD future read as accomplIShed And aCcoUNTable as your playing career.
  13. It has been stated in numerous articles that the AFL medically retired Gus. I can't find the ones with the exact words "medically retired by the AFL" but have read them in a few articles and here are a few more. Jon Ralph @RalphyHeraldSun Clubs are already wanting clarity on salary cap protection for players who are medically retired by the AFL. Brayshaw case will be something of a precedent. Brayshaw was medically retired from the AFL on Thursday, effective immediately, as a result of repeated concussions that could compromise the health of his brain later in life. Combined with extensive neurological testing and discussion with medical experts, a "devastated" Brayshaw has been medically retired from the game. 7NEWS Melbourne @7NewsMelbourne Melbourne star Angus Brayshaw has told fans he's been left shattered after he was forced to "medically retire" because of concussion. He told teammates he was shocked and shattered to be medically retired from playing as he described his ordeal this summer in a letter to Demons members. The AFL is expected to have discussions with Melbourne about the salary cap implications of Angus Brayshaw’s retirement given he has five more seasons left on his contract. The league medically retired Brayshaw and while the Demons spent Thursday farewelling their premiership star, his position will clearly set a precedent for all clubs.
  14. Good analysis @Binmans PA - but I’m curious why you think we should trialling May and Lever as our two defensive talls I thought that was when we looked our most vulnerable defensively last year and thought that having Tomlinson as the third tall settled our defence and allowed Lever to play his intercept game I guess the coaches need to weigh up including a NQR third tall for the sake of structure, or playing only two talls but having more quality and run from our backline That’s why losing Disco for the first half of the season is a big blow - I was really hoping he’d come on and replace Tomlinson early in the season
  15. I am quite sur they would of completed training somewhere.
  16. The birth would have occurred nine months after the flag I'd have thought.
  17. They could still do some media/socials of what they are up to, seeing we are all a bit in shock and going quiet isn't the best way to move on. No training at Gosch's this morning. Interestingly, some of the scheduled sessions ( https://www.melbournefc.com.au/teams/training-times ), are later in the morning 11.45 am. Not all are captain's run. Perhaps they are going to work a bit more on intention/purpose/review prior to hitting the paddock.
  18. Viney, Trac, Salem, Clarry, Rivers, Sparrow, Kozzy is a bloody good midfield. JJ is meat and potatoes and Harmes was fringe the last two years. We have arguably the best midfield and defence in the comp. We need to improve forward of the ball, which may mean we need to give up a little bit of defensive stability to attack more from the back. We've got a new brains trust in the midfield with 3 premierships of IP. The lack of continuity across pre season hasn't been ideal, nor has the cultural and political noise, but we have the cattle if we get some luck with injury and some more dare with ball movement. As I've mentioned previously, I would be trying only two defensive talls in May and Lever, and prior to his retirement I would have played Gus as the intercepting mud sized player releasing Bowey, McVee, Rivers and possibly Howes. With no Gus now, I think our midfield will be fine, but our defensive set up will need some different ideas. I don't see Tomlinson or Tom McDonald as answers. Hore was a turnover merchant in his past MFC life, whilst a good interceptor, Tom McDonaldesque with ball in hand. So midfield problems are being greatly exaggerated. It's defensively and offensively we have work to do.
  19. KB is their home game. They get to plan pregame and halftime ‘activations.’ But the banner is always ours. I’m sure there’ll be a Gussy element somewhere on it for that match.
  20. Thank you Gus, From all of us, Give 'em hell, and a lot more, For '24, let's do it for Brayshaw! (Optional that replace letters 'o' with pictures of onions and 'l' with pictures of cigars and 'i' with smoking cigars, use your imagination) ... okay, I will stop...
  21. The herald sun journalists this past week rated our midfield as number 1 in the comp. Today they have rated our defence as number 1.
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