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  2. Today GWS tomorrow Hawthorn B: Cumming, Davis, Haynes HB: Whitfield, Taylor, Ash C: Kelly, Coniglio, Perryman HF: Greene, Hogan, Lloyd F: Bedford, Cadman, Himmelberg FOLL: Preuss, Ward, Green IC: Daniels, O'Halloran, Kennedy, Buckley Reserves B: Fleeton, Aleer, Fahey HB: Wehr, Keefe, Idun C: McMullin, Jones, Hamilton HF: Angwin, Riccardi, Stone F: Peatling, Gruzewski, Derksen FOLL: Flynn, Callaghan, Rowston IC: Briggs, Maden, Gilbee, Brown
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  4. If I remember correctly, there was a guy called Rigoni who was sitting in a pub having a beer with his mates when he was told he’d bee selected by the Dees, can’t recall how many games he went on to play.
  5. Sometimes players have lots of injuries in a particular jumper number think by changing the number they might get a better run with injuries, yes players are superstitous.
  6. Love it. We have Daisy as one of the legends. Plus Kate Hore. MFC AFLW B&F winner 2022. I love how she plays. Attacks the footy. Loves a goal. Tackles like it’s personal.
  7. From todays announcement, got 5/8 for the new players. If only I’d seen Hunter in 12 as you had noted it’s be 6/8. Great to see JVR get #2. I’m sure Stephen May #1 will get into JVRs ear about what defenders try to do. What a better mentor could you wish for.
  8. The glasshouse oval and Gosch's make two. Funds to develop further!
  9. too small for a serious modern training facility. Two ovals indoor training facility pool plus gym admin complex That's the minimum
  10. Harley Reid - needs no introduction Darcy Wilson - skilful mid Coby James - good little player Zane Duursman - my number one pick, forward/mid- in the game bailey humphrey re-emerged Duursma was BOG by a space. Patrick Hughes - quality midfielder Archer Reid - very promising key forward Joe Pike - promising ruck are al names to lock in as possible top 25s
  11. People changing numbers doesn't phase me, although I personally would stuck to the 1st number given to me. Having said that stoked to see Rooey in Twoey! #FreeRoo
  12. Duffy is a bit stiff got injured then they let her go. She didn't get much of a chance.
  13. I can (just) tolerate JVR moving number because he never played in 21. But Smith moving from 44 to 29 grates my gears. Yes, 29 was his dad's number. So what. Make 44 your own, Joel!
  14. Any danger they can release the games and times by now?
  15. Definitely, no more chopping and changing. Stick him back and get it into his hands.
  16. Adams is listed as 196cm and Jefferson is listed as 195cm. Both could still grow.
  17. It’s a sign that the club really really really see JVR as part of the future. And want him to stay no matter what the two western Australian teams throw at him in years to come !!
  18. Hopefully both get to Casey but it’s wait and see.
  19. Verral is a good size for an 18 yo.!! Addams and Jefferson look very similar in size.!!
  20. My daughter, and I imagine many more, who now has a genuine interest in the Dees would tell you it is. Aren't you one of the ones always banging on about finding new fans and members? Even the out of touch cynical types like yourself can surely at least see that angle as worthwhile. Staggered this kind of attitude still exists even in an 'old dee'.
  21. I think you might need your eyes tested Verrell #28 and Adams #26
  22. Agreed, the revenue figures shouldn't lie. 'One in 23 Australians is a member of an AFL club.' The quote above is from the AFL Annual Report 2021. It is the spin the AFL likes, which is patently not true. Based on the MFC numbers, by more than 10%. There is no reason why anyone should swallow it - we all love the game and want more fans to join clubs. Please tell us the truth.
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