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  2. Does this mean we won't have to be kicking out unruly opposition supporters from our members' only section because security haven't done their job properly? Hope the security staff will be better trained in Covid safe practice.
  3. Nice card at Caulfield tomorrow with the 2 Blue Diamond Previews along with a couple of listed Stakes races on later in the day Full Fields, Odds & Form - Caulfield (Tuesday)
  4. Lol i reckon we just let fans watch half the game. I bags the second half
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  6. Can't wait to pay $5 to Ticketmaster just to get in on my membership.
  7. It's not like it's just the pies we need to be worried about though. I haven't read most of it, but this thread is kinda stating the obvious though I think there would be 17 other clubs that would be into Trac. I'm not sure he'd be up for leaving us just on the basis of team performance though, I suspect it would be a bit more nuanced than that. Despite his exuberant persona, Trac seems like a fairly level headed, mature and I think he's also getting to an age where he would expect of himself to be contributing and thus owning some of the leadership and direction of the club. So if the
  8. I am in the kill zone 58er. The games will be a tv events for me till at least July. I would rather be alive. Happy for you to push the envelope. My membership is paid so the club will get the money wether I go or not.
  9. Yes l agree. However IMO Petrac even Oliver would have to play in a consistently high level as expected for us to have a better chance of playing finals and finishing at least top 4 . They are the A graders and if we cannot make finals with both of them sound then l would hate to think Bda.
  10. layzie


    I've never paid much attention to this playoffs comp but it looks like fun. Must remember to join next year.
  11. As long as you are speaking for yourself OD. Not all oldies are ambivalent about attending like you. Rest assured the plans for crowd numbers and style will have to be approved fir Covid health rules. Any one is free to wear a mask to any game if they feel threatened.in any way also on the train or bus there. Lets get as big a crowd as we can to start the season with a win urged on by a pro Dees loud and excited crowd to give the team a real boost.
  12. If the crowd allowed is 50,000 ie half Then each area is opened up but PRE SOLD not on the day at the ground but online at home or on the phone,
  13. It's good thinking - looking to the needs but do we have the resources?
  14. I agree. Finals may not be enough. I guess we all have extra reason to hope that the pies flop this year.
  15. More of the sections would be available fir larger crowds but if 50,000 are allowed for each week the seating the same fir each game Would most likely apply. Remember Covid distancing will be applied in some form. In Brisbane some areas have had tickets Sold in twos with gaps of two or one.Later groups of up to six have been sold also at the Test match last week.
  16. There will be some areas not opened up depending upon the expected crowd remember you have to pre purchase tickets prior to turning up so can only purchase Tickets from those offered at the agency (ticketec or Ticketmaster) Your scenario will be tested at games like The Round1 as with vs Vic teams the Southern Stand would normally be needed To fit the crowd in. The Premium Area sounds Like a reserved seat aree whic could be smallish do no problem but as for opening up all the top tierr of the Southern Stand I would forget it.
  17. That’s what i had read as well, i sure hope so. It deserves to be a longer run.
  18. I think we should immediately get on the phone to Tom Brady. He has got a perenial loser into the Super Bowl. We need him desperately.
  19. WA election is the week before so he will carry on being the tough guy till then.
  20. I’m not being a drama Queen, I’m just explaining how online selling works. I make no criticism of the people on the phones, they are usually very nice. The fact remains that if people can’t easily buy online using a payment method that they are comfortable with a percentage of them will drop off and not purchase. This is not an opinion by the way, this is one of the most heavily researched and documented subjects in online sales and marketing. I’m sure that Covid is a very big factor this year, both for the inability to get to games and the effect on many people’s finances. I am saying th
  21. There will be at least 5 to 10 more seats than normal as WA Premier won't let the usual supporters leave the state to travel to see them.
  22. Don’t care if he’s friends with Kanye or Guy Sebastian.
  23. Easy fix. We target Maynard 🤷‍♂️
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