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  2. Just having a little dig WCW at you and our other resident wordsmith @Demonstone. At times like others I find it amusing when people are corrected on their misspelling of players names and other times I’m simply too tired to care. Please go easy on me as I had a sheltered childhood, I’ve spent my whole life thinking laconic was another word for lazy, wearing grey on grey was socially acceptable if you were going to the gym and in primary school I was chess champion only to have in my late 30’s, my 15 year old stepson return from school one day to challenge me to a game and perform a move known as En Passant. I had never before heard of this and thought I was being duped, a quick google search proved that this was something else I’d gotten wrong my whole life.
  3. I'm in the camp that has Kozzie stay at ground level and do what he does best That said there were a couple of occasions when Kozzie was against two saints defenders by himself and his practice from leaping helped him prevent them from marking it. But I think in the scheme of things, if Kozzie was going to mark most of those he flies for, it would have clicked for him by now. Love his intent and courage but he just doesn't hold these and more often than not, they are unrealistic. Stick to your crumbling KP. You are brilliant at it.
  4. The ladder. Freo’s unlikely comeback might hurt us here
  5. Your priorities are misguided Recruiting in the MSD is not for Casey in the short term but MFC either short or long term depending upon needs. Daniel Turner was sort of both terms and most others have been short term.
  6. Both he and Max cut from the same clothe.
  7. Must have had a long extension cord back then.
  8. It's the vibe! How ridiculous to measure time with with reason, do we all agree on what reasonable is? No. We can measure time, try 2 seconds. Can we agree on the length of 2 seconds?
  9. How does the order get caculayed for the MSD? Ought not we be before them?
  10. Sweat doesn't come from the sky, it comes from a 30 degree day running around
  11. Today
  12. Rather have Melks for finals than McAdam Seen nothing yet other than late misstimed jumps at the ball
  13. Won't be greasy unless KFC for lunch
  14. I hear Collingwood are also quiet keen on him and they have a pick before us.
  15. After Tmac's recent reincarnation, I slightly more disposed to not writing off anyone. Maybe Bbb still has some great footy left in him like Tmac has been showcasing of late .
  16. Any chance we will pass? A recruit through mid season may play at Casey until the end of the year to learn systems, etc build a suitable engine and a body of work to warrant selection. It a bit of the ‘bus stop of desperation’, unless we can access a kid who we missed at the real draft and think has what we need next year or beyond.
  17. Now could they also make a tackle initiated before the boundary, and then held across it, free worthy? That applies to marks! One of my pet hates, players escaping frees by dragging across the boundary.
  18. I’m sure if this is a problem it’ll be addressed by the people whose perception of it matters. 👍🏽
  19. Fierce, ruthless 1 on 1 defender, brilliant intercept and contested mark, best rebounding big man easily. Other KPD only do one or the other, Sicily and Darcy Moore can rebound but aren't as good pure defenders. Sam Taylor and Weitering are great defenders, marks and interceptors but they're much slower and don't really rebound. Love Maysie absolutely deserves another AA jacket this year.
  20. With due respect, really? Surely Brown is cooked. 'Break glass in case of emergency' at best. If he's not kicking goals we are playing one short. He can only play one position. Don't get me wrong. He's been a great player but no longer. As for Jefferson I'll be flabbergasted if he's selected based pretty much on one decent performance. It was a few short weeks ago that almost all and sundry were calling him a bust a la Lucas Cook. He is not ready. Whilst not ideal Turner at least provides versatility, gets to the contest and is mobile. 3 goals a few games ago was impressive. Down the track I'm in the Tomlinson camp to try forward. Having said all of this I reckon Petty will come up. 8 day break until the Pies then the bye. Love to see him recapture the Geelong form. Still think he's underdone.
  21. Well they are an old married couple so it would make sense. 😅 Speaking of which, during a match earlier this year, Knuckles McVee turned the ball over resulting in an oppo goal. Ricky Lever gave him an almighty spray, one for the ages. Ricky’s face was bright red and only an inch from Judd’s face. It was swift but it was brutal. Poor Judd looked so deflated. Maysie saw this and jogged over when Ricky was done berating Judd and without making a big deal of it, patted Judd on the bum and said something brief but effective because you could see it made a difference to Judd. The balance of their ‘parenting’ of the young defenders is fascinating to watch.
  22. First couple of games are going to be a hoot this weekend.
  23. Grabbing a player by the arm or wrist should be a free against, that's responsible for a lot of dangerous tackles including Andrew on Curnow. The idea of this move is to prevent a handball disposal so it only leaves the ball player with a kick disposal option which is a dangerous situation. Traditional tackling around the arms to pin them to the body is almost as effective and is safer as long as a sling or drive forward (which should be in the back anyway) is avoided.
  24. Its 5 oclock somewhere so any time.Oh you mean holding the ball,sorry silly me
  25. Are you specifically talking about scores per i50 or overall scores for, or both? In that period we had much greater scores against in both categories. Subsequently we spent big on KPDs not KPFs, and we modified our style to become the best defensive team in the league and that has had a negative flow on effect to our scoring metrics, but as @rjay observes, our ladder position has improved overall. Chaplin looks like a genius and Stafford has suffered for the cause. As has been widely noted, this year we're trying to rebalance the ledger to score more but without sacrificing fundamental defence-first and it's a work in progress.
  26. I think KC and Marli were sitting with Maysie’s mum. Anyways, Maysie’s heart is SO big he can spread it to a horde of people and still have some love left for, say, Ricky Lever aka his “other half” 😂
  27. He can also still throw the ball without being penalised.
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