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  2. swyl It seems like you had to take a break . Seems like you didn't learn much . You still have not woken up to the fact that I NEVER wanted to touch or get rid of A Grand Old Flag . Seems like the site still has small minded people dominating . Makes me think I made a big mistake re visiting and posting a wonderful poem . . Thought the group would appreciate the poem written by a family member of a great Demon family . Unfortunately no . I will continue to not visit the site regularly . At least it is my choice and not forced upon me .
  3. Friday nights is beers and vinyl with the wife. Fire will be roaring and I’ll watch the races on the ipad and slip the head phones on to listen. Tomorrow big bushwalk then chores then onto the races. Possibly lying on the ground rocking back and forth once races are done 😂
  4. Do: ”Proof the ‘curse’ was baloney” ”Record grand final margin win for the demons” ”Lockdown to end tonight” ”Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, first three way tie for Norm smith medal” Don’t: ”1954: History repeats” ”Max shut down effectively” ”Bulldogs break 5 year ‘drought’ “ ”Cases doubled as lockdown extends to December” Not even this: ”The grand final the bulldogs lost” “Demons come from behind win”
  5. when you walk ♪ from the G and you've had a pie and don't want a beer or a chip at the end ♫ of the gate there's a great big van with balls of dough fried in grease walk on queue up and bag yourself six ♪ though your tongue be scalded by jam walk on walk on with sat-is-fied gut coz you'll never make them at hooooome ♫ you'll never make them at home
  6. Somebody else’s turn. I am just bringing to attention, a rather bad smell has reappeared
  7. Taj is playing in a Preliminary Final for East Fremantle Colts but these are the teams for tomorrow’s curtain raiser WA-SA TEAMS: Young guns to light up Grand Final day Western Australia v South Australia at Optus Stadium, 1pm AWST / 3.00pm AEST WESTERN AUSTRALIA B: F. Gorringe, J. Busslinger, L. Michael HB: J. Avery, J. van Rooyen, S. Gilbey C: B. Hough, K. Dittmar, A. Jones HF: K. Harbour, J. Amiss, L. Paton F: E. Benning, L. Polson, J. Stretch Foll: J. Broadbent, M. Johnson, J. Tunstill I/C: O. Armstrong, K. Bevan, C. Bourne, R. Farmer, Z. Fleiner Emerg: D. Curtin, J. Draper, G. Julian SOUTH AUSTRALIA B: Z. Becker, J. Parish, M. Litster HB: A. Draper, O. Adams, B. O'Loughlin C: L. Rayson, H. Harrison, N. Wanganeen-Milera HF: C. Kennedy, L. Cooke, W. Spain F: H. Lemmey, J. Lukac, I. Dudley Foll: O. Steene, M. Liddy, S. Linke I/C: A. D'Aloia, L. Grubb, H. Jackson, M. Michalanney, J. Owens Emerg: C. Beecken, B. Calvett, H. Stagg, L. Whitelum
  8. 1 Dogs down dees 2 New 7.8 earthquake 3 Covid numbers hit 1000 Dees eat dogs Covid cured World peace
  9. and First Prize goes to WCW - the Cup will be deeliverd tomorrow.
  10. “Dogs Gawn! Demons kill the curse in a boilover!!”
  11. I thought it was a bit condescending, given it is their stringent border controls that are keeping us from being at Optus. Ok keep us out but gee not make a quarantine allowance for the likes of Barassi and a few others of the '64 team. Like they do for their mining magnates. Double standards. Best they just watch the game.
  12. You may be right, I may be wrong, it just might be a lunatic you're looking for, as the song goes. I recall a few Richmond incidents recently, Crotchin, comes to mind... My concern about the 'donging' - a term used by Father Briffa, who simple said, Dong that child, and pointed to the dongee. The kid who sat behind the dongee was supposed to clench his fist and rap it over the back of said dongee's skull. I always sat at the very back during this pig's class - is that Lloyd, Johnathon Brown, Jordan Lewis, Roughhead and Riewoldt on programs aired the week either urged that certain players be targeted, or reminisced about how, for example, it was okay to belt the crap out of their mate Franklin during the Swans Hawks Grand Final, because, well, it was a Grand Final.
  13. Lombardo should win Ok, that's the other double that could easily salute (with Homesman R6) First race is at 5.15 and just as well ... I desperately need a distraction to take my mind off the footy! haha Rabbitohs/Manly later on and then a busy day at work tomorrow should fill the rest of the time. And sleep (hopefully!)
  14. Players still get suspended for "donging" an opponent in a Final and, if I am not mistaken, the AFL is so keen to stamp out this tactic that penalties are increased for suspensions incurred during a Grand Final.
  15. GF cup could be renamed The Allen Jakovich cup.
  16. It has been extended for another two seasons till 2059.
  17. Get your hands off our cup you Bont person !!!
  18. Take it easy SWYL. We don't want you gone again.
  19. Should push for long extension given the concessions last 2 years
  20. Training at Optus this morning. Meanwhile a stupid woman flew in to Perth from NSW on Tuesday without a G2G pass and tested positive. Luckily she was still at the airport and swiftly dispatched to quarantine and will be deported.
  21. tx Jaded that would make sense. Rivers is one of my faves and I know will be a massive star in years to come.
  22. Lombardo in the second is a leader that should get the job done. Paying $2.60
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