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  2. The Jones one I'm really looking forward to seeing.
  3. Are these the beginnings of the tryptich?
  4. A scorched earth policy, similar to what was done with deliberate out of bounds, will work wonders. One or two early 50s will lead to an immense and rapid improvement in players' awareness and dexterity. It beggars belief why the AFL were so willing to "scorched earth" the deliberate OOB but won't do it for other rules which are worse for the game. Especially throwing.
  5. “For the word had got around, That the rookie from NGA had got away”.
  6. He was also highly rated by our recruiters in his draft year due to his high leadership qualities. Would be a great pick up for Casey.
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  8. Daniel Talia (delisted) – TBC, but unlikely to play as he recovers from foot and ankle injuries. He’s exploring whether to hop into the real estate and/or stockbroking industries. Somebody's got a sense of humour!
  9. I pity the poor player who lines up against vandenBerg in the Amateurs.
  10. I thought it was every Monday he would reveal 20 of the top 100 players?
  11. She's unlucky but who would be the 5 you would drop for those 5 regulars.
  12. Brown could have turned the ball over and the dogs score the other way. Scores level. It is what it is.
  13. True.... that is one way of looking at it....the other way is that we may have kicked a forth in that period if brown had not been held down.....
  14. Buntine will be a good pick-up for Casey. Very happy. I remember Brock Smith being highly touted in his draft year but never heard of him post draft.
  15. FoxSports have an article - What every delisted and retired AFL player has planned for 2022 These snippets on a club by club basis are of interest as far as the Melbourne Demons and Casey Demons are concerned ~ BRISBANE LIONS Brock Smith (delisted) – TBC, but likely to play in the VFL and has been linked to the Casey Demons. {Note: Brock Smith 20 189cm 92kg “Brock Smith was selected at Pick 33 at the 2019 NAB AFL Draft and is a defender who can play both defensive and offensive roles. The Gippsland Power Captain can also provide offensive run rebounding off the half back. Smith is known for his terrific character and ability to defend various opponents.”} FREMANTLE Reece Conca (delisted) – Player Development Manager at Melbourne (AFL) GWS GIANTS Matt Buntine (delisted) – Casey Demons (VFL) and Caulfield Grammarians (VAFA) {Note: Matt Buntine 28 189cm 85kg Matt Buntine was selected by the GIANTS at pick five in the 2011 NAB AFL Draft and made his AFL debut in round eight, 2012. The defender, from the Dandenong Stingrays in Victoria, was named in the GIANTS’ emerging leaders group before the 2014 season and joined the official leadership group in 2016 for a season. A knee reconstruction in 2017 interrupted his career before he fought back into the side, playing in the 2018 finals series. Buntine is studying a Bachelor of Education, completing a coaching course and has ambitions of becoming a PE teacher post-football.“} HAWTHORN Tom Scully (retired) – Will continue his work in the police force 😵‍💫 MELBOURNE Austin Bradtke (delisted) – TBC, but was training with Frankston (VFL) prior to Christmas and took part in match simulation. Kye Declase (delisted) – Werribee (VFL) Marty Hore (delisted) – Given permission to train with North Melbourne (AFL) over summer in the hope of being selected in the SSP Neville Jetta (retired) – Development coach and VFL player at Collingwood (AFL) Nathan Jones (retired) – TBC, but has been linked to a part-time role at an AFL club Jay Lockhart (delisted) – Southport Sharks (VFL) Aaron Nietschke (delisted) – Central District (SANFL) Aaron vandenBerg (delisted) – Old Xaverians (VAFA)
  16. Today I was listening to the 3AW call while in the shed. Got into the 3rd qtr and Bont just kicked his 3rd. I think Lloyd stated that the dogs had kicked 8goals to 1 since qtr time. How often had we got off to a good start over the years to be dominated for the rest of the game. Man ... No wonder I was in a dark tunnel at the time watching the game live. "C'mon .... Not in the forkin' Grand Final." I turned it off. Will listen to the rest tomoz when I start weeding the yard. Hope we make a comeback.
  17. I consider myself luck to have been to these grounds and the good fortune of being at Princes Park in 85 to beat hawthorn, and 98 when we beat Carlton. Was at Windy hill in 90 for the comeback, Moorabbin in 91 for the Jako show and 1 pt win and his other show in 92 at Vic Park to knock them off top spot. Western oval 87 (my favourite day until 25/09/2021) and even had the good fortune to watch us beat Fitzroy at the Junction oval in 85 and Geelong at Kardinia Park in 88 (the country train travelling as 13 year olds alone was awesome). Never got to Lakeside or Arden S., they finished just before I started going regularly as a kid. The one thing I miss about those grounds was winning at those venues was always much tougher and when you did win it always felt like a win against the odds with a bit more meaning and excitement to a MCG win. I can also say that I never really felt unsafe at any of the grounds, although I do kunderstand the mid 80's were different to the mid 70's from all reports at these venues. Always was worse going to Waverley and catching the bus and then train to Flinders ST to then back up on train 2 on the broady line and walking home from Glenroy station was always a far bigger risk. Walking home in recent years from Denis station and then Eaglemont station to the house hasn't felt right without the need to look over the shoulder to see if the 3047 boys are about to try and decapitate you! Miss those days
  18. As a kid I had Steven Smiths number on my back. Every game the players would kick a footy or 2 into the cheer squad on the outer wing. One game Steven Smith headed over with a footy. I turned around to show him his number on my back. He sent it straight too me. Bloke in front of me marked it. Was spewing.
  19. Lucky the Greek alphabet only has 24 letters so there's only 9 more variants to go 🤣
  20. But this particular Sparrow makes me very happy, and makes my whole year, not just the spring of 2021; and that (not really brief but ongoing) period of happiness does in fact make me supremely blessed and happy (though also very hungry for more). Yes, but let's not forget that Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle!
  21. Macca


    Playoffs Week 2 Schedule (all times AEDT) Sunday 8.30am Bengals @ Titans Sunday 12.15pm 49ers @ Packers Monday 7.00am Rams @ Bucs Monday 10.30am Bills @ Chiefs
  22. Well that Brown incident primed our 3 goals in 45 seconds blitz. If Cordy hadn’t held Brown down like he did it would never have happened. Thats Karma.
  23. Paraphrasing Aristotle, and / or Erasmus' translation, But this particular Sparrow makes me very happy, and makes my whole year, not just the spring of 2021; and that (not really brief but ongoing) period of happiness does in fact make me supremely blessed and happy (though also very hungry for more).
  24. I have long been annoyed at the lack of application of punishment for time wasting. I think it will make the game faster and more open if it is enforced. The instance dworship describes above was an example that was blatant in the extreme that went unpunished by the umps and had me yelling at the TV. I also get annoyed when there is a delay in getting the ball back to the player after a free or a mark. I sometimes think it would be a disadvantage for the attacking team to get the ball back in their hands quickly. I am all for this clampdown on time wasting.
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