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  2. His last month of the season really put a dampener on things. 1 goal in 4 games.
  3. Neale being a pick in the 50's was going to be a story one way or the other And recruiters don't go out to pick poor players ... that's just the way things turn out Prendergast picked Gawn at pick 36 and we've done well more recently with trading or swapping top end picks or reshuffling picks or in fact the use of them ... May, Oliver, Petracca, Brayshaw, Viney etc etc Melksham, Hibberd, Fritsch etc have been good pick ups for 2nd rounders as well Drafting - you win some, you lose some The reality of drafting is that it's an inexact science and probably always w
  4. Hogan and Blakey officially on the trade table. I’d take Blakely of the two. We would have to be idiots to take Hogan back. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/fremantle-put-hogan-and-blakely-on-the-trade-table-20201020-p566tq.html
  5. I still like Weid. Once kossie and one or two others learn to get at his feet when ball is brought to ground things will look up. Also want petty at CHF. he has ability to hold his ground. I think we need another Kossie type ahead of a Brown although happy if we get him.
  6. Not saying this about Geelong but there are lots of ways friends of a club can give players benefits: jobs for family members, paid education, free use of sporting/holiday facilities, post footy career jobs, discounts on any number of purchases from friend's store etc etc. All on a handshake of course. Technically they should be caught in the sal cap as '3rd party payments' but not sure if the AFL police them anymore. Suspect clubs would be very good to ensure there is no audit trail.
  7. It's a pathetic story. How easy is it, 9 years after the fact, to say "oh yeah I wanted to pick him but someone else said I couldn't"? It's a rubbish, unverifiable claim. The implication in your post is that we stuffed up more than any other club because we "passed him over for three spuds". As has been said, every other club passed on him numerous times just like we did. It doesn't matter what Prendergast says 9 years later he was thinking. And even if it were true, it still doesn't matter because the recruiters at 17 other clubs clearly didn't think much differently.
  8. It’s our own fault we are not a destination club and we need to fix it but that seems really difficult for some reason. We were on our way with Roos and Jackson but since Roos more so left we have gone south. THIS is the problem. A good type player will look at the way the top teams play then look at us and the way we play. It’s no contest. If I were a player I wouldn’t choose us either Generally the only way to get a player to the lower clubs is by giving them crazy $$$$$$$$$$$$$ I wish I could change who I support but unfortunately I am so invested in this nut house
  9. Free agency makes a lot of sense from a player perspective. I don't think it's unreasonable that a player should be able to force a move to an employer or their choice after 8/10 years. The problem is that the destination club gets the player for free. I think there should be a draft point penalty in a similar way to how father-son and zone selections work. For example if Jeremy Cameron leaves as a free agent then GWS will get compensation of pick 9. Geelong should have to pay the equivalent value in draft points, in this case 1469 points. This can be taken from their current picks, and e
  10. The issue is significantly more complex than even a full analysis on here could properly grapple. FA exists to give the players rights they deserve. The issue isn't FA, it's the way the league implements it. Equalisation and movement of players are separate and largely inconsistent goals. FA is a blight on equalisation. But the league needs FA, as much as it wants equalisation. It's how FA is integrated into the league that matters. Issues to consider include the salary cap minimum (good players at bad clubs fuel up on big contracts until their FA year hits, then walk to a stron
  11. They and their stooges picked out a few early examples (eg Buddy leaving a big club for a not-big club) to show that we weren't heading for an EPL situation. No-one bought it though. Yes, it should cut both ways. Players want to pick and choose? Let clubs pick and choose too. The "free" means movement, not money
  12. The difference it not the fans who were lamenting but the the football club recruiters and powers lamenting at the one that got away. Basically they are admitting they seriously considered Neale but passed him over for three spuds instead. If this article never appeared in the media fans would not have known better and the discussion would not have happened.
  13. I think the reason why all clubs are required to pay 97% (or whatever the figure is) of the salary cap is so that players who are drafted to a poor team have the same reward opportunity as players drafted to a good team. In other words, why should a player who has no choice as to which team he plays for get paid less because he plays for the bottom team on the ladder than a player who just happens to be lucky enough to have been drafted to a top four team?
  14. I'd agree with this mate. Brown and the MFC have spoken. I certainly haven't heard that we've met with Phillips or have spoken to him at all. That is not to say it hasn't happened, but I think the chat around Phillips came about on here due to him being squeezed out and being a good fit for us. Particularly, with TMac being mentioned in the Collingwood conversation, I think the 2+2 was flipping those two. I hope we're looking at him nevertheless, particularly if Polec is no longer an option.
  15. If GWS force a trade Geelong can use two first round picks and effectively get him 'cheaply' (or the opportunity cost). Geelong have picks 11, 13 and 17/18. They can give 11 and 13 to GWS (which they got on the back Tim Kelly (a 2018 2nd rnd pick #24)). See below. If they use 11 and 13 it will be 3 players (Cameron, Stephens, Evans) for the original price of Kelly +/- steak knives. Geelong will do even better if they don't use both picks in a Cameron trade. Very astute trading. They were preparing their war chest for 2020 FA's with a few targets in mind (Viney, C
  16. Reflecting a celebrity based world sadly. But I dont get where the idea that free agency has led to an uneven competition. Its about even with other international leagues, possibly more so. What are the actual stats on this other than the rhetoric? We dont have the same teams on top for decades and decades like epl. Afl teams that manage to stay at the top because they have great players with long careers and recruit well. The hawks made 7 gf in a row in the 80s. It can happen. Sydney should be the poster child to benefit for free agency and after a decade of success on the b
  17. There's several fields where you get to pick the broader field of what you want to do, but not necessarily the venue. I work in such an industry myself where you can potentially go your entire working career getting moved across the state every few years. One could argue then that the handsome pay-packet players get forms part of the compensation of not having as much control over their movement of work location.
  18. This I agree with, a team that finishes18th shouldn't be required to pay the same minimum as a team that wins to premiership. You should be able to pay say 80%, bank that money for future years and as your list develops you have excess salary cap to get a high profiled free agent. I think you are bale to bank for the following year if you spend under the cap now. Clubs that can manage their salary caps are the ones that will win out with FA, timing front or back loading contracts, I will guarantee that Cameron's contract will be massively back ended so the Cats can retire off Hawkins in
  19. Absolutley. The AFLPA should be pushing for larger lists, more professional footballers at reserves level, better than average wages for rookies and lower ranked players who put their lives on hold but may only have short careers. I have no idea why the rest of the players keep voting for EBAs that disadvantage them. I dont know why the player managers arent pushing their clients to get a better spread too: if the lowest wage increases, the managers arent as reliant on having a couple of big fish for their pay day.
  20. I wonder who will be the next employee connected to GFC? Maybe someone named Indi?
  21. These things need to come into play to even the field. Also, they need to remove the "salary cap floor". At the moment, all clubs must pay a minimum of about 97% of the cap. That means we, and the other poor performing clubs, are overpaying average players and dont actually have free cash to bring in FAs when they become available. If the floor was reduced to 80%, the successful clubs would be at the limit while the unsuccessful clubs will actually be able to lure FAs with cash. Another option would be if the penalty mechanic was tied to contract value. Any club intereste
  22. Ok let me put it this way of those guys mentioned how many are A Grade?? May possibly close but not the other 2 We paid Huge overs for Lever as intercept defender and whilst Langdon had a good year I would want to see him double up. Let me pose another question to you how many of these quoted players would get a game at Richmond or Geelong?? Answer NONE! and I'll stand by my statement Tom Mcdonald had 1 thats right 1 good year and that was 2 years ago. He isnt going to get any quicker or more maneuverable. Oscar even less so. Just my opinion of course!
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