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  2. Of course. I was just being facetious towards this Brown v Weid debate on the team changes/selection post each week
  3. Beware Cats. The Demons are very, very good at top-of-the-ladder contests!
  4. They won't have 4 smalls in the same team. I must be in the minority that Brown has been ok the last couple of weeks.
  5. Absolutely. The way the media portray our forward line is just wrong But who cares. We are on top with a% of 139 and at least 10% possible improvement
  6. I had the pleasure of attending both the prelim and the GF and the feeling at the prelim was like nothing else I've ever experienced- I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Incredible performance
  7. He's a big lump of a kid, but not athletic. He dominates at Colts level, but he's going to come up against bigger and more athletic opponents at the next level. In an elite program he may trim down and improve his endurance/athleticism, but a little bit of waiting forhim to flourish. Will be an interesting watch
  8. No it would not be good, not good at all..
  9. Weid won't come in for Brown, if he doesn't perform. We'll double down on the small forward set up of Big Max and his Minions (Spargo, Kosi, Bedford & Chandler)
  10. Geelong will be exhausted, exposed and much slower at the ball in the last half of the second quarter, getting more incapable of stopping the Dees all over the ground and by the fourth quarter, most of the Geelong players will be able to statically watch how it is done. If you're going to the game, take some carrots - bunnies love 'em.
  11. I dont mind the idea but if this were in the FDs head space surely they would've trialled it at Casey level first to see if he has potential in this role. From there i would guess the seniors would then have to train it prior to rolling it out on game day?
  12. I really want Gus and Jackson they are important to us but we have petracca and Olive whor have basically signed on for life. Viney and Gawn will stick with us. If we lose some so be it. We have our champions locked in. When they get us a few more premierships they won't be compared to Judd, cousin's, Kerr because they aren't taking lemonade with ice blocks to help them out
  13. Not great if they both say they’re off to Freo.
  14. If he's getting confidence back in his knee and with his aerobic ability, could run some great leading patterns and apply forward pressure; he's played as a back, knows how to tackle
  15. given that dogga and gus share the same manager, my belief is that we won't hear about the latter before the former, unless they're announced simultaneously...ideally in the lead-up to the game vs freo
  16. Alright, he's gonna do medium 😜
  17. Seen that one too. Only ribbing. Seriously though, there were a few soft efforts highlighted last week that BBB needs to get out of his game.
  18. Yep great article. I’m sure it must have been mentioned as this thread is a long one, but maybe freo are just trying to get us to overpay so they can shake Brayshaw loose.
  19. Think I have seen that post before.
  20. How good would it be for both boys to announce to their team mates in the rooms before the game they are staying?
  21. IMO our forward half work can be better. When we click in the forward half we’re unstoppable - see, eg, the Brisbane game, or the finals last year. But too often we are out-marked, take the wrong option going inside, or miss a shot on goal we should kick. When those happen, we leave the door open for opponents. The stats look good this year compared to last year but we’ve had a comparatively easier fixture, with fewer games against good sides to this point than last year. We’re a much stronger side than some of the lazy pundits in the media suggest, but we can do better IMO.
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