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  2. Thanks for the positive post re Round1 DPositive and the Covid plan response from the Melbourne crowd. However as I Have pointed out the likelihood of flu catchment is much much less due to the general population adhering to the Covid safe practices. Try just had been proved by the stats from 2020. As usual OD your comments re Covid Vaccine and the crowds at the footy Are at best Flippant and worst inaccurate and misleading. 1. The total numbers in the crowd Or the % of Crowd allowed in the ground are totally irrelevant to the ability of Each person to move about freely
  3. Last time i got a nose bleed there was almost 30 years ago. 1981 Semi Final, Collingwood vs Fitzroy. I cannot recall why or how i got there. The G and the bar at the Hilton were basically my second home lol. Must have been a freebie. I recall seeing the players running around like ants, not feeling that connected to the atmosphere in any way even though there was a huge crowd, suffering from vertigo on occasions and not being happy with the outcome. The days when i had 20/20 vision!
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  5. Hate to say it ... but the filth weren't too bad, particularly having regard to injuries. Putting that to one side, very happy to see them 1 - 4.
  6. (dad joke alert) Obviously got all too hard ...
  7. Add Rayner, Rowel & Ugle-Hagen to that list for now, the curse of number one... Whitfield is struggling to get on the park. Also Scully & Kreuzer were cut down by injury. So, of the 2000's the first 3 had good careers... 2000 Riewoldt, 2001 Hodge, 2002 Goddard. ...but since then the pickings from the pick are hit and miss. Luck still plays a big part.
  8. Gary Ablett Sr. was a half back flanker.
  9. Remember Brent Crosswell? Barassi used to switch him from end to end. And Crosswell truly was a gun.
  10. Rated by Wayne Carey as the best CHB he ever played on. A very talented footballer and leader out Neiter. Would be an excellent addition to those mediocracies on Seven and Fox footy.
  11. Long May they dwell in the doldrums
  12. Hawthorn have had some dreadful recruiting in the last 4 or 5 years.
  13. The Libs are hated at the moment in WA. The boos he got when on-screen were noticeable.
  14. I see we have a New President! But it should have been Uncle Bitters in the President role as his diplomacy skills would have us at number one AFL club in no time.
  15. Thank-you Young William. I was unaware that the initial push for an MFC home at Jolimont (Yarra Park) in 2018 coincided with the Victorian State Election and subsequent political shenanigans. How unfortunate. The next Victorian State Election is set in stone for Saturday 26 November 2022. Much has surely changed politically since then, especially since 2020 and CoVid. That gives 19 months before the next Victorian State Election. A large window for advocates of an MFC home at Jolimont (Yarra Park) to again push their case prior to another electoral "interference". In holding fast to what we wa
  16. Ray Biffin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Biffin
  17. Bloody awful i would think. Should we beat the old foe on Sunday it might well be our best for the season. At least in a gray matter sense anyway.
  18. Tommy was an absolute star in 2018, but that’s really the only season you would call him a ‘gun’
  19. Yes, but once again, he didn’t become a gun forward for the rest of his career. I guess I’m looking for a Mal Michael type career... but going from the backline to the forward line. He played 3-4 season as a key forward and was average... then became a backman and dominated. I don’t think there is a player that’s been mentioned that has played 2+ seasons as a key defender and then gone forward and been an absolute gun player. Point being, it’s weird how there are at least 6-7 players in the last 20 years (that I can name) at least that have done a few averag
  20. No.1 draft picks haven't exactly had the best run of late have they? Watts Scully Boyd McCartin Patton Just the ones that come to mind. Different reasons and nothing personal as a whole.
  21. Preliminary Final........we owe them , big time, "baskets"
  22. Well, I guess that makes 3 Liberal MPs in WA today. Seriously, that bloke makes me sick. Such a phoney. Wouldn't know what an Ausie rules ball is from a soccer ball. Sort of guy who would pretend to be interested in all the things you are just to try to look popular and hang with the cool kids.
  23. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/patton-announces-immediate-retirement-apologises-for-inappropriate-behaviour-towards-women-20210416-p57jwe.html
  24. Was during State Election and Labor still wanted Green votes. The Greens, Ellen Sandell was against the Jolimont idea.
  25. Yes it was ruled out. Paywall but you can see the gist of the article... ruled out.
  26. I seem to recall that there was talk of Jessie Hogan being an option to switch to the backline. Don't think I've ever seen it in action though.
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