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  2. This whole thing about the action versus the outcome will have to change eventually. Intent and action will become the most important part of the review. It’s not often I agree with Robbo, but he made the point on AFL 360 that DeGoey’s action on Oliver was far worse than Mackay’s on Clark. DeGoey had no interest in the ball and both players were lucky that Oliver jumped straight up and took his free kick. DeGoey got away with a one week suspension. Mackay broke Clark’s jaw in three places but at least he was going for the ball.
  3. I think there are team i.e interstate ones that would have played 2-3 games more thanCasey . No need for Casey to have a bye , the dopey Afl/Vfl clowns need to fix this problem. Covid is always going be turned on when it suits them.
  4. The Weid should have been dropped 2 weeks ago . M.Brown would have been a better option , he could of played back with Petty going forward . B.Brown needs game time in the 2nds , I would give him ruck time to boost his confidence and fitness.
  5. I’m in two minds, as I am sure the AFL is. At the time of the incident I thought it was fair enough and just unlucky that Clark was injured. Then I saw the incident on David King’s review (First Crack?). Mackay ran from the opposite direction at speed and must have known a collision was inevitable. He had time to change his actions. Now I’m no lawyer, but I have closely followed Better Call Saul. If both players had done exactly the same but Mackay was the injured party, would Clark be going to the tribunal? If the tribunal finds against Mackay, it will need to define specifical
  6. I mean you can certainly argue we went from playing our best footy to our worst footy over night (2-0 against top 4 sides, before a lose against a bottom 4 side), so the reverse is fairly easy to comprehend.
  7. I think I use the term ‘professional’ here to mean that they don’t dedicate the majority of their time to the craft, and that as a result of that dedication they do a good job. It’s a bit like my career working for big business. I showed up everyday, but I’m not sure many of my coworkers would describe me as ‘professional’.😂
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  9. it also comes back to this nebulous thing called a "duty of care" in this case there was a good chance of harm with a bump (instead of a tackle or something else) and therefore a duty of care to avoid a bump. The player bumped had much less momentum and was still in the process of focussing on the ball. He was very vulnerable and deserved some duty of care. this is why i thought it reckless and the bumper wears the consequences, in this case quite serious
  10. Top post. Is the Match Cttee looking for a solution to a problem that doesn't exist? i.e We have 3 tall forwards , but one is the combination of 2 players resting in the forward half of Gawn and the now excellent Jackson. The solution to getting BBB and having weid is just that they are backup. Nothing more , esp in Weid's case.
  11. That's unfair this season. The coaching team (presumably led by Goodwin) brilliantly unpicked the Bulldogs and was the most emphatic win of the year. Brisbane to a lessser extent, and the Richmond win was a triumph of overall strategy. The Pies plan wasn't dreamt up by Buckley, teams have been trying that approach for several years against the eagles, esp. McGovern, and some succeed or not. I have faith the coaches are well aware of the weaknesses. And defence is an holistic isse. All players have a role and apart from 2 games, have executed well by incredible pressure on t
  12. With someone of Darren’s quality sometimes it’s not just the message but the person delivering the message. Two people might say the exact same thing but if one of them is Darren the player might listen a lot more.
  13. The footballer in me who played in the 70s and 80s who once copped a king hit behind play and had to live with it says great contest, play on and unlucky to Hunter The father of 2 young boys In me says we need to protect the head at all times and despite zero malice from Mackay, he chose to bump and broke Hunters jaw in 3 places with the potential of ongoing health issues as a result. I love tough footy as much as anyone but concussion / brain injury are changing people's lives and in some cases ending them. I won't be upset if a precedent is set here.
  14. I suspect you are querying why they are not full time, rather than commenting on them not being professional, given they are paid for doing this work. I suspect the answer might be along the lines of questioning what they would do to fill in the time between games. How much "training" and "coaching" would they need to do that they don't do now? Also, in my view, the problem is not with the umpires but with there being too many rules open to interpretation.
  15. This is the one game where we can clearly say the umpiring cost us the game. Nothing to do with the fact that we played like arrogant billionaires, didn't bother to man up, provided about 10% of the pressure we normally do, displayed skills not seen since the Neeld era and had our key forward former top 10 draft pick and potential generational talent had a whopping 4 handballs and 0 marks. We should demand a royal commission into Monday's umpiring.
  16. Off topic, but reminds me of the Billy Ocean song "When the Going Gets Tough" from 1985 which so many people misheard as "You can go and get stuffed".
  17. I wasn’t angry about the Pendles out of bounds being changed, it was the right decision. The only major decision that was a momentum killer was just after TMac (who’s been a dead eye all year) missed his easy set shot it went up the other end and the Pies forward was paid the mark when May VERY CLEARLY got first hands to it. Changed the complexion of the game. Other than that I don’t feel we had a hell of a lot to complain about. Was just a dirty day all round.
  18. It's a good strategic decision to wait and tackle if (1) the umpires are prone to pay a free kick for holding the ball/incorrect disposal or (2) data shows that your team is better than your opponents at clearances should the umpire throw the ball up instead of paying a free kick.
  19. Just watch from the other side of the fence if you're keen as mustard. Nobody can stop you from watching in a public area.
  20. When the going gets tough the tough get going. The not so tough fall away.
  21. So tired of always having to play at the cattery. Not only is it always hard to win its a hole for other team supporters. There are some clubs who always manage to evade the place.
  22. Maybe if the Footy Gods smile upon us in this second stage of the season and.... Viney returns to the team and plays out the rest of the games. BBB dies a Tmac and recaptures his old form There are no more serious injuries Then a flag looks very promising. Thats a lot to ride on but we need to find another tall because its not weideman. Sparrow has showed promise but he is sill a work in progress. Jack v is bound to have a run of fitness and games together. What a difference Jv and Bbb in fine form would make. Its possible.
  23. It's already apparent that players are deciding that their opponent may get to the ball just before them and they stop going for the ball and prepare to tackle. Quite often it seems to me that they made that decision wrongly, but I guess it is safer to takcle than collide.
  24. Guessing it’s a morning match since the VFLW game commences at 2pm out at Casey. No spectators permitted for the VFLW clash, don’t like our chances of getting down there for a look.
  25. Nope, I think exactly what we all feared happened, and I hope we are better prepared next time the tactics used by Adelaide and Collingwood get used by another team in the finals.
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