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  2. Hamstring awareness / slight strain according to the club's website. They are hopeful she just misses the one match
  3. He missed almost an entire season a few years ago with a broken foot which came from a mishap after a pre-season training session. The Swans reported that he was playing around with teammates, kicking a toy footy to one another and he landed on uneven ground, rolled his ankle and this action caused a fracture in a small bone in his foot, similar to Fritta’s foot injury.
  4. I think Viney bolts this in. I'll have a go at the top 8. 1. Viney 2. Petracca 3. Brayshaw 4. Gawn 5. May 6. Lever 7. Rivers 8. Sparrow
  5. Please don’t remind me of those dark, dark days. Oh, the turnovers!
  6. IN: Colvin, Gay OUT: Chaplin, Harris what’s going on with Tayla?!
  7. I'm assuming the umpiring at Deliverance Park will be as horrendous for our women as it is for the men? Wait, they've just announced the game day ump:
  8. Blakey has a good reputation and did great work as an assistant at the Swans for years. Could be a good option.
  9. Hopefully Maynard and Zorko knock each other out this weekend. Seeing Maynard in particular with a premiership medal around his neck would basically turn me off following the game I’ve followed religiously for decades.
  10. C: Can't believe we'll snag Larkey from North.
  11. Another year and we don't have to wonder where our post match celebrations will be held. Can Collingwood still use Victoria Park and how about the Lions at Brusnswick Street Oval. Olympic Park does not have the same feel. I see the Pies are trying a fan site at Olympic Park. These have never really worked in the past. A pity.... I wonder what would attract people. I thought our post premiership day at the MCG was well done but I hope the next one is even better
  12. Imagine having him as your fund manager. There's not a more trustworthy bloke out there. 👌
  13. My assests could do with a performance enhancing injection.
  14. Well said. Not sure why there's so much talk about Larkey on here. He made noises about being a one club player and signed a huge deal with the roos just a few months ago.
  15. What about TMac and BB taking on a combined coaching role as they transition out of playing. BB is perhaps coaching the AFLW forwards already?
  16. Looks like mills will miss half of next season I would be ropeable if it was our player
  17. He’s already signed a million a year 7 year deal with North recently. He can’t tear that up for an inferior contract. We’d have to take that contract on, which we’d gladly do if it was an option. It’s not. Larkey is staying put. Even if he suddenly wanted out after signing a huge deal recently, North wouldn’t let him walk and would demand every pick we have plus more. It’s fantasy and we need to chase realistic options.
  18. It will have to happen with another player as Spargo is a required player and won't be released.
  19. Very specific here. Very pointed, too. So, if the folks you describe above shouldn’t have an opinion on how a group of young, elite, high performing individuals should spend their first day off, who do you think should have an opinion on such? Also, what happened to the zeitgeist… “everyone’s entitled to their opinion”???
  20. Wow WCW - the ins are as good as the outs. What a team we have
  21. Today
  22. Maybe we can throw in Bob Spargo and Bob Spargo Snr as well.
  23. Source? Last report (formal? last week?) was he was 'a required player'.
  24. Did I just dream this or was this in the rumour file? Dees given up on trying to snare No.1 pick and Harley Reid. Now all into luring Nick Larkey from Kangas. With cap space created by Grundy/Harmes/Brown, will sign him on mega four-year deal worth $4M. North to receive picks 5 and 13 plus Paul Spargo. Dees to solve forward issues for next few years with van Rooyen and Petty further up field and Larkey and Fritter near goals.
  25. OMG! I had no idea that was part of mad monday.
  26. Sounds like the style of player we're lacking
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