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  2. My point stands, perhaps even gets stronger. You've seen an article linking Geelong to King and you've inferred from it that we're not thinking about any forward at all. Again, that is a very silly thing to be thinking in March.
  3. I don't need to hear us linked with marquee forwards at this stage. I need us to concentrate on winning games.
  4. Love him already, my dog is called “Roosey” named after Paul Roos, but we call him Rooey! Good luck on Sunday.
  5. The purveyor of optimism as always DS 🤣
  6. I mean on the other hand, it is the perfect environment for a no.1 pick to come into and thrive rather than being the messiah.
  7. 7 disposals, 2 marks, 1 behind. He’ll be a handy workhorse forward or a good key defender in a couple of years but he’s a still a fair way off. Schache would’ve played if he didn’t manage to get himself concussed in a very Schache way.
  8. Good luck young man. The first of many games in the red and blue I hope.
  9. JVR took 11 marks last week running around as 2nd Ruck to Bell. He is also a bit of a mobile midfielder in that role. Whereas as a KPF he only takes a few marks, but rarely allows defender to mark.
  10. Also, people's expectations have changed. Most suburban grounds in the 60s and 70s had little seating, except for club members. The standing room allowed for bigger crowds, but it was far less comfortable overall.
  11. I'd be very surprised if jvr isn't the second ruck, with so.ething like a 30-70 split with Grundy. Tmac is all at sea in centre square ruck contests. And when in ruck he is taken away from the very important role he plays as a forward, in particular the up and down the ground running he does to create contest - a role jvr is not suited to, nor has the tank for.
  12. Practising my Vaaaan Ruin!!!!! cry as we speak
  13. They got 42000 into Arden st for a NM v Coll game back in the seventies. Safety standards either didnt exist or were simply ignored. Amazing there werent any bloodbaths like they experienced in the UK. The VFL were lucky and they knew it. They had to pull the plug on suburban grounds before people died en masse in a fire and families sued the VFL.
  14. It's an interesting challenge for a team challenging and with a good squad like we have. We want to make sure there are enough younger kids coming through to balance the profile. So really, one to two recruits who push into the 22 each year is the return we want. So in some ways loading up on a top pick is a good strategy for a team like us, provided the recruit will fill a current list gap or pending retirement.
  15. Yeah it was me, I'm sure I read somewhere where he was in doubt, but seems not the case. Can anyone confirm T. Macs Status.Form wise he should be dropped but if his foot is playing up who ??then is second ruck OPTION??
  16. It's going to be a fascinating team selection this week. I am wondering if Tommo stays in as well as May, so we can play Lever in a purely third man up intercept role in the absence of Gawn. That leaves Grundy and TMac to share the ruck duties, with JVR potentially taking a few forward half ruck contests.
  17. He just seems very "Schwartzy" the way he goes about things. He could be a huge building block for our forward line once he gets some games under his belt. Very bloody exciting. Go Rooey!
  18. I hope you're right Luci. I want TMac to be the 2nd ruck, and JVR play as a KPF. But I disagree that we have Max's role covered. Grundy isn't capable of dropping into defence and taking contested marks.
  19. Be bold please. I hope they start him out of the goal square. Show him, the team and the competition you have confidence in him. Starting him on the bench is weak sauce.
  20. I'm hoping it's reminiscent of John Coleman's.
  21. Ah. Roger was correct to say the answer is AFL related: the connection is with other AFL players' names.
  22. I'm really looking forward to the video where it gets announced he's debuting. He's been really positive in simlar videos in the last few weeks when others have made their debut in front of him which understandably would have been tough personally whilst he bides his time. He well and truly deserves his moment with the boys making a fuss and getting around him.
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