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  2. We wouldn't have to look at TWSNBN. There ain't anyone brave enough there for us to swap with.
  3. Jordan Lewis was kicking coach until COVID. I reckon he’s average in the media, but has assistant coach written all over him. Get him full time for midfield and skills?
  4. Well I hope Oscar is out for this game because he will be needed to help curb Brown's influence against the Roos. Like our picks Vanders and Bennell, good Quality ins.
  5. Coz as we all know Goody has little Idea!
  6. So we got about another ten games or so to go and we only have to win two more to improve on last year. Look on the bright side...
  7. So why do you like him exactly? You haven't exactly put forward a case for why you would haha.
  8. Makes perfect sense to me!! A young kid rang rings around him>> Forget this Bulltisih about allowing Lever to play intercept( Another Flawed policy at MFC) Oscars primary role is still to stop an opponent! Which clearly he didn't do!
  9. Lets say there is a good reason why they chose to drop Oscar (to be fair he was poor last week). The problem is you change backline at your peril. And of course we should win. Lets say we do. Is that proof the new system works against a side who has not won a game and just made 8 changes? And so do they keep their new back line for the game against the roos? At risk it being exposed by a half decent AFL team? Let's say it is. What do they then do against the pies? And goody predicted speed would dominate after the covid break. Do picked a quick team. He was wrong. But incredibly football is getting quicker in the last couple of rounds and scores are creeping up. So he may be proved correct. And he then selects a deadly slow team, keeping his two slowest players, who are both completely out of form, and forced to play out of position - on the wing where there lack of pace is exposed. And picks Tomlinson who is also slow. Just bizarre.
  10. Brisbane 3.16.34. If only they kicked that poorly 2 weeks ago.
  11. Hannan was great the couple of games before, crunching tackles, kicking goals, was looking a ripper, but his last 2 weeks have been quiet and he's provided little pressure. In saying that though, Melksham is not helping in that area either, he's looking a selfish player this year. Barely tackles, doesn't go when it's his turn, doesn't chase, seen him give up on a ton of contests, plus he just looks straight for goal whenever he gets it. Probably fair enough Hannan gets dropped, but Melksham and Brayshaw have been just as bad or worse for longer. The inconsistency is staggering. This is an outward example of the rumours of cliques and favourites we hear IMO.
  12. Amazing if you play players in their correct position that generally their form improves. Who would have thought that!!!!!
  13. Lloyd’s point is correct though, our mids are all cut from the same mould. Just don’t expect anyone to cough up something useful for Brayshaw. Same with Viney, he’s a warrior and bled red and blue from day dot, but he’s not bringing too much value back our way due to his limitations.
  14. As bad as Hannan has been I would've rather kept him in the side over Brayshaw. At least Hannan bobs up every 3 or 4 games with a couple of goals, Brayshaw has done nothing for a year and a half
  15. There's been a fair bit of talk about not having enough talls in the side. I presume that Hibbert will be expected to play on a tall.
  16. Would have 100% been with you before the season started, but just get the feeling something has shifted in him this year, I reckon he's improving as a player this year and at the end of his career will be a far better player than Brayshaw.
  17. F ARK IN ELL ROOS V DEES IN TASSIE - rescheduled to Dees v Roos in Adelaide ROOS V LIONS IN TASSIE - rescheduled to Roos v Lions at Metricon. Dees get screwed every time. Lions are absolutely favoured with AFL trying to gift them a flag !!! FFS
  18. Clearly a stronger Crows team. They waved the white flag v Roos. Set themselves to win v Dees
  19. I will microwave my online membership card ...metaphorically speaking that is !
  20. Yep this game has massive ramifications, while I don’t think he would quit I would see it as the end of the road for Goodwin and it would be just about when he gets sacked rather than will he.
  21. Learnings...? Uh-oh...🤦‍♂️
  22. I still think we will add 3 youngsters. Definitely won’t be inside mids or a young ruckman. NEED OUTSIDE MIDFIELDERS THAT CAN RUN, WITH SKILLS TO KICK THE FOOTY.
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