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  1. I cannot see any world where this is possible, but I wouldn't say no! He is Geelong through and through and I would guess they are still aiming for a other flag.
  2. We are screaming out for a genuine key forward or two! We must target one in the trade period and move on BBB and Tmac. Petty is an exciting prospect but also a touch injury prone. There is room for both Petty and a new key forward recruit.
  3. Q50, Row B. Dees section. Let's get it on!!!!
  4. Time to change that flight! 😅 I'm a touch annoyed about the Thursday night but I guess it makes some sense that all other games have teams travelling and interstate travel on a weeknight would be very difficult for those fans. We have to be happy to have a final in Melbourne when we finished 4th. Let's GO Dees!!!
  5. Surely we'd only give up one of 15 or 24, not both. Grundy has more value than McLean I think.
  6. Let's get Jacob anyway 😂 we need a few options I feel.
  7. I seem to remember there were strong rumours last trade period that we were very close to getting a key forward. I have a feeling that may have been Jacob Koschitzke from the Hawks. He's out of contract this year and wouldn't cost us much at all. Thoughts? Only 23 years old, 1.98m.
  8. This has a bit of North vs Dees at the moment. Please keep at it GC!!!
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