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  1. How Far Harley? Appreciate we were woeful but when at the game I thought Harley had run about 25m: Watch this (are we allowed to post AFL.com footage?): https://www.afl.com.au/video/1134588/reids-ridiculous-double-fend-on-demons-stars?videoId=1134588&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1716113616001 Boy Wonder starts at the back of the centre circle and runs to within 7m of the wing of the centre square (that's 18m folks) let alone the 20m from the back of the centre circle to within 10m of the front of the square (need the help of a mathematician here as Harley does some left-right manoeuvres to add three more metres. Isn't it time players distance run was handled by the Fifth Umpire as they all wear GPS units and there is the "Metres Gained" tech?
  2. yes Hibba one of the best! BTW in 2016 we finished 10-12 - Hibba could see the change-a-comin'!
  3. I will never forget Heffernan saying he just could not put on weight as he ran too much! Wish I had that problem with my running!!!
  4. May received just 26 AFs! 26! Maysie, we love you and need you.
  5. The AFL should give us the Irish Academy - we begin with talent pools in each Irish county. Just like the AFL academies in NSW and Qld. Call it The Jim Stynes Academy as I think Jim is well known back in Ireland.
  6. Langdon and JVR are top INs. I reckon we have tried with Petty's pre-season during the season and Petty is a goer/skilled but he needs a month of working hard on the track and maybe a half at Casey each week. Petty's only decent half was against Geelong - but before and since he's looked a fraction of the player from last year due to not having the right prep of a pre-season.
  7. great pick up D King right about how hard to call a decision when a Faker is on deesplay!
  8. to fix up umpiring decisions, I would: >get rid of insufficient attempt both on the boundary and goal lines (it makes umpires mind readers) >get football's microchipped and linked to the GPS so no need for goal umpires, which is sad, but this pays for the IT for scoring (imagine how good this will be for junior footy games that can't get parents, or if they do the parents are accused of bias) >slash interchange numbers so as to bring in less congestion and thus less tackles and less holding the ball decisions >stop Geelong's Hawkins from pushing out his opponents in the back and the side (both of these are not allowed under the laws) >allow throwing as so many handpasses are throws and you can handpass a ball further than you can throw it >get rid of boundary umpires and field umpires and just have central umpires >get rid of The Filth; Linton St; Royal Parade Cheaters; Hypocrite Hwy; Dump Road and Alberton >give the Deees an academy named The Harrison Academy after the Father of Football and our first presdient
  9. Firstly, I can't stand Linton St, nor Carltank, nor the AFL. Secondly: the 300K umpire is like winning on Triple Chins' Minnionaire show - it's rare! You have to have officiated more than 200 games, umpire most games that year and do all the finals. Most field umpires are on 100K but their tenure is sometimes as short at two years, so, with them numbers (I went to Broady Tech), you have to stay working in your elected career.
  10. Firstly, I can't stand Linton St, nor Carltank, nor the AFL. Secondly, I love the Deees! The touch of the ball by May is impossible with the human eye - we need the tech, which cricket and tennis have had for years. But those sports are international, 12-months, and confined to a small area. Further, AFL won't spend the $s on tech as it is putting $s into the developing states.
  11. Firstly, I can't stand that mob from Linton St that only TAKES from the AFL (like the crowd from Moorabool that only takes from tax payers and never reciprocates)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAYhNHhxN0A couldn't have The Saint intro as good as it is as I am The Anti-Saint and lets face it attending all of the Dees games in 2024 is Mission Impossible!
  12. what a top bloke you are WCW ... but i just checked your ID and you are female ... what a woman! and, hope to see you in The Alice!
  13. hi Firstly, I can't stand St Kilda (that's always my opening statement as I am The Anti-Saint, ie, A True Deemon)! Secondly, Rd 16 Friday 28 June we travel to Brisbane but I want to know when for travel purposes. thanks The A-S
  14. the unfit by Q4 but impressive before that Booooooweeeeee!
  15. AFL gives explanations but they don't overturn results. Time for an NFL style coachs challenge IMO
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