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  1. JoeBoy I reached out using a post asking where JoeBoy think post deleted but JoeBoy B.i.T.! love your analysis JoeBoy you da human (can't tell if Joe a female male or does not choose these binaries)
  2. im being serious Mach5 when we get belted in the finals, or worse, we lose by a handful cos we couldn't quite score enough (code for we did not execute average skills under finals pressure) Goodloss will come back with the cliches of we are building. During that first quarter of dross, we allowed to be sucked into rugby mess when we are meant to be a top team that can hit targets, thus, opening the game up. Pleased that Jaxson had his best but we need more from the bottom 4 that I mention. I'm not questioning the bottom 4's commitment, just, their skills.
  3. Harmes a Goodloss favourite but Harmes is still a C-grade player - he is not improving. Give JJ another go.
  4. Out: Goodloss In: Buckley early today Goodloss's poor coaching shone with our poor executions our bottom 4 players: Hunt, ANB, Harmes and IMO Viney when Viney gets tackled all the time, don't have skills after 5 years with Goodloss to make us a flag favourite. think we will go out of finals without a yelp. understand we came good but against WCE next week we can't have yet another slow start - it's a coaching fault that we are slow out of the blocks (watch the swimmers and runners their coaches spend hours on the start).
  5. thanks Colin for posting - as soon as I read The Hun + Hamish I knew it would be an unhelpful article ... but I do hope Majak is enjoying his time with us at Casey
  6. where Wonna? u go to our MFC membership website and i cannot see the exact GF guarantee membership pkg pls send link or name the pkg please
  7. my red n blue heart has been broken - i cant get into the GF as an MFC MCC member if my number does not come up
  8. u describe me i want sackings but low to med standard game
  9. i would like to meet up to watch some games? thanks AntiSaint
  10. spot on never have but hope we do this year with 22 from 22!
  11. so 1956 is the year to better ... for us to better the 88.8% winning of 1956 we need to win 20 games of 22 this year (to be accurate it would be 19.36 games as 88.8% of 22 games) Go Dees
  12. hi does anyone know what is our best effort for wins in a season (22 games, 20 games, and, 18 game seasons) and after home n away - what is our highest ladder finish in a 22 game season please? I love the Dees
  13. good read and get Swooper - we need clash sox - wen the AWAY team - SYDNEY should wear white sox wen AWAY Vs us
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