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  1. when did we play The Filth in a "big match" like we are this Friday? "Big match" would be a final - and I don't think we have played The Filth since 1964?, or playing a HnA match which means making a play for the finals or avoiding the wooden spoon. So, I go back to 1976 to Bogan Park when we had to win to make the finals for the first time since 64 and The Filth had to win to avoid its first-ever wooden spoon. It was even sweeter when we fixed up The Filth in 1976 18.20-128 ti 17.11-113 with Carman, Phil kicking 7 spectacular goals for The Filth (Carmen finished when we got him) and Biffin, Ray kicking 4 for us. As The Filthstorian (that's a Filth historian) recalls: "In 1976, Collingwood finished last for the first time in its history under coach Murray Weideman with six wins, more than any previous bottom side." How sweet that The Filth weren't that bad but we give em a spoon even though we missed our on finals due to Footscray drawing with CarlTank at least we fixed up coach Weideman, who went round bashing our blokes in 1958 GF, as they sacked Weideman and then replaced him with Hafey ... Weideman could not stand that Hafey was the first "clean" (I mean not a coach from within The Filth) coach. I hold grudges! BTW I have a soft spot for Sam Weideman but I just wish Sam would change his name!
  2. do we refer to this opposition as Coll....... or The Fi.....?
  3. if The Filth continue to fix up Essend.... then our weekend will be a Dee-saster - they will need to win by 20 goals but still Im that negative after last night that Im in that frame of thought - negative.
  4. umpiring was fair IMHO - our problem was we didn't win the ground ball/stoppages with the best midfield in the business up against another top midfield.
  5. what a top get QB - did the Family Club pin-up hypocrite go after Robbie and Tom? We know the Family Club's "6-99" Brownlow Medallist put Robbiie out of the 87 PF.
  6. hello any collateral around if the MCC is going to go back to the good ol' days and have half of the seats balloted and the other walk-up? As the Grandest Team of All is favourite to play on GF Day, I want to be there! Go Dees! AS
  7. let me praise your post QB - I saw how bad afl media is this week when North Melb provided its own PR video on JHF's coat hanger. The reason the afl media is poor is because there is no money now for journos like Carro. The Fourth Estate holds these clubs to account and Carro the best at this in my time. Carro has bitten into topics in our club that I have found hard to digest but the truth hurts sometimes. Triple C is a disgraceful-monologued know-all - I avoid him but occasionally I see him and there he is Mr Takeover Merchant.
  8. Hi does anyone in The Land know if the club or a supporters group organise a bus to Adelaide? a big trip to go there and back in 24 hours but I’d like to. Cos I want to experience The Texan go south and end up in Chile
  9. what was wrong with the River last week?
  10. if ... my dog were a cat then he'd be a cat ... we know that but, if Bedford kicks that goal in the first Q instead of the post ... I reckon we get to a six-goal arf-time lead ... and Freo would have been broken IMO. We were poor on many fronts, and especially the lack of marking around the ground, but our first arf was up to standard. Go Dees
  11. u r spot on Lord re TMac - he's constantly blaming - its terrible look for teammates, club and he gets pinged as he should. Jus cos Hawkins gets away with stuff thats not going to help us when we get into a tight game. Hawkins, who i dont like, a pro at working the system of officials - TMac an amateur. We dont respect the game enuff - Bjorn Borg said he trained like he was playing - so always disciplined. we are undisciplined even during runaway wins. so when it comes to a tight match TMac and others will b getting pinged and we will lose and we will blame. AFL is an unfair game to interpret - if you dont want to get pinged dont be disrespectful - at work would u want a peer to give u the TMac moan?
  12. interval training not quite a walk to the post office annually! but there are similarities to interval training: there is a regular pattern to your annual exercise plan!
  13. was Greg Wells there did anyone notice?
  14. g my Demon knowledge of 1970s stretches to: Robbie, Biff, Spud, Gary, Greg, Stan, Ross Dillon, Greg Parke, John Beckworth, Tiger, Bobbie and the heartbreak at Vic Park (no wonder we call them the filth) Carl X 2 and I forgot that one-year coach
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