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  1. oh that's easy .... $s. The AFL floats on booze and gambling $s and every other revenue stream it can find. So the opportunity cost to rent out its Docklands Stadium, built with the support of government so as to create another mecca for footy, to a non-footy venture makes more money than $20 ticket to the AFLW GF.
  2. how are we going to fit in Gay/Harris into this team? I can see that Gall will drop back but who else as there were no injuries.
  3. agree KITP. It's too far, too windy, too hard to park, and, it's not in keeping with modern AFL to have the wind not be a factor - does anyone know if we have made in the past 15 years headway into a fan-base in Casey?
  4. thanks JoeBoy for anoyher season of reflections. May - give him Bluey !
  5. showing your age there RtG! Clubs have modern day Rudis ... it's about culture and recriting and that's the environment for growth IMO
  6. where was the feature - I won't have much to do by next week! I'm jus feelin negative - Goddy's job to turn boys' attitude around and then mine will follow
  7. if I had paid billions for TV rights - I would want the exclusive announcement
  8. what time does Kristian bring down MRO verdict?
  9. top Q Bay Riffen - and my Q - MilkShake: "your form in second half of 2023 ... how does it rate to other top form periods of your career, and, how hard is it for you and Hibberd to keep yourselves in such top physical condition into your 30s?" Sorry, two Qs but they are related
  10. gee Choco is reticent ... I find that interesting as when he was coaching AJAX football (and head of its program for its multiple teams) he was happy to chat ... maybe at MFC it's different
  11. where can you view this El ... on AFL.com.au?
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