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  1. Saw that in our game yesterday, thought it was strange how far back from the mark we were all the time, makes sense now. , means at no time we can give away a 50 if players move on a habit/reflex.
  2. Terrible game with terrible kicking (if we kicked 50% better it was an easy win). Kicked ourselves out of the game by missing miss shots on goals and didn't fix out forward structure. Bulldogs know their game well. They also marked really well today around the group with their big players and were often positioned better out the back for when the ball went over, thats bad coaching/leadership by us.
  3. Watching their games I really haven't rated them based on their opposition. But they have won 4/4. roos' seemed to have hit a wall at the moment, terrible footy decisions today.
  4. Looks like we broke North last week, pies in control of them at the moment.
  5. Thanks, as I said it was surprising as how that would make the ligaments more susceptible to injury, but it does somehow!
  6. I have read that women on their period have a higher percentage chance of doing their ACL.. I thought it was witchdoctor science, but apparently its being backed up by evidence on the injuries. Do we need to change some practices, esp for someone like Sloane in their preparation and conditioning?
  7. A decent period to give up their time. But it seems there is improvement every year in their income which us good. The men's have 6 weeks off at the end of the teams season, do for 1/2 the teams its 6 weeks from the last round. So November would be earliest for the men's to start training.
  8. Bloody hell, that terrible. Is it simple genetics or bad surgeon, if its the same knee ?
  9. On memory the very first year they were paid $5,000 flat fee for the season. So a definite improvement. How long is it from start of pre-season to end of finals.
  10. Looking for more opportunity as they only play what 8 games and finals each year. Plus clubs are still working out their core group. From what I gather most a mutual moves, as the new players coming in have shown to be of a higher skill level than the first few seasons of draftees which is to be expected.
  11. What the tassie government needs to do is create a register of who will become a member of a tassie club. If they can get say at least 50k they would have a strong foundation for their push. The more they get the better obviously. If they do get their own team, how many members will the hawks (and North?) lose as don't they have a lot that take out the membership for the tassie games. Good luck to them.
  12. Freo seem to look better overall last year, as they appeared above the pack in structure and talent. Most likely would have won last year if there was a GF. If we got free in round 1 I reckon they would have beaten us, as its taken a couple of games to get a out grove in. As for north last night, it was their first loss to since they lost to us rd1 last year, bookends :) This year free haven't played in the top of the ladder team yet, same with brissie and pies. Like us yesterday, until you play one of us, north, freo, brissie, and maybe pies (Not that impressive to me so far) you don't rea
  13. Agree, the ladies team needs representation, they play with determination for the jumper. great game to watchans showed that have a great opportunity this year.
  14. They said there was no wind that qtr, we got onto as we broke their early pressure around the ball.
  15. "signature" quarter by the dee's. Looking like a well drilled team and everything seems to be clicking.
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