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  1. People remember actions not talk.... time to walk the walk. But typical fluff piece.
  2. The AFL will mediate. The article states there was an internal number agreed upon for the deal "$300k" it seems and they signed off on it. If I were the dogs I would enforce the original agreement, if not they can tell the pies to have him back. Because it's apparently leading to them having cap issues.
  3. It could go both ways! They could match the weaker side to keep ongoing competition for spots in the 8 till the last round, That could be a win, depending your season. Or you plain manipulation to get a "big" club into the finals for revenue by giving them weaker sides to play. Though overall a more flexible fixture could result in a closer season.
  4. No they screwed us with the positive test. Meant we missed that break to reset later in the season when it was in the frenzy. I liked the frenzy being WA I go to watch more footy as it was over the week, not over 3/4 days. More footy the better. Now that is has been done, I can see it becoming a regular part of the season. But in the long term the response may be like the baseball, footy where they have specialist players that rotate through to reduce fatigue.
  5. Great article and of all the hiccups the AFL does, the player support during and post career must be close to world best.
  6. Getting more picks in 2021 draft, apparently shaping up to be one of the best in while, almost super.
  7. Yeah that injury was at the worst time, he found form again over a number of games. The question is what impact has it had on him since and can it be fixed. Hopefully it can.
  8. I wouldn't mind a much higher inflation, deflates the true cost of my mortgage against a rising salary. Pretty much how people quickly paid off houses until the recession we had to have. Yes interest rates would be higher but I'd be getting faster pay rises.
  9. Early in the piece, clubs have just let player go, this is now changing as they see the impact of restricted agents moving without a decent compensation. Seems we are seeing a shift in how RFA works. Plus the "lower" clubs should have more salary cap room to match the payments. What i can't believe is the sums supposedly being offered by the saints! How big is the total player cap?
  10. They should match it, same as GWS. What deal is he been offered?
  11. They would know him best of all the suiters. Obviously he's not in a good place or wanted too much.
  12. Only seem a little of him, 1 game and preseason games, but didn't make an impact after 2 years, so I would say no.
  13. Is this his partner or a "date" a lot of boys go with a model if they don't have a partner etc Always a glamorous lady who wants to go out for thew evening and get some publicity.
  14. Terrible game, eps. saints kicking at goal, robbed themselves of any chance. But you can see from the outset they could not handle the pressure that tigers bought to the game, could not adjust to the higher tempo as a team.
  15. For his development he needs to work with those setting the top standard at the club, people like Gawn, viney Trac seem to standout in clicking what it takes to be successful consistently in preparation and effort on the field (There are likely more but thats what standouts from the outside), help build that high demand culture of success in everything.
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