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  1. Great Scott! It will be interesting to see what he can do with a wealthy club compared to the Roos. Yze will get his chance. Odds on there will be 2 vacancies next year, maybe more re: hawks mess.
  2. Norm Smith? Isaac smith was good over the whole game.
  3. How many will now retire now they finally got that flag..
  4. where was the down to ground free for the swans!
  5. I dont understand that running out of boundary rule that suddenly appeared in the 2nd half of this year, BB was the first time I've had even seen it paid.
  6. at least they're trying to take he game on now.
  7. What's the biggest winning margin in a gf? Might break it today.
  8. Lets see what they do after the break. Swans are down to put in [censored] games, but today and not in the quali!!
  9. Is the fat laying already warming up...could be a [censored] game to watch
  10. Cats are fast starters, and the swans can come back...but they need to shut them down pretty quick
  11. swans starting to look. better. Gee I haven't watch ch7 footy in such a long term (use kayo). the picture quality is not good...
  12. swans not looking sharp at the moment,
  13. Looking forward to a good close game that the swans win, then suddenly its reported that the cats had gastro last night :)
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