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  1. What annoys me more is I picked the saints in the tipping! More flaky than us
  2. Same number of scoring shots, and that doesn't count the out on the full shots. We had our chances and we matched in most areas for most of the game, dominated on other patches. But we need to convert consistently. Simply there kicked better than us.
  3. The season has shown the dogs struggle against good defensive sides. They don’t seem to have fixed it given recent results. The questions are: 1: will we turn up focussed to play at our best? 2: Will the dogs adjust their game plan towards us similar to what the hawks did? The first point we have a great record against top sides. The second point is more of the worry and unknown. Though this late they’ll maybe make some minor adjustments, but they’ll back their system and personnel. makes tipping really hard when your leading by 1…
  4. I second that... prefer a live game and take out the PF, we have been playing well in Perth.
  5. Settles the question about that top spot, takes that pressure off (Personally don't care if we finish 1st or 2nd, just one of them) . Gives us more time to fix structural problems with the team. We also come with the right mindset for sides, plus the came won't be after a possible trip to Darwin.
  6. Actually rather play them now than in a few weeks.
  7. Watch a reply later in the night. Crap game to watch, at least I could skip forward often. Hawks wanted it more and were better positioned and more pressure across the field. But if we could get those set shots it would have been different. Hawks dominated the contest in the middle and we never seemed to get any fluency on movement or support. Plus its getting hard to watch an empty venue.
  8. Shocking for tipping, Was sitting comfortably in 2nd but people have made up 4 points in 1 round! nipping at the heels now.
  9. Roo's in a good position now.
  10. ripper game in Perth, go roo's
  11. Saints still have a massive task to get into the 8 simply based upon percentage. Those games have really cost them a solid run at the 8.
  12. Where was the sling tack on Jone's?
  13. Really don't talk about any players getting injured especially our own. Don't want to jinx us.
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