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  1. Noooooooo.... really disappointed for him and our team. After his early head knocks he seemed to have put it to bed until the Maynard hit. He's going to be missed as he had at least after 4 good years in him to help our team succeed.
  2. Yes we may drop, as pointed out the end of our season took a lot of things out of the hands of the club with our injuries to the wrong players in numbers we could not cover. Plus IMHO the decision to play T-MAC who couldn't really move. Topped off with some of the worst decision making and kicking in along time. Every club will be looking to improve, so will we, Sounds liked we have a couple of good players to freshen up the list for this year. I assume the club has looked at our weakness and continual to adapt to improve and compete. We have lots of talent and showed we could cover Clarry for long periods. We'll be there about if we don't get a run of bad injuries.
  3. I thought they were on YouTube somewhere.
  4. Actually feel concerned for the kid. The media interest in him worse than Watt's got. He's being the next Nic Nat (I assume cult hero of club) and they are even posting about where he could be getting his coffee etc. Given the decaying state of the senior players and their clubs inability to get them healthy, the attention is on him. I hope he has an amazing support network to deal with it.
  5. Not going to check if its been answered somewhere in the thread. How was Gold Coast able to match their academy players inside the top 20 and we could not?
  6. any last minute deal to rock the AFL world for pick 1?
  7. We are a physically small team compared to many others. Maybe a focus over the off season.
  8. In the end, 15 minutes of effort was not enough.
  9. Blood hell.. do we dream. where was this team for the last 8 qtrs?
  10. I'm back to my exam marking...thats more fun than this.
  11. string of passes and marks... better start
  12. Thank god for Gay.... What [censored] game.
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