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  1. Recruited later than most, obviously took time to mature and work out how to be successful at AFL. I gather some of that development happened at Subi. has they tend to have a mature side compared to other wafl clubs.
  2. Been for a swim in Antarctica in my boardies, does that count? Felt pretty warm when I got out of the water :)
  3. that's what they said, dropping later. just need to fix up their fwd 50
  4. positive start by dockers, dogs look a bit nervous.
  5. Why are they losing their forwards! He does get in Hogan's way a lot.
  6. We have simply dropped the intensity and thought it was game over...
  7. less likely, the quarters are much shorter, less scoring time and less likely for a blow out :)
  8. If we win today, Freo can get it done. They have have played good footy this year and are getting better. If we win Dogs will free more pressure to win and that "may" lead to more errors etc. Anyway, we need tow in today first before thats become relevant.
  9. Yes, the concern is on field leaders are not doing that. Hence our problem of controlling games and making adjustments without the coach.
  10. Being active is good. The concern is that he has to give basic positional direction to professional footballers to that degree.
  11. The amount of coaching Goodwin was doing from the bench at the end of the GSW games, indicated to me that the players are not able to make them themselves on the field. From what I could tell from the tv he was having to direct players to positioning etc. Lack of a true leadership to organise the troops during games. Hence why they can't stop run on's.
  12. Not a sling, it looks like simple momentum carrying them both forward, and the swan hit his head.
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