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  1. Apparently demanding $150,000 a year from Carlton. $30k for playing and they are currently employed her on about $80k at the club. But she is not consistent, very hot and cold, seems more focussed on her boxing and overall profile?
  2. Typically, bought him in to replace Dunkley in my fantasy footy this week!
  3. The tigers were far more intense at the opening of our game than tonights. We broke them, the dogs didn't in a far less tense game and simply grounded them down in the tigers fashion.
  4. This year reminds me of the off season when they sacked every assistant to Hardwick and he changed how he coached. Goodwin has the vision of what he wants from the team, now he has decent assistant to help him get there, am I am betting he is letting go more and letting those new high quality assistants do their job and a far better coaching /development structure and it shows. We have also seen the team click in that its a team game and they are working for each other. I would say Yze and Williams have had a big influence in creating that change in mindset based on their success and p
  5. He's coming on nicely, his marking was great under pressure tonight with the wet conditions. What impresses me masts his recovery even when going to ground, amazing agility.
  6. Their best stars are getting old, not that has slowed down the cats either. We'll see a mini-rebuild soon to sustain them. Their massive home grand advantage almost ensures they play finals every year. Look at last year, couldn't win a game in the hub but still made finals after regrouping.
  7. You can only play who your fixtures against. We have Beaton sides that have Beaton more fancied sides that what we are. My concern for team development is winning is a habit. We have shown we pushed we can steady and pull away from sides.
  8. Looks like its going to be more than that. Gaff run down by Rohan, all the run and pressure with cats.
  9. McGovern done with a groin injury, could get really ugly now. Sun v Swans game is not a good standard, too many injuries for the swans. Can't see swans doing a come back at all.
  10. Its what's happened to us fo years.
  11. Thats going to hurt, possible fracture you'd think.
  12. so many throws in modern footy,
  13. Put him on Cotchin, plays old and slow (relative to younger players) as well. At least Jone's rarely gets like Cotchin does all the time now.
  14. You are right, but from what I saw on tv he was unsighted for most of the game. Then again I only see what they show in the frame. Same with Brown for 3 qtrs, unsighted with no impact. It good to have options and pressure internally....
  15. Pie pushing the weagles early in the game. Looking much bette tonight and the weagles don't look up at the moment. interesting 2nd coming up.
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