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  1. Didn't realise she only played 4 games. I guess I'm getting her confused with another player. As for Tayla Harris, I think our culture is better from the snippets we have seen, i.e the coach of the year award vid. Also as a group they a close to winning the GF for the first time which will hold them together. Even over the last few years we don't have massive movement of our players compared to other clubs.
  2. If we were just talking about his ruck role, ye, we'd let him go as you can bring in a mature ruck from another club, and if he breaks even you can build around that. But is value and importance around the ground is immense, that a "ruck" often does not achieve and we should hang onto him as that is what separates him from many other rucks int he comp.
  3. I was going to make a joke that there was nothing being said at Arden street as they put up the for sale sign and left. But then that led to be us :( They are lucky they have no debt otherwise they'd be in more trouble than we ever were.
  4. M’ore importantly, how does it change tipping for this weekends game?
  5. If we can keep our core together we'll be in with a good shot again, as most as young. Crows will helpfully lose a few more. I think some are waiting for "big" singings to see where to move.
  6. Going to he game. But not expecting a great spectacle. I don't think we'll smash them. We just play our system and accumulate a score around 100 I think. Their lowest score ever was 1.12 in 1989, I'd like to see us break that :)
  7. What a mess, but I do find it strange that things like this didn't come our in the original airing of the problems. Therefore it may be an individual trying to generate more attention for whatever reason they have. From what I read none were racist in nature but inappropriate actions in a work place by some individuals. Either way they seem a long way from sorting out the mess for all parties.
  8. TMac... team looks great, high pressure and run for each other. Going to be a good day.
  9. Great first qtr but he team. Looking good for their first day game. Great first qtr but he team. Looking good for their first day game. They have been lucky Kozzie is just getting his eye in after the week off.
  10. Damn,,,you'd want to trust the engineers took that into account in their design..
  11. Same change happened to Hardwick before their run when they removed and then gave him all new assistants.
  12. Melksham is not putting in the hard two way running we expect. Reason he hasn't been in before now.
  13. That's better, fast aggressive movement.
  14. Don't the umpires like May marking!
  15. structure is not right at the moment..
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