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  1. Depends on your h criteria. On pure skill and talent Flower. No one has come close to him. Even older people (Knowledgable footballer) here I have spoken to were in awe of his skill when they watched him play for Victoria in WA. He was a class above everyone else. More sadly was his early passing as he was such a great guy. Used to like the chats with him by Peter Russel Clark on his show, when he was always visiting Robbie in his store. As others have said, if you want sheer force of personality for success, RDB is the clear stand out, even better than anyone else that have led the Dees.
  2. Well that's the first loss I've seen live of awhile. First off, Reid is a beast (Though he ran too far from the middle and was caught a few times, but that the modern HTB interpretations) To sum it up we looked slow across the field, not just out of the centre. They consistently had players quickly move to space, especially from their kick outs up the centre for easy mark, at our cheer squad end. After Lever went off, its seems our structure disappeared and therefore big holes everyone, that the eagles exploited.(You wouldn't have seen them on TV) For us moving out of defence we had no options and continually turned it over on the wings, or missed targets. Whereas the eagles held their marks where it mattered. In watching the game, up the half way through the last I thought we might get a run on. But were the players loaded up over the longer break!! We looked stuffed from running and couldn't cover the ground. Not a good night.
  3. The heart irregularity he had a few years ago had occurred. Do off with an irregular heart beat.
  4. I guess the pattern when we have bought many of those players is when we were not travelling very well and needed experience for the existing playing group. While I think all gave something to the club in their time, I really liked watching Vardy play, and it game in the pouring rain in Perth when he won it for us. Whereas May and Lever came as a piece to get the Cup for us.
  5. Never had that message on my Apple TV, MacBook or iPhone sorry. Therese I get it a poor data rate which pixelates the image.
  6. Are we finally seeing a preview post aging stars cats of what is to finally come...
  7. I watch via the app on my Apple TV. Rarely an issue. If there is, its a router issue.
  8. Tonights game is a hard one to pick. Pity Jed Walter is out for it. But cats also lost Cameron and Duncan.
  9. Yes they will, would have most likely made a difference. But the first half was shocking in the forward line. Were their defenders just have an amazing game or we wilted in the rain? Too often we all went fort he ball with no players behind the pack in the wet,, that is where Kozzie and chandler should have been.
  10. They have played more matched than us in the same period. So hopefully.
  11. Not a fan of the ring idea, if you win multiple will you be required to wear them all to formal events. I think most will end up in a draw. Gee $50k each, they need to shop in the Middle East much cheaper... However, I think recognition medals or similar to the players that played during the season and help the team get there is important, as a whole club wins a premiership, not just those selected on the day.
  12. I agree with him for out team 5-2 ism good enough, we should have been 6-1 (Sydney were good) I take it saying with our talent, we should be at the top and we needed to show it tonight and we did. Go Dees.
  13. As he wasn't there it doesn't matter. but think about all the games in the past when the opponent had key players out and we thought it was our chance and some random would pop up and dominate us. So you play the best the opportunity can put up to us. And we beat them.
  14. Wow wee what a game. Just finished watching as I was at a Star Wars marathon today here in the west. Great game by the boys if we take out that terrible run of points from the 2nd qtr. I would say it was out best game for the year. Good to see Petty get his touch back, what 11 marks most contested. As I mentioned before he needed a few more games at Casey to find that touch, but it's here now. Gee, the umpire need to get back to giving 50's for back chat, the amount of disputes by the Geelong players when free given against them was terrible, especially the one where is was telling the umpire he need to look. The AFL again doesn't enforce rules properly. I counted at least 5 instances of it on TV. Bring on the blues..
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