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  1. Had to delete the thread last night because it was just titled Egan and the post was just “...”
  2. 2020 Player Reviews: #1 Steven May Made up for a poor start at the club last year by working hard over the summer and, as a result, stamped himself as a quality player and a leader of a strong defensive unit. Date of Birth: 10 January, 1992 Height: 193cm Weight: 100kg Games MFC 2020: 17 Career Total: 148 Goals MFC 2020: 1 Career Total: 23 Votes 2020 Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Memorial Trophy: 362 (Sid Anderson Trophy - Second) Votes 2020 Brownlow Medal: 4
  3. 2020 Player Reviews: #2 Nathan Jones The tired veteran is nearing the end but the club considers him worthy of an extra season as he inches towards 300 games. He has always had the necessary determination and will undoubtedly work his butt off to earn that honour rather than take it as a gift. Date of Birth: 20 January, 1988 Height: 180cm Weight: 87kg Games MFC 2020: 8 Career Total: 294 Goals MFC 2020: 1 Career Total: 139
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Brown_(footballer)
  5. I’m looking forward to having a forward that knows how to navigate the winds in Tasmania.
  6. The AFL will today unveil a December 9 national draft that will see AFL club recruiters remaining in their respective states and every national draft pick selected on a single night. But the league will make the event a two-day extravaganza by holding the pre-season and rookie drafts the following morning.
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