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  1. Adams is listed as 196cm and Jefferson is listed as 195cm. Both could still grow.
  2. I think you might need your eyes tested Verrell #28 and Adams #26
  3. Concerning that he's missed the last 2 sessions but there is a lot of COVID and other bugs around so who knows.
  4. “Gather Round ... a festival of footy”
  5. Shutting down and will only re-open if there is a response from the station, commentators, caller, the AFL and/or North Melbourne. Thanks for your varying points of view.
  6. Time to make Gosch’s walker friendly.
  7. I conducted the interview with Jason this afternoon. At this stage it looks like i might replay it Thursday night now so that both George and Binman can join me to discuss the interview, the drafts and the AFLW Flag as well.
  8. Just added a belated thank you to binman - And how could I forget our podcast co-commentator @binmanwho does such a great job along with @george_on_the_outerduring the season and sometimes off season too!
  9. When talking about Sestan’s fitness it should be fair to note that he is not coming from an elite pathway program where the fitness base is already there. Also just because he came last in a 2km time trial against other draftees from pathway programs and AFL footballers who are on off season programs doesn’t mean he is “unfit”. It just means he doesn’t have the AFL base that is expected at this time of the year for players or elite draftees. It also does not mean that he cannot achieve this now that he will be given a fitness program to follow. Considering that training with an elite AFL club was probably not on his radar I think he can be cut some slack.
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