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  1. Join @george_on_the_outer, @binman & I for our 2020 Season Finale @ 8:30pm Listen & Chat LIVE: https://demonland.com/podcast Call: 03 9016 3666 Skype: Demonland31
  2. Disappointed they didn’t use Leak more creatively in the headline.
  3. Carlton have delisted Darcy Lang, Hugh Goddard, Ben Silvagni and Finbar O’Dwyer
  4. Carlton are linked to every player at the moment.
  5. He probably consistently got in the votes but was probably pipped for the 6 and 5 votes which got the Petraccas and Olivers and Mays. the biccies.
  6. Just a reminder to keep it friendly guys.
  7. Not paying unrealistic attempts at marks. Has cost us Goals this year.
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