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  1. It was a good week for our free kick differential not that it helped.
  2. Why aren’t they at least trying to play some make up games between those with a bye? Or Scratch matches
  3. We're LIVE in 10 minutes Listen & Chat LIVE: https://demonland.com/podcast Call: 03 9016 3666 Skype: Demonland31
  4. The Demonland Podcast featuring @george_on_the_outer, @binman & I will be LIVE Tonight @ 8:30pm Listen & Chat LIVE: https://demonland.com/podcast Call: 03 9016 3666 Skype: Demonland31
  5. There's very little change at the top of the list 132. Clayton Oliver 109. Christian Petracca 81. Christian Salem 78. Max Gawn 69. Jake Lever 53. Ed Langdon 48. Tom McDonald 45. Steven May 42. Luke Jackson 35. James Harmes 30. Kysiah Pickett 21. James Jordon 17. Bayley Fritsch 12. Jayden Hunt 11. Angus Brayshaw 10. Jack Viney 7. Michael Hibberd 6. Charlie Spargo 5. Trent Rivers 2. Alex Neal-Bullen 1. Adam Tomlinson
  6. In the Annual Big Freeze game in support of Neale Daniher's fight against MND, it was Collingwood who froze the ambitions of the Demons, and it now challenges them to thaw out their prospects in the second half of the season. Even though Melbourne opened the scoring account, it was quickly countered by Collingwood, as the Demons appeared flat. And even though they held a minor lead at the first break, it was only through a couple of fortunate efforts, but nothing more. All around the ground players failed to bring the required pressure to the contest, and simple opportunities,
  7. TMac doesn’t look interested today.
  8. Can’t really blame our defence. Ball coming in way too easily.
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