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  1. We have a new leader ... 73. Clayton Oliver 60. Max Gawn Christian Petracca 51. Christian Salem 46. Jake Lever 37. Ed Langdon 31. Tom McDonald 30. Steven May 26. Kysiah Pickett 17. Bayley Fritsch Luke Jackson 12. Jayden Hunt 10. Jack Viney 9. James Harmes 7. Michael Hibberd 4. James Jordon 3. Angus Brayshaw 2. Charlie Spargo 1. Alex Neal-Bullen Adam Tomlinson
  2. They kick big scores but conversely give up big scores. Lot of the matches they win are shootouts. If we’re strong in defence we should outscore them. Having said that I’m still worried they’ll beat us.
  3. Got to be a couple of different factors at play. COVID concerns for older patrons, ticketing issues for some, no/less walk up general admin, less neutral supporters going & perhaps people now prefer to watch on TV.
  4. Unbelievable. They've done it again. Why are the umps wearing light blue when the Eagles are playing in predominately blue. FMD.
  5. Good Question. Also how did they work out who you played twice in that time period. I doubt they did it the way we do now.
  6. Who comes in and who goes out for our clash against the Blues?
  7. Tracc limping. Doesn't look great.
  8. Your votes please 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  9. The case for 3 talls in the forward line. Cameron 5 Rohan 5 Hawkins 2
  10. I’m more worried about Geelong than Richmond based on this match.
  11. Geelong playing much better than the Tigers but … 15 frees to 7
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