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  1. Goodwin said in the presser we need a new method of winning at clearance. It’s not an overnight change, hopefully something we’ll be better at in 2025.
  2. Despite the horror show yesterday, I'm bullish we can get the job done against the Giants. They're not going as well as people think. They've lost the last 2 on expected score (Richmond and Suns at Engie) and have been belted on inside 50 differential the last couple of weeks too. They've just been extremely efficient and very accurate which has got them over the line. Given that we've been the best team at restricting teams from scoring per entry and have upped our territory game, plus it's at the MCG, I think we'll win. If we can't roll the Giants at the MCG it's curtains for the season.
  3. Reflecting on yesterday’s loss this morning, and the thing that disappointed me the most, is not the fact that we lost, but all of the key stats we’ve turned around since the bye we were smashed in. - We’ve been the 2nd best defensive side since the bye and conceding the second lowest scores and yet we gave up a massive score - We’ve been the best contested possession team since the bye yet we were smashed in this stat. - Our scoring had improved yet we kicked 3 goals in the first half and a goalless opening qtr I’m not sure what it is about Fremantle, but the fact we can get within 5pts of Brisbane (and we probably deserved to win) but put in such a limp performance is just plain disheartening.
  4. Their game plan is our kryptonite and they know how to disarm our strengths. Remember, Longmuir was a Buckley assistant who had a very good record against Goodwin. Buckley even sat in their coaches box last year at the MCG where we lost. They have excellent contested midfielders who know that we swarm at the contest and don’t keep separation. With Oliver no where near it, Rivers beaten, Sparrow just a shadow, it was too much for Viney. I can’t see us beating this Freo side for a number of years with that midfield. Lever was horrible down back. On a positive, I thought Petty was very good around the ground and our best tall forward of the ball. That was probably his second best rated game. This time I think we will respond though and beat GWS.
  5. And don’t mention the clearances. According to Binman they’re a irrelevant stat.
  6. We really struggle against good clearance teams who have hard 2 way running mids. Brayshaw, Serong and Young just embarrassing whole midfield. Lost it at selection with no Fullarton. Draper is lazy and apart from Merrett the Bombers have a very average midfield compared to the Dockers.
  7. Regardless of the result today, I think we’re going to have a strong run home.
  8. Only way I see us winning this one is evening up on clearance and it rain during the game to help stop their uncontested game.
  9. Can’t understand the supporters who want the Dogs to win. With their superior percentage they could easily take our spot if we drop one we’re expecting to win. The Cats aren’t missing the 8 this year. Got the easiest run home.
  10. Tiger and Cats tonight please. Even if the Tigers keep it close it will help.
  11. Could Pendles and Sidebottom’s last AFL game be against us?
  12. Essendon's loss is great for us. We will be 5th at the end of the round assuming the Swans and the Giants win. We will be 4th at the end of the round if the Swans win and the Giants lose...
  13. Wow Martin really is a serial ducker
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