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  1. Genuinely worried about McKay next week. He’s got 10cm on May and in great form.
  2. Bit amused by the posters wanting Harmes dropped. He hit the contest hard and was Melbourne’s no.1 ranked player on the ground last night.
  3. Had Rampe on him most of the night and he’s the Swans best defender. Tmac and BBB wouldn’t have played so well if Fritsch didn’t get the best defender.
  4. I haven’t watched the replay yet after getting home from the game, but that doesn’t surprise me, he’s a woeful commentator who also shouldn’t be allowed to do Dogs games.
  5. Can someone explain how the Saints have 54k members this year and we’re only on 46k? We’ve had a higher tally them then the last few years (9k more in 2019), yet, there they are sitting 14th on the ladder or something with 8k more members than us?
  6. Congrats, Adam! I’m still making my way through the Great Deepression but have just pre-ordered this on Amazon 😎
  7. I reckon North are due some credit. They played an outstanding first half and when you listen to Goody’s post match, he did say the Kangas had a specific plan against us which they executed well. Does anyone know if Paul Roos was in the opposition box? One last thing, what was with Ben Brown not extending the dukes at all for the whole game? Kept on trying to mark on his chest time and time again which allowed McKay to get a fist in.
  8. Pretty sure that hasn’t happened since 2016
  9. AnB probably has a pretty big vault of bad games, but that was one of his worst in a long time.
  10. I feel we lost it as soon as it wasn’t relocating to Marvel. We can’t play on this ground. Full stop.
  11. I almost feel we can’t lose today. We have a full strength side that’s currently keeping a club champion out and the most promising young key forward on our list. North on the other hand has one of their weakest sides in about 20 years, with even LDU (one of their best young players) also out. If we lose today the media will go with that old rhetoric “Just when you thought you could trust them, they let you down”. But really this would be one of our worse losses in 20 years if we lost today, so I just can’t see it happening.
  12. Ah that’s true. Geez that forward line was something special.
  13. Experienced Demonlanders, is this the best team we’ve put on the park since 1994? Maybe even older?
  14. Saints also the biggest downhill skiers going around.
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