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  1. I think he’s an upgrade on Weid. He reads the play better (can also go down back), he’s a much better set shot and a longer kick. Tmac JvR Schache That’s my starting tall forwards (Ben Brown is done in my opinion)
  2. West Coast at the MCG. We haven’t played them there since 2014.
  3. So you’re happy to discount one of Melbourne’s best on-field performance in 60 years and just chalk it up to the opposition being under the weather?
  4. I’ve seen at least 3 journos cite the illness that ran through the Geelong camp in the days prior to the 2021 prelim final as a reason they lost that match. It honestly makes me angry about the amount of disrespect they’ve shown towards Melbourne and how good we were that night. What annoys me most is that several Geelong players have brushed off the excuse but the media keeps bringing it up and they almost use Geelong’s 2022 form as a form of validation. Here is another article on it written by Daniel Cherney who I consider one of the better ones out there. The tweet accompanying this article reads “Last year, illness halted Geelong’s Grand Final hopes. 12 months on, they have made up for that misfortune “. https://www.codesports.com.au/afl/geelong/geelong-poised-to-overcome-lingering-pain-of-last-years-83point-preliminary-final-defeat-to-melbourne/news-story/9fdd557b12b3fbed77dafcf16ed5a9e9
  5. I’m glad Cripps won it over Neale. There’s no way Neale is as good as everyone says he is. He was pulling votes in almost every Brisbane game where he had no right to (rnd 23 in particular). Neale has a real nice guy attitude which is why I think the umps love him so much. Honestly can’t fathom how Miocek got 3 votes against us. I thought Cox maybe, but that was just bizarre. This happens year on year with the umpires. We really need to peg down the Brownlow to a middle tier award but the whole ceremony and red carpet just inflates the importance of it.
  6. If he loses by a vote this game will be heavily discussed. Mihocek had just an average forward game.
  7. How did Scott get 1 vote against us in round 10?
  8. Watching this game just makes me realise how last week everything just went perfectly for the Lions. They had an unbelievably lucky night and barely made a mistake.
  9. Tmac has re-injured his foot. Wrap him in cotton wool and let’s hope he can still get a full pre-season in.
  10. I took two things out of that: 1. The players were cooked and barely got a break between 2021 and 2022. 2. The players are expecting a new game plan from Goody and the coaches.
  11. I don't think I've seen it in this thread, but I wonder how much did the Entrecôte incident effect the rest of our year? There's no denying that there is some fractures amongst the playing group, so I wonder if this was put to bed in round 12 or if it did simmer away in the background.
  12. Would love to hear Goodwin or someone in the FD actually articulate the reason. All I’ve heard is some vague “bit of everything” answer.
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