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  1. News Corp had no issues naming him. https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/afl/melbourne-demons-coach-simon-goodwin-becomes-third-afl-coach-to-split-from-wife-ng-b881765479z It’s sad for him and his family, but from a pure footy sense, let’s hope this doesn’t distract him from the huge job he has in 2021.
  2. Sounds like Voss will take over and Roos might be involved as a consultant. I’d be filthy if Roos agreed to be head coach. He left us after only 3 years with an emotionless robot who’s undoing all of his previous good work.
  3. Given it was 2pm on a Sunday afternoon I'd doubt it'd be alcohol or drug related though.
  4. Facebook supporter groups are generally filled with nuffies, and this just makes me annoyed and saddened by what Harley’s Mum has been reading about people throwing stones at her son. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-harley-bennell-melbourne-heavily-intoxicated-in-hospital-mum-facebook-comments-demons-latest-news/news-story/d5f3b44ffb46b45c1b36095840b7a0eb?fbclid=IwAR1l2cr2g7GI44-AaYPxmoYksMRFaFVWbvSZsuDxAULcSCeZXRDzzCgefZM
  5. Can’t we just have an awards night without Dusty? Not a forward pocket at all, undeserved selection once again.
  6. And the year after that we finished 17th and then the year after that we finished 9th... Not sure how that logic works...
  7. I just watched Goodwin's speech before announcing the top 5. I'm left with anything but inspiration. I really wish he had a bit more charisma about him and could do a bit more off the cuff rather than just reading off his piece of paper word for word.
  8. When I saw that injury following the tackle from Dasiy Thomas, I had a feeling it was going to be a long road back for Jack. He'd never dealt with a long term injury, and judging how he recovered from his hamstring in 2017 (which was the harbinger of his demise at the MFC) I questioned whether he had the commitment to get himself 100% right again. I'll cherish my memories of him in the red & blue. Such a frustrating player, but when he played his role and performed well, it was hard to find a Melbourne person who wasn't pleased for him considering what he had gone through. I really t
  9. I’d love for this to happen but I can’t see North letting go of Ben Brown and wanting Tmac when Tmac is substantially worse. I think someone like Gold Coast might be interested in Tmac. Someone to help King given that Sam Day isn’t always reliable.
  10. We’d be extremely lucky to get pick 31 for Tmac. At least Watts had currency and he had foot skills other clubs wanted. Tmac would probably go for a late 3rd or 4th round pick right about now .
  11. Geez yeah I forgot about Harmes. Has there been a bigger fall from grace for Harmes and Tmac since 2018? Genuine top 5 players and now they’ve just fringe players who can’t even crack the top 20.
  12. He did have a few brilliant games. He was BoG against Eagles, was very good against the Saints, and probably a few others I’m forgetting. He has his limitations but he clearly always follows the coaches direction.
  13. A bit surprised how high Brayshaw polled. Thought he wouldn’t have been in the top 10. For $800k a year, Lever that far down the list isn’t really acceptable at all. He needs to be top 5-7 next year.
  14. There’s a lot of people hard done by Covid in 2020, but the Dees really got a [censored] hand. 1) A 17 game fixture robbing us of any advantage of finishing 17th last year by playing some of the bottom sides twice. 2) The team travelled the most out of any team and also had to put up with some ridiculous same day travel challenges. 3) The second Covid wave in Victoria further disadvantaging any Victorian team robbing them of any MCG/Marvel games 4) The late notice Essendon bye leaving Melbourne and Essendon with the longest streak without a break.
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