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  1. Goody never makes too many changes, but there’s no way Jackson can keep his spot. He has been so ineffectual lately it’s not funny. I think it’ll be Out: Jackson, Jordan In: Weideman, Sparrow.
  2. You do realise he was accountable for Bont for that stoppage in the last qtr where he gave him a paddock of space to let him kick that goal? He was also then on Bont at the centre bounce where he got sucked into the contest and let him on the outside which resulted in another goal. Viney’s second half was better, but his two consecutive mistakes killed the game for us. He is the epitome of see ball get ball. Goodwin needs to shift him out of the middle ASAP before it’s too late.
  3. Two of Viney’s loose checking in the last qtr changed the margin from 4pts to 16pts. He showed the opposite of leadership when the game was in the balance. Also had a very quiet first half. Surprised anyone has him in their votes.
  4. I called it earlier this morning in Gameday thread that Bevo would outsmart us. They certainly had our measure on clearances and Gawn’s dominance was null and void. Viney had a better game, but he was on Bont when he kicked that goal in the last (gave him a whole heap of space and didn’t even look to put his hand up on the mistake). He was then again on Bont again who got clear in the centre clearance after Viney got sucked into the contest. It was [censored] leadership and I hope the coaches make mention of it to him. Dogs free kick imbalance was ridiculous and it’s been like that all year. Gawn should have approached them at half time.
  5. I’ve been a BB supporter, but If he can’t nail his set shots he is of no use to us. Might as well replace with Weid at least he crashes the pack better
  6. The Dogs have also beaten top sides (Brisbane, Port) and lost to Geelong by a kick after the siren in Geelong. They are a predictable side, we are not. The fact that we haven’t lost to a top 8 side yet this year is very commendable, but until we start winning the games we’re expected to win, we won’t be taken seriously. If we win tonight, we then need to win our next 3 against two bottom 8 sides and a struggling Eagles side. There’s no excuse not to.
  7. At least the Dogs haven’t had shock losses to bottom 4 teams which makes their supporters shake their head in frustration. I think we’ll lose tonight but then have some come to Jesus moment amongst the playing group and win the next 3.
  8. Hate to be a wet blanket but I reckon we’ll lose tonight. Beveridge and his coaches will outsmart us this second time around.
  9. Honestly perfect for us so we can bounce back and beat them again.
  10. He gets very little to no momentum with his kicks. They pretty much always drop short. I'm not sure how fixable his kicking is.
  11. Too many here with rose coloured glasses on. He has been a liability the last 4 weeks only plays well now as a tagger. I'm not sure if we should go all the way and trade him, but he's certainly not deserved of his spot at the moment. You just can't carry a player like that who turns the ball over like clock-work.
  12. Need some big changes: In: Weid, Harmes Out: Jackson, Viney, Jackson just isn’t having the same effect anymore. Viney is a liability.
  13. I’m really worried about Viney’s inclusion. Since returning, our midfield has been beaten 3 of the last 4 games. Our win against Port came when he had a clear role in tagging Wines. He offers us nothing. His tackles aren’t getting rewarded and his kicking is a weapon against us.
  14. Only one who could possibly go is AnB. His fumbling was horrendous but he was a bit better in the second half.
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