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  1. Agree. I’d actually have Sydney as our toughest and best opposition we’ve played this year. It was great to come away with the win and was a great contest. The amount of people disrespecting Sydney and belittling them, particularly over Facebook, is absurd.
  2. Harmes for Sparrow. Unfortunately for Harmes he’s a liability. He mad some atrocious errors at some pivotal times in the game and how he was rewarded ahead of Sparrow is beyond me. I’d rather Jones out there, he offers more and his form has overwhelming been better. I understand it won’t happen, but that’s what I’d like to see.
  3. I read a lot of Demonology during the early 2000s - approx 2008 as it was one of the only footy forums I could access on my school computers. Yze_Magic and Range Rover were my favourites, from memory there was also a ‘Hightower’ too, unless that was on here? I had no idea about the coup business, that’s unbelievable, it sounds farcical at best! I’m somewhat disappointed I missed out on that.
  4. Great read and thanks for the report. For those that attended, did ANB play in the blue team? I’m glad to hear Spargo had continued his form of last year too. He did some nice things last year and was unfairly in and out of the team at times. Seems he isn’t one of Goodwin’s favourites. On the other side though is Harmes. Disappointing to hear he looked a mile off. If he has another year like last he could very quickly become surplus to our needs, with a lot of like-for-like players.
  5. The Match Centre back in those days was pretty cool, albeit clunky. I remember being a young 12 year-old and I was amazed by the graphic which showed a 'dot' for a player which would link up with a second 'dot/player' and showed the movement of the ball on the ground. Good times.

    Mr Jones

    I think his inability to hit a target ('teammate') is a bigger concern. His performance has always been overinflated due to how terrible we've been. Now that he has somewhat decent players around and a couple of midfield jets, in Oliver and Brayshaw, his true skill and worth is merely viewable. Genuinely have similar thoughts on Viney. He's a terrible user of the ball and seems to lack many footy smarts. If he wasn't blessed with the surname he is, I doubt many supporters would have the love and devotion to him that we currently see.
  7. It will, but I wish this team were at a stage where the ins and outs of the opposition wasn't an issue; winning was an expectation regardless.
  8. I can definitely see where you're coming from. Two years ago if we had have spoken of his potential departure, I wouldn't have been too fussed at all. He wasn't at all damaging coming out of the backline and some of his field kicking was astonishing. Funny how a positional change can make all the difference, ey?
  9. I never thought I'd say this, but Hunt is close to one of our biggest liabilities when he's in the side (from a skill perspective). Anaerobically, he has what it takes and his speed is something that all clubs would love to have; the same can't be said for his skills. In my opinion, he's at a cross-road. Fortunately, skill acquisition is something that can be worked on, but I wouldn't be suprised if he doesn't form a part of our side moving forward. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he can get himself back, I openly have egg on my face in regards to Harmes because going back 12 months, I openly was critical of him and doubted if he had a place in our best 22.
  10. Absolutely it is. I’ll cop crap for this no doubt, but from what I’ve heard there’s actual three to four different injuries in the foot itself. Essentially, the foot is rooted.
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