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  1. Got it right the second time around didn’t we!
  2. Geez this has been a trash performance by Casey after quarter time. Smacked in every area of the game
  3. Anyone remember how bad the commentary was for our round 3 clash with GWS? That game stands out so clearly for me. I’ll never forget when Kelli Underwood said “and that’s why they call him slick fritch.” Stuck in my head so long that I’ve realised she’s actually a genius ?
  4. We need a top 5 for worst commentators. Honestly that could easily be stretched to top 10
  5. Did anyone catch the fox footy pre game where David king said alir alir would know Ben brown really well (mistaking him for Majak), and then doubled down and said it again after the ad break? Cringe
  6. Can’t remember the second half, but he definitely started the first two quarters in the middle like he normally does. He only ever does it on the very first bounce of each quarter though
  7. Where did you find out that’s what happened to Mitch Brown? I’ve found it frustrating to get info on it! He came off at quarter time last week and didn’t play this week, but they didn’t mention him at all in our injury list. Surely they could of mentioned he was a “test”.
  8. BBB had a shot stopped right at the line. #BROWNWATCH (only listening, im not actually there)
  9. We are 2 games clear of non top 4, and you admit we are likely to win another 4. Leaving out doggies, it means each of Cats, port and lions winning at least 6/8 games and jump us on %, or 7/8 games with us losing all 4 of the games you mentioned. While I understand those teams are great and have a relatively soft draw left over, statistically it is likely that they will drop at least one of those games each, or that we will win one of the four games you believe we will lose. Obviously it could be very Melbourne to drop one of the games you believe we will win, but the odds of all of that happening are very low, as demonstrated by our odds of staying top 4 are $1.08 on Sportsbet. the stats aren’t with you, it’s your longstanding disbelief in the dees that makes your mind up for you.
  10. I hope at some point you truly do put some faith in the Dees mate.
  11. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/06/30/west-coast-great-predicts-how-the-top-eight-will-finish-come-seasons-end/ Going with the OP, Peter Sumich doesn’t even think Melbourne will finish top 4! I can definitely understand why people think doggies will finish on top, but surely not rating us a likely top 4 spot is pushing it. (Touch wood)
  12. Kane Cornes is very clever in his role at sparking up debate and conversation through each week. I doubt he truly believes most of the things he comes up with. Hard to hate him when you look closely at what his actual role in the media is, and how well he knows his audience and what will rile them up.
  13. Surely if he went down first quarter and didn’t come back you’d think something is wrong with M. Brown’s heel. Weird they wouldn’t at least just mention it and say he’s ok, but hopefully it just means he’s fine for this weekend!
  14. Has Mitch Brown gone down injured? Haven’t seen him at all since his missed set shot in the first quarter
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