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  1. Surely we would want to play Freo twice to try and maximise holding their 1st and 2nd rd picks.
  2. I have no idea but really like the upside of Ed Allan for our first pick
  3. Let’s send Goodwin to Essendon. They said they want an experienced coach and promote Yze as our head coach. how can we make this happen?
  4. Feeling nervous, just want the boys to get it done
  5. I would like to continue giving players a block of games to build confidence in our systems in case they are forced inclusions in September. I would bring Lever and Viney back and manage 2 players who have niggles. In: Viney and Lever Out: May and Harmes (both managed)
  6. Preuss has been offered a one week ban by the MRP
  7. I think Smith will surprise this year. Whilst I also prefer him forward he will have a permanent spot in the back 7 all year.
  8. I’ve bought 3 and can’t wait to give 2 to family members for Christmas. Thanks so much Webber
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