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  1. On the way to the SCG with a quick stop for some KFC. Winning
  2. Had a great night at the footy with my 9 year old and one of his friends. My first live game of the year and now looking forward to going again for Queens birthday. The crowd was great with respectful banter with the nearby Brisbane supporters. I really liked Rivers and Perry’s game down back. Rivers covers a lot of territory and has some great burst moments which puts the opposition under a lot of pressure. Petty was strong and defended well when we were under the pump. May and Lever did some nice things but also had some poor moments. My sons favourite player is
  3. All sorted. Let’s hope for a great game with a Dees win by plenty
  4. We have seats on the boundary so I am hoping for no rain tonight!
  5. Living in Sydney, I will going with my 9 year old.
  6. Congratulations JJ. Hope he becomes a future club champion and Premiership player.
  7. Outstanding win and a statement to the competition. We are back
  8. He will pop up in the 4th with a couple of junk time goals
  9. Quietly confident tonight that the Dees will make a statement
  10. Kozzie Gawn Hunt Langdon Viney Salem
  11. Bowery did some really nice things and looks ready to go. Liked Laurie balance of offensive and defensive acts
  12. My view will never change. He must go soon or our club will not exist.
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