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  1. “Don’t talk to anyone, don’t touch anything, don’t do anything, don’t interact with anyone, and try not to look at anything.” - Dr. Emmet Brown, ‘Back To The Future’.
  2. She was still doing that about 2 hours later and going strong @ the London Tavern aftermath party. She's a real knock about gal & a very good sport to boot
  3. G'day Sam. Yep Bally, Ross, Ollie & Vince from Sassafras! A few others whose names escape me. Often half drunk pre-match coming from the Hilton or the Royal before the game had even started....with a six pack under the wing for good measure. Liver, feet & lungs sure got a workout in those days. Fun times apart from too many bad losses. But any feelings were mostly well & truly numbed by half time and completely brain dead at the final siren 😄
  4. You made it OD!?? ....very glad to hear this
  5. Who would've thought ... "Demon premiership sees a resurgence in DVD player sales!"
  6. Ordered the Blu Ray DVD on the night and still waiting ....
  7. Maxy has entered the building... War Office due home shortly 😖
  8. Ah yes...maybe we bring Eddie along. Give the kids something to throw the cold Pies at!??
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