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  1. Agreed i can't stand all that hype rubbish. Just get out there and play white line fever (like Demons) every game. That's all that matters from that point and it shouldn't need constant pre-match re-emphasise via corporate branding / vids etc. Very cringeworthy.
  2. Lack of run and very disappointing skills. Fumbled and bumbled all night and for a team that is lauded for its run & carry via slick handball prior to the match, along with dominating hard ball gets, this aspect seemed to dry up pretty badly in this one. You would think the commentators were getting mixed up and referring to Brissy as they were the ones bringing the run and and much slicker game that connected well. They were also the ones picking up most of the loose ball stuff and easily matched or bettered us with the contested hard ball side. We stopped hand balling / running and mostly just kept bombing down the line. Occasional switch across HB but very little changing of angles when coming through the corridor & forward. Whereas Brissy did very well in this regard i thought. A number of times we had two to three loose players in the middle but they were ignored and instead we mostly punted down the line to a congested cotest and much of the time over the heads of our girls up forward who were mostly pushed under the ball by clever play from their Brissy defenders, who then took the easy uncontested mark out the back. Starting to appear like no Paxy, no Demons (against the best clubs anyway)? Don't think you can play all three talls of Zank, Bannan and Taylor up forward either. Probably would have asked Bannan to cover their big forward (Davidson?) after quarter/half time. She was in pretty good form and Bannon played her early career in this role from memory.
  3. I particularly liked this part from that same.article... ..."I've been fortunate enough to captain Stingrays and Vic Country this year, so it stems from a young age but it's more about being selfless."
  4. Only going by what i've read / listened to Colm. Most are saying these four will be likely gone. You could be correct though of course and if so that would be a decent result. If that is the case i'd also be pretty chuffed if we picked up DeMattia with 11 as well. The guy has some wheels and a pretty decent left foot on him. We need some speed on the outside and a raking left foot wouldn't do any harm either coming inside 50.
  5. Missing the point. For our needs many have said Sanders is possibly the best fit for us, and some are saying Caddy next up if we can't get hold of Sanders. The other is of course McKercher sitting alongside Sanders (only my view). My preference is Sanders by a fair margin and following that i'd go Caddy. You obviously won't agree and will say (using our current hand without any changes) Curtin/Leake etc. Others will agree with you. All good. The problem with our present hand of 6 & 11 (from my amature keyboard seat) is that it probably won't get us either of those first two. I'd rather have one of them (Sanders all day every day) than none of them and have to settle for somewhat less attractive prospects with our current hand (only my view) such as Leake. If we are willing to trade up to get one (in this case Sanders if we got pick 3), and North were willing, why wouldn't we? Sanders/McKerchen are a bit away from Reid sure, but then there's a gap between those three and the next 8 or so. Then a fair gap between those 11 (or so) and many of the rest bar Demattia who i believe seems a bit under rated in many if the so called expert rankings. P.S. im hapoy to cop any heat on Sanders, Caddy & DeMattia also. Many on here scoffed at me (and Ollie, although he was into and out of alot of options at times lol) when i was pushing hard to use a higher pick for Kozzy in the 2019 draft as well. He was sitting at around 30 odd in the rankings at the time and many thought my suggestion was crazy.
  6. Is it worth trading 6 & 11 for P3 from North to ensure we get Sanders or Caddy? Otherwise there's a good chance we don't get either. My preference is Sanders from a needs perspective. My view means nothing of course but i feel he's the best target for us if available (behind Reid). That's if they would of course. The only reason they probably would is to accommodate a trade for 1 with WC.
  7. Would rather get Sanders (will be gone unfortunately) or Caddy over Leake.
  8. I got all of them in 5 minutes but i was waylaid and couldn't post all my triumphs. Just so youse all know i got them all i'll give you a brief extract so you know i'm ridgy didge on this... 44. 5.0. in Waikiki Haha and as i type that Curtin FM in Perth plays Hawaii 5.0. theme song ...what the!
  9. Thanks Luc. But is there a Kindle version as i will need to have it on constant playback for even 10% to stick!??
  10. Hopefully not this morning pls WC... after about 5 scotches at 2am any brain off will be an auto default win to you! Regardess, you'd probably win anyway. Not exactly Quick Draw McGraw here.
  11. One of the occasional highlights of World Championship Wrestling on a Sunday Red if my memory serves me correct. Hosted by none other than Jack Little!
  12. Ok so for WCW coz she a bit slow.... GYG's throw away line at the end of their cringeworthy ads is "Love ya". Sort of another way of saying "love ya for spending your hard earned on our Nachos menu 10 different ways" or in short... "Thanks suckers!"
  13. You don't think you're over estimating the talent and quality of this draft prospect somewhat NC? 🤭
  14. Yes there's no reason why talent can't be found outside horse. Angus Hastie one example of someone who shows a bit.
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