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  1. Look away if you don't wanna watch Mr Smug
  2. Back to the Future... Hawks 0-5 for first time since 1970
  3. Sam Collins having a big game
  4. Kayo is killing me tonight. So laggy. Unwatchable. Been forced to watch the poo & wee game.
  5. Witts reminds me a little of a young Preuss
  6. Wouldn't hurt trialling him there at Casey at some point. Great hands, reads the play nicely. Reasonably quick off the mark for his size & pretty agile.
  7. I'm not sure he was moved forward permanently at any point. Looked more like he was playing a kick behind the ball and once the ball looked like staying inside 50 for a bit he was pushing up to try and provide an extra and try and impact there as well.
  8. Yes he was in their best. Great game too.
  9. Forgot to mention Keayes Outstanding game.
  10. That's the best comeback win ive seen since we beat the Lions last year with Melky's winning mark & goal Some young stars shone out there tonight. Berry's last 15 minutes... oh boy! Rankin wow
  11. Or... they might both end up being VG players
  12. Freeman hard & tough all day, great tackle there.
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