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  1. Need to experiment with Petty & Schache early in the pre-season games and first half dozen for points. See which set up works. We need another serious tall not medium talls which leaves Smith (@ only 191cm) in no-mans-land other than as a back up for Turner and/or Schache (in defense) IMV. Personally there is really no available role for Smith if Turner & Schache come into the season fit and firing IMHO. Will the above trials (mostly Petty forward) happen under Goodwin's watch? Who knows, but gut feel says highly unlikely.
  2. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2022/10/19/can-petty-become-the-real-deal-as-a-forward-melbournes-burning-questions-for/
  3. Could rotate/trial him and Petty forward/back and see who gets the chocolates. Assuming he remains in the seniors of course.
  4. Turner can cover off Petty's TRIAL move forward. It's worth finding out what he might bring to the table in this position especially early in the season if Macca doesn't make it back for quite some time (or maybe at all). BB solo up forward won't cut it.
  5. If we could somehow land Whitfield & Geogiades. I havent heard of us being in the hunt for any of these reasonable prospects though. What makes you think they're in play (for us) BRR?
  6. You pretty much answered your own question CB. Also we still don't know 100% that Grundy is fully cleared of his injury woes. The FD said they did a full check but im not convinced as we are dealing with a very shonky shadey club. Mind you most of them are but some more than others IMV.
  7. Agree...the Weid trade should be dependent on this. Weideman can also play as a defender and part time ruck if the Grundy trade flops which i seriously hope it does. Allows Petty to go forward which is a must if we're to improve our forward woes in 2023 IMV. Otherwise we're betting a little too much on a suspect Macca returning to decent form and a brand new rookie in JVR. I would go with the above anyway and throw the picks at other much needed/more valuable talent to fill a mid/HB role and a KTF. The club should just call off the Grundy trade if they won't take 27. Not worth anything more than that regardless. Will be seriously [censored] off if we cave on this one.
  8. 100% agreed. Would not bother unless / until the AFL ringmasters decide to alter the ridiculously short contract term to around 4 seasons minimum and/or sufficient minimum standards/points/$$/player swaps introduced as compensation. Will that ever happen? Who knows. The AFL circus continues unchecked.
  9. Don't tell me we're gonna roll over to this mob for pick 13 and whatever for a questionablly fit/capable lumbering ruckman?? If so SG & the FD have seriously lost the plot.
  10. Poor outcome. Rolled over on this and be lucky if we get a pick at 15 or so once the academy picks play out. Just hope we don't cave on the Grundy trade as well and end up giving them pick 13. Shouldve been two 1sts or no deal...send to the PSD! Very poor results so far at the trade table. Have lost speed and skills / finess (Hunt / Bedford) which is exactly what we need more of (Hunt borderline but still cant afford to lose speed across HB... who's his replacement?) in 2023 for a lumbering Ruckman who may or may not be capable of bringing his best from a few seasons back. Even if he does get back to somewhere near his best we have not really gained anything with the loss of Jackson in 2023 for not much immediate return. Neautral outcome in this area at best. The only real potential shining light at this point is the entre' of JVR but can't expect miracles from the youngster in his first season. Expect we might just scrape into the eight in 2023 but that's about it. Plenty of teams going past us now (list wise). This is what happens when you don't utilise your list throughout the year and find out who's up for the challenge and who isn't (at senior level). 2021 a great year for SG & the FD 2022 Great start / first half but poor finish and list poorly managed in general by SG & the FD IMV. Also some of the boys (including leaders/more senior blokes) talked too much talk and didn't walk the walk in the back half. Complacency set in a little IMO.
  11. As you so often say OD, nothing has taken place even with successive boards promising they will follow this through. In the end you need an appropriate space which will take a complete change of thinking from this board or a future one if this one doesn't come to its senses. Following on from there, local council/state Govt baking plus State Govt $$. It seems we are still years and maybe a decade away or more from any of this coming to fruition. I also think this plays in to some of our recruitment issues and attracting some of the top players (maybe not massive issue but it all adds up). When they come and tour facilities where are we telling them our home is and what are we showing them? Facilities at AAMI / Gosches then tracking them an hour away out to the blowey hole that is Casey? Must feel a bit disjointed vs some of the other set ups surely.
  12. They're a death trap for the uninitiated IMV. Some of the pot holes ...wow! Casey is better than nothing but i wouldn't say a lot better. It's a massive blow hole as well. Very difficult place to learn skills on i would reckon. Reminds me a bit of willy at times when it blows a gale (which is alot of the time!).
  13. JVR & Turner the only two certainties for mine in terms of getting a handfull of games or more (barring injury). Chandler will get a look in at some stage and is actually one of the more likely ins for sure. Just not convinced that will turn in to a level of output that will ensure he can hold down a role and keep other smalls out returning from injury or a 'managed' situation etc. Needs a decent block of games though and reckon he just might show he has turned the corner here in 2023. Woe possibly vying for this role as well in 2024 so would want to get a wriggle on. Laurie a maybe but would have held on to Bedford before him, who i thought was a class above. Howes had too many interruptions to get a serious gauge on this season but showed patches of very nice form. Should benefit from another pre-season and a few extra kilos, tank, experience & learnings at VFL level before being asked to take the step up. Super young and not sure i would be rushing him in until he's super primed & 100% ready in all aspects. Woe similar to Howes. Looks great in patches but needs to build up some strength with another pre-season to stay over the ball & offer repeat efforts etc. I wasn't as impressed as some here with his 2022 season but certainly worth persevering with for another season and see where he can get to. Moniz needs another pre-season or two IMV but if he gets super serious about his footy, maybe working on his left side as well at times, then who knows. A real natural who shows glimpses of brilliance (VFL level) but will need more consistency. 2024 a possible breakthrough year for a seniors debut?
  14. Was obviously never truly committed in either mind, body or spirit after he had checked out to heading back home (probably from very early on). I saw moments in games where i just shook my head that he was still out there taking up a spot that someone else would have thrown everything in on at certain contests (pulling out of marking contests, not wanting to be crunched in tackles and instead handballing to a player well covered or about to be wacked himself...turnover at HB... goal on turnover, 12 point turnaround....game lost) and at least given a yelp. Situation very poorly managed by Goodwin who should have sat him down about the half way mark after about Rnd 12, eyeballed him and assuming he wasn't continuing, just blooded or played any alternative (M Brown, Weid and/or JVR) from Casey. Goodwin's mantra of us being ruthless did not hold sway, even by his own actions or lack thereof here, and the team/club paid a massive price with Jackson contributing to a very ordinary second half and the club going out in straight sets after securing the double chance. And to the Lions of all teams. One of the worst clubs to make a finals series in recent memory.
  15. I have it on good authority that on top of the medical he was asked to answer a multiple choice question. I'm pleased to inform D'landers that my sauce (whose identity i am unfortunately not at liberty to reveal) gave me exclusive access to the question asked which i present for your reading pleasure below... ...."You are playing a KF role starting deep in the goal square. However, Big Maxy has decided to push forward and drop into the hole at the top of the square. You recognise the situation (ie; too many talls/opponents). You are also under instruction to make space for Max to be able to either make a short lead or if he has a mis-match, for him to stay home in the square for a relatively easy contested 1 v 1 mark from a dumped bomb out of the middle. Do you"... A) Lead hard to the left pocket/flank (along with 1 or 2 others, including Max!) knowing you have about a 1 in 5 chance of converting should you out mark a pack of 5 to 7 players? B) Lead straight up the guts drawing your opponent to about 30 meters, feign as if doubling back but instead push off your opponent putting in a hard but short lead for a hit up option knowing you have a very high likelihood of converting from about 45 out either directly in front or on a slight angle? C) Lead hard to the right pocket/flank (along with 1 or 2 others, including Max!) knowing you have about a 1 in 5 chance of converting should you out mark a pack of 5 to 7 players? Apparently he chose the only correct options (A & C) and they are finalising the trade papers as we speak.
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