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  1. Reckon I'll need an industrial steam press version WCW
  2. It has the Mark Knight Premiership Demon on the front....outstanding! Ok so it's made in Nicaragua. Possibly a smidgen up on China. But overall yeh about 6/10 in terms of protection probably. 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester. For me it's the pride of wearing it about & getting a spare just for going to games so it lasts. Plus I'll be throwing that super versatile jacket over the top down there so i'll be well protected in the depths of winter no probs. The only trouble is they'll both have hoodies but the jacket one is removable.
  3. I know they're a dime a dozen but i have plenty of the standard Mark Knight posters in mint condition if you don't have any success and want to laminate BA
  4. That wouldn't take much but i think you could be right 😀 First bit of gear from MFC and ordered after the initial mega order on the night...
  5. Very nice SN. Possibly the best drop of red ever
  6. And as i wrote that!!... 😅 ...."Your parcel from 'Melbourne ...' is coming today. If nobody's home, we'll look for a safe place to leave it. Tracking: https://myp#%@%@%!%@ That's not the tracking link either... too risky to post it on here or click on it...could be a trojan ..phone cactus 😄
  7. Might be time for a name change. Australia Random Post! Australia Occasional Post! Australia (where's my parcel?) Post, Australia Part Time Post....???
  8. Thought i'd dabble in some of the stock english ale at Dans OD to see if i could find a gem from about 6 random lagers. Unfortunately bought one of these in the mix. Never again! It also gave me a headache...similar to Furphys! Entire batch was cat pee. Could not find one brew amongst the 6 that tasted anything like a classic English ale (from tap over there) Anyone know of one out here!??
  9. Speaking of this ...any further info from Club land / Kate re the post GF family day!?? Surely if we can put 10,000 VRC/Corporate Sponsor elites into a betting ring swilling chardys and scoffing down oysters we can get a few ppl at the G outdoors for a gathering sculling down Furphys while we fly our vintage pre premiership flags about!?? (ty Aussie Post!) And ...if we have to please Dan and his betting state to get this one away, maybe we can set up our own betting action for the day with 10% going in to the state's coffers! You know important things like "who comes on stage first, which player was the first to barf in the cup post match, how long after the match was it before Uncle unlocked the maid's hand cuffs!?" etc etc
  10. The shipping is slowly happening Gazza but Aussie Post end has collapsed. Was told the hoody i ordered 10 days ago was shipped...still nada to date
  11. Ha yep even lemon juice would come out tasting sweet from this i reckon
  12. His come back match in the McGoos late in 2018 was something to behold. He went out to impact and hurt that day and he/the team never looked back in 2018. I believe he laid something like 15 Tackles in that comeback match!!? Well ok... we hit a brick wall in the PF but anyway. Was the best we'd seen in a long time and helped set the tone for the level of commitment required to get to the top. Could have left earlier to pursue NSW interests but stuck at it like a true pro and gave his all every time he pulled on the Red & Blue. Part of the winning culture that got us to where we are now. Well done Mr Vanders and ty for all your sweat & toil over the years.
  13. Another day in PPN (Post Premiership Nirvana) folks. How sweet it is!
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