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  1. I wasn’t all that interested in Maynard until Mondays game but he Pendleton and De Basher were the difference between us and them. Doubt that we can get him but I wouldn’t be against bringing him in.!!!!!
  2. Well still no movement on the 50,000 mark I guess the lockdown and our games against Crows and Pies have probably cost us a couple of thousand members. 😢😪
  3. As long as we do everything in our power to keep him fly the kids over, etc get the boys around him, show him some extra love, get the Demon army behind him, overseas holidays with the kids, ha ha. Whatever….!!!🙏
  4. Thanks Dazzle but where has this information been shown, still makes no sense to me, how do you find real match fitness coming back from injury with three enforced byes in a row, it’s Time the AFL hired some realists among their ranks. By the time Casey play again people will have lost interest.
  5. I love what you did there play Clarry in two spots, that probably gives Sparrow a spot on the bench.👍
  6. It is hard to walk away from a winning culture where you are held in high esteem and you have the Ultimate Reward within your reach. Our club has matured and we are well lead on and off the field, I believe that Luke Jackson is a stayer in every sense of the word. another top game Big Dog…!!!!!
  7. We love Friday night games provides a spring in the step and a bit of positive reinforcement that we are on our merry way, other games are less important. Whereas a loss caused anguish loss of self belief and causes you to barrack against all top eight sides and enjoy their losses. I try to tell myself it’s just a GAME but we all know better…!!!!!!
  8. Also very happy with 11- 2 start, it has been a bit surreal to actually expect to win each week and a much bigger let down when we lose. Given what the team have delivered I am expecting a 7 - 2 or at least a 6 - 3 run home. We just need to sort out our forward line, that is the key to finishing top four.
  9. Terrible game to watch, we lacked intensity and belief, I have nothing against the Weid but if you saw all the Pie big men they all contributed and tried their guts out. In all honesty could BBB play a worse game than the performance put in by Weid, I doubt it. We also have Mitch and Majak who would be more reliable and energetic . We now have nine weeks to sort this out. Come on Coaches get your thinking caps on you need to sort this well before finals. I don’t like to bag players but we can’t keep playing a man short.
  10. I am with you Titan. Very hard after those six.
  11. We fell for the old coaches last game “spell”, so disappointed with our effort today. What about trying to man up one on one footy, they made us play dumb footy.!!!!
  12. I know that we are a much better team than the pies and we should smash them out of the park but this little voice keeps popping into my head and filling me with dread. Come on you mighty Demons please put my fears to rest, be the hunters, kick straight and show them all that we are the Best. Go DEES….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Happy with the change nothing against Milkshake mind you but Tom Sparrow deserves a run at it, he is a great kid and belongs at this level. Also confident the BBB will force his way into the side later in the season when his body is right. go Dees.!!!!!
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