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  1. Well said TC I couldn't agree more Picket that Report was scintillating and precise.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. To be brutally honest I cannot think of 32 Players that are better than Clarry, Clayton Oliver please make Robbo eat his words.!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well done Max thanks for showing the faith, a true Champion and great Captain for the mighty Dee's, a Dee for Life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks LH for the quick update still a few to lock in but much improved.
  5. Well done Jake showing your leadership skills when it is needed most, hopefully will encourage a couple of our young and upcoming stars to follow suit, we need you all on board and focused for our next Premiership run. Thanks Jake.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. We burnt a lot of Journo's in the last two years so they have gone off us just when they should have got on us, in my humble opinion, if this doesn't rankle our players I will be surprised lots for the coaches to use. Still tipping top 4 finish.
  7. Kye brings flexibility and depth, we now have the talls and shorts pretty well covered, his marking and kicking look up to scratch. Would be nice if it had been posted on the MFC website first..??
  8. Sorry TT I was only referring to those that I have watched in the Red & Blue. Judd was a Gunn.
  9. Thanks Picket for another great training report sounds like everyone is on the same page and relishing the pace and pressure of these new drills.
  10. Ronald Dale Barrasi - The Man, The Champion, The Legend. Best of the Best, congratulations Ron. !!!
  11. That is truly a bitter pill for young Aaron to swallow, how devastated must he feel, he can't take a trick.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. True but he had a bit more silk around him from day 1.😀
  13. I agree with everyone on here Clayton Oliver showed star quality from day one, he just keeps getting better with each game. I have followed the Dee's for 60 odd years and cannot remember a better first 100 games than Clarry. He has another level in him and as we add more quality around him he will show the footy world why we Dee supporters love him so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. That was a great first up game and after reading all the reviews and then watching the replay of the 7 quarters of football I must admit that I liked what I saw, every one chipped in and gave it their all, I was impressed with the way that we kept pegging the Tiges back and made them earn their kicks. We still have a way to go but I am now feeling even more bullish about 2021 with the improvement of our year 2 and year 3 players as they showed more glimpses of what they are capable of, not to mention our year one trio as well. We still kicked to the Tiges advantage to much and they got aw
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