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  1. Great to see that Maysie is feeling the Vibe like the rest of us so many plsyers vying for a spot, love it.🤘👌👍
  2. - Win 18-19 h/a games - Minor Premiers - play all finals on the G - Win 3 Finals = PASS Fail - Runners Up
  3. Thanks dazzle love Mark Williams he brings so much to our club and his interviews provide a glimpse of what is happening at the top. Interesting that he singled JVR, Tom Sparrow and Taj Woewodin out from the pack shows that he really rates them. Probably should have said pointed rather than singled but DS can advise me.
  4. Thanks layzie agree 100%, Kozzie is a must keep. I think I will give this thread a miss now until Mr Pickett re-signs with the mighty Dees.!!!
  5. Kozzie had a pearler against Port in round 18 last year kicking 6.!!!
  6. Thanks Picket Fence, Demonland and all posters great and imaginative report boy I used to hate those Dayleks.!!
  7. Kozzie had a pearler against Port in round 18 last year kicking 6.!!!
  8. Very happy to retain the A team at the helm both are at their peak and have demonstrated their leadership to the highest order in 2021.!!!!
  9. Love Richo gives just enough to hold your interest, they obviously understand where and why we fell down in the finals last year, liked the way he hosed down expectations on JVR whilst pumping him up for future. Maybe someone there reads Demonland.!!
  10. My thoughts are that for us to continue to improve we need Rivers, Bowey, Sparrow and Jordon, to take the next step in their evolution as AFL players and Chandler, JVR, Turner, Howes, Laurie and Woewodin to step up to AFL level. This along with the excellent recruitment of Grundy, Hunter and Schache will provide the necessary refresh to the team to keep us in the hunt for No.14.!!!
  11. Oh yes and of course the Russians.!!!!
  12. What about the Persians, Romans, Ottomans, Angles, Saxons, Scandanavian Hordes, Normans, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Belgians, Spanish, Germans, Japanese and Italians weren’t they a tad self serving.!!!
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