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  1. I followed my dad, he loved Checker Hughes, Norm Smith and the whole Romance of RDB Junior he had a lot of passion for the MFC. My older brother went for the Bombers but I have stayed with the Dees through thick and thin, whereas my dad followed RDB to the Blues and znorth. Unreal Lol.!!
  2. I feel sorry for Brodie Grundy and us as supporters, it was worth a try and had we had a bigger better forward line it may have worked but Max and Brodie were never going to carry the forward line in lieu of BBB, TMac and Harrison Petty. Brodie is just to good to be playing second ruck, I am glad that Sydney picked him up along with the $600k/year contract for his services, so good luck Brodie I wish you good luck and a fond adiue.!!
  3. We’re there any Demonlanders in attendance at the B&F last night.❤️💙
  4. Thanks Kate and Tyla and of course MFC great signings, a time of change for our AFLW team, time to lock in your best and regenerate the side.!!
  5. Mitch Clarke, Jack Billing’s, Hunter, Schache.
  6. That is a great turnout by the Dees players WCW shame it is such a soggy day out today for you all.
  7. Yes Dee Dee as Max said that kick to Fritsch in the 3rd Qtr was the best and most influential in James career.
  8. Top effort Pickett reported with aplomb and humour, the weather conditions down at Casey wouldn’t have been great for you or your terrestrial cohorts as well.
  9. Ha ha the whole process has become totally Random.!!
  10. Received an email from the Club on Wednesday saying it was on the way and also received an email from Australia Post on Tuesday advising parcel had been lodged with tracking details. Arrived Thursday with scarf, Card and stickers, etc. so I am set but no word on my wife’s membership pack?
  11. How is Jed looking to you Hawk, he is the same size as Harrison so he is the right size for KPB, is he showing any signs.?
  12. Congratulations Jake Bowey and MFC well deserved young man.👍
  13. I can’t make the meeting but am hopeful that a few of our regulars can make the forum and provide an update for the rest of us. Not often we get the opportunity to get an insight into the recent changes in personnel and a bit of perspective on FD issues and plans moving into 2024. Looking forward to some positive feedback from participants and the FD, especially McQualter and what he hopes to bring to the club.
  14. JVR is trending so well against the young AFL guns, he draws your eyes to him during a game. Very exciting days ahead, the kid has no fear.!!
  15. Demon3165 Was it our game plan or our inability to implement it, ie, take advantage of all those extra I50’s that we generated but failed to capitalise on, we’re the misses due to fatigue opposition pressure or missing talent.? Bringing in McQualter plus additional quality forwards should smarten up our F50 entries.!
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