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  1. Like the changes, Taj will get his chance he is ready to go.!!
  2. Thanks W_J hopefully we will be in a position to pick up some of this excellent talent this year. I think that we need to clear a few list spots at years end.!!
  3. Goody mentioned during his interview that they trained Tuesday and Thursday and I think loges might be right, away from prying eyes.👀😳
  4. Thanks Kev greatly appreciated great that our AFLW Team is back on the park and training so well. Looks like our AFL Team have gone to ground somewhere other than Gosh’s or Casey Fields. Nothing on the MFC site, hope they are all fit and well for our match against Saints.!!
  5. Thanks LH great to see you on the thread.❤️💙
  6. Ouch George OTO that loss is going to hurt prospects memberships seems to have stalled still better than 2022 figures though.!!
  7. Thanks DD. How good is it to see that Clayton has clawed his way back into the Top 10 clutch players, He’s back.!!!
  8. Thanks DD those numbers are chronically diabolical, our bottom eight registered 1.67 or less. Unless they were all ill those numbers are totally unacceptable and our team rating down from an average of 69.8 to 52.5 explains why we were dominated by a bottom four team. What the hell.!!!!
  9. Fullarton should have played tonight not BBB, that would have allowed Petty to go back and try to curb their attack and he would have provided a chop out for Max.
  10. 6 - Jack Viney tried but overwhelmed 5 - ANB 4 - Kozzie 3 - Max 2 - Salem 1 - Fritsch needs more support Our midfield appear to have gone backwards this year and we really missed Ed Langdon and JVR, Rick was a huge loss early and May was well down. Tracc and Clayton handy but well beaten on the night.
  11. Thanks WJ, it is a great starting point for Kyah and shows that he is mastering the basics of the game, small steps but positive ones.😁
  12. Only 5 points down need someone to kick a goal asap, not looking good for Casey.
  13. Judging from the Stats Bears have 6 of the top 9 players out there, Hunter has only racked up 25 dream team points to 3/4 time quite bizarre if he wants to play AFL again. Quite a few Casey boys standing up.
  14. After viewing the video clip several times I have changed my opinion on our latest Indigenous Guernsey, beautiful story and so well explained by the designer and her young brother KC. It is now my equal favourite.❤️💙
  15. Thanks Demonland Interesting that we travel interstate km’s on par with Sydney and GWS. WCE, Freo, Brissie & GC do the heavy lifting due to distant locations and Bullies, Blues, Bummers and Pies do the least. Sounds Fair.!!
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