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  1. After reading through all comments and watching us play all year, it's obvious that some Demonlander's have great analytical skills and I agree with a lot that has been put out in this thread, we really need Harmes plus another jet rotating through the middle and develop a better blocking and separation strategy so that we can exploit Clayton and Tracc's clearance dominance through the middle. Melksham isn't the answer. AVB for short stints, I want to see more of Sparrow, Jordon, Rivers, Kossie, Baker & Hunt utilised more and no doubt Jackson & Brown helping Weid in the forward line a
  2. Having avidly watched and participated in the voting for Demonland player Of the Year Award all year, the voting reflects a very strong Top 6 and then quite a gap for the 7 - 10 best performers. If we are on the money Jack & Ed will be fighting for 5th spot. But then.!!!!!!
  3. Well the season is over for us, time for the Boys to dust themselves down and reflect on what could have been if we had of been good enough. We are closer now than we were in 2019 but I feel that we are still 4 - 6 players away from being a really good side. It's time now to clear away some of our NQR players and for the recruitment staff to target those missing links that we will need going forward. Like BM mentioned we have found a few potential young guns and Langdon is the star recruit of 2020. Our core group is top class, our back line is now very capable, we have some good forwards but t
  4. I think that Langdon got better as the year progressed and he gained his team mates Trust. What a great result though for his first season at the Dee’s.
  5. Today he kicked the ones that he really needed to kick.!
  6. 6 - Gawn 5 - Tracc 4 - Langdon 3 - Salem 2 - Fritsch 1 - May
  7. We are better with Bayley in the side and if he can get his kicking sorted out he will be around for a long time. He takes a lot of hits but always picks himself up and takes some very strong marks at critical times in a game as well as covering a lot of territory. I like what he brings to our side.
  8. Totally agree DP first thing that I do now is turn down the volume so that I don't get angry and demented from the garbage comments...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Sorry I am late 6 - May 5 - Gawn 4 - Langdon 3 - Tracc 2 - Clayton 1 - Rivers ( what a ripper) Then - Spargo, Baker, Salem, Kossie & Lever - Great team effort.
  10. I am looking forward to watching the Top 8 teams playing three games in 9 days up in the far North to see how they manage the travel and fatigue!! Not happening, what do you mean, it is a fair and level draw isn't it, are you suggesting that the MFC are expendable, get out of here, they would never get away with that, Surellllyyyy NOT..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 6 - Viney 5 - Fritter 4 - Tracc 3 - Rivers 2 - Langdon 1 - Max
  12. It is difficult when everyone had such high expectations for Tracc, the fact that he has reached those lofty expectations is a real credit to Tracc and may they continue for Him, his team mates and all supporters of the Red & Blue. Well done CP5.
  13. Absolutely love these changes but can't help thinking it may be a week to late. Still I have wanted to see some real pace in our side and finally it has been delivered. Now boy's don't let this opportunity slip, get out there and run them off their feet.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 6 - Langdon - despite that kick in. 5 - Max 4 - Clarry 3 - Tomlinson 2 - May 1 - Tracc Our bottom eight were abysmal, play some kids at least they will have a go.
  15. 6 - May 5 - Tracc 4 - Clayton 3 - Langdon 2 - Salem 1 - Rivers
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