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  1. I will be very disappointed if Jayden goes particularly to West Coast, I hope that we can do a decent deal to keep him but will wish him all the best if he decides to go.
  2. If we get Grundy hopefully that resolves one of our greatest issue, in having a good backup ruckman to support Max. However also need a young tall to develop at Casey long term. We desperately need a tall tough forward that can take a contested mark and kick straight to back JVR and Fritsch up and take some pressure off our fwd setup. I would like to see Gus back to half back or wing and bring in an outside mid with more pace and great kicking skills. We also need some pace off the backline to potentially replace Hunt and Hibberd so hopefully a couple of our youngsters step up to the plate such as Chandler/ Bedford/ Bowey/ Laurie/ Woewodin/ Howes/ AMW /Smith, etc. critical needs- Quality backup ruckman plus a young developing ruck. Tall tough talented skilled forward Pacey skilled outside mid.
  3. I like Jack as well he would have been good short term but he will be 31 next month and is only 193cm. I am hoping for a bigger stronger forward to play in tandem with JVR, Fritsch and whoever else is still standing at the Dee’s.!!!
  4. Agree layzie I would love to see some input from Binman, Dazzle or posters that are close to the footy scene to provide a bit of insight to the formal process.
  5. Layzie going on past scenarios I would be gobsmacked if we haven’t already reviewed his medical status prior to meeting with him, particularly if we are in serious discussions with Pies which would appear to be the case. As the old saying goes we aren’t going to spend $3.5m over 5 years on a “pig in a poke”. So to speak.
  6. To those that are in the know there have been a lot of delisting so far are there any that we would be interested in , any diamonds in the rough?
  7. You are right there DD Petty, May and Harmes stepped up big time along with Clayton, unfortunately there was such a big drop off from the rest of our key personal that I am still surprised that we were able to hang in there for so long. Onwards and upwards and thanks again for providing these stats that allow us to keep tabs on the team performance.
  8. Swooper1987 those are interesting stats how many games and percentage did our poor conversion cost us in the long run and I will be amazed if the club does not put more time into goal kicking. Maybe Mark Williams should put more time in with the senior squad rather than focussing solely on the DNA squad. When you take into account our OOF and times we kicked it to their tallest defender or their ruckman we have potential to improve our scoring by a huge amount. Another reason for a strong tough marking forward.
  9. It is going to come down to fitness, injuries to key personnel, the draw and a little bit of luck. Coupled to a tweaking of the game plan, bringing in a couple of new recruits and courage to reward our kids with games when they deserve them. Let’s face it we should always be willing to change up our bottom 6-8 players. We have the talent and should get enough from LJ, etc to cover our weaknesses, no more games based on past actions.
  10. Highs- Winning 10 on the trot to start the year even though we appeared to be running purely on Adrenaline. Getting to see the boys live in Alice and seeing Kozzie light the place up with 6 goals against Port. Our huge wins against Dockers and Lions on their home turf when we were playing for a top 4 spot. As mentioned by Spirit the win against Carlton and that goal by Kozzie. Lows- The three losses in a row and wondering why the wheels had finally fallen off. The second Collingwood loss was such a hard fought and bitter loss. The two finals defeats and trudging back to the car in the muddy MCG car park knowing that our boys had fought valiantly but in the end had run out of legs and that we had lost that superhuman competitive edge. Luke Jackson pulling the pin on our magnificent Football Club and that really hurt more than when Hogan deserted us.
  11. One of the things that has been overlooked by the experts is that Shannon Byrne returned to the Cats after 8 years with us, he knew our game plan intimately. He attended all Training sessions and was the person who passed all the messages and changes to the team during play. If you watch “Sound The Alarm” Goody spoke with him more than anyone else during the Granny. He had a lot of knowledge and in- house intelligence on us.!!!!
  12. Nah he is 19 yo we will give him a couple of seasons to hang our coat tails on.!! He has already shown that he has the potential but feel real good about this kid.!!
  13. Great pickup MadAsHell, I think that JVR will play as our second tall and at 6’4” just need to get him up to 98-100kg and watch out he will be playing in tandem with BB, Fritta and TMac plus hopefully another tall we pickup in the Draft. ps( he is taller than Curnow and Fogarty and is Neita/ Schwartz size) pps( Could go back to release Petty).
  14. Thanks EO, great memories I watched the Prelim and Granny last night absolutely brilliant football just hope that we get to see it live sometime in the future at the Mighty G.
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