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  1. Pies. We didn’t need a poll tell us this.
  2. On Kayo, I seem to get much better resolution (1080p, which is good enough), if I watch a game live. Resolution doesn’t seem great on replays though. Also, to see “real” 4K, you have to sit too close, in my opinion, to your tv, for footy. This is a well respected site I use, related to the topic: eg. For a 65 inch tv, you have to have a viewing distance of less than 2.5 meters, otherwise you can’t even see 4K. But we are talking about “real” 4K here, not streaming. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship
  3. Awful news. Gus you were a gun. Looking for any positive, hopefully we can get a spare list spot & bring in a back up ruck.
  4. Would have liked to get Watson, but happy with the result overall. I’d expect both to be good players.
  5. I’ve forgotten, what picks did we offer to try to move up the first round last year?
  6. We already offered 6 & F1 for 4..
  7. It says in Cal’s Phantom that we have already offered the Hawks 6 and our F1 for 4. Was thinking the same as you, if they say no, offer 6 & 11, and take Watson.
  8. Cal’s Phantom Draft 2023 Melbourne selects ~ 7. Caleb Windsor POS: Midfielder Ht 185cm, Wt 74kg, DOB 9/6/05 From Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro The winger with all the right stuff. If things go a certain way, Windsor comes into contention for the Demons' first pick. The elite runner and midfielder has real pop to his game – and it's the upside that is exciting for recruiters as well. He has speed – he ran 2.92 seconds in the 20-metre sprint – and can shift forward and hit the scoreboard from the wing. Has weapons with his run and carry and an elite pace and endurance mix that brings him into contention early. If not him? The Demons have been in the thick of the action. If Nick Watson gets this far, he is favourite to be picked. Zane Duursma would also be snapped up. Under this scenario the question would be on the Dees grabbing Dan Curtin or letting him pass and also what the Dees would do if West Coast offered their future first-round pick? It seems more likely they will hold their own pick, but they have continued attempts to get up the board, including to Hawthorn's No.4 pick using a future first-round selection. 13. Koltyn Tholstrup POS: Forward/midfielder Ht 186cm, Wt 86kg, DOB 28/6/05 From Subiaco/Western Australia The Demons have shown recent interest in Tholstrup among a number of clubs to do late interviews with the powerful forward. His explosive streak in the front half adds some presence and in the future he will likely go through the midfield more as well. Tholstrup played most of the season with Subiaco's senior side so is ready for the step up at that level and he is prepared for a move away from Western Australia. Tholstrup was invited to attend draft night, showing the early interest in him, but he has chosen to watch from Perth with more family and friends. If not him? The Demons have been active in trying to push up the order so may still move position. Caleb Windsor is a chance to get through to this pick in an alternate draft order, while Connor O'Sullivan and Nate Caddy would also be looked at very closely if they managed to sneak through. Cal Twomey's 2023 Phantom Draft: Top 30, late picks, whispers
  9. Hoping he has some info that we are involved in a trade or two, especially at “6”.
  10. Dees 6 and 2024 F1 to Hawks for pick 4 Dees take Watson Hawks take Curtin and 2024 F1
  11. I would be disappointed if we didn't end up with one of Watson/Curtin/Sanders with "6", wouldn't be surprised if we went with Caddy or O'Sullivan. But, as always I'll happily leave it in JT & TL's hands. Mind you, if Watson is available at our first pick, and we don't take him, I wouldn't be happy. Just think he would be a lot of fun to watch.
  12. Fox Footy draft power rankings: The best 2023 AFL draft prospects ranked 1-50... and the clubs linked to them https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/draft/fox-footy-afl-draft-2023-rankings-top-50-afl-draft-news-2023-prospects-predictions-final-power-rankings/news-story/175d8013a2acd03ac01aaf1ce7d296f1
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