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  1. So is the idea that Hore will get redrafted as a rookie? very handy player across half-back, adds a lot imo.
  2. Asked if he’d like to play for Essendon specifically, Dunstan said: “I’d love to go there. My good friend Nick Hind went there last year during the trade period and we all saw what he did this year, so that’d be nice. “I’ll let my manager Robbie D’Orazio have a word to him (Essendon list boss Adrian Dodoro) and hopefully we can make it happen.” https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/department-of-trade/afl-trade-news-rumours-whispers-2021-luke-dunstan-essendon-radio-interview-would-have-rejected-st-kilda-contract/news-story/7f793c329a0d33a890950e524ddcb869 The above is a fox sport article based off a radio interview Dunstan did with 3aw. Seems odd for a player to make a public admission unless it was a certainty, going to essendon a done deal maybe?
  3. Like others have said, i wasn't sure how he would cope with the pressure but he looked so comfortable. Anyone else see shades of a young Nathan jones in the way he goes about it, Chunk 2.0 perhaps.
  4. Did he seriously say put clarry up for trade??????? hahahahahahahahaha 😂 😂 😂
  5. I'll always remember that massive defensive stop against Carlton a couple of years back which won us that game, and what about that massive hip and shoulder on tom mitchell in the 2018 semi-final. Jonesy, the delistings and now Nev leaving as well is all honestly quite sad, hopefully him and jonesy can both still play a role at the club if they want to.
  6. Thanks a bunch Mickey, you'd think this would be an incredible boost financially for the club.
  7. Really hope they restock the Adults Guernsey and premiers scarf as soon as possible. I imagine buying from the New balance or AFL store, the funds wouldn't get back to the club?
  8. One can only imagine how many beverages had been consumed... How about Kade Chandler, the news hound, so hilarious 😂
  9. Jake bowey just blew me away, he was so calm, his disposal was so clean early, has the composure of a 300 game player, what a star!!!!!!!
  10. This two week break has been analysed to death in the media but just wanted to add my two cents. Firstly, I think the dogs would have liked to roll into the GF with momentum and maybe the fortnight breaks that momentum up a little. Secondly, most of the boys in interviews were saying that they can't believe they're in a grand final or that they're pinching themselves, maybe the extra week gives it a chance to properly sink in and then they can focus on the task at hand. gotta be honest though, the MFCSS has been running at levels never before seen.
  11. Who knows, never seen it at the footy before, game was done and dusted so the neutrals might have been bored. It was going around just as Kozzy kicked that snap in the last which was so awesome.
  12. how fckn hilarious was the mexican wave, just like during the middle overs at the cricket!! 😂
  13. My head is about to explode, I can’t fathom what has just occurred.
  14. Max was taking the genuine mick in that 3rd quarter. What a performance!!!!!
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