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  1. Insta and facebook comments definitely vindicate this, although its more an anti dogs/umpire vibe then it is a pro melbourne vibe.
  2. Can someone please explain, I genuinely don't understand how the dogs consistently get the rub of the green from the umps. Everytime we got a run on, they got borderline free kicks that weren't paid both ways. This wasn't one or two contentious calls, they had 14 more free kicks than us and its happened all year. I think someone opened a thread about it but were there any compelling conclusions because i'm lost for words??
  3. misses in the first quarter really hurt in the end.
  4. Indeed he did, I couldn't quite believe what I heard when I watched it, but that is classic Clarkson for you.
  5. In actuality, tonight is by no means end of the world. All we have to do is win next week. If we had won tonight but lose next week, we would find ourselves in third and if we had lost tonight we would also be in third. We keep first by the end of the round and we can keep it next week if we play some better footy. Just need a big response from the boys against gold coast. Come on Dees!
  6. Goal kicking was shocking tonight, Brown, Brayshaw, Kozz, T-mac, fritta, Dogga. We had 8 more marks inside 50 so it definitely isn't connection, its conversion.
  7. They had at least four goals direct from free kicks. *(edit: Just to clarify, I wouldn't say we drew because of the umps, I don't want to become an essendon fan, but it remains a frustrating fact nonetheless.)
  8. The umps favoured hawthorn the whole night, and Clarkson has the temerity to sit there in his presser and blame the umps. Go suck a fat one you [censored].
  9. Btw, did anyone notice that Steve was slurring his speech a little in the post game interview, late concussion or was it just a shït microphone set up?
  10. There isnt a man I'd rather have defending down back than michael hibberd. The pig had some monumental defensive efforts throughout, flies under the recognition radar at times but absolutely love what he brings week in week out.
  11. Apart from lack of conversion, the biggest thing for me was our lack of spread on the outside from stoppages. They always seemed to have an outlet which would get them consistent clearances and for some reason our mids didnt spread from the contest to defend this.
  12. I'm glad someone else said it, for some reason that really got under my skin. felt sorry for the bloke, he didn't deserve it at all. Hibbo can only be happy to be out of that drug infested ****ehole.
  13. I found it hilarious that when the tv panned to essendon fans, it looked like their brain and their mouth just wouldn't cooperate. They wanted to hurl abuse but didnt even know what to say. 😂 😂
  14. You would be hard pressed to find an essendon fan with an iq greater than their shoe size.
  15. I was thinking this as well, unfortunately the goal umpire isnt going to pay anything against essendon in front of their cheer squad and then its hard to overturn the goal umpires call from there.
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