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  1. U don't want to know how they make the Uncle's Udon...!
  2. Excited to see two new clubs have adopted their First Nations names! We've now got Euro-Yroke (St Kilda) and Waalitj Marawar (Weagles). Proud of the club for starting off this approach ❤💙
  3. Hope to see your name on one of your favourite players, WCW! 💖
  4. This + grumble to any poor sod who has to listen to me about whatever pet theory I've adopted as the reason for the loss!
  5. Well, all's well that ends well! ...except I never found out about Eddie's haircut plans 🥲
  6. Please ask Eddie if he is growing his hair long again! And congratulate him on his form this season so far! (Figure that question is just right for you, WCW 😁)
  7. Except Avatar finished in 2008 so most of those who watched it would be at least 30+ 😂
  8. It was such a textbook piledrive from Maynard, I'm hoping a few weeks. Commentary so putrid about it - if there was ever a player with prior form.
  9. Got to go to Lenny's in Richmond - Gus' wine bar!
  10. Poor Reece, first you come for his job and now you come for him! 😂
  11. You and your waylaying of young men, WCW...! Whatever will the club welfare officer do 😁 But in seriousness - red and blue in envy at those of you at training this morning!
  12. Although to my friend who has no interest in AFL (I know, sacrilege), Nibs is the only player she has an interest in because he is a pin up boy to her!
  13. Maybe Chin is part of this group? I think I remember seeing photos of them all together around a fire in a backyard on Instagram last year
  14. But so relatable given Dusty's age / tenure in the game vs Winsor 😂 Who hasn't driven down Chapel St, South Yarra on a Friday and been bemused by all of the 12 years olds lining up for clubs!
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