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  1. I'm getting a bit mulish about the repeated use of bullish. Maybe time to spring the Club a thesaurus!
  2. There's a picture of Yze in his playing days and Noah at training today on the MFC instagram. Noah looks more buff than Adem at that age!
  3. Could we please move the training ground discourse to the training ground thread?
  4. On the topic of peroxide, in 2022 I was uhm-ing and ah-ing over whether to dye my hair blonde. Right before finals, Salo went back to blonde and that was the clincher for me! Waiting for us to be in at least a semi-final to temporarily dye my blonde hair red and blue one of these days...
  5. I've missed the podcast! Hope you've enjoyed the well earned break and will continue to do so over the holiday period! We've seen our recruitment aim to bring in some more speed (eg with our draftees, Windsor, Kolt, Brown) and foot skills / goal sense (eg with our trades, Billings, McAdam). Do you think this will be reflected in our game plan (to become faster moving / enable some riskier conversions in our F50)? Or is this to supplement our team and assist with executing our current game plan (from 2023 later half of the season, not the 2023 preseason or earlier iterations in 2021 / 2022) better?
  6. My maternal grandma arrived in Perth from England and decided on the Dees because they were winning. 7 or so years later, she moved to Melbourne and became one of the first women members of the MFC! Growing up, my siblings and I learnt it was best to avoid mum after a bad loss because she'd be so grumpy. As I've gotten older (and we've become more successful), I've adopted that grumpiness as my own. We're the most superstitious about games in the family (and accidentally missed the Bamg Bang Bang of 2021 because we skipped the final 3 mins of that quarter to go pack the dishwasher / toilet the dogs... reinforcement that us watching was the issue). Dad's a Dee supporter too - but I don't know how that came about given everyone else in his family follows Carlton. As a kid, I used to think the "keep your eyes on the red and the blues" in our song referred to Carlton being our second team because of this haha
  7. Nope, Toorak and Malvern are the federal seat of Higgins and for the first time in its history the seat went to Labour in the 2022 election. There's been a growing push against the Liberals for the past 6 or so years in Higgins which came to fruition. The electorates next door, like Kooyong, voted Teal. Macnamara (which covers Caulfield) is also a Labour seat.
  8. Yep, take a gander at his most recent insta post https://www.instagram.com/p/C0BWzG1LItCXrfNCs8bsWyVFSHrR97WhkoU0GA0/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  9. Certainly, but the audio assault on top of the visual assault doesn't make for a pleasant Sunday afternoon :')
  10. These commentators are really delighting in our struggles. They keep on saying that incorrect fact repeatedly, even lamenting that it could have been 8 quarters if not for Gay. Could someone please go stuff a sock in them??
  11. Ahhh BBO, I would say never change... except I suspect you don't need the encouragement! Good luck with your cultural exchange!
  12. If my calculations are correct... your post is number 30,000 for the No T$ No B$ Thread. Congratulations, Uncle!
  13. Ahhh debating Latin mottoes, this is what I love about Demonland
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