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  1. Kozzy has unfortunately often been targeted by racists on his social media account, so maybe he decided to take a step back from social media?
  2. What a beautiful, hard fought and well deserved win!!
  3. Incredible sound from the cheer squad! Keep it up and hopefully our girls get across the line!!
  4. They gave 5 seconds to Ben Brown, but otherwise hopelessly one-sided ey
  5. Thanks Fanatique. I didn't realise the push had to come from a specific body part either... will have to take a look at the rules when I'm feeling a bit calmer!
  6. Big mood, my dogs are utterly bewildered by my pacing
  7. Wonder if that would have gone through without the extra dribble!
  8. Finally a free in our favour, hope we capitalise
  9. Aside from a gritty Grand Final happening right now on channel 7!
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