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  1. No it would not be good, not good at all..
  2. Alright, he's gonna do medium 😜
  3. Let's use the stupid 'virus' line as fodder
  4. Bemoan the fact that Tomlinson/Garland/Ryan Ferguson/Seecamp/Some other bit part defender wasn't in to take care of the gorilla forwards..
  5. Ben Brown will kill it this week.
  6. Well, yes and no. If youngsters are coming into a basket case of a setup then they don't stand a chance of changing the overall culture. I agree that you need more older wiser heads keeping things in check on field and whoever said Brown and Tarrant should still be there for this is absolutely right. However I fully believe culture starts from the top in any organisation. The Board/CEO brings in the right Coach/Footy department and the Coach/Footy department then brings in rhe right players.
  7. Its a concern that could be easily fixed with a just few more goals a week from the key forwards for mine. Sure we've been a bit inaccurate lately but this can change quickly. I'm more concerned about generating the scoring shots, keep doing that and I'm confident goals will come.
  8. Thanks for all the good measures!
  9. A wise decision, really need to try that sometime.
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