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  1. So because the 7 year hasn't started yet, Clayton is basically an out of contract player between contracts? You've done it again KC.
  2. When you've had two straight set exits for a fan base desperate to see a flag in person and just saw your most fierce rival win the flag, you want to go into trade period being linked with stars not potentially losing them. It sucks that something is not right and the media have leached onto it, I really feel for our fans because it was the very last thing we wanted going into this period. If you're like me opposition friends are already ribbing you. Just spent the last 3 weeks blacking out media and socials, might need to do it a little while longer.
  3. If it happened, the only experience I can draw on would be when we lost Woewodin to the filth and this would be that x 100.
  4. I think we should all just stay calm.
  5. They're not 'talking'. It's just 'talking'. 😉
  6. I do think this has been a tough year for Clarry. The injury struggles could have really jolted his mindset.
  7. These are the fun scenarios to think about 🤨
  8. layzie


    I was definitely expecting a wise crack response so that was refreshingly surprising 😆
  9. These are all good responses to my points. As mentioned, it's purely an outside bozo on the street view of it. Overpaying for players is probably a good way to look at it because it puts the magnifying glass on more. Having a really good sporting director is just so important these days. Varane has missed a lot of time with injury so I'd put him in the Thiago Alcantara category of someone you'd just love to have out there more consistently. As for Casemiro, you're right he was excellent last year. Maybe one of the signings of the season, but as it stands early in this campaign he hasn't looked right. The midfield mix is definitely not helping him (or anyone) but I don't quite buy into these guys being better at Real because they were surrounded by quality. There's enough quality at Man Utd to get more out of him in this early stage so I'm expecting to see a turnaround as he's no doubt a world class player. Lukaku I agree on. Much like Diego Forlan wasn't an indictment on Fergie. While there good cases for these players not being total flops, they are not at the standard that a club like this requires. As a former president said, they don't give United shirts out in Wheeties boxes. I can't believe I find myself here championing the Man Utd cause! A lot of the problems are systemic and will only change once owners who care about club success are brought in. Do you think Rashford cops a bit too much criticism?
  10. The 'last man' is the most misinformed phrase in my time of watching/playing Soccer. Definitely going to check out that Twitter page.
  11. There's a lot not right at United at the moment and without being as close to it as you I just see a team that is difficult to see what they are trying to accomplish. The background noise hasn't been helpful at all and it is likely the big change they need won't come until there is new ownership. On the pitch it's hard to get clarity around it. They can play some really good football one second and then just totally lose the plot the next. The injuries and selections haven't helped build cohesion as you mentioned. There is one thing that totally baffles me when it comes to United, when things aren't going their way they seem to be bereft of good leadership and guys who can re-set the tone. But how can this be the case when you have Champions League winners like Varane and Casamiro in the side? I didn't love the choice of Bruno as captain but I thought he did a decent job in the role last year, how can leadership just evaporate? I grew up watching the Fergie 90s and 00s sides, they had leaders all over the park so seeing this is unheard of to me. Speaking of Varane and Casamiro, they seem to be part of an ongoing trend of players that have regressed at the club like Lukaku, Pogba, Mcguire, Sancho etc. How many times has a player come to United in recent times and improved? Bruno? Wan-Bissaka maybe? You'd know better than me Roy but it doesn't look like a good trend from the outside. It's a hard slog but one thing I wouldn't be doing is replacing the manager yet. October to December will be crucial.
  12. Think it's just the first thing Adelaide would ask for if we had the nerve to enquire about Thilthorpe.
  13. Certainly did. Brought them a small forward who would become the Norm Smith medalist, a Brownlow medalist to fill a glaring need in the middle and a few handy role players. They smashed it.
  14. In terms of a pure 'in and under bottom of every pack feed it out' type of extractor I agree. There's few teams that have more than one of these, you have to drill down into the role a bit more as there are a heap of great contested ball midfielders in the game that aren't playing a 100% extractor role because of the need to hold width/shape. It's almost like they are the second link in the chain after extractor but before ball user.
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