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  1. Really hope I don't have to take more leave!
  2. layzie


    Chiefs, Eagles, Saints
  3. What about Celebrity Heads? There was always that one dork that didn't get it with questions like "Am I a man, or a woman?"
  4. layzie


    Hey hey Tampa Bay, Rams, Chiefs
  5. Still cant believe people are surprised as if they expected to get their stuff within a week.
  6. Just remember Freo passed over Kobe as well.
  7. Yeah not a lot of sympathy from me. Maybe the term is a little excessive but handing out another fine would have been run of the mill. Forget the crossing the border thing, forging of those kinds of documents is bad enough.
  8. You're right! It was the cleverest of little blocks!
  9. I would easily have this in my top 5 most important moments of the game Bizkit and one of my favs. Salem was composed that put it out to the wing and I swear Jackson was knocked a little off balance but was still able to take that great mark, then the quick wits to play on and get it in quick to the big man.
  10. I watched this clip about 10 times in a row last night and it wasn't enough. The look on his face as he comes up the stairs, so great to see Ron happy. His words of encouragement to the boys pre GF are still in my head.
  11. Really got into Mongrel Punt and their articles this year. HB Meyers is an excellent writer. I will definitely be getting this!
  12. Ditto Binman, finally got it on this morning after another 10 minute stab at it!
  13. Yeah it’s a goer on Google Pay Old Dee! I also tried to add it to my Service Victoria app but couldn’t log on, hopefully that’s just a temporary issue.
  14. I think Android users can get it on Google Pay if they use it. Might suss it out right now actually.
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