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  1. Yeah I think that's enough for me. Turning it off
  2. Many of the set shot experts will tell you that there are a number of parts to a goal kicking routine and if one of them is off the whole thing stuffs up. BT noticed that Brown was moving tje ball around in his run up a lot more than he would normally. Hate the man as a commentator but as person of knowledge in this area he was right on the money. A good goal kicking coach will see this from Sat night and get right onto it, speaking with Ben a lot, going through the routine, ironing out these little creases. Not saying Stafford or whoever isn't but that is what I'd be expecting. If I see that ball bobbling around again during the run up next week I'll know nothing has been done with regards to coaching.
  3. I can't really disagree with any of this. We need to mix some things up, no use in being super predictable and easy to prepare for. I've loved JJ's work in the middle this year but I wouldn't mind seeing a different look. Maybe Sparrow? I like the idea of Kozzie and giving us an edge to break away from stoppages. Viney showed he can offer a bit at forward 50 stoppages, I would love to see him spend a bit more time across half forward. The sense is that the closer we get to finals the less experiments we'll see but we have to keep opposition guessing for me and have other clubs we can take out of the bag if needed.
  4. Really hope that guy gets binned.
  5. That's right EO, it's not realistic. Its a huge ask especially if these reported loads are in place. Don't know what the answer is but hopefully they do.
  6. Not gonna waste my energy on it but go Tigs
  7. For a team that plays as taxing a game style as us I think there's probably something to this. The whole game plan relies on pressure which means bringing the same effort every bloody week. It's not just one or two many players look gassed.
  8. Highlighted on the podcast this week I did think Bartel made a good comment saying we need to know the right moments to speed up the game. If where not going to score with the forwards we have then we probably need more opportunities.
  9. I don’t get involved in interchange after goal debates. They’re a waste of time these days.
  10. 6. Oliver 5. Lever 4. Gawn 3. Hunt 2. Petracca 1. Viney
  11. Gave it a good hour cool off. Can sum it up with two good sides, one didn’t convert their chances, other one did, team that didn’t certainly didn’t lose through lack of effort, better team won. Tried our best, didn’t get over the line. Probably need 3 wins of 4 to get top 4 and need to run the table for top 2. It’s fickle stuff this football caper,near enough isn’t good enough. Letting Bont roam free at the back of the contest twice for 2 goals didn’t help. Dogs were much the better side tonight but my word they had some great help from the umpires. Never usually one to look at that stuff but 25-11 was absurd and hurt us in crucial areas. Smashed the hit outs, not the clearances. Plenty of inside 50s for not enough scoring shots. It was like the worst of our problems in the last 4 years in one at times. Thats pretty much it from me, it’s up for grabs now. Season could end in glory, could fall out of the 4, the season could get canned altogether, who the hell knows. I’m not quite as annoyed about it though as other ones this year. I still want to live a good life. Good evening all.
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