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  1. At first I thought it was low risk high reward but he's turning out to be a bit of a liability. Not enough tank to play wing, not enough pressure to be the high HFF. Neither fish nor fowl. As Roy said, will give him a bit more time as it's hard to judge anyone right now but it doesn't look like a long stay.
  2. I would have thought a strawberry milkshake would be more fitting for Farage. Then again, he does love a good split.
  3. Older Demon my understanding of the spleen is it helps remove bacteria from the body and keep things clean in the bloodstream. If one were to remove their spleen, what organ would perform this role?
  4. And this is what is scaring a lot of us. I couldn't give a stuff about the season right now I just hope like hell the guy is alright and there aren't any complications.
  5. Midfielders need to stop getting a get out of jail free card with their pressure ratings being passed off as high all-round effort in a game. We got bossed +8 in centre clearances, the moment they win one of those clearances you as an opposition mid are already standing in an in-close position for a pressure act to be recorded by default. It's the equivalent of padding your stats with short kicks in the backline. It's a fallacy, especially when you consider how often we go hard on our forwards for not applying enough defensive pressure each week.
  6. I'm so disappointed in our medical management this year. If it wasn't sending May back in against Adelaide after a week off with cracked ribs and clearly in pain, Lever's tweaked knee in Rd 2 and whether he should have played through it or not, Oliver being sent out with half a hand against Brisbane. Sending Trac back out there yesterday was the last straw. It's just lambs to the slaughter and I have no idea what the rationale is behind it.
  7. Absolutely. I was all for making him earn it and letting him know we 'were there'. But how much extra was there to gain by slamming him into next week? It's burying the lead in my view and the truth is that we weren't hard enough on balance.
  8. Righto, I'm done for tonight and maybe for a while to be honest. Was all for getting stuck in and giving him a bump here and there but that's clearly not good enough, the directive should have been to not let him walk off the field! Forget the football game, this is about honour, hustle, loyalty, respect! Dont forget to visit the other thread for a good old meatheaded discussion on this topic not to be missed!
  9. A section of DL believes that we needed to rough up Maynard to send a message and stick up for our former team mate. I'm all for a little flag flying from time to time but would this have actually helped us win the football game? It kind of feels like some people just wanted blood regardless of the result.
  10. You've clearly never played competitive sports if you still think square ups in this day and age matter. This club just came off the worst loss we've had in years and the answer was apparently to lose sight of what needed to be done today for the sake of a [censored] square up? Get real. I've never been a fan of picking opposition players up off the ground, I want to be competitive and flying the flag can be important at times but save your dinosaur BS for the stone age and maybe check yourself into a nursing home if you still think this is the way to win football games. How the hell would today have been any better if we lost and roughed him up? Seriously? Staying out of this thread now. You can all fight over it to your heart's content, or start following bare knuckle boxing if you want to see a fight that bad.
  11. Thought May was pretty poor today. Uncharacteristically a momentum killer, he constantly got sucked high up the ground leaving 1 v 2s on the last line often, the guy was totally at sea today. That mark in the 3rd where he went to play on and handball it straight into Jack Crisp a metre away was pathetic and his weak effort on Hoskin-Elliott right on the stroke of half time when we desperately needed to not concede was unforgivable. This was a very un-Steven May like performance and i'd expect him to be pretty unhappy with it too.
  12. Certainly a couple of wasted shots. On field and bigger picture.
  13. Not going to use the dreaded L word but both sides were pretty off I thought. We in particular made a lot of horrible skill error mistakes in bad areas that could only be explained by fatigue (for instance Fritsch in the middle a few times and May taking a contested mark and handballing into Jack Crisp a metre away). It also happened early against Freo when we went forward through the middle, Kozzie gathered beautifully and then scrubbed the kick about 10 metres along the ground. June is notorious for these kinds of games but my word they are ugly to watch when terrible skills come out of no-where.
  14. Get some kids in there, worked well for Collingwood today.
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