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  1. Very late to this party as I've been taking time out from DL and online forums myself but just wanted to show my appreciate for Luci's contributions over god knows how long. Much love.
  2. layzie


    I didn't even realise we lost the practice game. That's how much a cared about the result.
  3. Top 8 for me. Exciting additions but too many variables, injuries in the certain areas will cripple us. List is far less balanced than the last two seasons around this time.
  4. You're wasting your time if you're expecting anything from the AFL.
  5. I would say his concerns are probably justified.
  6. Things like this can tear the heart out of a football club. Not only the manner of how the most recent concussion happened but losing someone who is the heart and soul. I don't know what to say at the moment.
  7. Silly. One hit wonders miss finals the year after as opposed to following up with two top 4 H & A season finishes.
  8. An extra list spot to top up at the last minute before the season starts would be the very best you could hope for.
  9. Tragic. Absolutely tragic. As if the pain caused for a lot of people wasn't enough back in September. Thank you Angus, your contribution to the Melbourne Football Club will never ever be forgotten.
  10. layzie


    It all boils down to this after a week of sitting on it. - The early fumble set the tone for KC’s defense - The muffed punt return was just horrible and shifted momentum again. - Moment that mattered 1: Approaching the 2 min warning with the ball at the 40 yard line 3rd and 5. Why the hell did we not run the damn ball? I understand you want to keep the defense guessing but this is basic fricking clock management. You run the ball for minimum no gain you have the same result with the clock continuing to run forcing KC to take a time out at least. Would I back Mahomes to score with 1:20 instead of 2 mins? Yeah maybe but every bit counts. - Moment that mattered 2: I am not going to enjoy being a laughing stock about this. In twenty years time this will be referred to as the coin flip game. With the new overtime rules giving both teams possession, why oh why did we not differ the kickoff? The ref even asked if we were sure. I don’t mind if players don’t know all the rules but the coach MUST know the rules. More on Kyle in a minute. - 3rd and 4 at around the 10 yard line. We pull the guard and centre and somehow leave Chris Jones with a free line straight through to Purdy. With Auiuk and Jennings open I have no doubt Purdy would have gotten the ball to one of them with a split second more time. The assignment was blown but again Kyle needs to take responsibility for this. You can also mount the argument for running the ball here as well and do I have to say again that Steve Spagnolo loves to blitz? That was actually the play of the game for me and the one that sticks out the most. There’s other moments. For instance when Mahomes went the read-option out of the shotgun on 4th and 1 and Bosa went full bore to the running back. That’s a tough one though, most people would back Mahomes to scramble that yard. I did think we played way too much soft zone defense on that last drive though considering it was sudden death. The verdict. KYLE DID IT AGAIN! Will that bloke ever learn from his mistakes? It wasn’t bad enough to go through this in SB 54 but we got what few teams ever get, a second chance. He did the exact same routine with play calling and completely stuffed it all up. The guy is almost a genius when it comes to offensive schemes but the bright lights are just too much for him. That 3rd quarter going pass-pass-pass and handing it off maybe 2 or 3 times was a joke. As long as Kyle is there we will be thereabouts because he is indeed a very good coach, but winning it? I don’t know. Losing Dre Greenlaw was absolutely tragic. He was flying around in coverage and it’s no coincidence that Kelcie started finding more of it after that. I’m done
  11. layzie


    It’s been over a week now and I’m still not really ready to address the disaster that was last week’s Superbowl but I feel it to be necessary as part of the healing process. Not to go into life story stuff too much but just a little background as to why it meant so much because most reading would find it weird that this has hit me so hard. We’re all here because we love the Dees, no brainer. However a lot of us take interest in a few sports and if you’re a regular on the NFL board then you likely fit into that category. My story is pretty simple, AFL, Soccer and Gridiron are my favourite sports to follow. If you put a gun to my head and make me choose I will take AFL and MFC because they were my first loves but I still take great interest in Soccer and Gridiron having played both sports. So the 3 teams in life that I’m super passionate about are MFC, Liverpool and the San Francisco 49ers. Never been a Cricket fan, definitely not a Spring carnival nut so it’s really these 3 footy codes which cover my all year round sport fanaticism. There’s sports I like watching for instance I love Basketball but the relationship is completely different, I watch it as a pure spectator. The 3 teams that I care deeply about and games are make or break about are those above. I was pretty young when the 49ers last won the Superbowl and really didn’t understand. You know what kids are like, these things are just around the corner aren’t they! No, in the time I’ve been a 49ers fan, I’ve been fortunate enough to see some success and playoff runs but I’ve also seen this: - 1997 Season – Jerry Rice tears his knee up during the season and we fall to the Packers at Candlestick in the NFC Championship. - After nearly 10 years without playoffs we make the 2011 NFC Championship only for Kyle Williams to have his own Jim Stynes moment in OT and touch the live ball on punt return which handed the ball to the Giants at chip shot field goal range and the win. - 2012 and 1st and Goal in Superbowl 47 against the Ravens where Frank Gore doesn’t touch the ball once and Kaepernick overthrows Michael Crabtree in the flat on 4th down. - Another endzone shmoz in the 2013 NFC Championship game this time with an underthrow to Crabtree and Richard Sherman tipping it to Malcolm Smith for the interception. Thus bringing about one of the most well known post game interviews in NFL history. - Superbowl 54 at the start of 2020 and leading 20-10 with 7:30 left. 3rd and 15 Mahomes to Hill. Refusing to run the ball and going 3 and out each time. KC put 21 points on us in the last 7 minutes, devastating. - 2021 NFC Championship game – 10 point lead in 3rd quarter blown and Jaquiski Tartt drops potential game sealing interception - 2022 NFC Championship game – Lose two quarterbacks to injury in the one game, goodnight. - Superbowl 58 – see below: Superbowl day: I have to say I never felt confident. I felt hopeful and knew our team was good but I was not confident. I said here before the game that if it wasn’t us I would have tipped KC. It all just made perfect sense. The game was always going to come down to two people, Kyle Shanahan vs Chiefs DC Steve Spagnolo. We started well despite receiving first (We always prefer to differ). The drive was arguably one of the better drives all day for us until CMC uncharacteristically fumbled and you knew it was going to be a hard day. Possession changed hands a few times and we finally scored a FG. More on kicker Jake Moody later but this kick was incredibly close to being blocked. We pull out some tricks with the sort of double screen trick play and CMC gets into the endzone. Amazing play. KC gets a FG and honestly after the chances we had to put on points in the first half I didn’t feel it was reward for effort or a big enough lead. Mahomes comes out in the second half and throws into coverage for an interception which we do nothing with. Possession changes a few times and then the muffed punt return. Unfortunate that Ray Ray got blamed for this and in a way very symbolic of the 2011 NFC title game mentioned earlier. The momentum swung straight away and KC scored for 7. We respond well with probably our best drive, Jennings gets his way into the endzone and Moody’s extra point attempt blocked. Were these errors going to mount up and cost us in the end? KC score a FG and now the fun part starts. The Niners do a good job of burning clock from about 5 mins down to around 2ish and this is where Showtime Kyle Shanahan begins. On 3rd and 5 we go short throw against a blitz happy KC defense incomplete. Moody kicks a 56 yard FG to put us in front. Mahomes has just under 2 mins to march down the field which he does and KC score a FG to go to overtime. Please note: We were extremely lucky that they didn’t run another play with 9 seconds left. I and many others did not know about the new overtime rules. We win the toss and choose to receive. The ref asks if we’re sure. We go down the field and fail to score 7. You know what you know the rest. I’m going to start another post with my grievances. Stay tuned
  12. layzie


    Such is life. Well played Chiefs
  13. layzie


    Massive opportunity lost
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