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  1. I believed the whole way through last year and will continue to believe that the best possible thing Luke could have done for his career was to sign a two year deal with us, pay his butt off and if he still wanted to go home doing so at that point with a big fat ego contract. This wasn't the right time and he's played it poorly, even if he does become a star and has team success he'll be doing it the hard way now. Gavin Wanganeen left Essendon at 23 after a Brownlow and a flag. Port made him the inaugural skipper and really struggled with it for years. He regretted the decision, especially when Essendon won again in 2000 and felt he made a mistake. Fortunately he won it with Port in 04 but I hope Luke doesn't wake up one day thinking the same thing.
  2. This kid is a bonafide jet. I'm happy to say it after two games. Good on him, the online abuse and other rubbish he had to deal with was very ordinary.
  3. I'm happy to take the marathon and not sprint approach this year.
  4. Don't be mad Freo, it's not our fault you folded like paper planes.
  5. Forget Freo for a second, if North's performance doesn't inspire you. Then you ain't human.
  6. Code blue: We need 100 CCs of small violins delivered to Fremantle oval stat.
  7. Did it happen before or after? I wish I cared, I really do. But I don't at all. Good on the Roos!
  8. Too true Norm. Luxury of an AA ruckman ain't bad.
  9. Nearly a hold my beer moment for the umps. Well done North!
  10. Bring it on, can North survive?
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