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  1. layzie


    I've been flat out lately and only managed to watch the second half where it seemed none of the eventful stuff really happened. What was going on with Donald Gorg? He was getting bossed by Tomlinson who is at best an average guard. It seemed like Jimmy answered after his coach killer performance last week against the Dolphins. Yards after catch do pad his stats a bit but I think he did what he had to do. I'd love to know what Kyle is thinking right now because I don't think he can fully trust any of his QBs. If a reasonable trade for Matt Ryan came up it would at very least be somet
  2. Geelong, Baker, Menengola
  3. Well done to the Cats, they deserve it. Hate aside.
  4. I applauded the proactive action of Collingwood when it seemed they were going to do the inquiry but since we don't know anything now it looks suss.
  5. I'm in the same boat, a good friend experienced it around May and I honestly didn't know how often it happened even as much as 3 months in. I can't even imagine.
  6. Well done on a great career Lynden. A real honest player who could do it at both ends of the ground. As a forward he was quite a hard match up. Still remember being back at the Sandringham social club after the 06 premiership and having a great chat with Lynden, he would have been about 19 or 20 then. Pleased to see how he's turned out.
  7. What a legend of this football club! If only we had more who bled red and blue like Hassa!
  8. Hahaha this guy! Anyway welcome back Ooooze!
  9. layzie


    I was going to say giving a win would be fine but I like the 0.5 idea as well. Whatever makes it easier for the tipsters to set and forget but also whatever makes it easier to moderate.
  10. layzie


    Rams, Bills, Cards
  11. I read this email out loud to myself in Gary Pert's voice last night and then proceeded to talk like that for the rest of the night.
  12. I wish we had a few more 270+ game flash in the pan losers like that in our club's history..
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