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  1. Definitely, no more chopping and changing. Stick him back and get it into his hands.
  2. Oh of course. Just being silly, plus I had this in my head for some reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw31Ch9ucsE. This time of year is even less of an articulate time for Layzie on DL. But yeah, they will make plenty of money.
  3. layzie


    I stand by what I said but there is a hint of jealousy now that this has happened
  4. Their backline really Swallows the Lemmens. Jokes aside it was really impressive this year. Will be interesting to see this side with Ben King off a full pre-season, they are developing a bit of fire power up front. The player that most intrigues me is Lukosius. What is he? They have tried him out in a number of roles and he can't seem to find his niche. If they can get him to hit his straps along with continued progression of Rowell, Anderson and co then we should see more improvement from the Suns in 23.
  5. I thought they were binning the floating fixture?
  6. Couldn't agree more, he really is the new Shifter as far as research and prep goes.
  7. They should give it to us! Although a lot of veteran Dees fans probably wouldn't be comfortable training on a space where so many legendary Pies teams were made.
  8. Anything to keep Choco with us another couple of years is a good thing
  9. Haven't read all the latest posts so if the answer is there you'll have to take my word for it. They've all played in every World Cup? Edit: Too overzealous, it's wrong.
  10. Is that a more eye-catching hypothetical? Threads like these divide opinions constantly and the only way we're going to get through the racial challenges we face in society is with education. I ask this kind of question to the forum to gauge opinions and seek many different points of view. With more education and understanding of different backgrounds and the issues they face, we will hopefully know how to handle these situations a lot better as they arise. It's all well and good saying that Garry Lyon should have blasted the caller but there are still many grey areas where people are confused as demonstrated in this very thread, we need to be doing more about the learning that happens prior to the moment and calling it out (or expecting others to call out). Will leave it at that.
  11. layzie


    Just for something different..
  12. layzie


    This is true but man I'd love to see Ayuik with a deep throwing QB. I also always felt Kyle held back because he didn't trust Jimmy throwing deep often, the only deepish plays we'd call would be throws to RBs or TEs. These are all nice to haves though, Numero uno is the underneath and shallow routes and getting it to the flat as you said. Newton's running would be handy but if Kyle intends to use him the way he was using Lance between the tackles it could be a short lived experiement, the guy is banged up enough as it is. Mayfield has undeniable potential but is a turnover king. Having said all of this I agree they should get workouts. In a perfect world Fitzpatrick would be the best stop gap, actually in a perfect world you would give us a healthy Stafford for nothing.
  13. I like the idea but they'd have their behinds covered most likely. Only brown paper bags you'd find would be their lunch.
  14. Good point, and if someone in the financial industry thinks that then a nub like myself doesn't feel as bad for thinking it now.
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