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  1. Brought in by Casey apparently when Daw retired, but had a calf injury I believe so this is his first game.
  2. Melksham Petty Brayshaw Hunt Oliver May
  3. Well I felt every possible emotion those last few mins.
  4. How the moth erfuc k is that not 50 for Oliver. Clearly pushed in back well after the mark.
  5. Good onya Melky. BBB clearly held there too.
  6. Christ half our players had their back to the ball then
  7. Saad looked very sore after a contest or two after he came back on. Probing around his tummy and side. Not sure re Weitering.
  8. Can only hope it lulls them into blunted state come finals.
  9. Hope he tears a hammy clean off the bone in the first minute on Sat night.
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