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  1. Surely not enough hours in the day to fit our 2021 wins in?!?!
  2. They might be breaking for one of the food courses
  3. I was recently watching full replays with the different commentaries, and was struck in the 3rd quarter that with about 1 min 20 sec on the clock the ball was in the back half. I'd momentarily slipped into regular Aussie Rules watching mode and thought ah ok nearly 3qtr time not much left to happen - hang on! We've still got 3 goals to squeeze in here!?!?! No wonder the Bulldogs mids looked so shellshocked after Clarry's goal.
  4. I remember being super anxious at 3qtr time of the GF, terrified that an early Dogs goal in the last would precipitate another momentum shift. So for me it was only after Brown's goal in the last that my nerves started to settle, and probably 2 goals more before I truly started relaxing.
  5. Ahhh something to get us through the off season! Thanks for this.
  6. To think all our *sponsor* Furphy had to do was slap a different sticker on some bottles and they could have cashed in on our success-starved MFC fan delirium that has seen millions pumped into Premiers merchandise sales. Instead some non-sponsor independent brewery seems to be cashing in.
  7. A fascinating thing for me with those comments is how quickly their supporters seemed to concede that they were done. As early as after Trac's goal at which point we were only a couple of goals up. I only started to relax about 4 goals into the last quarter!
  8. As evidenced by his appearance in the rooms after the Grand Final, Shane Woewodin still fits into his 2000 Grand Final guernsey. FMD I'd give organs to be able to fit into anything I was wearing in 2000.
  9. Wow! Didn't realise he'd doubled his career goals tally in 2021. 59 goals and 6 in the GF! Outstanding stuff. What an asset to our forward line. Loved that Goody "mea culpa"ed on the decision to play Fritta in defence for a period in recent years. Huge kudos to Fritsch for both improving his goal kicking accuracy and his defensive efforts this year.
  10. Darrell Eastlake - à la his exuberant early 1990s commonwealth games weightlifting commentating. Pretty sure he led to noise complaints!
  11. Argh! I'd load up on cases of these if they were sold to the public.
  12. Loved him since we drafted him and so proud of how he's got his fitness to a point where he can fully realise his talent. His game went to another level towards the finals and again in the GF. How good is it to finally have a Melbourne player win the medal named after the great Norm Smith?!?!
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