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  1. Not to mention blatant flicks and throws feigned as handpasses, especially from within contests or when players know they are unsighted by the field umpire (e.g. near the boundary facing the boundary). This illegal advantage in speed of ball movement increases the likelihood that the opposition is 2nd to the ball in any subsequent contest, increasing the chance of infringement against Dogs players. The high negative differential for the Tigers can be put down to their drop in form / ageing legspeed leading to frustration at contests, etc.
  2. Has he shortened his run-up or something? He looks so much more unsteady prior to kicking.
  3. Bollocks decision hannan unrealistic attempt
  4. The game is 6 times easier if you kick straight. 😠
  5. Why no downfield hunt pushed in back after kick into fwd 50?
  6. Melbourne Demons, Non possumus confidebat
  7. We look like we're running in quicksand
  8. [censored] off with the high contact [censored] umpire.
  9. FMD the umps love these negligible high frees tonight
  10. [censored] me what a terrible few minutes
  11. Petty back on? God I hope he doesn't tear the hammy in two
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