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  1. Been their modus operandi for almost two decades.
  2. Kinda bummed Rowell did his shoulder. May have been a chance to take out the medal if he'd played the season out - what a ridiculous debut season that would have been! He was on fire early.
  3. Sounds like bollocks. If any shred of truth to this it would be that the afl want the predicted top several or so in a room together for broadcast purposes. Very unlikely given the number of wins we had that Trac will have polled enough to tie with or better Neale.
  4. I'd be on board with a cats win - Ablett certainly has been something special, but I wouldn't mind Dangerfield pinging a hammy in training - I'm not sure I could handle a premiership medallion around that neck.
  5. Could be a pair of decent games here. Port and Lions are my tips.
  6. Richmond over Saints, though I'd be delighted if this went the other way. Geelong vs Collingwood? This is like being given the choice of dying from either Ebola or dysentery.
  7. Premierships are won by teams. Mediocre players have premiership medallions, undisputed titans of the game have gone without. The assertion that a player can only be considered "great" if they've won a flag is nonsensical when considering some of the Hall of Fame players without one. E.g. Paul Roos. 350+ games, 7 time All Australian, 2x All Australian captain. Zero flags. Not a great? Ridiculous.
  8. Deelighted to hear this news - he looks right at home at AFL level - in his debut game he seemed to have more time than M Waugh or Gower, and the way he stepped up in the dying minutes in those games towards the end of the year showed extraordinary will to win. I've been super excited about Rivers since the moment as a draft prospect he was described as being a great kick running out of defence. He should play 200+ games. I hope he tells WC and Freo to f$ck themselves and plays them all in the Red & Blue.
  9. At least 4 of those names are negligible chances to be at Melbourne next year.
  10. Finally some good news. Really hoping Petty has a strong preseason and is over his OP issues. Sparrow is handy to have too.
  11. Port, lions, bulldogs, meth coke.
  12. Times like these an extra $50k in the soft cap space would be handy.
  13. Gorgeous colour footage there from that era. Could have you thinking it was shot last year. How good do the guernseys look without all the sponsor logos!
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