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  1. Dammit, was that the first time this year we haven't won the last quarter? 2.1 to Syd 2.2?
  2. Love Spargo's football-focused tenacity.
  3. Can someone tell harmes to stay out of Jackson's way?
  4. Thanks for the heads up - just purchased a copy. Hoping that by October this year it has to be retitled "The 2nd Last Hurruh"
  5. If that were the case I'm surprised they didn't select sparrow as emergency, who I would have thought was a more like for like alternate than Baker.
  6. Long term deals can give more flexibility in terms of salary cap management - e.g front or back loading, or as I suspect are the cases with the Harnes and Viney deals, a little less money year on year for the security the longer term offers - as others have said, this frees space for the Trac, Oliver, etc., contracts.
  7. Couldn't agree more. We're not talking about an in-game reshuffle. We're talking about replacing a long-term injured player's role. Has to be Petty.
  8. Such a delusional supporter base. They beat cellar-dwelling Collingwood for christ's sake!
  9. Sparrow in for Baker (assuming Viney doesn't get up) Petty for Tomlinson (or do we go Majak for some X factor?) Chandler for Jones If Fritch is rubbed out, Weid in. * I'm not keen on going the TMac back route - this isn't a stopgap - Tomlinson will be out to mid 2022 if it's an ACL. Time to get some time into Petty for that role.
  10. Very relieved. Good effort to overcome the early injuries and flatness from last week's exertion. I'm shattered for Tomlinson. He's been so good this year.
  11. Because we were on 150% and would have needed to beat North by at least that percentage to keep it where it was. Something like 110 to their 73, not our 103.
  12. We're up 97 to 73 with 5 mins 36 sec on the clock
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