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  1. Really enjoyed his work with the club. Sad to see him go but was inevitable I suspect given his media talents.
  2. Someone tell the Board we've got a 14th Cup to accommodate somewhere!
  3. Daisy: "They invited the wrong team to their housewarming."
  4. YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic effort Dees that was a hell of a fight. What a season! What a way to see Daisy off - a pioneering champion of the game.
  5. Officially have no fingernails left.
  6. Good. Walk away and leave them paying a million a year for him.
  7. JVR - surely will play seniors next yr - happy for him to slot in place of melksham from semi final side. Laurie - not sure - dev hampered by a lot of injuries in 2020 Howes - apparently v close to senior selection this yr but injured in vfl - may be spots in the jordon or hunt areas? AMW - not sure Turner - surely gets more games with Tomlinson maybe being traded, Hibbert longer in the tooth and Hunt traded. Chandler - got some clearer air between him and seniors now with Bedford off to wherever. Really needs to seize any selection opportunity in a way that doesn't see him getting suspended for weeks for a concussing tackle.
  8. Our fwd line might need to trade in some of those walking frames from the Cats' mad Monday too.
  9. Kicking myself. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago fearing the gold logo could be gone any moment.
  10. Anyone remember Cerra being impressed with our presentation but we were never really in the frame because we didn't have the trade currency. Ugh.
  11. We need to milk multiple flags out of our current team. I'm [censored] over teams like Geelong nabbing a quarter of the flags contested over the last 16 seasons.
  12. Absolutely atrocious. Last year's was far better. The sonic equivalent of a butcher's bin.
  13. Absolute disgrace that you can't get the GF on either Kayo or Channel 7's own frigging app.
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