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  1. Well Matthew, I've been worried about Essendon since 2001. Oh wait, no I haven't. I don't give a [censored] about them.
  2. The DA tent was fantastic. Swung past for a snag twice, and one of my kids was delighted to devour a "Petracca" cupcake. Thank you WCW and all of the Demon Army for your contribution to today - I hope it was lucrative - and throughout the season.
  3. When you're baking in the sun with negligible shading around the ground, queuing for a quarter for a bucket of hot chips, and the scant elevated seating is off limits to the public, that did come across as a bit silly to me. Maybe the Mayor of Casey dropped past at the time.
  4. Looked like ankle. In a fair bit of discomfort heading off the field from the far wing.
  5. Oh no. Clarry hurt. Going off with trainers.
  6. Ripping left foot snap from the boundary for a goal by CLARRY!!!
  7. K Brown looking promising. Love seeing Fritta lay a tackle even if it is high.
  8. Bugger. This preseason can GAGF. Really like the prospect of Turner and hope he can get back for a strong back half of the season.
  9. I'm assuming Jack Viney came in at 11?
  10. And wear a belt for Christ's sake.
  11. The only thing he did after that was curtail Trac's attempted centre clearance to stop a 4th goal in the final minute of the 3rd.
  12. Ha, yeah. Offer a player a $7-mil 7yr deal that you only rate as being worth pick 13. Pull the other one Riccuto.
  13. Kinda wierd to me this persistent narrative that individual players need multiple flags to be considered "greats". Flags are won by teams. Apparently from here Trac could round his career out with a couple of Brownlows and some BnFs to go with his already glittering trophy cabinet, but nope. Apparently it's a 2nd flag or bust.
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