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  1. I'm happy to bundle up the ice cream maker my wife bought six years ago (which has yet to be used), the shorts she bought me yesterday and a half eaten jar of Spreewalder pickled gherkins.
  2. Totally agree LH. I actually think the whole break out narrative is a complete nonsense and has impacted how his career thus far has been viewed, which is by and large he hasn't fulfilled his talent until this year. Even some die hard dees fans on this site underrate both his output and consistency. Part of the issue is that he is obviously super talented and people want to see break out games. But he is the ultimate team player and often has looked to give off goals rather than go for glory himself. If he was less team focused he would have a lot more highlights (and goals) which often i
  3. Could not agree more. Her fellow 'experts' should be totally embarrassed how much knowledgeable and switched on and verses in the modern game she is. Beyond the knowledge she has developed from playing, it is evident she actually does research about the game in general and the game she is covering, which makes the complete lack of research by peanuts such as Darcy, Ling, Carey and Richardson shamefully obvious. How much do they get paid? Of all the people involved in the coverage of footy across fox and 7 she is by far the best, with Bartel and Hodge the best of the rest (which
  4. Great post. His speech was brilliant i thought. I was super impressed. The best I have heard him speak publicly.
  5. Seems logical given goody all but confirmed he would play next year. Any thoughts on where things sit now?
  6. At the start of the bluey broadcast they had pretty slick video intro with a montage of shots of them getting on and off planes and busses and shots of them arriving at different grounds with text super imposed with stuff like 6 flights, 8 stadiums, 64 bus rides, five states etc. You can see it here (it is at the very start):
  7. binman


    Seriously, you could not make this [censored] up.
  8. binman


    Can confirm. I have heard a rumour though, from a very reliable source, that the club is desperate for him to stay and has put a big money offer to him, but that he has said if they trade his brother he is gone.
  9. This is a good point. Players might be fine with goody, but the best players might be jack of some of their teamates. If I was oliver busting my gut week in, week out I would be far from thrilled with efforts of melksham this year for instance. And a star like trac even if not frustrated by his teamstes, might look around and conclude this group aint going to take me to the mountain top, not matter how good a coach goody is.
  10. Spot on Titan. And also Nudge. Totally agree with your comments. A few random related thoughts: The culture in footy is never make excuses and blame injuries or external factors such as draws etc for poor results. Be that as it may there is no denying we got shafted this year by the AFL in terms of where and when we had to play (no coincidence this was highlighted in the video montage at the sart of the bluey or again by Goody in his speech) You don't reckon the players would have royally [censored] off about that? I do. It is bulltish we had to go to Cairns. We play those t
  11. I'm confused. No compensation would make up for you crying? And even if it could, who would pay it and what would it be? A thousand smiles? Some chuuckles. Maybe 2000 guffaws?
  12. Yep. Add in some of your mates have literally just been sacked, some are going to another club (you know that but few outsiders do) and. there is the usual angst associated with any team that fails to meet expectations. On top of that one of the teams in your resort is playing finals. And you either head home to lock down in Melbourne or stay in the most boring beach town on earth.
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