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  1. Exactly. Question: what was the common element of out first half against the Lions and the whole Collingwood game? Answer: opposition marks inside 50 Why? Because we applied bugger all pressure to the fella kicking the ball inside 50, particularly in the pies game. Do people really think the pies suddenly found the key to unlock the dees defence - low hard kicks to forwards that defenders can't spoil?
  2. Jimmy you are a curious cat. Always seem to be spoiling for a fight. Not for the first time, i'm confused by one of your posts. And not for the first time you seem to have misrepresented my comments I said we looked tired. Played tired. And in case i need to spell it out, by tired i mean physically and mentally You don't agree that we looked tired and played tired? If so why then would you write: 'we were down on effort, application and a skill level all over the field'. Are they not all evidence of players who looked tired and played tired? In fact, in the
  3. Spot on jnr. Looked tired. Played tired. As goody also said, the break has come at a good time.
  4. I've said before, but Weed's lack of intensity and intent is a big problem for him. So when he has a game like yesterday (minus three meters gained!) it looks, if that is the right word, even worse. If he had kicked 3 goals his lack of intensity is less of an issue. But he didn't. There were any number of examples yesterday, not least his inability to bat least halve some of those marking contests he just didn't impact. But the example that really stood out to me was very late in the game, perhaps two minutes to go. We had a very, very slim chance of still winning as we we
  5. My tip? We smash them by 50 plus points. We will bring the full heat today and give some of their younguns a right fright. And their two best mids, pendles (did you know he has a basketball background - so much time) and number 22 are slow as so will get caught all day. Pies will surely look to attack like they did last week given its buck's last game. If they do our pressure will cause them to turn it over all day. If they go slow we will press up and cause turnovers in our front half. Gawn will have a field day and our three big 3 defenders will love the l
  6. 1958. Blimey we loved our footy back then. 100, 000 at a home and away game. The population of Melbourne can't have been much more than 1 million surely. A 10th of them at the g
  7. If you want a coach you've got it If you need a coach you've got. It I won't hide it, I won't hide your coach away
  8. Well, there is only one part that is possible to agree or disagree with: When you say the NSW government were "lucky" because of the geographical location of the outbreak, you are putting blinkers on. The NSW government take in the majority of overseas travellers in their quarantine for the rest of the country. Victoria take in a minor share and still keep going into lockdown. There is no luck about it. And obviously i disagree with this, given you are rebutting my argument. That said i do agree NSW have taken more than their fair share of the quarantine burden. To agree or
  9. Would make a lot of sense. Get him cherry ripe for the business end of the season like barassi did with snake baker at the roos It would also have the added benefit of being able to say to weed, you will be played for the next block of games, relax and go for it.
  10. Pure comedy gold. Please tell me this is satire.
  11. No, that is not what I even remotely saying. Or suggesting. Or implying. I'm very confused how you could have possibly arrived at that conclusion.
  12. The first lockdown in Melbourne was related to a pretty big stuff up in the hotels, but you are right the quarantine hotel programs around the country have been amazing in terms of the statistically very small numbers of cases that have escaped. Particularly given how ill suited the buildings are for the job. That said it is concerning there are no national standards yet and it seems insane how long it took governments to take aerosol transmission seriously. I should have been clearer. I meant the overall quarantine program strategy, which is the responsibility of the federal gove
  13. The footy one. The one that says players have tbe right to bare arms. Hence, the unique sleeveless footy jumpers Australian rules footballers can wear
  14. Fair suck of the sav. Yes he only had 4 disposals. But that is the only game he has played since he went out!
  15. From Haight Asbury weren't they? They had a big hit in the sixties
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