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  1. Too bloody right. I wouldn't have let the [censored] in. How likely is it that someone who has down played the severity of the virus with his view of vaccinations and seemingly very cavalier about transmission risk (by the by all of which is pretty easy when you are a spoiled rich boy) that him and sycophantic entourage will follow the quarantine requirements in Oz?
  2. How did you find a photo of me?
  3. Agree pollyana. As I think bing181 noted the dees have lacked strong on field leadership for a long time. I think we are heading in the right direction in tgis regard but I fully concede that could be wishful thinking.
  4. Thanks Dworship, interesting stuff (the post and the clip). My takeaways are: It reinforces the importance of coaching, however as you suggest more in terms of the importance of coaching as it relates to the development of players, particularly personal development Nick Saban does not explicitly make this point but implies that the development of players is a team effort, with the involvement of range of coaches and key staff Nick Saban emphasizes that helping players develop than elite mindset is critical - they need to have 'champion' mindset The top of the py
  5. Good lord jimmy, you seem not to have understood what I have said at all. Perhaps I was unclear, so i'll give it another go. 1. I just don't see how this theory can be correlated with our current state as a footy side. The theory is that the evidence suggests the coach does not play a very big factor in making a great team. Which to be clear, is not to say the coach is not important - the role of the senior coach in an AFL tis critical. But players make great sides, not coaches. And i don't need Sam Walker to tell me that. I have 40 odd years of watching the dees fail under som
  6. Nah, i'ts money is the root of all evil and it is a quote from from one of the dub/reggae greats: https://youtu.be/lgrMCxvEQUw
  7. Sam Walker was the founding editor of The Wall Street Journal's sport section and its global sports editor for a decade, covering elite sport around the world. For the book he spent over a decade analyzing data and records and interviewed hundreds of people (coaches, players, managers, owners, administrators etc etc) involved in elite sporting teams across the planet, including Collingwood. Sure its ones man's opinion but he has done the work to back up that opinion. And it is pretty convincing argument I have to say. Don't worry about the essay on why Goodwin is the majority
  8. Agree. Having leaders who can provide on field direction is super important in any team sport, but perhaps even more so in footy given the challenge a coach of getting a message (even more of challenge with the stupid restriction on runners) to players, the size of the playing field and the complexity of having 18 players on the ground. I reckon another key element is players who show leadership with their effort. It has always been the case but more than ever lazy players are exposed in modern footy and it infests the team. In the latter third of the season, Fox and 7 were usin
  9. Yep, particularly May. He was awesome this year. Most of all because of his incredible leadership, desire and a hatred of losing. A team man. In some respects his season reinforced to me how much we have lacked that sort of leadership over the years. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh on Jones but could argue you need to go back to neita for that level of leadership. I reckon Maxy is getting there and , viney too. So to have three such leaders in this current team is a real positive.
  10. Wowsa? It goes without saying that developing and implementing game plan is a key responsibility of a senior coach, but I wasn't making a list of the responsibilities of a coach. I was responding to a comment about about our appalling performance in the two games in cairns. Sure Goody has to bear some responsibility for preparation and poor selection etc but those losses were down to the players, pure and simple. The game plan was barely a factor. In the Freo game the players were simply to too lazy to stop Freo's spread, just as they were against the dogs. Against the Swans, not for
  11. Yep, that's footy. Interestingly in tbe book I referenced, The Captain Class, walker noted some research a US university had done on the outcome of sacking a coach across mutiple codes and decades (as part of his analysis of the impact of the coach). The data showed that overall sacking a coach got slightly worse results.
  12. Yes a coach is responsible for motivation and creating the optimal environment that supports a win. And of course selecting the right players. But when it is all said and done, once the game starts it is 95%, maybe more, on the players. And doubts about goody should not obscure the fact that the players selected in those two games failed and let the club and fans down. They have to wear it. I'd hate to see blame disproportionately sheeted to goody rather than where it should go- the players.
  13. Agree. The tiger's system, the player's total belief in it and their ability to implement it (which incorporates their commitment to playing their designated role)is why they have been so successful. I am even more pusuaded of this view by an excellent book I am currently reading, Captain class by Sam walker, that aims to answer why the greatest sports team are so great. He looks at the question of how significant the coach is. The short answer is not nearly as much is widely thought. Suggests the Lombardi effect has an outsize influence. Its about the players and he posits in terms of t
  14. Why? Surely many coaches improve in all sorts of ways, including game day coaching, as they gain experience. Goody has made a point about being a life time learner so I can't see why he can't improve his coaching.
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