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  1. What doesn't add up? Obviously it happens that unforced changes are sometimes made to winning sides. For example a clear best 22 player coming back from injury (like buddy or melk this week). Or perhaps a player breaking team rules, or some other misdemeanour. Or perhaps after a scrappy win against an easy beat. Or just coz. But as a general rule, coaches are loathe to make changes to winning sides. It has always been thus. A mantra if you will.
  2. No chance jetts gets dropped. He was fantastic today. On a day for small forwards, the type of players that often score the bulk of opposition goals, none of theirs did any damage.
  3. I'm confused. People keep saying Bartlett is not a 'Melbourne man'. But he is an overweight career lawyer in a (rumpled) suit? Sounds all the world a MFC man for mine.
  4. The weather will fine. So to speak. Rain will have cleared. Ground will have drained. It will be cold and a touch windy but conditions will be pretty good.
  5. On reflection, the right call. Melk adds some real silk. Close to our best kick, off both feet. And the opposition will have to man him to make sure he doesn't get off tbe chain. I won't be surprised if he gets some midfield minutes either. If he can get the ball goal side of centre bounces then his kicks inside 50 are a weapon.
  6. They were simply too good. Great defensive set up. But our innacurate kicking for goal has again come back to haunt us.
  7. There is zero chance Jackson will get dropped. Wed is competing with Tmac for spot. And Tmac has the advantage of being the incumbent. I really hope Weed goes up a level this season. He has the talent. But if he is at the level he was last year i'd have Tmac ahead of him ATM.
  8. Question: If the Dees play the Pies at the G next week how many people will attend (some context: the 2019 AFLW GF at Adelaide Oval had aprox 50k fans)?
  9. They certainly have covered a lot bases in terms of coverage!
  10. Just back from the shops. Two teenage girls walking just ahead of me. One said how exhausted she was last night after footy training. Women's football is going to help Australian rules football thrive and ultimately become tbe number one sport in Australia. Without Women's footy that would never happen, given its competitors are international sports. It is something worth keeping in mind when talk about pay comes around.
  11. Fair point. The coaches may well feel they can't have someone with melksham's talent sitting on the pine. If they do pick him he better improve his pressure on last year's insipid level
  12. Disagree. Agree with jaded. Hibberd is average at best one on one. And having him as lock down defender means that he can't play to his strengths - which is run and carry. Hunt and Rivers both ahead of him ATM IMHO
  13. That's a great stat. Ta It really provides some evidence for my observation that our defensive set up/zone makes us a really hard team to score against - something that i think i fundamental to goodies tactics. Add to that stat this comment from AOB easlrier in this thread and you start to get a great picture of key elements of our tactical model - and how effective it is: 'We are currently first in intercepts (quite comfortably) and first in intercept differential (by an absolute mile)' There has been lots of talk about the new rules and the supposed more open play the
  14. How good would it be to beat the pies at the g to win a grand final. Our first grand final win since beating the pies at the g
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