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  1. Tigers kicking skills are ELITE Tigers pressure and tackling is ELITE Tigers concentration and intensity is ELITE Not sure how someone like Goodwin could see that and not question his ability to coach and the Dees players pathetic skills.
  2. F ARK IN ELL ROOS V DEES IN TASSIE - rescheduled to Dees v Roos in Adelaide ROOS V LIONS IN TASSIE - rescheduled to Roos v Lions at Metricon. Dees get screwed every time. Lions are absolutely favoured with AFL trying to gift them a flag !!! FFS
  3. Clearly a stronger Crows team. They waved the white flag v Roos. Set themselves to win v Dees
  4. I still think we will add 3 youngsters. Definitely won’t be inside mids or a young ruckman. NEED OUTSIDE MIDFIELDERS THAT CAN RUN, WITH SKILLS TO KICK THE FOOTY.
  5. Agree. Goodwin cannot continue if we lose this. It’s a “186 point loss “ no matter how big the scenario of a loss.
  6. Tom and Oscar can go to the Suns in exchange for Brayden Fiorini and a 3rd round pick
  7. Bulldogs - Bont, Libba, Macrae, Dunkley, Wallis Too many inside mids!!! Wallis played forward pocket last night. Maybe they should trade the Bont!!!
  8. Tomlinson played as a key defender for Giants in 2016-1st half 2018 seasons. Then played CHF and wing in late 2018. He is a utility. Might see him at CHB. Worth the trial. Cannot have Lever as 2nd tall. Played MUCH BETTER as 3rd tall and intercept. Goody - ??
  9. If we lose, then 1- Goodwin should resign and acknowledge he is not capable of leading Dees to glory 2- Players will be advised to stop drinking their own bath water 3- media will enjoy the week and make Melbourne FC the laughing stock 4- Dees supporters will have another period of shame and despair 5- the holiday camp in Maroochydore will be under extreme review If we win, then... (According to the media and special commentators) it’s because the Crows are hopeless and it proves nothing until we beat a good team.
  10. Brayshaw for Dons first round pick - selection at 10/11. Lloyd has his own agenda
  11. McHenry or McAsey likely to kick a bag !
  12. agree. Jackson has zero contested marks in 3 weeks. Mitch Brown probably should retire !! He deserved a roll of the dice this game.
  13. It’s strange given CROWS PLAY THREE TALL FORWARDS - Walker, HImnelberg and Mcasey. Fogarty also to play key forward. Perhaps Tomlinson to play CHB. Strange to drop Omcd for this one !!!?!?!?!?
  14. Agreed. Footy is a relatively simple game. Gawn needs to use his dominance much better. Hit outs to advantage is the measure ... not just hit outs.
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