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  1. Turner is probably our best prospect AFL ACADEMY V CARLTON VFL team scouting notes #11 Orlando Turner (Norwood/Northern Territory) 16/05/2005 | 176cm | 67kg | Small Forward/Wing The sole Northern Territory representative in the Academy ended the day as his side’s sole multiple goal kicker, taking his opportunities in the third quarter to help strengthen the Academy lead. Whilst Turner started as a small forward, it was a move to the wing in the second half that saw him really work into the game. He still applied the same level of pressure and intercepted a few Carlton forays in the front half, but also increased his production and damage with more opportunities in space. Both of Turner’s goals came from set shots; one after marking an attempted switch kick, and the other after going in for the ball and copping high contact. He could even have had a couple of more goals if he held a bit more composure on the run. Tasmania v Northern Territory Academy: Northern Territory #1 Orlando Turner After representing Australia with the National Academy last week, Turner proved a handy addition for the Northern Territory and finished as his side’s lone multiple goalkicker. Turner, who usually plies his trade with Norwood in the SANFL, was electric across half-forward and also enjoyed stints in midfield. Among his highlight reel was a goal from the centre square, which ran about 20 metres over the back and through the big sticks. That moment was indicative of the forward’s willingness to move the ball on quickly, and he seemed to thrive on every opportunity to get creative or take opponents on in the attacking half. A true bright spark.
  2. Bombers got the umps run and broke the Kangas. But Kangas were brave with Greenwood and Simpkin both out with Concussion. Kangas midfield very impressive and missing some yesterday. Imagine their future with LDU, Simpkin, Sheezel, Wardlaw, Phillips, Powell all young and upcoming stars imv.
  3. Grey is one to be on the list of potential rookies for 2024. Just keeps doing the right things.
  4. As I said … Degoey 3 weeks at a minimum. Off his feet. Player had disposed of the footy. Careless. Head high. High impact. @daisycutter hardly off his feet, just because at the time of impact neither foot was grounded doesn't mean he jumped. I didn’t say he jumped. I said he was off his feet. Some may also state that to be off your feet , DEGOEY must have jumped into the bumping motion. Either way he’s lost his Brownlow chance and will get 3-4 weeks off
  5. Right. At the time I said “oh Harmesy. So stupid “. Yes one week is right. Degoey 3 weeks at a minimum. Off his feet. Player had disposed of the footy. Careless. Head high. High impact. Ok 4 weeks really.
  6. This weeks talking points V Carlton 1. It was a horrible game to watch. So many turnovers. So many mistakes. Kane Cornes described it as “truly awful”. Why? Our skills to hit a target was missing. Goalkicking was poor. MFC were bad. Carlton were simply worse. 2. Hunter and Langdon had good games but their possessions reflect our slow and wide ball movement. Their heat map of possessions showed 8/10 were on the boundary edge. Defenders love to have restricted areas to cover and our forward 50s from out wide are easily cut off. Can we play the corridor more from now on ? 3. Kozzzy. We love him. But 3 times flying into packs and not crumbing had me scratching my head. Remember round 1. Wow. If he gets back to that, we’ll be truly dangerous. 4. Three tall defenders. Tommo on Mckay. May on Curnow. Lever played his intercept role. It showed as a better structure than Lever marking the 2nd tall forward. Tommo to cover until Petty is back imv. 5. Trac was clearly BOG. Three Brownlow votes. Thats 17 votes for Trac already by my calculations if the umps have any idea. May, Riv, Sparrow, Mcvee, Salem, Fritta and Lever (and Bowsa until concussed) as my other best players this week. Obviously a defenders game this week.
  7. Another strong game from JJ. But probably won’t crack it for a game next week as Hibbo and Clarry back in. Laurie also on the fringe of a senior game. I think Woey jnr should debut later in the year. Deakyn Smith is still a prospect. Not sure BBB will get back despite our needs for a KPF.
  8. @Roost it far ditto. Good call. Last night we kicked it to Weitering too much. Moore (and Murphy) will eat those.
  9. Have the keep the belief BUT did you watch last night ?? It was sloppy. Poor goalkicking. Skills were terrible. Kozzzy hasn’t crumbed a pack since round 1. Inefficient with the footy (As confirmed by Richo and Goody in post match comments). Positives were 1/Clearances finally improved 2/Defence was good. Otherwise we were sub par.
  10. Hibbo available. Melksham available. Clarry hopefulllllllllllly available. Bowsa out concussed. Harmes out suspended (stupid). Tomlinson stays in v Cameron/Cox forward. May on Mihocek. Lever 3rd tall or on Johnson. No more slow and wide. Rather run and gun and more chaos style
  11. 3 words poor goalkicking again hit a target inefficient with footy finally won clearances umps are shizzzzzzn harmesy 1 week why slow wide May is back Kozzzy must lift Trac you star Gawn 1st ruck JVR developing nicely Clarry hopefully back Fritta so important Just a win Very mediocre game bank 4 points
  12. 😣Turnovers 😣Clangers 😣So many missed shots at goal 😣composure going inside 50 ✅defence ✅ Clearances Goody says 😣Not pretty , inefficiencies , work to do, last 2 weeks goalkicking needs work 😊😊pride in team , game in good shape , Trac and Mids in good form
  13. What a horrible game. Mostly a shambles. Mediocre game. Mistakes. our best ?? 0.6 Trac 0.5 Mcvee 0.4 May 0.3 Salem 0.2 Fritsch 0.1 Sparrow apologies to Max, Lever, Hunter, Ed, Gus, Riv and Bowsa until injured JVR development is good needs to improve Grundy Chandler Spargo Joel Smith omg
  14. LOSE THE UNLOSEABLE JVR 🤬 Harmes🤬 Gawn 🤬 Trac🤬
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