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  1. Absolute joke. Just had two bye rounds. Players are ready to go. It’s another example of crazy administration. Second best comp behind the AFL. Not judging by the incompetence of the administration. Really??? Demons should be speaking with Pies about a scratch match to keep players fresh and match ready. Similar to those organised last year during the hub in Queensland.
  2. Yes maybe the ball winners lost the midfield battle and didn’t put the pressure on the Collingwood mids. DEGOEY certainly played his best game for the year and seemed quicker than I’ve seen him before. I’m sure the wake up call will get analyzed to see where we failed. I was expecting our fitness to overrun them but they seemed fresher.
  3. Yes we played like we had enjoyed our own bathwater. It’s a reality check. But we need a plan B.
  4. Fair enough. I think we just expected to turn up today. The pies were switched on.
  5. Simply outcoached by Buckley and Harvey today. How to beat Melbourne? 1- run and overlap to break the zone 2- because MFC play a zone, you have free targets. Skill by foot will break the zone 3- lower the eyes with inside 50 entries Goodwin needed to switch to plan B and man up their loose ball winners. They used Maynard and DEGOEY. 65 possessions between these two who controlled a lot of forward transition. Wake up call today. Others will see the pies today and see how to break our zone.
  6. He was equal BOG today with DEGOEY in Queens Birthday game. Destroyed Fritsch. Had 32 possessions. One of Pies best in a poor year.
  7. He was Moores little (censored) boy. Schooled him all day. Moore took 5-6 marks against Weideman.
  8. In. A brain out. Stupidity. In. First option Out. Handballing to a bloke under more pressure In Marking inside fwd 50 out. Kicking to the fwd pocket In. Viney out Sparrow In. Brown out Weideman
  9. 0.6 Jordon 0.5 Gawn 0.4 Lever 0.3 Jackson 0.2 Trac 0.1 Oliver Apologies. Salem Average. May. Hibberd. Harmes. Langdon. Brayshaw. Hunt. Rivers. Spargo. Petty. poor. Anb. Tmcd. Fritsch. -3 Weideman-2 Kozzy -1 sparrow
  10. Future 4th rounder is about a fair trade right now. I’d happily swap Weideman out. Why get Brown ? They play the same role.
  11. Post of the day Trac and oliver played a dumb game today. Great at getting the footy. Disposals were poor. Kicking was [email protected]$)&d. Oliver’s miss hurt us at end of third. Pendlebury nailed same kick in last quarter.
  12. Dumb footy today No plan B Pies too smart Weideman must go Umps a disgrace Goodwin wake up Whos on DEGOEY Why to pockets why kick sideways why little handballs not premiership material it really hurt pies embarrassed us buckley last laugh
  13. 3rd quarter ✅Trac goal ✅LJ goal ✅Jordon ❌ umps giving Cameron x Trac disposal x kicks to pockets again and again x oliver first decision x Tmcd another miss x Weideman (moore is destroyed him )
  14. Weideman to half time v pies. 2 handballs. 3 fumbles. Zero scores. Zero tackles. Weid is getting the nod, and got the coach and us supporters backing. But I’m starting to lose hope and the Weid has to step up. Brown might get the call up after the bye.
  15. Top versus 16th ! 2nd quarter 5 goals to 2. Dees ❌ low intensity. Low run ❌turnovers and little handballs cut off ❌pies too smart. Low kicks into fwd50 ❌kicks to the pockets pockets pockets and sideways !! Go direct ?? ❌goodwin !! who’s on degoey. Three goal assists. 10 possessions ✅ (nil) need to copy them. Run and low direct footy to find targets inside 50.
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