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  1. No trade. No way. Fritsch is nearly nearly there. Ready to kick a bag of goals. He needs more grippo on his hands (still misses some easy marks) and the confidence with his kicking. He has the marking and kicking and agility to be a huge asset.
  2. Valuable contribution today. Ok. Smart options when he had the chance. Tackling definitely better. He should have kicked 3 or 4 goals but like others, didn’t quite finish. I’m not convinced he’s in our absolute best 18 but I’m not axing him either.
  3. It’s a huge loss if he misses weeks. Petty and Tomlinson get to have the crack at Lynch. Daw might be double back up option.
  4. Melksham NEARLY played well. I’d expect him to nail some of the kicks and marks and tackles that he missed today. Should be better for today’s run.
  5. Ins. Petty Hibberd out. May (inj) Jordon Jordon as medical sub.
  6. Gawn. May. Petracca. Langdon. All would be All Australians after 4 rounds. Lever close. Oliver nearly.
  7. Fritsch finished off the work. Had so many chances. Missed marks. Missed tackles. Only one tackle. Defensive pressure nil. 4 clangers from 12 kicks. But his goal in the second gave us breathing room (thanks to Henderson brain snap) and bobbed up in a chain to finish off our best running goal. He is my Jeremy Howe type. So much potential and so so close to really nailing his talent. He was good (and I nearly gave him votes) but could be better. Go Dees
  8. 6 Lever 5 Petracca 4 Langdon 3 Gawn 2 Salem 1 Oliver unlucky Viney Fritsch played ok. Sounds funny when he kicked 4 but could have kicked 8
  9. Ah yes, the old demons reappear. Off field dramas to derail the momentum. Egos and arrogance. Sort out all the board shizzen and issues in the off season and then keep your heads out. Ffs
  10. Not sure if this is overs or unders in the current environment. I know the cap was increased but post Covid, revenue is lower and budgets tighter. I thought Oliver and Petracca would be $700k-$750k per year on their next contracts. It certainly is huge $$$ for blokes in their early-mid20s, or indeed anyone imv.
  11. 4 year deal at $550k would be starting offer. He’s a lock for our starting 18 and in my current top 10 players at the club (#9).
  12. That would be a huge boost. Maybe they could each play a half at full forward. I think we’d have to get them through two games before senior selection. I thought tom McDonald did ok in round 1 but he’s not the answer across CHF/FF. Need Weid and Ben Brown in the MFC line up.
  13. Stop the cats 1. Make Tom Stewart accountable and man him up. He is the loose man and intercept mark. He leads counter attacks. 2. Stop the Tomahawk. See Steven May 3. Stop Cam Guthrie and Mitch Duncan. Selwood is good but Guthrie and Duncan do the gut running and get 30-35 possessions. 4. Play at a pace. Don’t go slow. The cats get back quickly and are very good at defending in zones and spaces. You must take in the game and break lines. 5. O’Connor will go to Oliver. We must help Clarry and get him support. Etc etc
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