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  1. Alyssa Bannan has got such huge potential. Excellent athlete - size and pace. Love her footy potential. Her goals were both fantastic. The run and 3xbounce goal was top shelf. Deserves her Rd 2 rising star award.
  2. Agree with the additions but Fitzsimon and Petrevski unlucky to miss out. Very strong squad this year.
  3. 5 Hore 4 Hanks 3 Paxman 2 Birch 1 McNamara special mention to Alyssa Bannan for two wonderful goals. Especially the 4 bounce run from the centre to outrun her opponent and slot a major in the 2nd quarter what a draft in 2020 … Bannan, McNamara and Caris. They are all very very good youngsters.
  4. Demons 2022 membership pack arrived on Friday. Kids excited for another year.
  5. Terribly sad. He was a talented young man. My heart goes out to his family and friends. For all of us, please remember to take care of yourself and look after others.
  6. Eden Zanker is a star. Fantastic in round 1. Watch out AFLW.
  7. 5 Zanker 4 Birch 3 Hore 2 Hanks 1 L. Pearce Daisy gets honourable mention. She missed an easy goal in the 3rd but otherwise was smart and clean with the footy. Classy to watch.
  8. Yes big wraps on the squad for 2022. Let’s hopefully get the premiership cup for Daisy. She’s an absolute legend of AFLW and the sport. So talented. Brave. Inspirational. Tayla Harris of course will be a big plus for the team. Karen Paxman is a definite A grade star. Also keen to see Libby Birch now as our number 1 defender. She is a great athlete and improved so much in the past two seasons. Eden Zanker is another to watch out for. She was really shining before the ‘21 season ended.
  9. Really excited to see what Tayla can do in 2022. She is an amazingly strong and determined young lady.
  10. Interesting analysis. Yes it shows that Viney had important and what he had a good year when he played.
  11. Sorry yes I actually meant Ellison rather than Goonan. Ellison looked very handy in some games and had a day out when he kicked 6 as a midsized forward v Werribee. Then the shutdown happened. Be good to see what he can do with hopefully a full season ahead. Still time ahead as he’s only 20.
  12. Jay Lockhart - going to Southport Zac Foot - going to Southport Corey Stockdale - to Norwood SANFL Corey Machaya - local footy Cora Lynn Jack Hutchins - off to Mansfield Two of the better Stingrays in 2021 Clayton Gay and Bayleigh Welsh are off to West Adelaide SANFL Seems many youngsters want the guaranteed game time rather than the limited or unlikely call ups to Casey Looks like it’s Matt Buntine plus the likely returning group of White, Munro, Grey, Sparkes, Freeman & Goonan.
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