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  1. Yes the sniping has started already in 2021. Play on and chin up !
  2. Has the talent and the tricks. It’s probably just the shear will and commitment to play AFL that Kobe needs to nail. It would be great to see him in red and blue.
  3. May for PM seriously he must come into our leadership group Gawn captain Viney vice captain Leadership group - May Lever Trac and ...Melksham (Goodys pet)
  4. It’s like the bullet train between Sydney and Melbourne. Six feasibility studies over 20 years costing $xxx millions. A club without a home !!! Ffs get it done
  5. Dees to win the premiership in 2021. Have to believe to receive. There’s no reason to think that we cannot win it. We simply must.
  6. Another wake up call to all young blokes. Social media. Be very very very very careful. Respect for all women always Get some perspective on reality and by the way young men, let your brain override your p&$#%s.
  7. Got a good feeling about this young bloke. He could be an absolute ripper.
  8. Lockhart May Lever Hibberd Tomlinson Salem Langdon Viney Rivers Melksham Weideman Harmes Pickett B.Brown Fritsch Gawn Petracca Oliver Int. Jackson Brayshaw Anb Hunt emerg. Vandenburg Baker Sparrow depth. Tmcd Jones Jetta M.Brown Petty Hore Smith Spargo development. Chandler Bedford Jordan Nietschke Bowey Laurie Rodman Bradtke
  9. 2021. This will be our year. Go Dees. Grab that premiership. No fear.
  10. Slow day watching the cricket. I know the club posted our potential Cricket XI but I think there is more hidden talent in our list. 1. Jack Viney - (captain) opening batsman. Tough as nails. Always takes on the short ball. Plays like Justin Langer. 2. Steven May - opening batsman. Strong rock like defence. Hits it long when he goes for it. Plays like Matthew Hayden. 3. Christian Salem - left handed batsman. Highly skilled. Fluent stroke maker. Part time handy off spin when required. Plays like Usman Khawaja. 4. Christian Petracca - right hand batsman. Aggressive middle o
  11. Good call. Hopefully Mark Williams can lift his footy skills and development.
  12. I thought GC Suns would look to preselect or draft Max Pescud. Strong 2019 as a 17 year old and played in the 2020 Suns Academy v Lions Academy game up here this year. Pace and skill. Too good not to be in recruiters sights. Might get a call from Southport Sharks to be in the new expanded eastern league team. One kid who might be given 2nd look in next years draft.
  13. 13-9 for the year. Will be in a battle for the top 4 but perhaps settle for 6th/7th. Last round versus Cats away. FFS!!
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