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  1. The winner is Bailey Fritsch. Back to back Now a two time winner 2019 v Kangas round 23 at Tassie and 2020 v Dogs round 13 at Metricon. I agree kozzzzy wins the “Nearly Mark Of the Year” for his 4 or 5 huge jumps but ultimately fumbled attempts One will stick in 2021 !!!!
  2. Agree Bailey Fritsch has another good year but it was also a very frustrating year. 22 goals 24 behinds and about 10 OOB left us wanting more. Potentially a 35 goal season imo. He is sometimes casual looking (maybe just his style) and his 50 metre penalty v Lions in the dying minute was just stupid. He has signed on again and he’s only 22 so massive upside still as a late developer.
  3. Ignition gets the chocolates
  4. Neeld and Prendagast have failed everywhere. Put clubs into ruin. Their track records are hopeless.
  5. Yes the Dogs will try to engineer points so we might be a willing partner in pick swaps. It’s a crazy time
  6. Salary cap ? What a joke. I’d like to see the Cats books.
  7. 9. Mitch Brown - 2 votes in round 18 v bombers. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 10. Gil Mc$$$lan -“ Melbourne , C .....................” he loves the smallest suspense. (Trac was very unlucky in round 17 - 3 votes ... Melbourne. C..... Oliver).
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