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  1. Steven May is an absolute champion. Probably the best full back in Dees history. And of course a premiership player 🏆 His partnership with Lever has been one of the keys to our success.
  2. Agree. Bo Allan goes top 35 at least. Aside from him, WA is a lottery this year.
  3. Our MFC listed youngsters at Casey are “fillers” In my view in the midfield. Sestan will not be a midfielder. He is a smart goalkicking player. That’s his future role. Laurie is a small forward like Spargo. They are not AFL potential mids. Given the loss of our depth, Harmes, Jordon, Dunstan, Munro and Gus as a first rate mid, we need to restock. We have young talls and mid sized flankers both front and back. We need more ball winners and midfield runners. We are lucky our midfield depth hasn’t been tested and we’re healthy right now. I’d get a young midfielder in as our mid year draft pick.
  4. Wow. $1m a year for 6 seasons. That’s ridiculous money. Though North are in desperate times and need to stabilize their defence.
  5. Scoring power. Dees still not achieving our best outcomes - goals - from inside 50 dominance We had the most inside 50s on the weekend yet had =5th highest score Dees. 61 inside 50s. 14 goals. Power 60 inside 50s. 16 goals. Crows. 59 inside 50s. 21 goals Blues 51 inside 50s 15 goals Hawks 51 inside 50s 15 goals Swans 46 inside 50s 16 goals Connection forward of centre and inside 50 must get better and our goalkicking still needs to sharpen up
  6. https://www.afl.com.au/news/1139194/father-son-trio-tyler-welsh-and-ben-and-lucas-camporeale-shine-as-south-australia-downs-allies-in-under-18-national-championships-opener/amp Crows and Blues definitely would be happy. Tyler Welsh is almost ready to go for 2025. Camporeale brothers will be drafted early and matched by the blues.
  7. Wonthaggi boy Jack Hutchinson is expected to be picked early in the mid year draft. Now at Collingwood VFL this year, his “Schwartz like” high marking has been a highlight and he’s a capable key forward goalkicker. Likely the Eagles or Hawks might call out his name.
  8. https://m.facebook.com/AFLTAS/videos/devils-play-of-the-week-composure-power-precision-this-oscar-van-dam-goal-on-sat/176349932070603/
  9. The top 5 choices for me are Geordie Payne. Tassie under 18s Riley collier-Dawkins. Williamstown VFL Trent Bianco. Footscray VFL Max Hall Box Hill Hawks Noah Howes Sth Adelaide SANFL and my wildcard is Oscar Van Dam. Tassie under 18s … Love his name and he’s a good young footballer too
  10. I like what AMW also does when he doesn’t have the footy. Still moves well and reads the play. Not bad for someone with a rugby background. His tackling is good. I’d like to see him as the sub this week. Would like to see how he goes.
  11. Like to see some work being put into Clarry’s disposals. firstly yes the short little handballs hit targets but mainly are blokes under more pressure than him. Decision making ? secondly is there anyone else who kicks rainmaker air balls into the forward line - you know the kicks that “ go up as far as they go along “ . Clarry used to bullet some kicks. Not anymore. Maybe again a confidence thing.
  12. It’s another 3 votes for Max Gawn surely. I think it’s likely 3- M.Gawn 2- J. Viney 1- C.Petracca maybe S.May for a vote I think the umps like and remember Mids who also kick goals. The goals and inside play get them votes ahead of strong defensive trio The projected votes have Gawn between 13-15, Trac around 9-10 , & May on potentially 7-8 votes. JV7 up to 4 votes likely.
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