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  1. In most of my teasers, the answer is based on members of my team sharing a surname with another group - eg. singers, cricketers, actors, jockeys etc. This puzzle is not like that and does have a football connection. No current coach qualifies for inclusion, although Luke Beveridge is almost eligible. Third prize is still up for grabs. Who will earn the gift from the Maggi?* * I believe that is the correct spelling. Sauce? Glad you asked.
  2. Congratulations to @Timothy Reddan-A'Blew who has nailed second place and earns himself second prize from the three wise men. I think the item has been misspelled all these years and was really a future nod to the creator of this bloke.
  3. We finally have a winner with @george_on_the_outer cracking the conundrum. In keeping with the aforesaid three wise men, his prize is obvious.
  4. I was seven years old and it was at the matinee session of our local cinema where they used to play Cinesound Movietone newsreels (boring) and cartoons (yay) before the feature film. On this occasion, they showed colour footage of a Melbourne v Collingwood game and I was simply entranced by the red and blue of our guernsey. I was hooked and became a Demon supporter, despite urgings from my old man (Collingwood), brothers (Footscray and North Melbourne) and neighbours (Essendon and South Melbourne). It was late 1964. Had I known it would be a 57 year wait for a flag, I may have reconsidered.
  5. Nothing to do with siblings, alas. (Please PM me if you think you know the answer rather than posting here) I've had suggestions that they were all Rising Star nominees and that they share a surname with singers, but those answers are also incorrect. Another hint: All clubs are represented in the team except Adelaide and Essendon. There is a very good reason for this.
  6. A clue before bedtime: Bigoa Nyuon no longer plays for Richmond.
  7. Just a green red herring, Timothy. Nothing fishy about it, really. Cod forgive me.
  8. Come on all you clever Demonlanders, who among you is going to be one of the three wise guys? And no, I'm not talking about these three wise guys.
  9. Hmmm ... three hours, almost 100 views and not a single response as yet. Rest assured the answer is not as complicated as it initially appears. As an added incentive, I shall now award appropriate seasonal prizes for the first three wise men/women/either/other who manage to crack the puzzle.
  10. Unless inspiration strikes, this is the last of my brainteasers for now as the arsenal is empty. Anybody else interested in having a go? Below is a team of currently listed AFL footballers, roughly in position. It's not a particularly strong side, but all the players have something in common. I would rate this one as fairly straightforward but, then again, I already know the solution. There are no prizes today. Don't be greedy. It's almost Christmas. Answers in a PM only, thanks! =============================================== B: Blake Hardwick Steven May Zac Guthrie H/B: Judd McVee Caleb Graham Jack Sinclair C: Nat Fyfe Patrick Cripps Daniel Rioli H/F: Toby Greene Charlie Curnow Sam Powell-Pepper F: Cody Weightman Jake Waterman Michael Frederick R: Darcy Cameron Tom Green Jack Steele I/C: Angus Sheldrick Bigoa Nyuon Jarrod Berry Jack Crisp
  11. When India were touring Australia in the early 90s, I remember one (daubed on Mum's best bedsheet, of course!) that paid tribute to Navjot Sidhu. "Knock knock" "Who's there?" "Sid" "Sidhu?"
  12. I find it neither obvious nor reasonable. It has nothing to do with Melbourne Football Club.
  13. Why is there so much attention being given to a player from another club?
  14. It's a worry that he had it in his third year.
  15. I wouldn't mind some more Melbourne Cups to go with our thirteen other ones.
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