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  1. Daniel Talia (delisted) – TBC, but unlikely to play as he recovers from foot and ankle injuries. He’s exploring whether to hop into the real estate and/or stockbroking industries. Somebody's got a sense of humour!
  2. That horrible beer they served was almost reason in itself to avoid Arden Street. I know Courage Breweries were North's sponsor, but their product was so bad that people were coming home sober from a day at the footy.
  3. I remember going to a game at Princes Park as a 16 year old. They let me in for the Under 14 concession price then served me cans of beer at the booth in the outer.
  4. The adjacent suburb Princes Hill was named after the same bloke. That's not the only thing Prince Albert lent his name too, of course.
  5. * Princes Park (well. some pedant had to say it)
  6. I understood jnrmac's post to mean that none of our Premiership team have retired or been traded.
  7. I've posted this before, but it belongs in this thread. In round 20 of 1982, my Demon mate and I went to Victoria Park for the first (and last) time to watch Melbourne play Collingwood. We found standing room in a packed outer but soon realised we were surrounded by a seething mob of dirty, ugly, loud, abusive, obscene, smelly and toothless black and white supporters. Almost without exception, they were drunk, smoking like chimneys, swearing like wharfies and even at this early stage of the day fighting amongst themselves. Rather than relinquish their spot in the crowd, they were peeing where they stood. Some of the men were just as bad. We started well with the wind but the Pies had regained the lead by half-time. The third quarter was all ours with eight goals and in the last, we kicked another eight to finish all over them by nine goals. Glenn McLean was magnificent that day, marking everything in sight and earning the three Brownlow votes. Collingwood were so impressed that they traded for him and you will rapt to hear that Glenn went on to have a wonderful two-game career with the Pies. Having kept very, very quiet all day for fear of attracting the wrong sort of attention, the beers (ice-cold cans!) finally got the better of me and this is when I did the craziest thing in my life. As Mark 'Jacko' Jackson kicked his seventh to seal victory, I let rip with a loud "Go Demons!!". Things then went eerily quiet in the outer as hundreds of pairs of beady eyes bored into us. I looked at my mate, he nodded and we turned and ran as fast as we could towards the exit and kept going all the way to Johnstone Street where we jumped on the first bus we found. It didn't matter that it was heading in the wrong direction, we just wanted to get away from that horrible joint. Only my drycleaner will know just how frightened I was that day.
  8. I was chatting to a Richmond supporter this week who reckons, with Dusty Martin back and fit, they might have one more flag left in them ... if it wasn't for Melbourne. In his words, the Tiges are on the decline while we are reaching our peak.
  9. What's that diamond symbol the players make with their hands after a goal all about?
  10. Demons leading 48 to 25 at 3/4 time. It's live on afl.com.au Barney.
  11. Some people are comparing COVID to the Bubonic Plague but they had an oversupply of rats back then.
  12. I see how "sticks and" equals Rixon, but how does "rustle" give you Steve?
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