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  1. He didn't want to pass up the chance to have one last go at coaching Collingwood in their Grand Final?
  2. Now there's a clickbait thread title to cause heart flutters Rupert would be proud of! He's the "favourite" of Jordan Lewis. That's all.
  3. A couple of things I've noticed again tonight that puzzle me about today's footballers: 1. The practice of spinning the ball in their hands as they're lining up for goal. 2. Taking a mark in the forward line then walking back not facing the goals. The first may just be a habit but the second was drummed into us from under 12s as a big no-no.
  4. Given their (self-inflicted) carnage, Simpson and his donkey might be more appropriate.
  5. I'm not willing to discus this any further.
  6. Not sure I can get over that hurdle.
  7. Oh dear, what have I started here? I think you all need to behave like pole vaulters and just get over it.
  8. Two peas in a pod. Was there a porpoise to this teaser?
  9. Correct! It's a ripper of a clue I reckon.
  10. Didn't spot that bit at first, but I noticed the backline of F.U.C. which I thought was heading somewhere that may have caused you some serious trouble with the mods. Having the first name initials before the surname may have made a good poser even more difficult to crack.
  11. If Olympic boxers are enthusiastic about social distancing in the ring, they can knock themselves out.
  12. F.U.C.H.S.I.A.S. B.E.C.A.M.E. D.E.M.O.N.S. Sorry Timothy, all your hard work spoiled so early! I'll try to make amends by posing the finest cryptic crossword clue I ever encountered. HIJKLMNO (5) The answer is a common English word.
  13. Nobody's cracked this one yet. Is the answer the patron saint of ups and downs, St. Francis of a See-Saw?
  14. Go for it Colin, the more the merrier!
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