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  1. It's unfortunate for Spargo that his Achilles is his weak spot.
  2. Grant Thomas was the first football identity I can recall misusing "laconic" and it snowballed from there among the media, posters on footy forums and the wider population. Like Sam Newman, Thomas likes to use big words that he doesn't know the meaning of in an attempt to make himself sound more photosynthesis.
  3. "No! I want instant gratification and I want it NOW!!"
  4. No, you get a huge supporter base by being successful (ie winning games and, particularly, premierships)
  5. That's a fair question. I think it's because sport is more visceral. We want to see our tribe slay the other tribe. We want victory. I'd much rather a "boring" win than an "entertaining" loss. Winning is everything.
  6. Tyabb are known as "The Yabbies".
  7. Goodwin is in the business of winning football matches and, ultimately, premierships. Afterthought: If sport is entertainment, why do we have a facility called the Sports AND Entertainment Centre?
  8. Demonlanders will find him a peeling when he's ripe.
  9. Could I get a second opinion please, Dr. Dazzle?
  10. Really only our second win under that name, we've lost to some [censored] sides, it's a cursed, name All hail this week's winner of "Missed The Obvious Joke" Award!
  11. Crikey. We have a comfortable victory and this thread is as toxic as the matchday festival of negativity.
  12. They should move the match from the MCG to The Hyperbowl.
  13. Question without notice: Why do players these days feel the need to play pat-a-cake after every passage of play? What would a psychologist make of it, @Engorged Onion?
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