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  1. Poor diddums, you must be devastated. Trump the loser has GORN and it's the end of an error.
  2. Very well played by India and a thoroughly deserved 4th test and series win after the "Adelaide 36ers" debacle and all the injuries to their better players they suffered over the course of the tour. I am a little surprised that nobody on here has as yet blamed Simon Goodwin for Australia's losses.
  3. I was surprised that we traded Bishop after just two seasons to Port Adelaide, where he played in their premiership. I thought he was a good to very good player after coming off the rookie list and he went on to play 150 games. We got pick 42 in the trade and used it on Michael Clark (son of Denis) who only played the one game. As for Grgic ... he only played three good games in his career and two of those were against us!
  4. Among those who wore number 48 in their first senior game are Stephen Newport, Luke Beveridge, Darren Cuthbertson, Brent Grgic, Matthew Bishop, Liam Jurrah, Jack Fitzpatrick and Corey Maynard. Quite a bit of talent there and they all later switched to lower numbers except Fitzy, who holds the record for the highest number of games played in that number, having totalled 22 games as a Demon wearing the #48.
  5. Look at what the cat dragged in. I wondered when you would have the nerve to post in this thread again. You've finally emerged from under your rock and are doing a great impression of a dog returning to its vomit. Any chance you'll stop this nonsense when Biden is inaugurated and your man Donny is in jail?
  6. By being impeached for a second time, Trump has set another ignominious record in USA history.
  7. Wonder what his Demonland username is? Anybody willing to fess up?
  8. Back in my youth, long-distance phone calls would expose you to an STD.
  9. Think people are being a bit harsh on Pickett given that he's just a kid coming off his first year at this level.
  10. Righteous suggestions one and all there, hardtack and I couldn't argue with any of them. I'd also nominate B!tch, Sway, Monkey Man, Moonlight Mile, Rocks Off, Rip This Joint, Loving Cup, Waiting On A Friend, Winter, Beast Of Burden, Tumbling Dice, Let It Loose, Street Fighting Man, Jumping Jack Flash and Stray Cat Blues. *phew* I'd better stop there. It's a big field!
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