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  1. Double negative. Brown not ready yet and Petty a long way ahead of Majak.
  2. More probable that we beat them IMO.
  3. Rather big news, that. Strange timing. I wonder what's going on?
  4. Just missed out on the telegram from his missus.
  5. The only name I can't see is Melksham, which would indicate he is either an inclusion in the senior side or will be sub.
  6. I agree Wheels, he looks the goods at this early stage. Do you remember his father Daryl who played 13 games for us in 1984-86?
  7. I think it's human nature that, when confronted with an idea that's new and radical, to have a knee jerk reaction of looking for possible faults/negatives and automatically rejecting the concept. Having given this proposal some thought, I believe is is not without merit. My two cents.
  8. Who do posters think might be our and other sides' natural "rival"? Traditionally for us it was Collingwood, but a lot of other clubs would probably think the same. I could see the interstate teams playing each other, maybe Hawthorn v Geelong and North v Bulldogs but as for the rest?
  9. You'd think they'd be naturals at the sux-sux-sux starting formation.
  10. Not many people would know that, apart from his football achievements, Checker also inspired Johnny Rotten to write that famous chorus "No fuchsias, no fuchsias, no fuchsias for me".
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