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  1. As has been the case all season.
  2. The fourth player to be named as emergency will be another Demon whose identity is unknown and is also unimportant as he won't be playing. I expect Jordon will be named the injury sub and the starting line-up will be unchanged from last game.
  3. We'll be none the wiser as to the sub's identity even when the team is announced this evening, because he will be one of the four emergencies named. I expect the starting 22 to be unchanged and the four emergencies to be Jordon, Hunt, Melksham and A. Nother with Jordon getting the nod.
  4. I've decided to forgo the cheese platter and eat mine off a tectonic plate on Saturday night.
  5. Have a look at DaanSystems - Radiodelay for a free download of the appropriate software.
  6. ... is the correct answer! Only joking. I've had one late entry suggesting it was based on their draft number, but that's not it. The quirky thing that all these players share is that, incredibly, they all had at least one game where they recorded no disposals. In some cases this was because they sustained an early injury or got knocked out and were unable to continue to play. My source for this scarcely believable statistic is the excellent and unimpeachable site Demonwiki, which has a section titled "Lists" that is a most informative and entertaining read. The inclusion of the great Robbie Flower in this side was guaranteed to cause confusion. Gold medal (again) to Mazer Rackham who did provide hints in his responses and silver to Lucifer's Hero. Well done them. It was, as promised, a very difficult brainteaser.
  7. Did you miss this excellent piece of advice, Demon trucker?
  8. You are closer than you realise, LD-vC. I've had another incorrect answer that they all had a chance to win the game with a late score but didn't A second person has identified the common link. I don't know what possessed them to think of it. Solution to be revealed at high noon. Bronze still up for grabs!
  9. So nervous you're seeing double? It's only two days away.
  10. Final clue! The teaser relates to a statistical oddity that applies to all these players. Answer to be revealed in an hour's time with still only the one correct response at this stage.
  11. Some more erroneous entries: * They were not all vegetarians at some stage (Mazer's "Holy cow" wasn't a clue) * It's not that 75% of those players never won the Bluey. * It has nothing to do with the players win/loss ratio. * It doesn't relate to the number of games they played nor the number of years they spent at the club. * No connection at all to the coaches they played under. There have been a couple of hints dropped, subtle as they may be.
  12. I'll leave this open overnight and post the answer around lunchtime tomorrow if it's still dragging on. I can reveal that one poster (you won't believe who) has cracked it. Can anybody else solve the mystery?
  13. OK thrillseekers, I have buckled and can now provide a clue for you. Unlike the vast majority of my previous teasers, this one isn't based on the players' surnames and their similarity to another group (eg movie stars, cricketers, drummers etc.). Rather, this one is purely football based and relates to these players time at MFC.
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