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  1. Fantastic. Just yes pure brilliant. Dees are Premiers. Well done to Daisy Pearce, Karen Paxman, Kate Hore, Lil Mithven, Taylah Harris, and all the team and the coach Mick Stinnear! Go you good things! GO DEES! P R E M I E R S!
  2. So much better to hear the crowd after goals. Having loud music then just ruins the atmosphere, blunts the emotional ebb and flow of the crowd sounds in the game. Now that the AFL have seen the light will they also logically cut the music in the lead up to the first bounce? Music is also ruining that period of crowd cheers...
  3. Keep it simple. Abolish the 3rd umpire. Place a goal umpire on each goal post. Maybe that would be better?
  4. It's a mess. The video replay angles simply don't and can't cover ALL the possible angles to be certain if its a goal or a behind. As we have seen so often this makes a decision for the 3rd umpire impossible and inconclusive. In this case the decision is defaulted to the unsure umpires first decision. Like I said, its a mess. What's the solution? Lasers? Magnets? Barcodes? Or just scrap the 3rd umpire altogether?
  5. Indeed. Agreed. Anyone, anywhere, anytime, BRING IT ON.
  6. I was there in 1987. We smashed 'em: Melbourne 21.23(149) def Sydney 10.13(73)Goals: 4 Robert Flower, 3 Tony Campbell, 3 Greg Healy, 2 Graeme Yeats, 2
  7. Well played Saints. Thank you!
  8. 10 minutes to go. Saints 13 points down. If they get up, Melbourne play Collingwood in a QF...at the MCG
  9. Saints working for us. I feel guilty enjoying this.
  10. I want nothing more than the chance to be present and witness Melbourne beat Collingwood in a final. Preferably a GF.
  11. Nice goal on the 3/4 siren Saints!
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