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  1. Very sad news. Will always be remembered as a legend of the Melbourne Football Club and an innovator of VFL/AFL who could move and change with the times. Rest in Peace.
  2. I was there and reckon those numbers are about right. Sad that they had so many more supporters there that us, but the quality of Melbourne's supporters was outstanding. Melbourne's 36K was louder than Carlton's 60K for most of the night. Carlton were pretty quiet for most of the night. The only time I can recall Carlton were louder than Melbourne was when they kicked the goal to get in front right at the end of the last quarter. I thought the Melbourne supporters at the ground last night were fantastic!
  3. Agreed. Cathartic reading on the comedy of so many errors explaining how we self destructed. Again. haven't felt this way since Prelim 1987...
  4. It's not just them. There are many others who slip over. Been happening for a long time and kills good passages of play and goals! Better boot studs are just one of the priorities that MUST be demanded when this year is reviewed.
  5. I saw that too and took a video. I saw at least two occasions when Melbourne players slipped over at crucial times near the boundary. Mopping the ground certainly didn't help! Why was this done? Regardless, MFC needs better boot studs... sure MCG mop.mp4
  6. Thanks fr_ap. Unfortunately I couldn't open the link. But I found and could open this one with what looks like to be the same podcast: https://omny.fm/shows/the-deebrief/analysing-maynards-bump-that-concussed-gus
  7. Rest in peace Charlie. The MFC was great to give him that time amongst the players and coaches. Some wonderful memories for his parents. My sincere condolences to Charlie's family.
  8. The best captain in the AFL. The best ruckman in the AFL. Inspirational clubman. Has endured incredible struggles, injuries, and setbacks and worked his guts out to get to the pinnacle and win a flag. Sets lofty goals and works hard to achieve them. Maintains an amazing work-rate to sustain incredible high standards and results to give the club every chance of continued flags. SO glad he is a Demon. I wish for you Max a brilliant 200th game. May your team-mates get around you, may the supporters turn up in droves, May you kick 6 goals, have a best on ground performance, with Nibbler in his 150th kicking 4, and we thrash the Hawks by 10 goals. Go Max. Go Dees
  9. scores 666. total 42. meaning of life and everything. bodes well for dees!
  10. Incredible achievement. Umpiring 503 AFL games to break the record in a thankless job constantly being abused by crowds is amazing. Well done Brett Rosebury - hats off to you!
  11. Go to Rich v Melbourne on Ticketek, select "Club Members and Public Reserve" and enter your barcode where indicated". Worked for me on Sunday I got a reserved ticket on level 1 on the wing. It may be too late now but worth a try. Heres the link: https://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/Show.aspx?sh=RICHM2023
  12. Fair enough - thought it was a bit of a stretch! 🤣 Now, back to the google searching...
  13. What about umpire Michael Pell who was sacked by the AFL for cheating in the betting scandal on the 2022 Brownlow? Do I win the $10k on a technicality here? https://www.sportingnews.com/au/afl/news/afl-umpire-michael-pell-sacked-following-brownlow-medal-betting-scandal/uwggtdkcal7qn5apjlmylrxz
  14. If the AFL is serious about protecting the head, this is 1 week for sure.
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