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Demonland suggests that its members:

  • Make use of the search function to avoid repeat topics
  • Argue the points of discussion, not the people involved in the discussion
  • Avoid meaningless one word topics or posts
  • Avoid Racial, Political or Religious discussions. This forum is about the Melbourne Football Club, not about the parties, race or religious affiliation of players, staff and/or fans.

Code Of Conduct

The Demonland Code of Conduct covers all matters relating to the posting of messages on DEMONLAND Forums. The Code of Conduct is not designed to be a negative "don't do this, don't do that" statement, but rather a guide for which all members of Demonland abide by, in the interests of the well being of the Forum.

Demonland encourages its members to put forth their opinion, but in doing so asks all members to be considerate of other people's opinions. Football brings about high emotions, and members will have differing opinions over a variety of issues. In order to allow all people to have their say and debate to take place in a sensible manner, Demonland asks all its members to keep a cool head and remember that above all we all support the same team, and all want to see that team succeed.

With regard to posts on the Demonland Forums, the Demonland Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit and/or remove posts that are considered to be:

  • Acts of personal abuse
  • Slanderous
  • Indecent
  • Knowingly false information
  • Any other matter deemed inappropriate
  • Articles from newspapers, afl.com.au, sportal.com.au* must not be copied and pasted in full on Demonland.com. Members who paste full afl.com.au, Sportal articles etc. will be warned by Moderators and potentially be prosecuted under Copyright laws.
  • Advertising posts made in the name of commercial interests may be removed by the Moderators at their sole discretion.
  • Trolling, Spamming, Flaming is forbidden, be it via the Forum of via the PM Service.
  • Posters that continue to flaunt the Code of Conduct regarding these issues will receive warnings or bannings, depending on the severity and regularity of the offences committed.
  • Discussion of illegal activities for example software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed."
  • Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to remove any post that purports in their opinion to discriminate on religious, political, sexual or ethnic grounds.
  • Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.

While we expect to have some constructive criticism of The Board, Coaches, Players, and Staff, we will not tolerate blatant attacks towards these individuals or the spreading of knowingly false information about them. The Board, Coaches, Players, and Staff, should be accorded the same respect that the posters on the forum are accorded - nothing more, but nothing less.

The Demonland Administrators and Moderators wish to express that they are not inclined to rule the Forum with an iron fist, but rather place it in the members hands to take these guidelines and suggestions on board while they post. The Administrators and Moderators will only act when necessary, and will not influence or stop debate or discussion unless rules have been broken and steps must be taken.

Finally, any unauthorised advertising material placed on this site will incur an advertising fee of A$1,000.00 per advertisement plus GST and will be billed to the advertiser even if the advertising post in question is subsequently removed by a Moderator in the course of carrying out his/her duties as a Moderator. By signing up as a member of Demonland you hereby acknowledge your liability to bear the cost of such advertising and to pay the amount due within seven (7) days of billing.

Demonland is a place for supporters of the Melbourne Football Club to discuss issues relating to the Club and to football in general.

If you have any questions regarding these conditions, feel free to contact any Administrator or Moderator via the PM Service at any time.

Moderating the Fourm:

With the start of the footy season just round the corner the moderating team thought we'd outline the approach we will take this season.

Demonland is a footy discussion forum designed for the enjoyment of its members who want to discuss all things Demon and all things footy. It provides us with an opportunity to express our opinions, vent our feelings and chat with others of similar interest. The site has been created in support of the club and the players. That doesn't preclude criticism if valid and warranted but does mean that we will not accept posts that go beyond the bounds of fair comment about the club or the players.

Whilst we know that footy is a game that evokes passion and that passion on occasions moves some of us to express our views inappropriately it is imperative that common sense prevail and respect for our Football Club, our players and the people that post here be maintained.

Please keep in mind that Demonland membership is available to everyone and that ANY member of the public can view its contents. People who read this forum can range from law enforcement agencies checking on the legality of comments to very young children wanting to find information on the Demons. You MUST post remembering this and post accordingly or your rights to post will be removed. If you see a post that frustrates you remember:

1. Everyone is entitled to express an opinion but with that entitlement goes responsibility to observe the code of conduct and use common sense.

2. That the person whose post you think is "outrageously stupid" can be anyone from the law enforcement agency to the youngest of supporters.

3. That there is no place on this forum for personal abuse of other posters. This is a zero tolerance requirement.

4. Player abuse is the most difficult area to moderate. Whilst we do not want to stifle player comment and criticism player abuse is NOT acceptable. Comments should be constructive and not destructive. Comments such as "player X is useless" or "player X is crap" are NOT acceptable. Comments such as "player X would need to improve to stay on our list" or "player X was poor today because ...." are acceptable. Common sense will be your best guide here but if you think something is marginal don't say it.

5. As moderators we do our best to moderate fairly and maintain the posting environment of the forum but we are volunteers and provide our time as and when we are able to. No moderator will read every post, moderators will view situations differently and some will have more time than others to explain their moderating decisions to members.

6. With this in mind please understand it is not possible for the moderating team to provide absolute consistency. Some things will slip through where they shouldn't and the same thing might be moderated on one day but not the next. Please don't see this as the moderator condoning inappropriate comments. If something happens that you feel should be dealt with please use the Report Button on the bottom left of the offending post and it will be considered. Do NOT take matters into your own hands. Please don't PM mods directly.

7. Also please understand that moderating a forum such as this takes a lot of time and it is not always possible to send explanatory messages to offenders. Accordingly many posts will be moderated without explanation.

8. Where a moderator is involved in discussion on a thread with another person and moderation is required, it is appropriate that a different moderator determines the issue which should therefore be referred to another moderator for determination.

Enjoy the season everyone and enjoy this forum. Remember the site is for EVERYONES enjoyment and you will be asked to respect that and adhere to the simple guidelines outlined above.

Posting unsubstantiated rumours on this website is strictly forbidden.

Demonland has made the difficult decision to not permit this platform to be used to discuss & debate the off-field issues relating to the Melbourne Football Club including matters currently being litigated between the Club & former Board members, board elections, the issue of illicit drugs in footy, the culture at the club & the personal issues & allegations against some of our players & officials

We do not take these issues & this decision lightly & of course we believe that these serious matters affecting the club we love & are so passionate about are worthy of discussion & debate & I wish we could provide a place where these matters can be discussed in a civil & respectful manner.

However these discussions unfortunately invariably devolve into areas that may be defamatory, libelous, spread unsubstantiated rumours & can effect the mental health of those involved. Even discussion & debate of known facts or media reports can lead to finger pointing, blame & personal attacks.

The repercussion is that these discussions can open this website, it’s owners & it’s users to legal action & may result in this website being forced to shutdown.

Our moderating team are all volunteers & cannot moderate the forum 24/7 & as a consequence problematic content that contravenes our rules & standards may go unnoticed for some time before it can be removed.

We reserve the right to delete posts that offend against our above policy & indeed, to ban posters who are repeat offenders or who breach our code of conduct.


Thank you for your continued support & understanding. Go Dees. 

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