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  1. I know the admin have been told to move out by her security team to. Doubt they'd give 2 hoots. Do they know that we are a business trying to run things and make money? Imagine if a singer who was performing came to travis's team and said get out I'm playing.
  2. I hope to see Taj get more games in 2024. I htought he used the ball really well
  3. I'll wait for our training facilities to be completed for us when I wait for the airport rail to come in, the roadworks to be finished in melbourne and the rail loop to be completed. They alll feel many many years away. It's a disgrace the oldest club has never had a proper training facility.
  4. If Birch wants to go to nth then let her. Stoked that Rigoni's daughter will play for us. That's great. Happy Hanks has signed on as well as our captain
  5. Yeah I saw the calender out and Brodie is there
  6. I'll be asking why we kept Greg Stafford on as an assistant
  7. Then I'd be asking questions and I'd be really really angry
  8. Weeks ago during the season when we thumped nth that Saturday night, fast forward weeks later and I wouldn't have guessed nth would make the gf and we'd go out in straight sets. How things change
  9. Watching the Kangas crows game. I feel like Adelaide are like us. Dominate the inside 50s, having all the play, kicking behinds and just can't get a goal
  10. I just love the fact we have another father son who I hope succeeds. Good luck kynan
  11. So no one drafted the 50 year old that nominated for the draft? He'd be disappointed Seems Geelong weren't tempted
  12. Just flicked over. Andrew Dillon couldn't back up for another night? Even he thought last night dragged on.
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