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  1. Agree it was good having him & kozzie running around the forward line
  2. Max's third quarter is my highlight of the year after the gf. He just set it alight & I loved his tackling pressure to. That was just awesome & I don't care how sick they were.
  3. So jealous, love Bright. Beautiful spot
  4. Remember we were that bad that the AFL sent Peter Jackson in to sort our club out. Not sure who can help nth but this will get ugly
  5. Yeah I think Tomic moved to a vegan diet. Enough said
  6. Is roosy still helping out noble? But Neeld lost the players not sure if Noble has completely lost them I wonder if they will lose players like we did. If they stick fat & hang around like some of ours did they may get rewarded like ours did or you could move on & miss out. Just ask Jeremy Howe.
  7. So annoying to see Collingwood 1 game off top 4.
  8. I'm watching Wimbledon. But flicking in between. Will be interesting to see how these older Geelong players get up in 5 days time
  9. Ugh aside from our win, today has been a horrific day with both Essendon & Collingwood winning
  10. Gee the suns were 14 points up when I last checked. Now I check & they're a goal down. Come on Gold coast
  11. Geelong doing what top sides should do to bottom teams. Poor nth fans who braved going down there tonight.
  12. I put in the non mfc games forum I'd love to see one of our mids kick 3 goals like merrett did for the bombers today and Trac step up and di it. It was good to see him kicking straight again.
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