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  1. Gee when they mentioned about lightning and if it happens the teams going off I thought oh no not again. But good win and bring on the saints next week.
  2. How good is it having harris who just makes her physical presence felt. Her tackling has been good. Good having the experienced players in there Daisy and Paxman who have kicked goals when needed. We have been great after 1/4 time
  3. Ha how good is it having footy back, yelling at the tv screen, getting frustrated with players and hearing our song at the end. The winning form rolls on Also good to hear Jason Bennett back calling the games.
  4. Good goal by Tayla just to settle us down. Now off to a good start this quarter and don't let the dogs back in it. Zanker has been awesome.
  5. Hope its a good night weather wise. Just watched the saints, tigers game. It's to early in the year to hear the tigers theme song.
  6. I'll watch it. I haven't watched a footy match since, oh I don't know, our premiership. Looking forward to watching tomorrow to see what Tayla can bring to our forward line, our superstar Daisy and Mitho and obviously we keep that Melbourne winning form going.
  7. i think Harris will be very very handy up forward for us. We know the talent she has and I think playing with Daisy and having her as her captain will make a massive difference and help her a lot.
  8. Yep as someone who works in aged care thankfully for the moment we have kept it out but I feel the walls are closing in. Which would just shatter me because we have kept it at bay for now and after all our hard work last year it would just annoy me as we are all doubled vaccinated and getting the booster next week. The stupid thing is visitors must have had a flu shot before they can even enter the front door but he covid vaccine isn't mandatory for visitors. Which makes no sense. My manager has been fighting with the fed government for months on this.
  9. It's weird, the more I hear about it the more I just cannot believe we actually did it. On abc grandstand they just replayed highlights and I got all excited again. We actually did it.
  10. You would hope the person that had it didn't know they had it & I hope they weren't waiting for there result but decided to still go anyway. Its amazing we had 35000 at the G & got through unscathed but couldn't stop it appearing at the B&F
  11. Im pretty sure I read in an extract of Maxy's book he said the week of the gf he was avoiding going out because he didn't want to put himself at risk of covid. But I know they have to live their lives but it's a risk going out the night before a game. Not only do you have to dodge covid but food poisoning is a risk to. Anyway he will get the quickest covid test ever done.
  12. Someone took the premiership sticker off the back of my mum's car today. How low can you get, I told her it was probably either someone who hates Melbourne or an upset dogs supporter.
  13. Can't believe it was a week ago. I laughed when the bont put them 19 points up and a guy that was near us said that's it this game is done, I'm going home. Everyone laughed. You knew that was the moment people were waiting for because it was just so awesome after that.
  14. I got the victory pack when JB HIFI had a 30% off sale. I think I'll just watch the 3rd quarter of the prelim, called the Max Gawn quarter and may have to go back and rewatch the first final because I really can't remember a lot of it as it was so long ago. Gave my Dad the mousepad for his brithday. Great useful gift. Still have to get the WEG posters framed but finally got everything I wanted.
  15. I haven't been back since that dark day
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