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  1. I wonder if DeGoey will get looked at for his high hit on Oliver. Yes he didn't concuss him but he had the elbow up and wasn't going for the ball.
  2. Well thank god we don't have to play sydney there this year. In 2 weeks we better be back at the G. But yeah bucks must be thinking where has this been all year. They win 2 in a row and as of now he is unemployed. At least things can be worked on now. Our backline didn't function properly today, some of our midfielders didn't use the ball well and our forward line just did not work.
  3. Media people said oh you have to be wary about playing teams when there coach leaves. But Melbourne can be trusted this year and should still win because they are on top of the ladder. Well now we can't. We should have been prepared for that and today we were just awful. Jackson can be the only one that held his head high. I just cannot fathom how bad those players were today. Selfish at times and just did dumb things.
  4. I still go back to when Tommy missed running into an open goal in the 1st term & thought this is not good signs
  5. Ugh now we have to see everyone get around bucks & oh isn't it great he had a victory in his final game
  6. Compare there kickouts to ours. We just kick it to a pack, they find loose targets. Look they are doing what they want.
  7. We need to get Viney or even Jones back in this team
  8. Weid should not put his hand out to get paid today
  9. Our losses have been against teams that have been sitting in the bottom 4 at the time.
  10. So now Collingwood decide to play for there coach.this could actually be a 5 goal loss.
  11. Darcy Cameron 4 goals. Just pathetic defending on him Look at them loose.
  12. Why the hell is s Pendlebury on his own like that? Do you know why we aren't getting the respect & maxy spoke about this weeks ago, because we drop games like this. Just dumb footy today
  13. Sparrow trying to copy trac & Oliver taking on tacklers. I feel sick watching this
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