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  1. Essendon losing is what I like to see. Hope it continues for many many months.
  2. 2000 when the whiz produced a 2nd half display against the pies and kick 9 goals when tom kicked the goal against west coast the 2 finals in 98 beating geelong down there when Robbo stepped up the game against essendon when we ran that fantastic bit of play in the dying moments and salem slotted through the winner our 2 finals against geelong and hawthorn I'm sure there are many more.
  3. I remember being stocked years ago when neeld was coaching and we beat collingwood in a practice game. That excitement was soon short lived. But I would still love to see essenscum get beaten.
  4. I just hope and pray for no serous injuries to anyone especially our key players.
  5. So can we just get him for nothing like we did with Harley last year? Why not if it will cost us nothing. He can also take the ruck freeing maxy up and we won't have to send Tom in there.
  6. Seriously no one deserves a premiership more than Daisy. She was awesome in that final term with her smother and going back with the flight. Good that we held on and sitting pretty at the top.
  7. Flicking between ash and the footy. What a great 2nd quarter. Nth are supposedly the team to beat. Hopefully we can continue to put the goals on the board and people start to notice us. Go dees!
  8. And 2021 season is not looking exciting at all. Good luck Simon coming up with players to kick us a winning score.
  9. I kind of feel sorry for him in the way over the past 25 years he has put his heart and soul and bled for that club. He was a a good president for them and probably didn't deserve to go out this way. However on the other side he has said some stupid things over the years and gave some terrible responses to incidents that have occurred with that club. Gee Bucks has lost his number 1 supporter and he'd be feeling a bit nervous coming into this season if the pies start badly. The thing that bothered me was why were his 2 sons dressed the same?
  10. Can't believe Harriet Cordner left us to play at richmond. anyway looking forward to seeing how they go and lets hope we get a full season in this year. Ugh just watched the Collingwood/Carlton game. To early on in the year to hear that theme song and see the pies win.
  11. He is just amazing. How after 6 years being diagnosed with this horrible disease he can still stand and walk is remarkable and be out and about is remarkable. This disease usually takes your life after 18 months. I to agree. How he has not been made Australian of the year baffles me. He put MND funding on the map. Before there was nothing. All the money he has raised over the past years has been phenomenal.
  12. Welcome to playing footy in Melbourne Jonathan where nothing is kept secret. Would have no idea if he has done this stuff in the past and got away with it but maybe it's a good thing he's been called out on this. Maybe he does need help but I hate the way they play the mental health card. We are seeing people who commit crimes play the mental health card and now him. Hopefully he sorts himself out and gets back on the field because the way his career is going he will be remembered for his off field work.
  13. If I was him, Id be focusing on trying to get fit and play a full season. I mean seriously the guy is 27 and he is doing this sort of stuff. I'd be more concerned that he is mentioning doing coke. Anyway not very bright when he has Clarko as a coach. I'm sure he'd have a few stern words.
  14. I wonder how secure Brodie Grundy is feeling. He signed a 7 year deal but clearly that doesn't mean much at theat club.
  15. Ha so glad the bummers didn't get Dunkley. But gee the dogs have a powerful midfield now with Treloar thrown in there. The pies fans are going nuts and clearly Stephenson is not happy either. Bucks was pretty honest in that phone call with him. Will be interesting to see what happens to the pies next year.
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