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  1. Enjoy your trip to Perth Collingwood. Hope you get thrashed.
  2. It's a shame his name isn't Eddie McGuire, apparently you can jump on the afl hub private flight, then go out to a nightclub and claim you are there to see how restaurants are running so he can take ideas back to victoria. I know he is doing hot seat up there but what is his role, president, victorian events board member or game show host? I'm guesisng because he has been out and about he won't be able to catch up with the collingwood team.
  3. Our season ended with a covid breach, inappropriate touching and we missed the finals. However there are positives, May and Lever clicked in the backline, rivers was a great get, Jackson will be a key player for us and petracca stepped up a gear.
  4. Stuart dew was caught urinating outside a QLD pub. Disgusting and would expect better from a senior coach. Wonder if he will get a talking to.
  5. Yeo lets just back him in. If next season we are a disaster then yes maybe move him on, but I'm sick of getting new coaches in all the time. I'm sure the players are as well. I mean how many has jonsey and Max had? We need stability and back goody in.
  6. Ok so we need port to win tomorrow, then the pies have to go to perth and play west coast, west coast win and put them out of the finals. Job done. I can't help but feel if we won another game it would be the filth sitting 9th
  7. Melbourne players have just switched off the game and realised they wasted another season.
  8. Do we want to play west coast in perth in an elimination final especially with there crowd? I think of someone like may who has yet to play one and after his season he probably deserves to. Maybe playing a final without josh kennedy and some of there other key players potentially missing it could be a good time to get them but I still remember the prelim.
  9. I was more annoyed that it happened at 3/4 time when goody was addressing the team. I mean seriously why would you think that would be appropriate. Can't people just keep there hands to themselves? If this happened in any other workplace that person would be in a bit of trouble.
  10. Well here we go. At least we are making the dogs earn there spot and not just hand 8th spot to them. Go Freo
  11. Gee it would be kind of funny if the swans win and the cats lose the double chance.
  12. bugger Taberner out for freo. With no walters it makes it harder for freo and us.
  13. Financially this will cost us and seriously Harley just when I thought you'd got yourself together you did this. I don't care if he was told he won't be offered another deal. He is still a melbourne listed player until either tonight if the dogs win or if the miracle occurs when our finals campaign is over. Ugh!
  14. Gee anyone see geelongs ins? Not bad in the last game before finals you can bring in an ablett, selwood, rohan and to a lesser extent steven. Longmire would have thought are you kidding me. Gee gold coast hawthorn at 1:10. Might bypass that one.
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