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  1. He is also advertised to be on the front bar tomorrow night. I heard from somewhere he is going to work with his dad doing construction work
  2. On another note I just flicked over to fox footy & they replayed the 2018 gf. Ha the last 2 minutes was great. I don't know what was better, Ed being disappointed or bucks having his head in his hands after the siren. Anyway now the Brownlow is over it means the big one is next & the nerves are going to start to kick in for us supporters
  3. I heard a port player say the players that got invited chose to take some of there teammates over for a bit of a holiday for them. Well I'm pretty sure that's right
  4. I wonder if one day we will see someone win it who isn't a midfielder
  5. It's nice for port to have a Brownlow medalist for the first time
  6. Wines has this & that's ok. Tomorrow our boys focus on Saturday & no one gets bogged down with Brownlow commitments.
  7. Gee when Carlton start winning Walsh will definitely win a Brownlow
  8. I can't believe McCrae doesn't get more votes. He is just as consistent as the Bont
  9. Ha weightman's mark over max didn't make top 3
  10. Oh Jim we miss you. But love the scarf around the neck of his statue
  11. Yep needs to learn how to speak a bit better
  12. How good is it watching the rounds & reliving all our wins
  13. I just hope Ben cousins behaves himself at the Brownlow
  14. I'm not sure I want any of our boys to win. It's just extra media they have to do & other stuff. Give it the Bont & let him do the media stuff
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