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  1. Welcome back to coaching Ross, 4:40 timeslot on Sunday. So hang on I thought the premiership teams were going to play in r1 or did they work out putting it on a Wednesday night does not work. Well hopefully Ugle-Hagen doesn't decide to have another game like he did last time. Should be interesting with Hunter playing hopefully. Shacke I doubt will be there . Bring on our dynamic ruck duo.
  2. I see you can bid on the jumpers but Daisy's isn't there.
  3. Is Kozzie offended by this saying or what's wrong with it.
  4. I'm surprised they didn't target Tayla's shoulder. But kudos to Harris because when she first grabbed that shoulder I thought she's no chance to play. But then you remember how tough she is.
  5. I hope not. She really helps our midfield.
  6. https://www.womens.afl/news/117687/inaugural-dee-plays-through-gruesome-injury-in-finals-campaign Gee Lill don't be doing that again.
  7. So if he marks like that for us then I'll be rapt. Just as long as if he does get a senior game that he, Maxy, brown and Fritsch don't all go for the same mark
  8. Yeah they do. Hate to say it but most of them speak better than Clayton Oliver. I know these boys are happy to go anywhere but you just want one to get that look on his face as if to say I don't want to go there. Dam
  9. Can't wait until this is over and we hear oh can't believe so and so slipped through to that pick. Or people saying Gee they've picked up a beauty there
  10. Poor Cameron McKenzie, gets presented with his jumper by David Hale. Surely Hawthorn could have got someone else. I mean Cadman got his jumper from Toby & the Essendon kid got his from Matty Lloyd
  11. Feel sorry for kids drafted to Essendon. Good luck. Is it just top 10 that get presented there jumper by someone from the club?
  12. Well I've already ordered my 2022 women's premiership coffee mug. It can sit beside my 2021 premiership one.
  13. As I've said I'm rapt for the girls that have been there since the very first game. But also rapt for Tayla who has copped so much but actually contributed yesterday.
  14. Yep, hope they are ready to go and hungry for another tilt at the flag. No doubt will have news coverage especially surrounding Grundy and probably even Hunter
  15. How good is it to see the papers this morning and read about a demons premiership again
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