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  1. Ugh nth you couldn't win could you
  2. That was a really good comeback and win by the gold coast
  3. Well that's a start having DeGoey missing next week.
  4. Just checked the score of the port Hawks game. Wow what a half. Could the Hawks have a 186 point loss?
  5. I'm hoping Ben Brown plays well today because Moore and Maynard will tear Van Rooyen and smith apart next week
  6. Do you know what impressed me tonight. We actually used the corridor unlike last week and it worked at times
  7. I thought mcvee was great tonight. Hasn't really missed a bet since he came in. Sparrow to was great.
  8. Look we all wake up tomorrow morning smiling because we won. Good way to start the weekend
  9. Chandler would have kicked that in the first few rounds
  10. Van Rooyen kicked that, didn't get the distance & no one was on the goal line for us
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