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  1. Can we have a pinned thread ? WERRIDEE'S Rolling Best 22
  2. Had to laugh at Kennett imploring Smith & Gunston to be "one club players". They pinched Gunston from Adelaide.
  3. Couldn't agree more. No matter who we trade in or out, Melksham's position is critical to our forward line success or failure. He has to involve himself when he hasn't got the ball. He has to defend & he has to tackle aggressively. He has given me the "Con Britts" like no other player this year an have felt he should have been dropped as his lack of effort set a poor example. The dilemma is that, forward of centre, I don't know that I'd prefer the ball in anyone else's hands. I'd love Harmes to replace him in that role but unfortunately, Chompers is neither smart not skilled enough.
  4. Go the Biff


    Bills, Packers, Chiefs
  5. Go the Biff


    Rams, Ravens, Chiefs
  6. Or have him go to the PSD as per Carlton's plan B. Only to be greeted by Matthew Nicks holding a Welcome to Adelaide sign
  7. There is a big difference between well reported and reported well Very little in the AFL industry is reported well
  8. Pretty sure Clarry mentioned it in an interview and that he credited Burgess for suggesting it
  9. It appears that won't be an issue so I'd be looking for a more substantial explanation
  10. Go the Biff


    Bucs, Rams, Cards
  11. Go the Biff


    How about @Macca as competition head honcho, you nominate a sub. Like in the daily double. So if one of my tips is scratched and I'm unaware & don't adjust my initial tips, I get the sub tip that you nominated.
  12. Go the Biff


    Logistics & supply issues. Not sure that we as a nation have sufficient stocks of weed & handguns to pull this off
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