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  1. Go the Biff


    Tampa 31 Packers 28 Chiefs 35 Bills 28
  2. Go the Biff


    Rams 13 Packers 31 Ravens 27 Bills 24 Browns 31 Chiefs 28 Bucs 35 Saints 27
  3. See if this brings back a few more NC. This is pretty much how I remember Thorpie. Dirtiest guitar sound ever with everything dialled up to speaker-exploding levels. I was too young for Sunbury or to get into The Whitehorse back in those days but it must have been something else !
  4. Went to see him at The Palais in '19 I think. Was familiar with his work with Beth Hart but knew nothing of his solo stuff except his reputation as a guitarist. Went with my mate who's a massive fan & rather than study up beforehand, decided to go in cold. Great gig. Amazing band, amazing backup singers - Mahalia Barnes, Jade MacRae & another lass from Sydney who's name escapes me at the moment. A mouth watering array of guitars he used and he played the hell out of every one of them. Much better singer & entertainer than I was expecting as well. Loved it. Your post has prompt
  5. Tough task HT. There's tons of live Stones stuff to be found on the www these days. Including some early gigs. Thought I'd make myself a playlist on Spotify of a few favourite live tracks. Bloody thing goes for two and a half hours. All awesome
  6. So awesome. How amazing is Lisa Fischer ? There is a brilliant doco called "20 Feet From Stardom" about backing singers. In it Merry Clayton recalls doing the "Gimme Shelter" recording session. "I'm gonna blow 'em outta the room". I highly recommend checking out the full doco but here's Merry's bit
  7. Go the Biff


    Still so many ways the Browns can "Cleveland" this game.
  8. Go the Biff


    Indianapolis 17 @ Buffalo 31 LA Rams 21 @ Seattle 24 Tampa Bay 31 @ Washington 13 Ravens 24 @ Titans 28 Bears 21 @ Saints 35 Browns 31 @ Steelers 28
  9. Fans of "The Sopranos" tv series will be familiar with this song but maybe not this version. Intriguing band. Wish I'd discovered them years earlier.
  10. Go the Biff


    No-one keen to show their cards 😄 So - Baltimore, Seattle and the Miracle Man Alex Smith to return to lead Washington to victory
  11. I saw that. Last Demon drop kick I can recall seeing. Kicking to the city end on the outer side. Couldn't believe he kicked a set shot drop kick but it went as straight as an arrow. Reckon you might have robbed him of a few metres Meggs - I think he was a little further out
  12. Go the Biff


    Seahawks, Browns, Steelers
  13. Go the Biff


    Packers, Chiefs, Titans
  14. Go the Biff


    Saints, Raiders, Pats
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