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  1. I thought he kept trying even though he was gassed and looked like he was running through quicksand. Especially in the last quarter. I also suspect injuries had him debut a week or two before the FD would have preferred. It'll be interesting to see how he goes post bye.
  2. A year or so ago there was a thread along the the lines of “Your 5 Greatest Demons”. My mum came up through the glory years and she and her twin sister would get on the train and go to watch the Dees nearly every Saturday. So I asked for her 5 greatest. After a few days consideration she said it was too hard. Whenever she thought of one player she’d be reminded of other great players from that team. She said Barassi’s determination & will to win set him apart but his skills weren’t up to a lot of the other greats. As a young lass she wanted to marry Laurie Mithen. Some of the names she brought up included Don Williams, Noel McMahen, Stuey Spencer & “Doc” Roet. She did have a clear # 1 and 2 though. Robbie at 1 and Clarrie at 2. Robbie she says is self explanatory for anyone who watched him play. She reckons Clarrie can do things no one else she’s seen can do. She’s amazed by his hands. Foe me it’s Flower & Schwarz of those I’ve seen. Historically, for impact on the club I’d go Norm Smith whose playing career often seems overshadowed by his coaching. His protege Ron Barrassi as well.
  3. Getting beaten in a one on one is forgiveable. Giving up on the chase is not. Message sent.
  4. Minimum 4 weeks I'd reckon. VFL and AFL have slightly different disciplinary systems so it's hard to line up this incident with similar ones at AFL level. Dog act though. Totally unnecessary
  5. If you'd read the thread properly you'd have comprehended that I was commenting specifically on Geelong & the disproportionate amount of government funding they've received. Now they are being gifted a new scoreboard. [censored]. No theories, conspiracy or otherwise, were advanced in my post.
  6. What are you on about ? What theory ?
  7. Field kicking by Casey is pox. Iron Park is an eyesore
  8. The AFL site streams VFL games live. Coverage quality can be a bit of a crapshoot but it's better than nothing
  9. I thought we missed an opportunity with Disco last night to use him as a defensive forward. Carlton have two main intercept marking threats in Weitering and McGovern. I'd have liked to see Disco given accountability for one of them. So maybe next week we could give him a crack at this role against the other McGovern or Barrass.
  10. I'm not a conspiracy theorist when it comes to umpires. But I agree that some individuals appear to be adjudicated differently to the majority. I've long thought that Cripps is a protected species
  11. Achilles / heel issue. Disappointing that Boy George hasn't got another run.
  12. Which is fair enough given that Captains Runs are Clayton's training sessions. Not sure what some people are expecting. There's SFA training done in 5 day break weeks. It's all about recovery.
  13. This is bollocks. If the AFL have $2.2M to [censored] away, I'm sure grass roots footy could find a use for it. Or Past Player Welfare perhaps. They already get a medal. I'd suggest that any player who feels he needs a dirty great chunk of bling to remember his premiership has been dodging the concussion protocols
  14. Any danger that these clowns could fund something themselves ? As far as I'm concerned the only appropriate use of government funding for Geelong would be to build a decent bypass around so none of us need to enter the bloody joint.
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