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  1. Hahaha. I think you'll find your self-adulatory posting had its genesis long before the Collingwood game. I've no problem with your opinion nor your analysis. It carries no more or less weight than anyone else's on an anonymous fan forum. But your neediness is concerning. Help is out there. Seek it. Or, full length mirror
  2. Agreed. But we've got some who can put it out in front of a leading player. I get the whole "everyone leads to the right pocket & if we don't mark it we can trap it inside 50" thing. But if I'm running forward with the ball, I'd like at least a couple of options
  3. Same bloke who's delivered our poxy F50 strategy - that being all the talls run to the one spot & we kick it on their heads
  4. I'm not one of the happy clappers. I've enjoyed our successes but have been fully aware of our shortcomings. Chiefly our deplorable structure & system inside 50 and our new-found weakness at stoppages. However it concerns me greatly that someone's insecurity has them constantly posting on an anonymous fan forum to give themselves pats on the back. And to admonish those who don't enthusiastically join in with the Dr. D back patting. I hope UROK. If on the other hand you are just a narcissist and an harsehole (silent first h), I'm still prepared to help you out. For Dr. D A range of options but the Blonde Block Full Length Mirror is 30% off. I believe they'll deliver in lockdown. There you go son, either use it to aid your narcissistic tendencies or to, in the words of the Couldabeens "have a good hard look at yourself"
  5. Anything that gets those blow-ins Geelong, Carlton & Essendon the [censored] off our home ground is fine by me. They have home grounds so they can bloody well use them. Also fine is Richmond having to take a trip down the Geelong Rd and having their supporters fight for the 30 or so away tickets that Geelong give out
  6. The way Hawthorn fans have dropped off lately, we might as well have been playing Freo. Not sure the $$$ hit will be that hard.
  7. Hahahaha. You've been in outstanding form this round @Jaded. 10 coach's votes.
  8. Starting to wonder whether a trip to Specsavers might be in Weid's best interest. It's not just pack marks he's spilling. It's like the ball suddenly gets big on him.
  9. Bradtke has been playing KPD for the past few weeks & has improved with each outing. Thought he was quite good today.
  10. Agreed. The AFLW and VFL commentary teams just get on with calling the game and they do it well. In terms of "special comments" Leppa has been a welcome addition. The two best at this though are Daisy Pearce & Abbie Holmes. Their insight is a class above the other boofheads that 7 trot out . Jobe Watson does my head in. Butchers the language. He dead set invents his own words.
  11. Would like less from Harmes. Every time he touches the footy it ends up in Port Adelaide hands. Reverse King Midas.
  12. Also noted. I am becoming more and more convinced that Hellofatime is in fact either Majak Daw himself ........or Majak's mum.
  13. I agree and equally am horrified but the key is "in-form". For two years he's been playing like a bloke who's afraid of being hurt. Pleasingly in last week's Casey game he went as hard at the ball and the man as I've seen in quite some time. I just hope he builds on that tonight & presses his claims. Because as you say, at somewhere near his best he makes us much, much better. Even his best I50 delivery however is gonna struggle with our forward strategy. A 25 year old Tony Lockett would struggle to get a kick the way we are going about it. Those that see the inclusion of BBB as some sort of panacea are dead set kidding themselves. Nothing to do with Weid or BBB. It's a system issue rather than a personnel problem.
  14. Frankston are slated to play the Swans. Perhaps the fixture could be flipped so that we play the Dolphins. Both Giants & Swans have 8 games played. We've just completed 6.
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