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  1. Go the Biff


    Lions 🦁 Dolphins 🐬 Chiefs
  2. Go the Biff


    Cowboys Chargers Seahawks
  3. Is Pinstriped off to the paddock ?
  4. Go the Biff


    Colts Niners Falcons
  5. Go the Biff


    Colts Chargers Rams
  6. Go the Biff


    Bloody hell. Like we weren't all struggling enough. Taliban beauty contest this week. Very hard to spot a winner.
  7. Same. The whole plagiarism litigation makes sense now. Could never understand it before. Hope you're going ok HT
  8. 6. Paxman 5. Goldrick 4. West 3. McNamara 2. Hanks 1. BMac
  9. Go the Biff


    Eagles Ravens Chiefs
  10. Spot on. There were several instances bringing the ball forward when we looked for a target at half forward that wasn't there. Tayla was missed. Her contest work has been brilliant this season. It also speaks volumes for this team that she's an integral part of the system rather than having to be the match winner
  11. Go the Biff


    Looks like the Pats have done a number on all of us this week
  12. 6. Heath 5. BMac 4. Purcell 3. Hanks 2. Gillard 1. Goldrick Apologies to plenty again
  13. It's like there's a contest to see who can be the most miserable git on here. Thanks for your entry Clint
  14. Go the Biff


    Bills Niners Raiders
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