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  1. I prefer Sparrow's ball handling and use to Harmes who's been fumbling, messing up potential scoring chains and out of form for about 18 months. However I felt we missed Viney's "bull at a gate" approach to clearances last week. No way Cunington waltzes out of the middle a dozen times if Viney is in there. I can see how Harmes could better replicate that than Sparrow at this stage. I think we've got one in Tom. Different player but he gives me young Scotty Thompson vibes. Before he buggered off to the Crows
  2. I believe Naimh McEvoy and Shae Sloane have announced their retirement. Other moves across the league in the article below. Apparently we are into Geelong's Olivia Purcell. Not having seen much of the Cats I know little (nothing) about her. The article also states that we made a big play for Collingwood's Chloe Molloy. That would have been huge had we been able to lever her out but it appears she is going to sign on with the 'Pies again. AFLW Trade News
  3. That was bloody hysterical when he convinced a chunk of BigFooty that he was a chance to be drafted. He was mad as a meat axe the old Yze_Magic but jeez he could be fun. I remember one of his signatures was something like "Dean Bailey - sweeping the place out with his magical broom"
  4. There was a site called MFCFlame which was the first one I joined. I remember old55 (Pollyanna) and Rono (TGR) were on it. Then found Demonland which had a whole lot more traffic. Demonology was revived on a new platform by a young fella named Jarrad - I think with Tim's blessing. He did a good job but it never really gained the traction of the old site. I went across (different user name to here) but haven't been on for a couple of years. Got jack of old mate Range Rover hijacking every thread.
  5. So there's a whisper in the wind that the young fella being assisted off had more to do with the hip of Fritsch colliding with his side / back than the head knock. If that proves to be the case, the argument that the head knock should be downgraded gains a bit of traction.
  6. Appeal. On the condition that @titan_uranus is the player advocate.
  7. Jordan keeps the streak going. Jones raises the bat for his 100 (wins)
  8. Congrats to Paxy, Hanksy & Pearcie - all on the podium at tonight's B& F. Link to article below. 2021 AFLW Best and Fairest: All the winners In other news Mick Stinear's coaching gig has been extended to the end of 2023
  9. I can't see him on any lists but I'm pretty sure Mitch Brown was injured at training after the Hawthorn game. Might be on one of Burgo's updates for that week.
  10. A good interview on the club website. Young Charlie speaks well. Benny Gibson looks like a work experience kid but he puts together some good media content. Charlie Spargo - Talking Points
  11. Very good. Took a few seconds before the penny dropped on that one. Well played
  12. Bringing Brown in is gonna cause some structural shift. Unless you drop LJ & Brown contributes in the ruck. Neither of which is on. So Brown forward, Melksham Casey and TMac to take over Melksham's "connector" role which is essentially a large part of what he's been doing anyway. We lose Melk's distribution skills but TMac gets the ball more, is a more obvious target & far better in the air. He kicks fairly low & flat into the forward line so that may be to our advantage. He'll throw in the odd howler but who doesn't. This gives the least disruption to our structure.
  13. Wouldn't take him back but only on a cost v needs basis. Still a good footballer but at 30 odd is surplus to our requirements. It seems forgotten that the year before he left we tried to shop him to GWS for a draft pick. Top ten I think we were aiming at. He didn't want to go there.
  14. What's the problem. He's an ordinary commentator but he was right in this instance. And what what do "his mob" have to do with it ? He was commenting on Melbourne v Richmond. People get upset by the most trifling things. 6 - 0 mate. Enjoy the ride
  15. Pretty sure Fritsch went into Epworth the night he fractured his hand & had a plate of some description put in. So the bone's essentially protected & the issue is how quickly he recovers from the surgical wound. In that context, missing one game is not unreasonable.
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