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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. A few years ago, I covered the reasons why training on a regular basis at the G was quite impractical, and unfortunately your suggestion while well intentioned is as well for the following reasons. There is so much activity at the MCG on a daily basis that it would be nearly impossible to regulate groups of fans just going along to the ground to witness training. During non match days the only entrance open to the ground for the public is the one allowing access to the sports museum and to the MCG tours office. Tours are a standard feature at the ground and take place almost every non match day. Both general tours and special (eg. Schools) tours attract hundreds and sometimes thousands of people each week and they venture to many parts of the ground generally off limits to fans (change rooms, media area), and around the cricket club section. Security at the whole ground is very strictly policed, and no member of the general public can just go wandering as there are security cameras everywhere, and yes big brother is watching you! The ground is absolutely off limits to the general public except as mentioned above. I used to go along to training at the G many years ago but in those days it was a sports ground and quite easy to enter. Now however the Melbourne Cricket Ground is an entrainment and social complex hosting for instance, company AGM’s, sales conventions, product launches and school speech nights: there are social and business functions on the go on a daily basis! And let’s not forget concerts - wow! Big, big money earners for the club as well. And the MCC library has in the past (and still might be) part of an annual antiquarian book festival. Unfortunately the MCG is a very, very busy place these days, and as one old cricket player turned commentator use to say “it’s all happening” (but not as a regular training ground). If people have the time, please do yourself a favour and pop along to the “G” and take one of their guided tours. They are fascinating, they take you to many parts of the ground that are off limits to the public and they will probably show you why unfortunately training at the G in not possible.
  2. 6: Max Gawn sorry but that’s it! Really bad night.
  3. Certainly used to give Nick Riewoldt a hard time: had the speed and athleticism to match Nick like few other defenders.
  4. Is Windsor left or right footed, or both? Seems to use them both! Maybe a bit Travis Johnston like: football related only.
  5. 6: Petracca 5: McVee 4: May 3: Gawn 2: Sparrow 1: Lever And a big thank you to Fritsch, Windsor, Viney and JvR!
  6. 6: Neal-Bullen 5: Gawn 4: Petracca 3: Viney 2: Ben Brown 1: Chandler
  7. 6: Petracca 5: Gawn 4: Langdon 3: ANB 2: Fritsch 1: Pickett
  8. I was at the game and thought 44+K was a good attendance number. The MCC was packed as was the whole northern section of the ground. It was hot! So I did not envy those patrons sitting in the Shane Warne stand and I’m sure if the weather had been a few degrees cooler the crowd would have been larger. But a good attendance never the less! ( and the cricket club sold a lot of beer)!!!
  9. I have a 55” Sony oled 4K tv. And to me the 4K picture looks far sharper and better defined than the standard hi def picture. Easier to watch and makes the experience of viewing the game just that little bit more enjoyable.
  10. 6: Gawn 5: Oliver 4: May 3: Chandler 2: Billings 1: Viney
  11. You Tube has quite a lot of 4K content: and all free. From my point of view and seen through my tired old eyes the difference between 4K and high def TV is quite noticeable: 4K sharper and more 3d like. Lucky where I live in the country, my NBN wireless delivery is quit good, and the tower is within sight of my house so download speeds are more than adequate at around 80 Mbps constantly (and soon to be upgraded). I’m looking forward to watching the Dees in 4K next week!
  12. The other cafe is in Bay Street, North Brighton and is called Rock Salt. Very well run place too.
  13. Hey, my grandson gave me one of those! Great for winter nights up here in the mountains! Even if I feel a bit ridiculous wearing it as an old old bloke (but only my wife sees me in it and she thinks it’s quite funny)🤣
  14. He will always be remembered fondly for that handball steal from Smith and subsequent kick to Fritsch in the 3rd quarter of the 2021 grand final. And that set up the momentum for the rest of the game IMHO!
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