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  1. 6: Brayshaw 5: Viney 4: Oliver 3: Petty 2: Jordon 1: Petracca And 👍 to Salem and Hibberd
  2. Thanks for that info Spirit! I’ve got my seat booked for Mondays game and shall attend much to the annoyance of my wife. As I’m a member of the over 60’s demographic the thought of getting Covid is never far from my thoughts. However I’ll wear a mask and stay clear of all bars. (And I’ll yell and scream from behind my mask in a gentlemanly MCC way)!
  3. I didn’t go to the game! Raw, freezing conditions here in the Macedon Ranges and an up to 2 hour car trip to the ground then the trip home in the dark: getting home after midnight - no way! I’ve been a passionate Melbourne supporter for more years than I’d like to confess, but Saturday night football in this kind of weather is best viewed (for me) at home. I’ll see you all at the G next week👍.
  4. I was sitting on level 2 MCC yesterday and there were quite a few children in Melbourne attire nearby, made me feel quite good! However the 4.35 pm start on a Saturday afternoon was not great and I know a few supporters who gave up on the idea of attending and sat home by the fire with drink in hand and watched on Kayo! Bring back Saturday arvo around 2.00pm and see attendances increase.
  5. I suppose Viney was OK and Oliver but too many were just not good enough.
  6. 6: Oliver 5: Lever 4: Spargo 3: McDonald 2: May 1: Sparrow
  7. 6: Pickett 5: Viney 4: Brayshaw 3: McDonald 2: Jordon 1: Jackson
  8. 6: Brayshaw 5: Langdon 4: Oliver 3: May 2: Brown 1: Pickett And well done Harmes, Hunt, McDonald.
  9. He’s certainly had an up and down career but 200 games (so far) and a premiership medal are not to be sneezed at. But I do wish he’d smile a little more😄!
  10. 6: Gawn 5: Oliver 4: Bowey 3: Petracca 2: Viney 1: Ben Brown And with a nod to Hunt, Jordon and Brayshaw.
  11. Behinds, behinds, behinds, a real worry! One day we are going to be beaten by a team scoring 5 goals: 0 behinds to our 0 goals: 29 behinds (or similar).
  12. 6: Oliver 5: Langdon 4: Bowey 3: Gawn 2: Sparrow 1: Petty
  13. 6: Gawn 5: Petracca 4: May 3: Oliver 2: Spargo 1: Petty It was such an all round good performance that I feel bad leaving out just about the rest of the team.
  14. Over at the cricket ground they use rolls of turf sourced from a nursery in (I think) central Victoria. This allows the ground staff to fix/repair sections of the ground quickly. Rather more expensive I imagine than broadcasting a few handfuls of seed around and waiting for it to grow. What they do at Gosch’s I suppose depends on time, money and flocks of hungry pigeons.
  15. Gee I almost forgot! While not as influential as Lewis or Cross we also benefited from the services of two time Geelong premiership player Shannon Byrnes. He’s sort of flown under the radar I believe having gone back to Geelong this year after nearly ten years at the Dees as both player and coach (of some sort)!
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