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  1. 6: Gawn 5: Petracca 4: Langdon 3: Salem 2 : Lever 1: Viney Fritsch, Spargo, Oliver, Bradshaw all excellent as well.
  2. I’m twice your age praha (to put it mildly) and I spent much of my working life working with computers so I really have no fear of modern technology. However having to go onto Ticketek to obtain seats was for me a new experience. It was very frustrating initially, but after a few minutes mucking around on the site I was able to get in and obtain my ticket (I had to join which gave me the sh*** ). The site reminds me in some ways of eBay 20 years ago, somewhat unorganised and not human friendly. The site is there for one reason only and that is to sell tickets and make a profit: if you can’t ma
  3. 6: Gawn 5: Langdon 4: Hunt 3: Pickett 2: Bradshaw 1: Viney
  4. BB’s had a hair cut? He’s not the same man: hope it’s not Samsonesque!
  5. I remember that game very well indeed, one of those games one never forgets. Ah, the good old days when behind the game play was as enjoyable to watch as the play itself (ya got two games for the price of one🤪) I also loved the way Carl spoke about Robbie Flower, with respect and awe while all the time juggling a beer!
  6. Can a fullback win the Brownlow? can a blue man sing the whites? NO!
  7. Best game I’ve seen from Lever so he must get the 6 votes! 6: Lever 5: May 4: McDonald 3: Oliver 2: Spargo 1: Langdon
  8. There are small areas for standing room on level one, ground floor scattered around the ground. I think there is room for about 5,000 standing room patrons. However I’m not sure in this environment what rules will apply. Probably a phone call to the ground would be your best bet.
  9. Got level 3 in front of Grey Smith Bar, very handy if needed! So if we win I’ll need to use it and if we don’t I’ll definitely need to use it😩!
  10. A very happy birthday Ron. Gee, you broke my little heart when you went to Carlton, but all is forgiven. I trust we see you at the footy again this year all wrapped up in your red and blue scarf and cheering on your Demons.
  11. Yes, but could they kick?🤪!
  12. The drop kick to execute properly takes a fraction more time and players leave themselves open to being run down or to miss kicking! It’s still used extensively in rugby union and on occasion in American football. And as far as I can remember, Billy Barrott playing for Richmond was probably the best.
  13. I’m the same, family were all Bummer supporters and I sure they would be into him: as would Andrew McGrath from his old school. So, must keep!
  14. Agree there the lad certainly has quite a bit going for him but he needs to bring the bits together ( and here Mark Williams expertise comes in to play)! And of course a pick in last years draft at around 34 has so far performed very well for us, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one as well.
  15. How many AFL players end up playing for the club they followed when they were boys? Very few I suspect. The draft doesn’t work that way and the kids know and accept the situation! (Christian Salem and family were all keen Essendon supporters but they all support Melbourne now)!
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