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  1. Cannot believe that any player can regress so far so fast. Needs a very detailed physical (injury and general fitness) AND psychological assessment very soon before trade period. If injury is his issue, then prognosis needs to be assessed. If good AND psychology ok then hang in and get him fit. If he could regain 2018 would be a huge gain in the current team structure.
  2. Even the most successful teams have their share of "bit players" as you put it.
  3. I don’t really know, but is there any way to inculcate a killer instinct in a group? Does it come naturally to some? is it on field leadership? Is it off field leadership? Is it hardship? Any shrinks or psychiatrists here??
  4. Surely you are not suggesting that some umpires are human 🦟🦟🐛🐛
  5. Yet haven't we beaten three sides in the lower half of the finals - StK Colonwood Footscray? Pity Melksham didn't have a similar reaction.
  6. Exactly - no big deal but after the carry on in the Richmond rooms then anyone with half a brain wouldn't do it - therein lies the answer.
  7. Lackadaisical is the term I believe He misread your post, spirit. Kicked 3.4. 7 would have been great Tell that to Cale
  8. Yeah. Can’t blame Casey or Gosh for this year.
  9. This is starting to look very Melbournian. (Just switched it on)😱😱😱
  10. All year actually. Yes, it is .... a fake club propped up for too long by the AFL. And I ain't complaining about not giving us the opportunity to play finals . we do not deserve it after our two games in Cairns, so it is now in the hands of Freo (assuming that we don't crumble of course v Druggies).
  11. Very selectively with respect to the team for which the offender plays, as in all aspects of adjudication at MRP MRO or tribunal. ”Make a statement” with a little known player from a “non elite club” but as finals approach in particular, or for high profile players at “ranked clubs” Christian charity applies.
  12. Horrible, meaningless Americanism. A conference is where (usually professional) people gather, and listen to so called experts rave on and on about how good they are. IF it must occur, how about sections or divisions?
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