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  1. FYI an Economist article on the effects of covid on (some) soccer players. 20220108_footballers.pdf
  2. Incredible composure and disposal from someone with so little senior experience. Could be quite good once he settles in 🙄
  3. Paraphrasing Aristotle, and / or Erasmus' translation, But this particular Sparrow makes me very happy, and makes my whole year, not just the spring of 2021; and that (not really brief but ongoing) period of happiness does in fact make me supremely blessed and happy (though also very hungry for more).
  4. I really do not like the thought of the last touch OOB free - IMO it would only encourage a player shepherding the ball OOB without even trying to keep it in play, and also unfairly penalise the spoil by a deep defender or a disputed marking contest. But deliberate needs to be actually deliberate - I know the R 23 Brayshaw absolutely absurd penalty ultimately worked in our favour, but the [censored] who made that call clearly had zero feel for the game or the situation.
  5. Driving the head into a tackle is one of my very pet hates, even more than the Selwood duck. It is extremely dangerous and will result in a broken neck if not stamped out, with the poor guy who has been in effect head butted being plagued with scorn and guilt. Still I wonder how well it will be enforced.
  6. Bad enough having to listen to [email protected] so called music and other rubbish pre game and at every break to the G. Really, what is the point? Hopefully not drawn and quartered. One quarter of Spargo would be pretty small.
  7. Agree re Hunt’s usage - but Langdon, Harmes, ANB and others have worked on their disposal presumably helped by Chocko or Yze : hopefully Jayden can lift this aspect of his game too.
  8. Maybe he is still recovering from that (possibly) game changing assault by that dwarf on 25 September? 🤭
  9. …. rather the days of the $1.50* flagon of claret, around the era of our previous flag. * erratum. Back then of course it was 15 shillings.
  10. As long as we wait for a suitable stable safe surface - horror memories of #5 Ox on some second rate training surface preseason ?1994 😡😱
  11. Nothing nearly that fancy, or dust free, in Kal.
  12. Daniel handed over the baton in the GF. Has anyone identified “that bloke” or has he self identified? Such a iconic reflection of what so many of us felt at the time. Congratulations whoever you are. We all love you and woukd love to see you at a game Are you a Demonlander?
  13. A rare glut of riches. Tomlinson is in the mix too - though May Lever Petty and Tomo could be regarded as too tall, all have surprising pace and ground skills.
  14. The ratings were specifically from 1972 (as explained in the intro) when BB and FD were well past their primes.
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