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  1. Geelong throw in close clinches as much as do Footscray.
  2. “Make Melbourne great again”. Clearly he is not a premiership coach - that is indisputable. None since Norm Smith has been at Melbourne. Until he is, he isn’t. Hope by the end of September 2021 we can say he is.
  3. Has Burgess paced the training well? Who knows. I guess only time will tell. Early in the season we appeared to be doing far better in second halves and final quarters in particular. Not so now. And as regards some of our youth who started the season so well appearing well of the boil, I suspect the lack of VFL to asses replacements may have thrown a bit of a spanner in the works re planning of rotations and “resting / managing” these players, though the mid season bye didn’t seem to do much by way of refreshment. Again, time will tell, and we on these fora won’t have any say or influence.
  4. Not quite sure where to post this - Buddy a pretty hard elbow to the (usually) sacrosanct head =1 week. How many would, say, May or McDonald get for that? 2-3 would be my guess. But there is no corruption or even just bias in the MRO rulings, I am sure.
  5. Antioch - can you pinpoint why the change? Cause or effect??
  6. Why in the world would you think that, miraculously, the forward entries (as well as the goal kicking) will sort themselves out having been uncoordinated and dysfunctional for years? Ye hath greater faith than I.
  7. Would love more seeing him in rednblue
  8. They both played, as you will recall, in the 64 GF - Ken I think was 19th or 20th so I don’t remember if he got a run. A very sound pair of rovers.
  9. picket - just asking, have you actually seen Bowey in a match? I haven’t, and wonder how you are so confident about him. Salem is just so important - IMVHO his absence v Adelaide threw the defence totally out of sync and he hasn’t really been the same with any consistency since. If “resting” him this week could help him back to his best then sure maybe blood Bowey. Salem is one of our most important players for his disposal and calmness but also his organisation and leadership of the defence.
  10. I remember the day so we’ll - year 12 at school having seen MFC in finals every year since kindergarten. Just assumed it would always happen. Reading the “pink paper”, The Sporting Globe, which we used to go in to Flinders Street to collect with disbelief it dawned upon me that it was just possible we could miss finals that year, but of course all would be well after that 🙄 Listened to the game from home having felt ill all week since Dr Duffy and his committee’s dreadful act of treachery.
  11. 3 years and he still cannot come up with a method to connect the “star filled midfield” with the forwards …. and cannot either himself or bring in someone to get the forwards to even nail their set shots.
  12. FFS picket - set shot goal kicking doesn’t depend on “finding his feet and place in the team” - it was absolutely inexcusable given that his impeccable kicking was one of his great selling points. Not calling for him to be dropped, but he should have a good hard look at himself. May well have cost us the game and top spot.
  13. Just saw on the news Franklin elbowing an opponent with a wild backward swing - “may get a week if unlucky”. Imagine if one of ours did that - “4-6 weeks”! Corruption reigns??
  14. There seem to be times when the umpires just seem to think “that shouldn’t be a mark” and call “no 15” just on a whim.
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