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  1. Pretty much agree, though I think last week showed the value of a third tall defender, freeing Lever up to play his best role. Yes, "even just" Tomlinson, who in my view played his role very well.
  2. Half a season to go but at this stage I teams to agree - Judd has gone very nicely under the radar yet exudes confidence with ball in hand. Clean disposal and great decision maker with spatial awareness. That said, if mid / forward connection improves JVR could snag a few big bags and steal the limelight. Either way JT has unearthed a couple of rippers, again.
  3. Red and blue blankets I hope Doc - sell them to the MCC members.
  4. Born 16/04/2003 - amazing foresight by our recruiting team in signing up a 2 year old.
  5. Trust the Umps !!!??? DD, sorry and I don’t mean to insult, but are you naïve? Never trust an umpire, and especially against Collingwood. But yes I agree with the sentiment - the maggots should be worded up by their coach to stamp down on this scum.
  6. I saw young Ox - uncanny resemblance in his movement and his swaggering body language. Very disciplined set shot actin - maybe he could join Mr Williams in a workshop.
  7. Tomlinson - facilitated backtall balance
  8. Not only kids either. Some seniors in particular also find this time way too late. Even watching “neutral games” on TV unless it is close or high standard, I may just turn off at half time. Surely even the TV execs who seem to run AFL scheduling will be aware of this? And this is all the worse with the regular “train replaced by busses” we seem to get all the time.
  9. The magic Gleeson 0.3 seconds or so it seems.
  10. Maybe de Gooey thought the WCE guy was just a Sheila in a New York nightclub - fair game?
  11. Who is the subject of these last 4 posts? Is it the skinny first year player Jefferson? 🤦
  12. Do vegetarians use Ox blood? Christian:"Did anyone say Viney? Don't need to look at the tape - 2 weeks"!
  13. Don't forget it is an award decided by umpires - so, according to my MFCSS they will give 3 to Cripps. 🤮
  14. Well stated. Tommo did his job in the team defence. Any Age journalist would be on the left, of course. McVee May eventually do some midfield time but he is developing into one of our most relatable defenders, in a well oiled team defence. Especially with Bowey missing next round the defence needs to remain as settled as possible. Or that famous unsinkable ship whose watertight partitions were incomplete. Cripps - still carrying an elbow / forearm injury from late 2022?
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