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  1. in what position?? warm and dry - last year was an absolutely freak anomaly. Coldest day ever recorded and record rain ifor a June day
  2. Anyone with talent who wants to fit into a defensive system would surely be interested in coming to the Dees. Much as I am absolutely chuffed at TMcD's Lazarus season 2024, I strongly suspect that he will call it a day, as a great servant, at the end of the season. One thing (vide supra) is certain, is that TMcD will not be moving clubs. 90% retiring IMO. Tommo may well see this opening as his golden opportunity to get a permanent (as much as anything in footy is permanent) role in an excitingly dour backline.
  3. Ugly can be truly beautiful - if we keep winning
  4. So we just pluck a gun mid out of thin air to allow Tracc to play forward, or pluck a big strong marking KPF out of the even thinner air? Ah ... it is such a simple game. 🤫
  5. Interesting that whomever wrote this thinks we may not add anyone at all, given that we are two down already, and have one vacancy. IF there is anyone who fills any of our needs surely we should grab one.
  6. kev - we will miss your reports. Enjoy. Was Petty (you said in rehab) running uninhibited?
  7. But where were 😮 Scott's votes for Dangerfield, Selwood and Ablett?
  8. Despite his Lazarus like miracle return this year, I would suspect that Tom McDonald may retire at the end of this season. And if Richo likes him, that must be a positive.
  9. And he had better do so quickly - Melksham is due to return after the break, and if he gets fired up there will be intense competition for this position.
  10. Maybe when we get a new forward coach with forward skills?
  11. Hope it is not just a “rule of the week” thing, and continues: finally umpires took notice of the holding of Maximus in ruck and marking contests. They however did miss, or chose to ignore, Tracc repeatedly being held out of the centre square contests. It was blatantly obvious from the stands.
  12. I hadn't realised that kick ins were counted as possessions .... need an asterisk*
  13. 6. Gawnius maximus 5. May 4. ANB 3. Tomlinson 2. Pickett 1. Salem
  14. I heard someone in the crowd at the game also saying Windsor needs a rest. Do you mean a Bex, a cuppa tea and a good lie down? If what is meant is playing at Casey that is a nonsense. A week off doing tapestry? Will not happen. If Petty is out injured - IMO BBB is cooked, Jeffo is too raw though just starting to hit his straps at the lower level, Turner still injured (again), Shack just non competitive, FullArton who knows what, where, why - no good answer for another tall forward option. How did Verrell go today?
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