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  1. Just catching up with the great podcast - thanks so much. Fantastic to have you all back. You were mentioning that Clarrie isn't yet fully fit for round 0 - I believe that he has been working his [censored] off when away from the club, put in all the running and gym stuff; if so why isn't he ready for round 0?
  2. Clearly poor culture* 😁 * culture - the cultivation of bacteria, other microbial in the laboratory
  3. Looking forward to listening in again for 2024. I couldn't see the game - mainly interested in the new guys, and Howes who some said had a shocker (?HBF?). There wasn't much mention of the Kolt in the thread. Is VerraIl looking more than promising? I know he didn't play but from what any of you have seen earlier in the preseason is Fullerton a better bet than the Shack? Anyway - will try to get through the podcast Wednesday or Thursday - thanks to you all.
  4. Couldnt see any of the game Can someone please do a summation of positives negatives new guys Thanks
  5. Hopefully only Tiger fans Maybe Martin can't stand the thought of being towelled up by McVay again. 🤔 Is that Disco? Poor bugger. Injury seems to hit him every time he looks like getting an opportunity. Is he 426 Nick Smith, or Luke Molan #2 ?
  6. Of course they will be changed - unless there are some Geelong FS available.
  7. I would always be concerned that a tall defender takes ruck duties in the backline - it leaves his match up unattended. Less of a problem with forwards IMVHO. Do we actually know how much running fitness Clarrie has been gaining when he was away from the club? Wayne - I really would love you to be right but like so many I have my doubts. Here's hoping.
  8. Taylor certainly identifies players with the necessary footy Craft Nobody really replaces anyone come round 1 - pretty much a clean slate except for a core few (Max, May, Tracc, Ollie when fit, ANB)
  9. Yessss. One has to wonder though, with the likes of Parke and Hardeman up forward why we had such a long drought. Agree though Oliver and Pickett are hard to beat. Kolt and Knot could be a bit too confusing …. and for many especially in the last decade or so when wearing a tie has become less common some may wonder what is the significance of Windsor and knot.
  10. Maybe in the event of necessity, Tomlinson will need to just step up. Sure, best suited as 3rd tall, but really very few games turn out as ideal for everyone. If one went medium small as a forward line then of course bombing it to a pack would be stupid and fatal. In the event all the medium smalls would just have to keep on the move with leads and dummy leads to stop presenting oppositions with marking contests. Hard work but needs to be done. Which is why the fittest (conditioning not just injury wise) team has a huge advantage.
  11. Andy - by rehab do you really mean recovery programme post injury (the usual use of the term) or are some just on modified programmes? Hope it is not one of Danks' Bomber medicine balls So, if Shak plays should he be instructed to lead long and or wide at all times, which would reduce the deep forward congestion as his opponent would be obliged to follow him. Same ongoing niggle - is that the foot or the calf niggle? Re McAdam - so the 'rehab' programme is maintained a general new player fitness regimen, not an injury recovery plan?
  12. "..Collingwood showed us up for 15 minutes and that was enough,.." They nearly killed one of our club favourites, some of his teammates even thought that he may have been dead FCS. The entire team was flat as a pancake for the first quarter. Not an excuse, but an explanation.
  13. Looks from the photo like Clarrie has put on about a meter in height - maybe he will be in tandem with Max. 😀😀🤔 I have said before - justice delayed is justice denied (unless there has been a non publicised hearing and penalty already). Q for track watchers - could sit be at least that some of that those "in rehab" or "light duties" are just having their loads managed scientifically?
  14. Perhaps you meant James - said to be "an elite kick" but didn't get it enough to prove it.
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