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  1. Frittata is a bit of a hybrid trek though - doesn't get the luxury feeds as the likes of Lloyd used to, and even Hawkins in the contemporary context. IF our mids / half forwards were to lower their eyes and hit targets on the lead the sky is the limit.
  2. Maybe after their lack of street sense after initially announcing the women's competition as Australian Women's Football League, AWFL, only to turn it around as AFLW, they have spent countless hours dreaming up this and just couldn't think of anything better. Abut all there is to say
  3. What a surprise. And I wonder how long it will take for Dees v Dogs to become “a traditional round 1 game”. It took about 2 or 3 years for ANZAC Day to become traditional Col v EssUndone and similar time for opening game to be Car v Toiges.
  4. I certainly hope and expect that you are right, but I am sure Luke Dunstan came across with the same thoughts.
  5. Hopefully our two ex Bulldogs will relish being away from weirdo Bevo.
  6. Now that would really be the coup of the millennium!
  7. The sort of finer points that JT is so good at discerning.
  8. We all know that not all “he will be a gun” players succeed - Kye may offer yet another option, or as mentioned above, a surplus who we may offer for trade. Just wondering though, just because he is training with us at this stage, does it in any way tie him to us or us to him?
  9. No pressure on the lad - maybe "could well be a gun player" would be a better way of putting it, if all falls into place physically and mentally. Over the years I have heard so many time "..x.. will be a gun". Rarely can one tell so soon - Petracca and Oliver being very obvious exceptions from day 1.
  10. 201 next week and 210 by the start of the season
  11. If this turns out well it would bring new meaning to a Taylor hidden gem. Low risk, high reward.
  12. Come on Webber - you are seriously underrating him. KFW will surely squeeze out Max or Brodie by mid season
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