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  1. Personal observation, XI, or online rumours? I guess Mark Williams is clueless then.
  2. Well, sisso, maybe you should apply for a job at the club. List manager and / or chairman of selectors!
  3. If McGowan imposes these absurd restrictions, just play the season either without WCE and Freo at all, or with them “hubbed” somewhere east. If that became public before the election he may change his tune.
  4. Surely time to get real robots to umpire the game - no breathing, no 'feel for the game', just adherence to the rules.
  5. It is totally counterintuitive for a player to just have to stand and watch an opposition scoring opportunity without being able to run off to the contest. Beggars belief that anyone could be stupid enough to consider this. Well, I guess we have Gill and SHocking running the show, so anything is possible. Could become totally boring - unless the backwards kick, or even the straight lateral kick is not a mark, which is not a part of the plan (at least this version).
  6. Maybe they should give the maggots a spray paint can, like the soccer referees, and they can paint a cross on the mark and draw a straight line backwards to define the line. Would add extra excitement for them to have a few different colour spray cans and the enthralled commentators on TV (like Derwayne for example) could speculate about and discuss the next colour. It would be more exciting that the game will be when SHocking and Gill finish stuffing it up.
  7. Agree - looks like an absolute dog's dinner and, yes, will decide games, and will give the likes of Razor Ray opportunities to exert their influence big time.
  8. Why are you so certain? Observed form and development?? Reports?? Hope and wish?? Weideman hip, Brown knee.
  9. ..and he probably is, but with several talls out medium to long term he will add depth and options.
  10. Very sad for the young kid. Hope he does get all support available to get back on track. MFCSS just has me remembering Liam Jurrah and Sean Charles neither of whom was ever the same after some time off for personal reasons. 😢
  11. ... and how will that fit into the MFC “game plan”? 🙄
  12. Either way, one needs to open another bottle.
  13. Would you prefer to be an optimist who is sometimes wrong, or a pessimist who is always right? 🙄
  14. It is now February by the way Sounds like Petty will be reassigned up forward. One man’s pain is another’s opportunity
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