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  1. What a patient and diligent analysis - hope Ooze and Goodwin at least read it. Great work. I tend to agree with those who say Jackson is involved with more clearances than Max not because of his tap work but because he is an extra mid. Not sure how this great analytical work will help but I sure hope it is taken on board.
  2. Baffling and worrying. Surely it must be game plan and not only execution.
  3. Reiwoldt 2 kicks, Lynch 3 Look very soft / vulnerable
  4. Tigers absolutely in a state of panic
  5. Bloody whinging Selwood milked yet another free
  6. So he could train with our players and get them used to incessant “I am innocent, ump” sniping??
  7. Bussing Gold Coast to BNE then flying to Cairns arriving an hour before the match certainly killed our season 2020🤬
  8. Certainly seems too interested in the cases the media highlights and ignores those that the media ignore NB the high, off play hit ON Frittata. Maybe he just lacks the time, and likely the brain, to do the work himself. The media prattled on as soon as Hawkins recklessly, or carelessly, smashed May’s face, that it was accidental, so Christian had an easy out. Thank the Lord that it wasn’t Carlton’s medical report .... they would have been detailing the autopsy findings and the funeral if their past incriminating reports are anything to go by. Christian’s w
  9. Unlike the WA situation where there were local cases there are no local cases in Melbourne. Sure maybe no fans down from Sydney but no (logical) reason to have no fans attend.
  10. Just bamboozled at the composure, and work rate of this young excitement machine - the “fiercely driven moment” on the MFC website featured (I think) our 10th (or 11th) goal with a triple involvement of Kossie starting on the wing, gather, handball, handball receive then a 100 meter dash to clean up a spoiled mark by BBB. Just amazing stuff for anyone, let alone a second year player. Is it in the goal of the week lineup? I guess more likely some freak fluke dribble from the boundary.🙄
  11. Perhaps not if knee-jerk Marshall keeps Optus Stadium fan free. 🙄
  12. Well really very obvious. Foxtel commentators didn’t see it as part of their agenda of the day, so not only hardly mentioned it when it happened, but didn’t harp on it over and over again, with multiple replays etc.
  13. I personally think he plays like Luke Jackson - and others will try, in vain, to emulate him.
  14. Agree. The media harped on and on about it, and totally ignored the off-ball hit on Fritsch which was far more premeditated and also high. Really set him up for the rather dim witted Christian to pounce. He could really hardly say no. And no mention at all of Bailey’s clean record either.
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