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  1. Billings being axed is a great day for football. I'm going to the footy now.
  2. I've had a change of heart I'm not dropping Clarry I'm giving him another chance. B: Petty, May, McVee HB: Howes, McDonald, Rivers C: Windsor, Petracca, Langdon HF: Sestan, van Rooyen, Neal-Bullen F: Pickett, Fritsch, McAdam FOLL: Gawn, Oliver, Viney IC: Woewodin, Salem, Sparrow, Chandler SUB: Tholstrup EMERG: Laurie, Fullerton, Moniz-Wakefield IN: Langdon, van Rooyen, Sestan, Tholstrup OUT: Bowey (inj), Lever (inj), B. Brown (omitted), Billings (omitted) Hopefully the news of Sestan debuting comes to fruition so Billings doesn't play.
  3. I still have respect for BBB because he is a premiership player but I admit he's cooked.
  4. I'm serious the only way you can affect the team is voting with your feet. If your not happy with the footy club turn away at your droves. 2 players who I hope never play for the club again are Billings and Schache if they play a game again I'm not going, I'm watching them on the couch.
  5. Personally if we don't win a final it will be a failure of a year and I'll be calling for Goodwin's head.
  6. How can you say Laurie has had his chances? How many times has he been the sub than not in his career? Woewodin is the same even though he's showed more than Laurie he hasn't been given a chance to cement his spot like say McVee and Howes.
  7. You have had your head in the sand for the last year and a half. He's not the player he once was. Laurie has copped it unnecessarily when he hasn't been given a chance to cement his spot.
  8. He hasn't been given a chance at AFL level. He may not make it but until we give him a chance we will never know same goes with Tholstrup. Billings has been given a million chances and won't make it. He makes our team worse and apart from Schache I don't think we have a player like it.
  9. Come through with flying colours? He's played 1 good game for the year the rest have been horrible.
  10. I have faith in Laurie. It would be a good wake up call for Clarry.
  11. Is there a doctor in the house? I was thinking more dr.Love in the KISS variety. Seriously I don't care how many touches Clarry is getting he's not hurting teams with his disposals anymore. Unlike 2 years ago he was just average last year and he's been terrible this year. His only good game was against the dogs even Billings was good in that game. He's our worst performing midfielder. Viney has to lift too but I'd be dropping Clarry before I'd be dropping Viney.
  12. Give me Weetra any day at least there was no expectations on Weetra Billings was pick 3.
  13. Clarry is the number 1 problem in the midfield. He is unfit and should be dropped. You saying he shouldn't has justified my calling but don't worry gutless Goodwin won't drop him he never makes many changes it will be van Rooyen and Langdon in Brown and Lever out. Which means I won't be going to the footy because Billings will be playing. We drop this game I'm calling for Goodwin's head.
  14. He only kicked 1 goal on him 4 on McDonald. May should have played. The backline was a shambles.
  15. B: Petty, May, McVee HB: Moniz-Wakefield, McDonald, Rivers C: Windsor, Tholstrup, Langdon HF: Petracca, van Rooyen, Neal-Bullen F: McAdam, Fritsch, Pickett FOLL: Gawn, Laurie, Viney IC: Woewodin, Fullerton, Salem, Chandler SUB: Bowey EMERG: Howes, Sparrow, Oliver
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