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  1. Yeah, they have to drop him for the bye, based on that performance 🤣
  2. We’re down in Bay 15 in the Trumper, just under cover; hopefully the rain will hold off regardless.
  3. A few clouds, but looking not too bad at the SCG…
  4. I think that’s fair given that it’s the only time they’ll hear it this weekend… I hope for their sakes that they sung along with it.
  5. Selective quoting? If you watch the footage, the umpire also stated that he was holding the player… and indeed he was.
  6. For anyone going to the game tomorrow, according to an email from the club, there will be beanies on sale at the SCG. My main concern at the moment is that an email I received from Ticketek states that entry into the various stands is staggered (as part of Covid control) and that entry to the Victor Trumper Concourse where we are sitting, begins at 2:35pm. The reason I am concerned about this is that according to the game day preparations email I received today from the club, the slide at the MCG is happening from 2pm... I won't be happy if we miss seeing that on the big screen because of
  7. And now two tunes from one of my favourite bands anywhere on the planet (although now long gone), the Blue Hearts; hopefully I haven't posted these in the past. First song is Train Train, and the second is Linda Linda, which we used to do in one of my bands in the 90's, much to the consternation of the local punters...
  8. If we're going of the well beaten rock n roll track to parts less known, here's a couple from Japan in the late 80's early 90's... Firstly, a band called S.E.X doing a tune called After the War (one of the first things I saw on the big screen on the side of the Studio Alta building in Shinjuku: Next up is the band Complex formed by guitarist Hotei who was previously with a band called Boøwy (first seen on the same big screen as the previous song). He was also responsible for the instrumental in Kill Bill:
  9. They didn't do so last year, so why would they do it this year?... unless of course you subscribe to the AFL and Media hate the Dees conspiracy.
  10. One Sparrow, does not a Summer make.
  11. That was 100% a free for a high tackle… was always there. St Kilda lost this game regardless of the umpiring. To have the lead they did in what was a low scoring game and then lose, speaks volumes for where they’re at as a team. It’s no different to our loss to Adelaide… everyone loves to blame the umpires because that’s easy, but the reality was that we gave up a match winning lead through our own ineptitude.
  12. Brown is listed as an emergency, so could still be a late replacement for TMac.
  13. defuture15… did you get allocated new seats? I got a seat relocation email from Ticketek saying the seats I was originally given are no longer available; we’re now in Bay 15 in the Victor Trumper Concourse in row CC.
  14. You’re assuming that he has the players in his corner… they certainly haven’t been playing like they’re with him.
  15. I got free tickets (MFC sent emails containing bar codes), but that might be because I live in Sydney.
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