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  1. Well, maybe that means he’s on the wrong side of 30, because too immature
  2. The weird thing is that on Dees supporter pages on Facebook, many are posting about the how “the umpires must be on the Swans payroll”. This despite the fact that the final count was 15-20 in the Pies favour, and that something like 5 of the Pies goals were a direct result of free kicks.
  3. Do you have a link to the stream? edit: found it and at the same time discovered that I’m thick as a brick.
  4. Has anyone actually been able to watch this NAB League GF? I’ve checked the article both in the App and on the website, it have not managed to find an active link to the live coverage.
  5. Absolute nonsense. These guys have given their all and came up short, and no doubt will now suffer the insults from salty supporters both online and whenever they go out in public. No young athlete deserves to be abused simply because they are well payed.
  6. Maybe it’s a testament (old) to Weid’s performances?
  7. Is there a stat for decibel rating by membership attendance?
  8. I think that a tactic we should employ, is to have Oliver face the opposition and lift his jersey whenever the ball is coming in; the glare would temporarily blind the opposition players giving ours time to move in a get the ball unopposed.
  9. Viney has been one of the worst offenders.
  10. Missing would be a problem, but missing what was essentially, by all reports, a fairly light training session, is hardly going to see a fully developed veteran player underdone. A 24hr gastro bug is not going to drain him to any great extent.
  11. Hopefully, your selfless sacrifice will be rewarded with a victory tomorrow night.
  12. I wonder if they are considering Joel as the med sub as he's able to play back or forward and could, at a pinch and with his pace and agility, slot in on a wing.
  13. Where do I start? I love the Kabuki-Cho area of Shinjuku, particularly the narrow bar lined lanes toward Hanazono Shrine, parts of Tawaramachi near Asakusa where there are streets full of shops selling display ‘food’. Parts of Asakusa I like, and a great memory was going to one of the oldest restaurants in Tokyo, the Sometarō okonomiyaki restaurant. When I first stayed in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park near Harajuku used to have the street running through it, lined with bands and rockabilly dancers, all performing at the same time. The problem is that the noise police moved in and now only the rockabilly dancers are still there. Places I avoid are Roppongi and, to an extent, Ginza. But Akihabara (the electronics district) is enjoyable if done in moderation; best time being on the weekends they close off the street and you’ll see a lot of cosplay action going on, and the Meido (Maid) Cafes are definitely pretty out there.
  14. Have you been to the Ramones Cafe/Museum? If not, go!! It’s a great way to while away a couple of hours. I loved Berlin and love Melbourne, but my favourite city is Tokyo… it has everything and more.
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