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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Semantics do not change what I was trying to do with the best of intentions. I give up. Time for a break!
  2. The apology was for any pain my comments may have caused you personally. The “but” was not intended to negate or diminish that at all… it was the beginning of request that you don’t project your feelings onto others…perhaps I should have used ‘however’?
  3. I would have thought that once the player’s feet have left the ground and contact is made with the head, then there is no consideration for low impact…unfortunately, it’s probably going to be an automatic suspension, as that is the action they are trying to get out of the game.
  4. The act needs to be viewed in real time, and I’m not sure that anyone would be capable of mentally summing up the situation and considering the implications. I think the first reaction would be to protect your own body, and that would explain why he braced for contact in the way he did (a first response would likely be to not leave the chest, ribs and mid section exposed). As I did say in my original post, I believe Maynard did get off very lightly, but if it can be said that anything good actually came out of this incident (regardless of how you or any one of us personally views it), at least it has led to rule changes intended to protect players in such cases. Unfortunately Kossie has become a victim of these changes that are intended to punish the action first, and then the outcome on top of that.
  5. It’s ok for posters such as yourself to say that this WAS a premeditated/intentional act, but unacceptable for me to say that that statement is absolute nonsense?? (incidentally, it’s obvious that that is my view and so shouldn’t need any clarification) Ok, I’ll edit my post to remove the ‘offensive’ wording, but that will not change my view in any way. Yes, you may have been affected by it, which is understandable considering that you are in contact with players and families of players, so, I’ll apologise as it has caused you some pain, but please don’t project that on to the majority of others whose only connection to the club is, like myself, as a member or supporter.
  6. It is not unbelievable at all as I am in no way comparing the two incidents other than the fact that they were both attempted smothers that went wrong… the fact is that he (Maynard) attempted to smother, albeit a clumsy attempt, and when it became obvious he would collide with Gus, braced for the collision… once a player is airborne at speed, there is no way they can take effective evasive action. I’m tired of reading comments from Dees supporters saying that Maynard never had the intention of smothering and that the collision was premeditated! Personally, I do not consider that to be the case! As a result of the rule changes following Maynard’s crude effort, every player knows the consequences and that they risk getting time off curtesy of the review panel. If players choose to launch themselves off the ground, then they need to be certain that they can nail the smother and not the opponent’s head!
  7. Would you say the same about those criticising Maynard? After all, he was attempting to smother the ball. Yes, I think he got off far too easy, but his action did bring about rule changes which unfortunately have seen Kossie receive a suspension. I think that if the player chooses to launch himself with both feet off the ground and the smother is successful without making contact with the opponent’s head, then fair enough…but if the player mis-times the smother and in bracing himself, makes contact with the head, then he’s in trouble.
  8. You try flapping your arms non stop for 3h 20m and tell me how you feel.
  9. There are some things that I just don’t have the power to resist 😉
  10. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the 5 day break… Adelaide get one day extra but they had the long haul flight back from Perth and their game was possibly a much harder fought affair than was ours (I imagine in similar temperatures?).
  11. You’re forgiven I’ve always considered pickles an American affectation.
  12. No lettuce?? Pickles on a burger are just wrong! Bbq sauce on a burger is just wrong! Mayonnaise on a burger is just wrong! Mustard on a burger is just wrong! Now let’s get on to the Potato Scallop vs Potato Cake vs Potato Fritter debate!!
  13. I remember visiting WImply Burger in London in the mid 1970’s. I’m surprised to see that they still exist… according to Google, my nearest store is in Sth Africa, apparently!
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