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  1. Many on here have been saying that TMac's year in 2018 was an aberration and that 2019/2020 are more representative of his worth... well, working by the same principle, Brown's 2020 should probably be considered an aberration, while his previous three seasons saw him netting >60 goals in each, while his average for his career up until 2019 had been 46.5 goals. Going by those sorts of figures, I wouldn't be averse to him coming to the Dees, although I would probably prefer to see us get Jeremy Cameron who has a few more strings to his bow and is much harder at the ball.
  2. I just have a feeling his body will be telling him to call it a day... it's been through a lot and it's starting to show. As the lawyer in the Castle said, "it's just... the vibe, your honour."
  3. Two weeks ago... they just forgot to let us supporters know.
  4. Fair point... but I have Jetta as a retirement (I'm assuming it will be his choice), so wouldn't that break any contract arrangements pertaining to his being paid out?
  5. No need DC (but thanks for caring)... but I do think my sense of humour does tend to go off into left field every now and then 😄.
  6. I'm thinking Jetta and Jones, will be retirements and that KK, Bennell, both Wagners, O McDonald, Bradtke and Dunkley will be delisted. Bedford must also be in the firing line, simply because Spargo has been starting to show a bit. It's also possible that Viney may go as a free agent and that T McDonald (and possibly Smith, if he's not delisted) could be traded. Preuss could be another up for trade, giving him the chance to be the #1 ruckman at another club. If Viney does go as a free agent, then there's no way we would consider getting rid of Sparrow who was starting to show someth
  7. I think you might be the first person to ever accuse me of that DC 😂
  8. The thing I find intriguing is that it's almost the same as the relationship between Stoinis and Zampa in the cricket (which draws little to no attention), and the weird fact that they even look similar. I always thought that close contact male oriented sports were originally a homo-erotic concept anyway (look at greco roman wrestling - you don't need to be a genius to see where they got the idea for the "squeal like a pig" scene in Deliverance)... I would love to have gotten Sigmund's thoughts on rugby league.
  9. I bet you never photocopied your arsse at work.
  10. At least they're generally a few rungs up the ladder from the NRL guys.
  11. Sydney... it’s limited re audience size (max 25 in today’s venue), and people must remain in their seats, but it is great to be able to perform, yes. When the shutdown happened in March, we lost a lot of work.
  12. My band was playing this afternoon (I’m the vocalist) and so I had my phone on my music stand with Foxtel Go... I don’t think there’s been a time in the past where I’ve got the lyrics wrong in so many songs.
  13. That's a brilliant idea OD... you really should suggest that to the club.
  14. Well, I'm none of those; I have a standard interstate membership.
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