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  1. From what I can tell, most of the outrage is coming from those here on Demonland who seem to be outraged over the outrage.
  2. Really sorry for your loss Rob! Having had such a close connection for so long and being so far away, must make this very hard for you. Take care and hope to catch up again soonish (one way of another). I only met him a couple of times in the 70’s at parties (one at his home), so I don’t really remember too much about him.
  3. He virtually single handedly changed the Australian music landscape forever, both locally and internationally... a sad loss, taken way too soon.
  4. I look ok in the occasional photo... but what you see is not always what you get. Let’s wait and see before building him up into something he might not be... still, it’s going to add interest to Monday’s game.
  5. I don’t know how long term injuries affect these spots on the list, but will that change with Nietschke’s (or however it’s spelt) and Hore’s injuries?
  6. Salem, Dunn and Jones were not immediately good... in fact, for a number of years, people on here were demanding that Jones be delisted, and I’m pretty certain Dunn was getting similar treatment.
  7. Yet, in the final quarter he was in no small part, responsible for us being able to get up over the Tigers, when it was looking like they could overrun us.
  8. Well, as they had a set 30 minute quarter with no stoppage time added, technically, no... however, they ARE returning to 25 minute quarters with time on added.
  9. Ah ok, sorry OD, I think I misread your comment... but yes, I would be extremely surprised if any venue in Melbourne is allowed to operate at full capacity; they're not even allowed to do that here in Sydney yet.
  10. I would have thought that was just a poorly written tweet, and that the AFL directive was the “behind closed doors” part, for a COVID safe environment.
  11. I think you might want to explain to your daughter how masks work OD 😁; they are more designed to protect others from the wearer.
  12. Off to Spec Savers with you KOOL-AID! Why do you distort the truth?
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