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  1. “…my chest is aching and it burns like a furnace; the furnace keeps me alive”
  2. I'm in same boat, we'll be ok with Apple TV (see link I posted above)
  3. Just had a good look at the 7 website (as per Jaded's pic above) - https://7plus.com.au/where-to-watch-the-afl-grand-final It lists 'compatible' devices that will show the GF on the 7+ app. By this list, I'll be ok using Apple TV. And yeah, disappointed I can't watch tonight. Screw you, Channel 7!
  4. I’m in the same boat- I have access to 7+ app andKayo via Apple TV on a non-smart tv. Now I’m freaking out about the GF not being on 7+ app!
  5. Thanks, Adrian. Don’t give up ya day job, mate.
  6. My modest contribution. Preston represent ✊🏻❤️💙
  7. Can someone remind me the website a DL user has set up with all Dees media? heartbeatstrue.com or something?
  8. “…The house of blood, up on the hill The devil’s wrath, Satan’s will Blood on the ceiling, blood all over the walls Blood on the ceiling, blood all over the door…” *current mood
  9. Agree, Krigsgaldr was my first discovery of theirs, amazing. thought this clip had a better ritualistic element though!
  10. This week’s ritual in worship of the Footy Gods, the foretold runes, the rattle of the bones of ancestors…(4.15) *to be fully re-enacted under the red and blue moon at midnight Thursday in my Preston backyard
  11. Explosion….Gippsland…..farm……meth lab would explain the mindless verbal diarrhoea
  12. If it were a club member who, say, posted what Tex said on social media to a player, they would rightfully be identified by the club and have their membership torn up. Walker should be cleaning out his locker. Bloody disgrace.
  13. That’s a pretty ordinary post, friend.
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