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  1. Am I the only one who’s getting a shocking picture on 7?? I always watch Fox footy which is HD, maybe I’m used to that? It’s so unfocused.
  2. Excellent internetting there, Hogan2014. So who would you rather? Oh...wait....yes I see now.
  3. Hind has been kept out of the Saints best 22 this year by Dean Kent. 🤔
  4. That’s being generous, WW. I’d say it’s utterly tasteless and despicable. The guy is clearly struggling and in a very bad space. Shame.
  5. Agree with your sentiments. Just on a technicality- Nev is contracted to end of 2021. Do you mean offer him an extension, by chance?
  6. If this happens, step up J Smith - Demonland's #1 whipping boy!
  7. *whispers i think they’re being sarcastic 😉
  8. Same. I really liked the look of the Roti Maker for $29.95. A late 2nd/3rd rounder should get it done, I reckon.
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