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  1. Lionel Messi looks like Chip Frawley
  2. It would have been, but wasn’t for me - that single result cost me winning a tipping comp outright and hundreds of dollars Screw Carlscum. And the Filth
  3. Yeah not his style, ay. I might harass him on Insta to make one - I want a matching one!
  4. Does anyone know if there’s going to be any premiership merch available? Most specifically, a team poster? My kids rightfully pointed out they’ll need a girls poster to match the boys!
  5. Wowee what a day! Just got the kids to sleep, they were still buzzing, as am I. What an amazing effort by our girls. I was as glum as could be at Q time, they were all over us. But we dug in with absolute resilience and determination, matching and bettering the Brions’ pressure game. An absolute slog. At the start of the last, I was a pacing nervous wreck when one of my girls said “relax, dad, we’re going to win”. I offered her top dollar for her magical crystal ball at the end! And talk about emotional reward for investment, I was a blubbering mess of tears watching Daisy make that raw post game interview! So proud of this group. And of the wider AFLW for empowering girls and women through our great game. The comp is as old as my twin girls, and as I watch both grow, I feel so grateful they have these female role models to look up to. And at the risk of being ungracious, can I just say a big ‘SUCKED IN’ to the AFL(W) hierarchy and the wider football media. Everyone had this game already won by the Brions , creating a narrative they are the unbeatable darlings and making a bloody shamozzle out of every aspect of organising this GF, putting us under every imaginable disadvantage. And we went up there and [censored] did it despite everything! Get a dog up yas! GO YOU MIGHTY DEMONS
  6. Just decorated the lounge room with the kids. Nerves are jangling, excitement is rising. We are the underdogs with every possible disadvantage, a victory today would be nothing short of remarkable. CARNADEEGRRRRLS!
  7. Wowee, what a day! The kids and I arrived at the ground and were welcomed towards the great club activations at the gates: girls got their face painted, spun the wheel and won prizes and got to record a little motivational message for the players. They seemed annoyed when I suggested we go get some seats and watch a footy game, they were having too much fun. Scored a nice spot on the wing, slightly under cover, next to a group of girls who were good mates with Tyla Hanks and happened to be primary school teachers - very handy with taking some heat from 2 x 7yos prone to incessant question asking during a football match. The game itself was a turgid affair riddled with frustratingly poor kicking on our behalf; Norf had a real dig. We can thank our defence yet again. It was great how we withstood their barrage of inside 50s but jeez, we should have been a few goals down at 3q time. Then, that Daisy goal. Like a divine hand grabbed that ball on the sky an guided it on the wind through the big sticks. The crowd went completely [censored] nuts. Was good energy today. Then the kids and I muscled our way to the fence hoping for a high five or autograph. Then we watched Tyla Hanks, as though in slow motion, make a beeline for my girls and handed them the signed footy! (Maybe her teacher mates gave her a tip off) Onya Hanksie! Also got autographs from Kate Hore and Fitzy! The girls were utterly starstuck . Then 3x scarves out the car windows with Grand Old Flag at HIGH volume out of the forth, all the way home. Now onto the Grand Final at Isotopes Stadium. Go you mighty [censored] Dees girls. You’re winning a lot of hearts, young and old.
  8. My 7yo girls already had their Dees jumpers on when I woke up this morning. This household is freakin PUMPED! CARNAFKKNDEEGRRRRRRLS!!
  9. Devil’s advocate : Brisbane finished top and earned the right to a home GF if they make it. With the Gabba and Metricon unavailable, they’ve lobbied hard for the next best option in their home state. If the same scenario was applied to MFC, where the G and Marvel were unavailable, I would expect our club to also lobby hard for the next best option and keep the GF in our state. Springfield is a ****ty inadequate venue and it sucks for the spectacle of AFLW, but it’s the Lion’s prerogative. Go Crows. CARNA****INDEEEEEEGRRRRLS!
  10. Oi! Pretty close to mine from 17 hours ago!
  11. We used to have a player called Luke, Who's natural talent isn't a fluke, He helped us out to finally break the drought, But to see him in purple makes me puke
  12. Watching the replay , it was a bloody physical game, lots of biffo. They tried it on and we gave it back twice as hard.
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