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  1. Jeezus Christ @Demonlandyou just gave me a heart attack as my page was loading - I thought one of our guys was injured! Meh, I think we can beat them Neale or no Neale.
  2. ABC just reporting NSW has issued a health alert after a Melbourne Covid case travelled to different locations in NSW. hold the phone on Giants stadium
  3. ABC reporting Dees in isolation/getting test - one of our guys was in a hotspot...
  4. Everyone go look at the moon!
  5. I think I heard D King on SEN today mention since 2000, 8 (i think it was) teams have been at 9-0 and of those, 4 have won flags. Don’t quote me on that, was dealing with [censored] heads on the road driving at the time of listening!
  7. Including pink for a few years there
  8. Thanks gs, yeah just catching up on the post game thread where it’s mentioned. I get the principles around clash uniforms, but everyone (except Buddy) wears their socks down! And Sydney already have hooped socks compared to our solid red. We’re the Redlegs, dammit!
  9. Just watching the replay of last night’s game and saw we were wearing red and blue striped socks. I’ve never noticed this in my 30+ years of supporting the Dees - I thought we were the Redlegs?! If anyone can can advise of any historical wearing of striped socks and why we wore them last night, that’d be fab.
  10. What a bloody awesome win. This shiz is real now! putting on a 6th birthday party tomorrow morning for my kids, Alice in Wonderland themed. Just finished cutting the finger sandwiches. I’m gonna be one Maaaaad [censored] Hatter tomorrow, I tells ya!! ❤️💙♠️♣️♥️♦️🎩 CARN THE MIGHTY DEEES, THE LID’S OFF MUTHA****KKKKKKKAS!
  11. “He’ll be here all week....try the veal!” *microphone feedback, a smattering of applause
  12. That game was very similar to us v Hawks last week. Minus the injuries
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