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  1. Probably covered already, but does anyone know if F&B outlets will be operating? I’ll have 2 x 6 year olds demanding hot chips.
  2. I used Regent Gallery (Plenty Rd, Preston) - the bloke there did a great job on my Hingrito print. A2 size, black timer frame, was $100. Had it mounted, as opposed to adhered to the backing (print is on thick card), which maybe is why it was a tad more expensive than what some mates paid to get their Knight posters done. Very good quality, so was happy. He sells lots of AFL stuff, so will no doubt have frames in stock.
  3. BB was an assistant coach for the Roos’ AFLW team, he now joins the Dees coaching group as a talls and ruck specialist. Shows great synergy between the men’s and women’s footy programs operating within a healthy club culture. Kudos Mr. Brown and MFC! https://www.womens.afl/news/75631/demons-aflw-coaching-panel-gets-premiership-boost?fbclid=IwAR1jc1AHBKX4fGLpQ0drf8leoZJbZgo-fv-D_2UKzfNhavbOrEe8jdghT6o
  4. Yeah I always loved Coop illustrations, so naturally this appeals! Now to get it framed and negotiate with my better half where it’s going to be hung…
  5. My Hingrito poster just arrived! Quality is fantastic, absolutely stoked 😍❤️💙 Cheers @Lord Nevfor the heads up!
  6. Love this stuff. Ron Barassi was involved in x6 MFC premierships. Fritta, wearing the number 31, kicked x6 goals in the GF.
  7. I checked out his insta page, it's the same artist that did that awesome devil Max Gawn portrait (someone here has as their profile pic). He could sell a few of those too I reckon.
  8. Just bought one of these - thanks for the link!
  9. “…my chest is aching and it burns like a furnace; the furnace keeps me alive”
  10. I'm in same boat, we'll be ok with Apple TV (see link I posted above)
  11. Just had a good look at the 7 website (as per Jaded's pic above) - https://7plus.com.au/where-to-watch-the-afl-grand-final It lists 'compatible' devices that will show the GF on the 7+ app. By this list, I'll be ok using Apple TV. And yeah, disappointed I can't watch tonight. Screw you, Channel 7!
  12. I’m in the same boat- I have access to 7+ app andKayo via Apple TV on a non-smart tv. Now I’m freaking out about the GF not being on 7+ app!
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