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  1. We’re in: 6th melb 16 / 125.7 7th dogs 16 / 107.3
  2. Ahhh...yes...for some reason I was thinking everyone plays everyone once. Forgot it’s only a 9 round season. 🤦‍♂️ as you were...
  3. We had to play these teams at some point. 2/3 games at home is ok I would’ve thought?
  4. Yeah I recently got rid of Foxtel , and as a Telstra customer (phone) got the $5 a month Kayo deal (for first 12 months) . stream it straight onto the telly via my Apple TV thingy
  5. Yes. Anything on Fox footy (ie; all games) is on Kayo. Questions around GF though, as mentioned above
  6. Just got tickets for my family to brave Filth Park on Sunday. Looks like it’s selling out fast, only 1 zone left which I think is the Dees cheers squad end! So get on quick, those that are thinking of going...
  7. Ya don’t win games of footy kicking bloody points
  8. That was Norf’s lowest ever V/AFL/AFLW score in it’s history. The previous lowest being 1.8 (14) R19 in 2019 (men’s v Geel)
  9. Going to miss Goldrick’s kamikaze zip out of the back half. is she injured or dropped?
  10. AWWW [censored] YEAH! IT’S 2021, BABY
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