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  1. So this win means we’re playing finals, yeah? Anyone got Leigh Montagna’s email address?
  2. They’ve won 5 of their last 6 - I’d say they’re already on it.
  3. This week my kids got selected to play Auskick at half time today! And I’ll be alongside them either as a goal umpire or ‘sign holder’ (whatever that means!). Not sure who’s more excited , me or the girls! CARNAMIGHTYDEES! 🤩🥰❤️💙
  4. Not sure if possible - GFG sold out many weeks ago. I missed the boat on that one 😔
  5. What was the final attendance figure?
  6. No More Heroes is probably my favourite album, closely followed by Rattus Norvegicus. And always had a soft spot for Aural Sculpture. JJ Burnel has one of the punchiest, best bass sounds in rock n roll I reckon.
  7. In a repeat of last year’s GF experience, I’ll be on the couch with my two girls cheering loudly. After bangbangbang I excitedly busted open a packet of Tim Tams for the kids, which is their standout memory! I promised that if successful this GF, we would do Tim Tam Slams with a cup of Milo! But win, lose or draw, what a great thing it is that my kids have witnessed the Demon boys and girls playing off in grand finals within 6 months of each other. That girls can look up to heroes like Daisy, Karen, Tayla and know they can participate, compete and belong - just like the boys. What these AFLW pioneers have done for the next generation of girls cannot be understated and should be celebrated. CARNADEES, put in your best show today and we hope you can bring home the cup!! ❤️💙
  8. Yeah, I emailed the membership department because last yearI got the kids MFC memberships before they started Auskick and wanted to check that their membership carries over to the successive year when doing via Auskick this year. They confirmed that yes, the Auskick membership nomination carries over and is counted on the tally as a 'bone fide' membership.
  9. Looking at the mcg parking website, it says gate 6 open at 11am. I haven’t used gate 6 before - does anyone know if this mean there’s significant parking available?
  10. Mine got sent with membership pack on mail. fir collection, If at game, the outlet thing is always near gate 3. Or, at Demon Shop if business hours.
  11. Add x 2 more - signed up my daughters again last night via Auskick rego. Got them into Darebin Falcons, let’s hope the Daisy legacy rubs off! ❤️💙
  12. Still no update on the postponed Coll v Bris final?!? I hope this doesn’t screw us over..
  13. Except that long range goal he kicked in Perth v Weagles (R 22?) to get us into the finals in 2018. That was pretty good. But yes, otherwise meh.
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