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  1. On a positive note at least we are not wearing the white shorts for the Grand Final.
  2. They may never tear you apart but right now the Bulldogs are tearing you a new one Port.
  3. Max going for a strut now that they are finally out of quarantine
  4. That 3rd 1/4 alone was pure, unadulterated, football porn!!!
  5. He fits their age profile as well 30 plus
  6. I don’t think they got off the [censored] bus to be honest
  7. AFPLA captain of the year my [censored]. Max would have kicked that!!!!
  8. Really impressed with Tom “ Viagra “ Sparrow. Just hard at it all night and has cleaned up his disposal and decision making.Set records for being an unused medical sub. Given his opportunity and taking it.
  9. Another drop Henderson. He wouldn’t catch COVID in Western Sydney
  10. You can put a line through Astra Zeneca FC
  11. They have been the much better team but good crivens talk about Charity FC, from the taxpayers and the umpires.
  12. I reckon the chief Health Officer of Queensland is a Western Bulldogs Supporter
  13. Tall poppy syndrome here. Bailey has immaculate hair. Get stuffed Dermie you closet ranga!!!
  14. The curse of Mrs Hardwick continues.
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