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  1. I would start Woey as he deserves a run at it and has been good and have Billings as sub. Not worried about the missed goals as he is normally a reliable kick more so a few poor tackling efforts. Needs to be much better there.
  2. I agree, and I would start him. He is not a bad like for like for Kossie. A small high pressure forward that can go through the midfield. Time for him to get a opportunity.
  3. If Kolt is in you would presume he would know early to give his family time to come over to watch his debut game. l like it. Tough on Bailey Laurie who has been in and out and hasn’t had a settled run at it. Was good in the game against the swans last year but hasn’t really grasped his limited opportunities when presented. Time for someone else to get a chance.
  4. I honestly do not understand how highly paid highly educated decision makers are so out of touch whether it be in civil or sporting cases. There is no sense. It galls me that grubby [censored] from Collingwood is a premiership player. I don’t understand how Kossie and Fogarty have the same penalty and going by the AFL’s reasoning how Toby Greene wasn’t even looked at. Mac Andrews head hitting the ground registered as a bounce stat for [censored] sake. The system is beyond broken.
  5. Was a very professional road trip by all in involved at the club.
  6. I agree with many on this. I think he has been good this year after what was a poor year last year where I think he should have spent time at Casey. Like the whole team playing his role well when it is his turn. We appear to be using the corridor more this year and playing with less width which I like. He is still working hard off the ball and providing a good outlet when called upon. Doesn’t have the same level of disposal as Windsor so unfair to compare them there but I think Langdon has been very effective so far.
  7. We have nothing to lose other than the $10 000 it costs to appeal. We don’t get our money back if we win the appeal but the penalty is also not increased if we lose.
  8. Thankfully we rolled the dice on Steven May playing against the Crows as he is one of our best and important players. I hope we roll the dice again and challenge the grading of impact, get it down to a fine and then tell Kossie to rein it in a bit. A big game at the G against the Lions, you want your best available. Come on Dees, roll the dice don’t roll over.
  9. Great goal by Chin but that kick from McVee was a thing of beauty. Love to see us use the ball by foot more because our decision making and execution by hand tonight has been putrid.
  10. Massive fan of Chin and what he brings to the team. Great character and work rate. Hits the scoreboard and uses the ball well also hard at it and provides great defensive pressure. Like Nibbler is very disciplined in his role.Would love to see him build on the endurance and roll through the midfield more in a rotation with Kossie to provide us a different more dynamic look to our midfield to go compliment our bulls. Having Chin and Kossie with their speed, skill and X factor as part of a mids rotation would help with the mid forward connection which is improving this year.
  11. Obviously losing May and Lever not ideal but I believe Hore can play Levers role comfortably as the intercept defender. Tomlinson back is an option to cover May but if Fullerton has a good game at Casey today he could play the forward / ruck role allowing Petty to play in defence. We do have some options to get through a tricky period which is our next 3 games.
  12. He was also recruited from Edithvale - Aspendale. Enough said.
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