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  1. All true Andy. Apparently Dees are arguing the point that the player in question has in fact had minimal to no contact with the rest of the playing group etc... Time will soon tell mate.
  2. Not sure mate... just relieved it's not to anyone in our 22
  3. Reported on SEN via Sam Edmund that it was a player that's part of the rehab group.
  4. SMH! Can we please shut this thread down?
  5. Some wins just hit different... That last Qtr... that feeling when we knew we were actually going to beat the premiers! Was euphoric like. A win I'll never forget. & I'm smiling as a type this :) 🔴🔵
  6. Looking fine Dazz. I mean, physically the man is a specimen as we know. Body is sound & good to go. But yes, fitness to AFL standard will be the key here mate.
  7. Spoke to him today. Humble as always, seems pumped to get stuck in. 🔴🔵
  8. People can be forgiven for a mistake & opportunities to reconcile will be given. It's the continuous patterns over the journey without the learnings that closed in on him. Good day.
  9. Sometimes you just gotta lol Smh...
  10. Dead set facts of life: Taxes, Death, Roos V Dees @ Blundstone Eagles V Dees @ Optus Go Dees🔴🔵
  11. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 4th Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): 3rd B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. Oliver 2. Trac 3. Gawn 4. Fritsch 5. Lever Leading goalkicker: Fritsch Most marks: Fritsch Best first year player: Bailey Laurie Most improved player: Baker All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): Oliver, Trac, Gawn, May All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): May, Trac, Oliver Big Ben Brown will kick his b
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