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  1. Dead set facts of life: Taxes, Death, Roos V Dees @ Blundstone Eagles V Dees @ Optus Go Dees🔴🔵
  2. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 4th Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): 3rd B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. Oliver 2. Trac 3. Gawn 4. Fritsch 5. Lever Leading goalkicker: Fritsch Most marks: Fritsch Best first year player: Bailey Laurie Most improved player: Baker All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): Oliver, Trac, Gawn, May All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): May, Trac, Oliver Big Ben Brown will kick his b
  3. May have been said already, but this is good news for us getting Brown now.
  4. Noticed that straight away Dazz. Could also easily be the case with most of the other clubs. Imagine being stuck with the same blokes for 3months. Boys are over it.
  5. You guys should try watching the game when you hearts not in it. Feels so much better :)
  6. Tbh, even though we're up, it just doesn't look like the way we play. Straight kicking & brilliance from Tracc in Qtr1 was all it was. Could get ugly this. Let's see.
  7. Yep. Looks like Oliver is his direct opponent & Steele is giving him a smashing... barely seen clarry even in and around the contest.
  8. So you're saying to replace Simon for Jordan asap, yeah?
  9. As an extension to this, i would say 97% of our team play like this - Viney, May & AVB the exceptions. Cerca 2018 elimination final V Geelong. Just look how hard we attacked the cats. It was actually intimidating. You either have it or you don't. The majority of our boys aren't built that way.
  10. Yeah spot on LH, He plays like a big friendly giant & opos continue to target him because of this. They know he dosen't remonstrate, so they'll carry on - until Max shows them otherwise. It's a tough one because its just not in the big fellas nature. The boys need to have his back!
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