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  1. @Anti SaintThanks for a great response. Appreciated. The same home of football that called james jordon, jordon Jones? Amateurs.
  2. Does anyone know the record? Will beating the 1965 start of 8 or 9 wins which then culminated in norm Smith getting sacked and then falling in a heap for 50 odd years, remove the curse? Here's hoping!
  3. I thought Hames was actually pretty good. Hard and tough. Not sure about petty though.i suppose he needs a few weeks to be judged. Just looked fumbly, again to me.
  4. I am living abroad. The covid case is in Sydney, so why is there a chance the game won't go ahead?
  5. Fair enough. I'll back my judgement on Baker and his suitability to our team.
  6. You probably need to watch a bit closer then. First tackles are soft and second efforts are non existent.
  7. Can't tackle properly. Massive liability.
  8. Agreed. Baker needs to fix some areas urgently if he is to make it. Should have stuck the tackle against in goal square which resulted in a goal. 2nd q I think. Fumbly and not really enough grunt. That last quarter effort was good but almost straight after another tackle didn't stick. Not sure he fits into what we need to be.
  9. We will hammer those smug self isolating prix. Who do they think are?
  10. Goodwin is probably our highest % winning coach since Norm Smith. I used probably because I dont really know. I like the lineage from Blight, Barassi to Smith. Blight has said in the past that he his coaching was definitely influenced indirectly by Norm Smith due to the Barassi connection. The game has obviously changed a lot but I would like to think that something has been past down. Side Note: Many of the younger crew may not have realised how much of a gun Goody was for the crows. Super fit, tough and skilled. His first 2 years = 2 flags iirc.
  11. From a snow demons fandom site, whatever that means.. A snow demon, a large cat-like creature with thick white fur and covered in horns and spikes, usually hunts in The Miln Mountains, but comes down to the lowlands at winter. They are so scarce that many inhabitants of Fort Miln, including Cob used to believe they were mere legends. However, in the events of The Great Bazaar and Other Stories, Arlen Bales kills a snow demon by carving a heat ward out of his own blood on the snow demon's chest, and melting it, making it his first coreling kill. https://thedemoncycl
  12. 6. Gawn 5. Rivers 4. Langdon 3. Oliver 2. Lever 1. Wonderful wizard of Koz
  13. Tongue in cheek, yeah? Because it's basically our jumper.
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