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  1. Norm Smith curse now over. Hawthorn have taken the torch off us by burning and sacking the best coach of an era
  2. If we kicked straight they wouldn't be in the gun. The problem is 100% accuracy in front of goal. The outcome for bad kicking is like no other error. Basically you lose. We are worst in the league atm for accuracy. Just gotta get at least to league middle standard level as a minimum. It will cost us a flag, guaranteed, if we dont sort it out.
  3. Lockhart has some strengths that we are lacking. Speed and defensive pressure when ball hits the ground in the backline. He is prone to a few mulligans each game though.
  4. What are you talking about. Jack needs to do his job, not play a blinder. His job is more than enough. I am over the Jack slaps. He is a gun, tough as nails, and is as much a Demon as you and I. Treat him with respect.
  5. Fair enough. I hope he does 2 career ending knees in the same incident then. This is Hawthorn.
  6. My ex father in law was a Hawk fan and he was the nastiest football bully [censored] you could ever imagine. Relentless recall of every dagger that meant way more to me than him. For all of us born in the late 60s or early 70's make no mistake Hawthorn are the enemy. I hope we smash them by heaps and O'meara does a career ending knee. At a minimum!
  7. I have found comfort in the "fisted forever" era with this guy. A must read for me every week for a decade and a half and genuinely the funniest stuff I read. Adam : Thanks!! This guy is a LEGEND.
  8. Obviously its a good mark. No one is doubting that ?
  9. Without actually doing the research I dont reckon that Moorcrofts mark was in the best 10 I have seen. Smith, Sampi, Bolton, both Riewlodts, Tarrants even the wizz mark was better. Its just well known because it was Essendon at their zenith and Bruce carrying on like Dennis Commetti had just given birth unexpectedly in the commentary box. And Moorcroft himself was an extremely overrated plodder in reality.
  10. You got that right. Can someone point me in the direction of who I should run my initial thoughts by? Just for next time.
  11. kilcunda would be cool. Big ocean front sweeping views with land. 40 min to casey
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