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  1. Rubbish. If Russell Robertson was better at any stage of his career than Salem is as he is today I will run through Wuhan licking every pole in every wet market I can see. Robbo 22, Salem 35. Football is more than 2 minute youtube clips folks.
  2. Just checked. What are you talking about man? You can only see 20% of her face and certainly not hot. You need to get on red tube
  3. Still pinching myself. Life has brought no other pride and joy than what it did following Bailey Smiths fumble on Sept. 25th, 2021
  4. Hopefully Van Rooyen kicks 3 in a Premiership winning GF. He is only an injury to BBB, TMac and possible Weid away from being in the team.
  5. Or this current decade. 21 Dees and 2 Hawks, same as 2007- 15 but inn reverse
  6. internet in Thailand is 3 x faster and no more than $25 bucks a month. Aussie internet, mobiles etc is obscenely expensive. I dont know why.
  7. Anyone know what Williams contract tenure is. He needs to be retained and he will be hunted. Are he and Goodwin close? Sometimes I think Goody is pretty short with Chocko after games and walking off the field. It makes me wonder what the club was doing to improve kicking skills. Whatever Willams does is genius.
  8. I am tipping that the score tally of our top 10 would have won the Bluey in our lean years.
  9. Awesome, Great I love the guy. After the first 5 minutes in his first game he was our best midfielder After first full match he was the best pure midfielder I had seen at the club in 45 years. After his second season he was the best player at the club. After his first Premiership he is a triple B and F winner @ 24. And still he is under rated. The guy is an absolute legend and there is heaps more to come.
  10. I agree. 1 post and that is it. A pitch to be wanted. Personally I reckon he is a dud. Soft as butter, selfish and not overly footy smart at all.
  11. All 3 would be in the starting 18 of the best MFC Team of the Century and Half. R: Gawn RR: Barassi Rover: Clayton Centre: Petracca
  12. This pre dates my footy number knowledge but yes I think it is Doug Wade. Typical Geelong acting performance.
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