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  1. He is well and truly down the track of being one of if not the MFC's greatest ever. No-one, not even Robbie or Barrassi, were as consistently superb as Clayton. Thats my opinion anyway.
  2. I appreciate that Melksham has been defensively much better of late but there is no way I would pick him over Harmesy. His 2 long bombs masquerading as a quasi pass and a shot for goal were not flash. Things like that are not on in a Premiership team. It is a bad habit that can be costly.
  3. And the Premiership medal. It has been less than 12mths since the boys changed our world. How people can already bag them is beyond me.
  4. Why does anyone care about things like this? Its weird that you even notice page numbers let alone comment.
  5. West Coast would be into him as well. Heaps to play out I reckon.
  6. Kozzie was brilliant again. Absolute star and similar to Oliver in that you have to watch him super closely to fully appreciate the genius.
  7. Lobbe always has rollerskating to fall back on
  8. I have seen this BS before. Scott Thompson and his seriously ill brother. Load of krap
  9. Not sure who's spot he takes yet. It will evolve
  10. Still time for Howes. Perfect timing. Rd 22 in the Ones and a flag 6 weeks later.
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