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  1. Looking forward to seeing Blake Howes hopefully get a crack and take his opportunity in the same was Chandler and McVee have. We are a much more energised and efficient side with these guys.
  2. That is your "embarrassing club" referral? Each to their own I suppose. Compared to PF 87, GF 88, 186, Rd 22 2018 and countless decades of tripe my embarrassment barometer is calibrated differently to yours.
  3. for the nose into the ground first tackle? Not appealing that was not embarrassing if thats the incident you are referring to?
  4. Not much the club has done over the Goodwin era has been embarrassing at all. What do you mean by that?
  5. They should have been in much earlier. Its great news. So often do you hear the scare tactics of financial projections of these things but usually everyone has a vested interest. Different scenario but sort of same thing applies with Suns and GWS were given entry. No doubt we were sold rubbish about how much of a positive impact it will be. Really, we would be doing so much better as a comp with a Southport team and Tasaie team already established for the last 10 years? Would be great, solid established supporter base. Point of the story being trust your own instincts over knobs who lie anyway. Those who made those decisions are never held accountable however they do get their hairy back scratched forever more.
  6. Tap work and follow up is sublime. Smart decision maker and simply a completely different player to Max. Jackson did not produce anything near the work Grundy is doing. Never. Je will never work as hard as Grundy. The dream is to see us beat the arrogant Daicos cult to win the flag by deploying Frampton against the 2 big Fellas. The obvious nightmare is not worth contemplating.
  7. Such a shame the Burgess had to go home to Adelaide.
  8. "Forcing". Are you a footy journo who hasn't got the energy or think that we all need to watch every game. Thur x 1, Fri x 1, Sat x 3, Sun x 3 and mon x 1 Just makes sense to me.
  9. Scott Thompson a number of levels higher than elshaugh who was good player
  10. Fairly self explanatory question I would have thought?
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