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  1. Conveniently forgetting that we kicked 2.12 across the second and third qtrs - delusional…
  2. Jeez Chris Scott is a piece of work - in what world was Holmes the best player on the ground? I almost forgot how much I hated the Cats before this weekend’s game - won’t be making that mistake again for the rest of the season!
  3. No, no and no IF we were to go after him the time would have been at the end of 2022 when he had just come off a strong year at Freo In hindsight that may have been a better choice than pursuing Grundy, but even then there were doubts about his competitiveness and ability to perform consistently He’s now two years older and hasn’t done his credentials any favours since crossing over to the Dogs Unfortunate for us because in an ideal world he’s exactly the type of player we’re in need of…
  4. A big yes from me - he’d be a top four mid at our club from day one and would add enormously to our 25 and under brigade We’ve also lost significant midfield depth with the retirement of Gus and departure of Jordon and Harmes - and with Viney in the back end of his career there would be a clear role for him long term We couldn’t match the best offer of a club like the Saints, but if he’s looking for a consistent role in a successful team in Victoria, there’s not many other clubs that would be more attractive
  5. Bumping this thread in light of the growing noise that Bailey will be leaving the Doggies at the end of the year: https://www.sen.com.au/news/2024/04/12/bulldogs-ceos-frank-admission-on-smith-contract-talks/ https://www.sen.com.au/news/2024/04/15/two-key-dogs-expected-to-stay-but-club-none-the-wiser-on-bailey-smith/ Would you want the Dees to go after him? 12 months ago I would have been a hard no, but with Gus retiring we’ve been exposed for midfield depth and despite some flaws Bailey is still a top end player who will be coming into the prime of his career and would add to our 18-25 age group of players
  6. A disappointing loss but not an unforeseen one given it was our third game in two weeks and we were coming up against a Premiership contender desperate to make a statement My question for you all is how much of the loss can be attributed to being physically exhausted after our Adelaide road trip vs the systemic problems that were identified around us consistently losing inside 50s, contested possessions and time in fwd half in our last few games? In other words, would simply having fresher legs allowed us to better employ the ‘Red and Blueprint’ binman has been discussing? Or were those statistical losses in our previous games a canary in the coal mine that pointed to larger issues and suggested we were playing in a way that wasn’t sustainable? Look forward to the discussion and go Dees 🔴🔵
  7. Thanks @goodwindees If I’m not being too greedy, do you have any info on where Max Holmes is at with his contract situation? He’s felt like the one that got away from us ever since 2020… Appreciate the info as always 🫡
  8. A very good player and one I’m glad we’re linked to But if I had to pick one player for us to chase this off season it’s Max Holmes He’s an absolute jet and just the type of player who would compliment our existing team Just a shame the Cats beat us to the punch when we wanted to draft him in 2020 😭
  9. Very much looking forward to the pod this week after what was one of our best wins since the 21 GF 🏆 I’m sure this is something that @binman will touch on in his stats file, but I’d love to hear some more discussion about how we set up in this game to score more from turnover and D50 transition To me this game perfectly reflected what Daniel Hoyne said in the clips from last week’s pod - that we’re prepared to wear some bumps early in the season (losing clearance, contested poss, inside 50s etc.) to improve our transition, ball movement and efficiency in F50 And I think we perfectly saw the risk reward element of that style of play - letting Port dominate possession and have more shots on goal, but putting ourselves in a far stronger position to score on the rebound (one stat we did win was rebound 50s) While it will take some getting used to, I think this is a necessary aspect we need to add to our game in order to take that next step (hopefully) come September - but I would love to hear what you all think Go Dees 🔴🔵
  10. Well Petty better come in and kick six if that’s the case… seems one step forward two steps back with selection these days, although the TMac inclusion looks genius in hindsight, so who knows 🤷‍♂️
  11. Don’t say it don’t say it… CULTURE PROBLEMS
  12. Let’s throw the competitive balance of the league out even more…
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