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  1. I only agree that he can get the Brownlow back if it also comes with a personality transplant. Job is the dullest special comments guy going around. He makes Luke Hodge sound like David Attenborough.
  2. You’ve really got to applaud his professionalism and work ethic. Didn’t get his shot until 23, looked good at the level, gets a season ending injury, delisted, does absolutely everything he can to keep at it, and gets another shot. I’ll be cheering extra hard for Marty this year. I love these kinds of stories. It’s good for footy.
  3. What era were you on the board RL?
  4. Was this on the socials? He could do a lot worse. It’s such a beautiful landscape.
  5. Media the day before the draft - ‘meet the gun draftee who plays like Pendles/Buddy/Judd/Ablett’ Media the day after the draft - ‘I guess they did ok, but only if these players end up being good’ 🤷‍♂️
  6. I always favour the idea of trading into this year. Everyone knows the AFL like to change the rules, so you never know what’s coming. I suspect pick purchasing will gain momentum, and that will, once again, change the possibilities. A bird in the hand and all that.
  7. I wouldn’t be discounting Windsor, or any of the top 12-15 players from being regular senior contributors in 24. Last years top 15 almost all played regular AFL in 23. Anyone not playing key positions got a lot of exposure at senior level.
  8. No trip to Geelong is unbelievable. I’m in shock.
  9. Are they really calling it ‘round zero’ to not offend Carlton and Richmond fans, who always play Round One? The AFL has jumped the shark here. It’s embarrassing. its the first round of football for premiership points - it’s Round One.
  10. He looks a ripper with his timing. I will say you very rarely get a clean jump at the footy in AFL. I imagine it’ll take him a few seasons to adjust to AFL body positioning - but you can’t teach timing like that. He’ll be a good player.
  11. According to the Age we will feature in round zero, and then get an early season bye, as well as a mid year bye. All round zero teams get a bye in the first month or so of the season apparently.
  12. It’s awesome how the club keeps announcing all these games I can’t go to.
  13. The point is to get a tourism department to give the AFL heaps of cash for the honour. It works.
  14. Gather Round is a dud. Call it ‘gathering up tourism department funding’ round, and I’ll at least respect the AFL for being straight with us.
  15. I was promised tough love once. It cost me a fortune, but gee it was fun.
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