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  1. I don’t think they are conspiring to effect the results, but I think their biases do impact results. The AFL left behind the world of true equality sometime in about 1973 and since then we’ve been dealing in the much more lucrative world of ‘public opinion’. You only have to look at how the tribunal gets adjudicated to know that the league likes the ‘perception of fairness’ more than it’s ugly neighbour ‘the truth’. Or, as another example, everyone whinged about Joel Selwood for 10 years (and KB before him) and they literally changed the rules as a result. So, the more the AFL is aware of the fact they have a biase, the more they are inclined to fix it. I don’t need to make an argument to say the umpires favour the Bulldogs. The numbers are there in black and white. What we need is more awareness around it, as it has proven to be the solution.
  2. Goodwin knew this in the post match interview and spoke to it. Interesting world football statistics. They’ve become so relevant because the media needs to fill slots from Monday to Friday. It’s frustrating that nobody wants to talk about the only 2 stats from that game that really mattered. 1. Both teams had as many scoring shots, and one was much more efficient, and 2. The bulldogs got 3 times as many free kicks as their opponent across the first 3 quarters of the game. That’s 12 times the ball was in dispute and ended up going forward for them. I think sometimes footy is that simple.
  3. So I just did the math and the Bulldogs have AVERAGED +8 free kicks over their last 6 games. 🤬
  4. In an industry obsessed with statistics nobody in the media ever wants to go near this with a 10 foot pole, but at both ends of that table there are MASSIVE outliers. You could, theoretically, make an argument that Richmond (or any team in that position) are pushing the laws of the game with certain behaviour to explain that discrepancy, but how can you possibly say that one team is playing 'within' the rules by that much more than their opponents? It's not an anomaly.
  5. I’m thinking we have to try Petracca as a deep forward, with 5 minutes on the ball each quarter this weekend. We have too many inside mids who can’t do much else (Viney, Oliver, Harmes, Brayshaw - who’s playing defensive wing to his credit). Tom Mac continues to play high, Brown down the line and Petracca deepest. It’s time to try something different. Put the pressure on Viney and Oliver to win the ball. I still feel like we are a skilled outside player short, but that’s a list issue we can’t fix in July, which is why I’d have Melksham in this weekend. Desperate for a lift from Langdon and Salem too. Without them operating well on the outside the last month we’ve looked much less dynamic.
  6. Essendon got beaten = I don’t hate footy as much.
  7. To people really believe that he’s not concerned about our efficiency? All he’s trying to do is absorb the pressure on behalf of the players, so it doesn’t become an even greater psychological issue.
  8. The 15 metre kick rule is so unfairly applied across the league. Some teams can kick it 7 metres, and some can’t kick it 25. It needs to be addressed in the off season.
  9. Agree. Sadly I have no idea who these players are, but that’s my laundry list.
  10. If I was the list boss I’d be looking to trade in 2 things… Outside skilled midfielder to play the wing. Someone ready to step in. Prefer under 25 but as long as we get 3 seasons then I’d be happy. Half forward flanker with elite foot skills to deliver the ball into the 50. To get those 2 things I say we give up an inside mid and Weed. Then draft for the best available.
  11. How simple is it to be able to have an option to watch the game on TV/devices with the sounds of the game (crowd when available, and players), but no commentary? I’d pay $30 a month for that option. I love the atmosphere, and don’t need anything else.
  12. I think we have to get better spread from the ball, and more carry into the team. Sadly, we just don’t have that many of those types on the list. Oliver, Viney, and Harmes seems to close each other up, and nobody holds width. I feel like we’ve lost our spread with Viney and Harmes in the team. I think Melksham and Sparrow get a shot at the expense of Jordan and Harmes. Melksham can kick, and Sparrow deserves a crack. JJ looks tired. Been great, but we need some fresh legs.
  13. Just curious, is top 4 after 19 rounds mediocrity? At the start of the year there wouldn’t have been a supporter here who wouldn’t take our current situation. Goodwin has got a lot right this year. He’s over performed. You have to give credit where it’s due - although I acknowledge Demonland on a Sunday after a loss is not the audience for any reasonable conversation.
  14. Watching this game in the sun you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a different sport to the game last night.
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