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  1. I was going to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day Mrs Weideman’ 😂
  2. I found the conversation they had with TMac after the game on 7 a really interesting example of what they think their role is. Tom spoke eloquently and very insightfully about the complexity of his preparation and both Ling and Darcy looked at each other in way that suggested this was all a bit high brow for the audience. I really do think they’ve been told to commentate to a grade 4 level - ‘go in harder’, ‘run faster’, ‘take a speccy!’ Surely it can’t be an accident. It’s such a shame that we have to accept such low assumptions of us as an audience. It’s pretty insulting.
  3. The thing that I’ve really noticed over the last few weeks is the consistency in where players are. Ed Langdon is huge for this. We know he’s going to be boundary side 15 metres from every contest, and that Salem’s going to be 60 metres behind the ball. The faith that players have in them means we can move the ball with much more confidence to the outside, in ways we haven’t been able to do before. It also means we can put players like Jordan, Jackson and Pickett into stoppages to offer something different. It doesn’t have to be Oliver, Viney and Trac fighting for every ball, and if we don’t w
  4. Listening to TMac talk modern footy and preparation with Ling and Darcy, and watching everything he’s saying going over their head. He’s an articulate young bloke.
  5. I do not understand how holding the ball is a different rule in our goal square than it is everywhere else on the ground. Rampe took on Spargo and got done cold.
  6. Max needs a bit of a rev up I reckon. Hope the boys get around him and get him going.
  7. He’s running around in his apartment in his undies, with that other bloke called Rusty.
  8. Richmond just have that whiff about them of only going hard when they have a point to prove. It’s the downside to sustained success.
  9. Richmond are far too easy to score against for a team with their pedigree.
  10. I agree. I feel like some on Demonland whip themselves into a frenzy about a player out of the side. For a while it was Vandenberg when he was injured, then over preseason everyone was Rosman crazy, and now Sparrow is the gun. His senior games have been less than average. He needs to string together more consistent games in the VFL, and then show much more at senior level.
  11. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Richmond perform tonight under lights. This being only their 6th night game on the TV in 8 rounds. What’s that you said about equalisation AFL? It certainly doesn’t play itself out on our TV screens. 😴🥱
  12. No, the psychological scars are enough of a momento for me thanks.
  13. I’ve painted a few murals with Haymes paint, and it really is a very good quality product. The Port Melbourne guys are really nice and very knowledgeable.
  14. I mean he’s playing in the 2’s in his 5th year on the list. Regardless of the circumstances (and there are a few) that’s not a great look. You have to take your shot when it comes, and Weed probably hasn’t been consistent enough at AFL level. He won’t sign with anyone else in the next 6 months, so he has that time to make the decision for everyone. I hope he nails it, as his upside is huge - but he’s currently running on potential.
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