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  1. Hope everyone who could make it to the G is having a great day. Yell at the umps for me will ya. 👍
  2. I actually really like the idea that the GF replay kicks off the season. That feels right. The real problem is the Thursday night stinker. It’s been a garbage game for years. It also means those 2 teams get TV games for the first 3 weeks of the year - which sucks all the air out of the start of the season for the impartial fan. If Richmond hadn’t won 3 flags the AFL would have canned it. Time for it to be buried in the weekend and for Thursday night to by GF replay. Reward the competitive teams.
  3. I love these kind of nonsense ‘predictions’. Even if the Eagles want LJ he’s a former number 3 pick whose only gone up in value - meaning we’d want the equivalent of a number 1 pick and another top 10 to contemplate a trade. So they’d essentially have to finish on the bottom to facilitate it and then give up something else - which isn’t how you rebuild a list if that’s what’s he’s trying to propose. My Early Prediction: this isn’t happening.
  4. The geniuses at the GCS have already delisted him to give them more wiggle room in the remainder of the draft.
  5. Between listening to JT and Goody it’s obvious the club looks for certain character traits in its players. Fully expecting an announcement video for a new receptionist that begins with ‘we really like what Sharon brings with her competitiveness, desire for the contest and willingness to compete. She has excellent character, and leadership’.
  6. I’m looking at it as a glass half full. In Victoria 92% (and climbing) are doing the right thing and getting vaccinated. That’s an incredible effort. The media need to focus on the outliers because they help keep peoples attention, but the numbers tell the truth. People are free to disagree, but it’s to their own detriment. We should let them disagree, while focussing on the positives. If some of this stuff gets less oxygen then it runs out of steam. It’s like complaining about losing to Collingwood in the year you’ve won the flag. Does it suck? Yes. Will it be remembered, or make any difference to how history interprets the year, and the overall effort? No.
  7. Just saw it was because people couldn’t keep politics out of a footy forum. Pity, I really enjoyed @binman description of contemporary cultural dialogue. It was one of the most eloquent things I’ve ever read on here. Anyways, back to gloating about the flag please.
  8. Yeah, what happened? Is it gone for legal reasons?
  9. This kid could go down as the best player in his draft. I think we should start calling him Jamara Ugle-Bowey, just to really annoy the Dogs fans.
  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just read that ‘story’ about the supposed nightclub incident. Imagined that this was your job? ‘well I heard that someone said something over a balcony and then all hell broke loss (but nothing happened)’. I’d be embarrassed if I was Campbell Brown. Surely you can do something else with your time. There’s a job shortage. Take advantage.
  11. I think this guy has a lot to offer. He looked very capable for us when fit. I hope he gets a chance as I doubt he’ll not take it.
  12. I think the industry needs to separate personality from commentary. Employ personalities to do the entertaining, and employ specialist commentators to call the game. Channel 7 is confused as to what to do with down time in our game - but they shouldn’t be as they’ve got that part right (special commentary). The part that doesn’t work as well is the calling of the game. Sadly they continue to worry about ‘expanding the game’ and feel they need to focus on general entertainment and converting people to AFL. I don’t think anyone comes for BT. They come for the high marking and the goals. A great commentator only make those highlights better - because they focus on gameplay and skill.
  13. He looks good for his age I reckon. Let’s hope the AFL industry is ageist and he doesn’t get poached.
  14. Honestly, do you think when you look back at this moment in the future you’ll think ‘it’s such a shame no one can see the bottom 3rd of my face. That’s the real story here’? Enjoy it for what it is. It’s a Premiership cup, with our name on it!
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