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  1. So excited to see what the boys bring. Such a good team.
  2. Agreed. We have a percentage of 140 after 15 games, and we didn’t have one of those meaningless 100 point wins over North or the Eagles. I guess people have to complain about something? Our forward line is doing its job. Most importantly it suits our game plan - that sees us on top with a big percentage.
  3. From AFL site… ’Melbourne has also given important forward Tom McDonald renewed hope of returning this season, reducing the timeframe on his return to "eight to 10 weeks" as he recovers from a foot problem.’
  4. I feel like we need to put this in the thread title to save you from having to mention it every 3 pages.
  5. Rory Lobb certainly put him under some pressure today. If LJ pushes Lobb out of Freo that will put Luke under a lot of pressure to perform straight away.
  6. I think Noble is a good coach with an enormous amount of football knowledge. He’s very well respected in the industry (which is slightly different to Neeld who hadn’t work in as many diverse environments). He’s clearly trying to teach them how to do thinks the right way, and the players aren’t responding in any way. He’ll be gone in the next few weeks, get a job as a head of football somewhere next year and wonder why it was all so hard.
  7. Honestly, this is so heartwarming. It’s easy to forget in the context of billion dollar tv deals and million dollar contracts that these are just people, with families. It means so much to them, and only means more as they get further into life and realise how lucky they’ve been to be involved in the way they are.
  8. AFL is rubbish if Melbourne aren’t playing.
  9. This poor bloke is doing the team thing every week and getting no love for it. Really surprised by those having a crack at him.
  10. I was very happy with the win because we overcame a lot. The umpiring was very one sided. I think I read we got 3 free kicks in total after quarter time. In the last 3 quarters of the match for every free we got the Crows got over 5. Having said all of that we absolutely demolished them around the ground in the 3rd quarter - and didn’t put them away. Bedford and Spargo missed absolute sitters. We are an experienced team, and we’d only have ourselves to blame if we didn’t get the job done. You know you’re going to get one sided umpires in Adelaide, it’s what makes the win more important. They showed last years last quarter before last nights game and it was laughably biased umpiring.
  11. Brilliant. That should be the descriptor in the TV guide.
  12. I don’t blame the umpire closest to this incident because his view was clearly obstructed by other players. What I don’t get is why any of the other 2 umpires on the ground didn’t step in. At others grounds they would.
  13. Collingwood have had so many tight games go their way. To put it into perspective they are 6th on the ladder - but 11th for percentage.
  14. I think a lot of demons fans don’t understand how we are asking Ben Brown to play. At North he played as a leading forward in a team that played a lot of games at Marvel - where it’s less contests and easier for dry ball skills. For us he’s trying to compete in the air almost 100% of the time - as it suits our midfield game style. He’s in the team to kick 2 goals from the 4 opportunities he’s going to get a week. At North, when he was firing, he was getting 10 opportunities because of the way they played, and tried to isolate him. He’s an important part of the team - specifically around aerial contests in the forward 50 and keeping players like Andrews and Stewart honest.
  15. That was a great win given the outs and the way we had to find a way. That’s a tough ground to win at. Proud of the boys.
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