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  1. I agree with this. The amount of time supporters complain about consistent behaviour from our players, without realising that we are a very experienced team. If it’s happening repeatedly it’s not an accident. It’s part of the plan.
  2. Well done to the young fella on having a great game today!
  3. The Eagles couldn’t look better last week, and couldn’t look worse today.
  4. Lever to go forward. Backline don’t need him. 😂
  5. Horrible finish. Percentage will be the difference this year.
  6. Yeah, it’s too obvious that he’s trying to get him into the game.
  7. Aside from former Dees… Shai Bolton. When he’s on he’s the most entertaining player in the game.
  8. Lever is now listed as 4-6 on the clubs injury list, so no way for KB.
  9. Apparently he was having knee issues and the club decided with the missed week and the bye to have the surgery now. Will miss Freo and Kings Birthday.
  10. Lever out for a month. Having knee surgery.
  11. I thought he spoke really well, and in all honesty carried himself like someone who was very aware how far off the pace we were tonight. I actually think Simon doesn’t get enough credit for how composed he is in front of the media. He gives them something, but never anything that will be of value to opponents.
  12. He has the core and glute strength of someone who’s been in the system for 6-7 years. Both Tracc and Rayner had lower body strength at a young age, but they carried it in a way that made them look bottom heavy, until they filled out. Reid is thick through his whole body already. That kid has the body of a 25 year old pro athlete. He’s a genetic freak.
  13. I get the frustration! That was as weak a performance I’ve seen from us for years. I kept waiting for the response, and we just looked like we couldn’t be bothered. Let’s see where we sit in a month. Long way to go for us yet.
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