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  1. Yep he’s turned it around, and has done so while he’s still got a lot to give. I often forget that he’s still quite young, because he debuted way back in ‘15.
  2. I don’t have a lot of time for arrogant supporters of successful sporting teams. I don’t see my contribution of a couple of hundred bucks a year to the club as a reason to act like I’m winning the hard ball gets or making tactical, match-winning decisions behind play. I’m too firmly entrenched in reality to know that I have absolutely nothing to feel personally responsible for with regards to the Demon’s success, and I am totally and utterly fine with that. However…… A few months ago I was looking around a local second-hand furniture place where the guy in charge also makes small pieces of furniture. I mentioned I liked a particular style of shelf he had, to which he told me to get the measurements to him and he’d whip one up for me. I also noticed quite a lot of Western Bulldogs paraphernalia about the place. Anyway, I emailed him a few weeks ago with a pleasant greeting and detailed my request, complete with the measurements. No reply for a week. I emailed again asking if he received my previous email, and whether he thought it would be a possibility. A few days later he responded saying words to the effect of “I haven’t forgotten. Just too busy right now.” I wrote back saying “No worries. But do you mean too busy to make the shelf or to do a quote? Sorry, I’m confused. If you don’t have time to make the shelf over the next few weeks I totally understand, but it would be good to know so I can figure out another option”. To which he wrote back “What part of “too busy” don’t you understand?” Whoaaa….k. I was so taken back by the dude’s response that I didn’t respond myself. Plus I thought not responding and letting him sit in his own guilt (if it existed) was a fitting punishment. This was all in the week leading up to the GF. On the Monday after the GF I sent him an email that simply said “Carn the Demons, [censored]!!”
  3. He was immense. It becomes more apparent with each viewing. And it should be noted that his kick to Fritta in the goal square would have been a pretty insane goal of his own if Fritta elected to let it through.
  4. Could be an asset for the Pies in their rebuild I reckon.
  5. Would be a great get, but contracted till end of 22 (not that contracts seem to mean what they used to). The talk of him coming to the Dees seemed to begin and end with Brad Hardie’s “scoop” back in June. Have there been any further rumblings?
  6. Yes, was going to edit to include Marty Hore as a possibility.
  7. Lockhart’s been let go. Or do you mean a shot at another club?
  8. With the sad departure of Neville Jetta, Hibberd’s fast-approaching 32nd birthday, the letting-go of Jay Lockhart (which I’m personally a bit bummed about, not sure how others feel) and - whether or not you have the faith in him as a player - the injury-susceptibility of Joel Smith, we are forming quite the cavity in the back pocket. What’s the next step here? Start preparing Hunt for the role? Seek out a dedicated back-pocket in trade time? If so, who?
  9. Funny how this panned out. Charlie Spargo deserves to be a lot higher, when you see it listed like this. At least higher than James Jordon!
  10. Me too. Given Nev could potentially depart this year (edit-has departed!), as well as seeing the early signs of Pig slowing down (though he played great last Saturday) I would have thought we'd be getting Jay ready for more game time in 22.
  11. Really bummed about this. Hope he finds a spot in the AFL somewhere. Good luck Jay!
  12. 1. Trac 2. Clarry 3. Brayshaw 4. Gawn 5. Jackson 6. Lever. And Salem
  13. I’d just be ok to get my members scarf. What the hell happened to them?
  14. Hunt was very much a part of our winning formula this season, much more than JJ was. It should really come down to had the better season this year, and that was Hunt by a stretch.
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