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  1. Ben Brown would be a better get than Joe Daniher Both key forwards out of contract 200cm tall, but there are some key differences, specifically injury history in Daniher’s case The praise for Daniher is on his day he looks great, possibly brings in more memberships and is a year younger than Brown. Perhaps a fully fit Daniher has more upside but history tells us “fully fit” isn’t his usual status Nobody would disagree Brown had a year he’d rather put behind him, but has been much more consistent over the last 4 years, kicked 60+ goals 3 years in a row. He’s a hard runner
  2. I wasn’t privy to the actual interview but apparently Alan Richardson dropped Polec’s name on SEN. Did anybody else catch the interview and any other names he mentioned? Interesting that we’d be targeting another winger. Tomlinson not to fill that role anymore? Oskar Baker not worth developing in that position? Thought he showed promise there against the GWS.
  3. Even just writing these words in the comment box feels like conjuring the biggest hex on the planet.
  4. “Hot Sexton!” Not my words...
  5. Surely there’s only a crack of light between him and Trac!
  6. You don’t want to see it, but CP had his voice dubbed by some moronic-sounding “actor” armed with a script that seemed written by a drunk chimpanzee. Weirdly disrespectful, and hard to believe it got through the various channels.
  7. Yep, it was another nothing game from him but anybody who cleans up Toby Greene automatically gets a spot in next week’s team.
  8. On an unrelated note, that McDonald’s ad with Christian Petracca was dreadful. Did he sign off on that???
  9. Yep, the Spargo-trashing really needs to ease up around these parts. People have been unreasonably unkind about the kid at times. He’s developing nicely and has been a big factor in some of our wins this year.
  10. Yeah was wondering the same thing. Must be close to the club to get in the winner’s circle!
  11. Anyone notice the commentators are always talking up Fritsch’s “beautiful kicking”?
  12. At this stage I’d be happy to hang out with the Magpies drinking club.
  13. That is completely, utterly 100% true, unless we find a coach who is inarguably better at the job than Simon Goodwin. That will certainly address some of the larger issues. But you’re right in saying there is no silver bullet for this club. Our best hope is for - and let me stress for the record that I’m speaking metaphorically here - a few extremely well-aimed regular ones.
  14. I understand what you’re saying. I guess though, there have been too many glaring deficiencies that can’t really be put down to any kind of overload on his part. Specifically game-day decisions - poor match-ups/lack of adaptability/one-dimensional game plans. I think Roos did a lot to aid the culture too. Not sure Goodwin stepped into anything like the rabble Roos was confronted with.
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