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  1. Of course. In fact I’d rather play a stronger Pies to get a real sense of where we’re at (and in the event of a win, not have to tolerate their supporters’ excuses). I don’t believe there’s such a thing as an easy win in the current competition. Nor do I relish or celebrate injuries. Not even in the case of Mason Cox*. *I had to sum up a lot of adult-strength to type that sentence.
  2. This was basically confirmed at the time. Goodwin was very clear that he was expected to play one more week at Casey, but Turner’s calf and Roo’s concussion against the Blues brought him in a week early.
  3. Allow me to momentarily jump ahead one round of the pre-game thread. According to “Footy Feeds” on the AFL site, Pies will not have Cox, Mihocek, De Goey or Richard’s for King’s Birthday. Add these names to their already extensive list Ok, back to matters at hand…
  4. Guessing you haven’t watched his highlight reels then. Worth a look.
  5. Thing is though, McAdam actually knows how to do it. So perhaps we reallocate that entitlement? And this one...https://www.afl.com.au/video/994633/up-and-mcadam-in-huge-hanger?videoId=994633&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1691218330001
  6. Yep, those kind of conditions don’t sound ideal for either a re-building Petty or a late-career BBB. Who else though?
  7. No, we’re fourth on the ladder because we have a gun team astrologist.
  8. McAdam is very much a work in progress. As well as learning a new system, he missed rounds 2–18 through injury last year, and had a far-from-ideal pre-season. Some folks here suggesting he “gets in the bin” or posting vomit emojis ought to be ashamed. He’s putting in the work. That’s all you can ask at this particular juncture. It’s about building a squad, and not every new player is going to fulfil some Karate Kid fantasy.
  9. Is he? I have not found evidence to support this.
  10. Last year they mic’d up Bradshaw during a match (from memory, it was that horrid game against the Giants at Traeger Park). I was so impressed by his on-field leadership. Had no idea just how deep this side of his game went. It’s not recommended viewing right now. Too sad, and agreed, an all too clear indication of a loss that can’t be overstated enough. Very grateful for the fact he’s still a presence at the club, but man do I miss his presence where it’s needed most.
  11. Cupboard was bare dude. Back your players. Rubbishing a first gamer is poor form.
  12. These [censored] commentators: ”Collingwood football club, take a bow” You don’t take a [censored] bow when you’re the reigning premiers and have just narrowly beaten a team who’s 12th on the [censored] ladder.
  13. Cats a bit off tonight, eh Scotty?
  14. Yep, they’ve got the benches revolving through them.
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