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  1. Yeah, there’s this other ruckman who’s actually better than McEvoy....
  2. Isn’t it more a dearth of dedicated forwards, rather than like-for-like physicality? Indeed, Melksham will have to step up (and it’s a big step) to fill the more nimble-forward role. But who steps in for Melksham to play the...whatever role he played last week.
  3. I guess the question here is who out of our other forwards is he getting a game OVER? Mitch Brown? Bedford? There’s a high chance he’ll be rotated off when Weid or BB become available, but when you look at who’s beating down the door, giving Milkshake a chance to prove himself isn’t exactly the insane option.
  4. Anybody know how long Jay Lockhart has to rest, following that frankly horrific injury he copped in the pre-season? True. I guess the one main difference is the focus on him now. Everyone around him has lifted, and suddenly it seems he’s playing for his career. I doubt it felt that way to him last year. He won’t have much time to prove himself, though.
  5. Melksham will play and will also lift next week. He’s literally the only guy in the team who walked off with a cloud of doubt lingering over him. He’ll be feeling that scrutiny, and will know it’s put in or get out. Could be a hard team to get back into, as well.
  6. Highlight: Seeing those guys play like a well-oiled machine. We watched the team earn a level of respect we haven't seen in years. No passengers, except Melksham. But I'm willing to let him have a return game to find his feet. We deserve this feeling, my fellow Dees supporters. Lowlights: Losing May and... Brian Taylor - "You get the feeling this game is like a bag of sand hanging in the air above, and any second it's going to burst and spread itself all over the ground"
  7. Insane that you can watch Kozzie Pickett play a game like he did today, but not see his name mentioned once in this thread. Why? Because there were several others that played EVEN BETTER. Gotta love it.
  8. Don’t get me wrong. Not for a moment was I suggesting he doesn’t have a spot in the starting lineup. He does. But I don’t think his looming 300th should be a part of the conversation for “best starting 22”, nor should anybody’s ever be.
  9. Nah, we’re definitely a better team this year. Skills are silkier. Players look in tremendous physical shape. Just look at the difference in somebody like Jayden Hunt for example. A few stories like that across the team. But I’m in agreement that it’s far too early to make any big calls.
  10. Unpopular suggestion perhaps, but I don’t think NJ’s looming 300th game should be a factor at all in team selection. Form, and form only.
  11. I think I’m going to go with... “He wasn’t very good, but now he’s a bit better” That ok with you?
  12. A couple of wins this year, doesn’t mean people had empty arguments for the last four. If he’s learning things and getting better as a coach, great. Still would have preferred a coach who didn’t have so much learning to do.
  13. This, among many other things, is a lesson in hubris. A handful here suggested that he’s been unfairly dealt with - that a person has to be “perfect” or not slip up once to keep their position in this current culture. That is of course, total bollocks. We live in a world where corrupt, malevolent or, in this case, just plain ignorant people repeatedly offend, and not only go unpunished but thrive. And I have no doubt Eddie McGuire could have been one of those people had he chosen to refrain from plastering his bloated head on every billboard in town, and donning an ill-fitting suit t
  14. Also people, it would only be human for Jake to come here and see the reaction to his arrival by the supporters. I’m confident players quickly learn to avoid this place, but factor in him or his relatives possibly reading this stuff, and consider positivity instead of projecting your MFCSS all over the kid. Further to this, the Spargo trashing on this site is [censored] pathetic.
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