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  1. Really solid take. Brayshaw has been outstanding for us this season. His intercept-marking across half back has gone next-level, to the point where Lever must be getting genuinely itchy out there (in the best possible way). Losing Gus would be a bigger gut-punch for me than LJ. But it would be great to keep things as they are for a couple more years.
  2. Isn’t he just two years into a mega-contract? How does he wriggle out of that one? And if he can, what are the point of these mega-contracts anyway?
  3. Tell me if I’ve got this wrong, but I’m imagining (hoping) that if the club were serious about enlisting him, there would have to be consultation with our indigenous boys (and probably Jake Lever) before proceeding. Can anybody else see this as putting those players in an incredibly unfair position? If any of them weren’t ok with it, would they speak up? Or would they see speaking up as getting in the way of the club’s supposed progress? Wouldn’t it be better to just avoid this scenario entirely? It’s not like Taylor Walker is the answer to our prayers
  4. I’m curious as to how anybody who values club culture could also be onboard with recruiting Taylor Walker. I just can’t reconcile how the two aren’t mutually exclusive.
  5. I guess it’s a balancing act. Though there are a disappointing amount of times AFL umpiring should face stern criticism from the media, I can understand the desire not to let the narrative get out of hand. Both because of the need to make Australian Rules umpiring a desirable vocation despite the low pay and general thanklessness, and also because if the overriding sentiment becomes “Umpires are useless”, it can trickle down in insidious ways to the suburban/country leagues. Obviously we can thank Toby Greene’s incident for the increased level of protection we have this season (ie the remonstration rule), but unfortunately it is warranted. Respect is always a two-way street though, and it will be a harder thing to mandate if more displays like we saw today occur.
  6. I think an official complaint has more merit/power after a win.
  7. Gawn/Jackson to be replaced by Spargo on Trac’s shoulders. Moving on….
  8. Yep, inflation’s a [censored]. Regardless, I’m off to write a bunch “dEaR LOoK” cards with my left hand.
  9. I agree that regrettably, the ice BBB is skating on is getting thinner and thinner. However I do think the delivery to him has just as much room for improvement. There are many times when I get frustrated that he’s so often caught out of position. But I’m not convinced he’s the one solely to blame for that.
  10. Trac will return in excellent form after the bye. I can feel it in my waters. Dude’s been getting over a flu and those things can knock you around for a while without sufficient rest. He’s got enormous mental strength and when the physical catches up, he (along with Langdon who also will benefit hugely from the bye) will take us back to the top.
  11. Really unlikely given the nature of the injury and the treatment required. Recovery is 3-5 months, then factor in having done no running in that time.
  12. The statute of limitations should render any comment made in the ten minutes proceeding a loss to the filth as inadmissible in the court of Demonland.
  13. Petracca, Smith, Langdon. Nowhere to be seen. Petracca in particular has been a shadow of his former self the past three weeks, or even more. But our forward line is a joke at the moment. A joke.
  14. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. No connection. No composure. No forward line. No Grand Final. Forget it.
  15. Mitch Brown is a very average footballer
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