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  1. Why would Jackson jump ship after 2 seasons? Gold Coast failed for years, Lynch and May stuck around. You make it seem as though it's inevitable that all of our top players will leave once the coach gets told to move on, based on what?
  2. Far out they throw us crumbs and we eat them up
  3. Nobody wants his contract. Time to focus on getting him right, I'd like him to switch to defence and free lever up to be or our intercept player. He played his best footy for us as KPD in my opinion.
  4. The only way we get a decent return for TMac is paying at least a quarter of his annual salary. Hindsight of course but the FD got way too excited about the 2018 season with both the length and $$$ offered prior to the 2019 season. 4 years at that cost is silly regardless of how well he played that one year. Same applies to the Goodwin contract.
  5. Baker showed some stuff against GWS that had me thinking he was worth persisting with. I remember a time when Kamdyn McIntosh was ridiculed by Richmond fans and now he's a triple premiership player. Give him our confidence and a block of games to own the position and if after that he's still battling then I'm happy to look outside the club.
  6. Clark is either staying at Geelong or heading to his home state of WA. Constable is a pure inside mid of which we already have too many. Narkle would be handy
  7. He's not nimble enough for a wing. A high half forward link man perhaps, but not a wing.
  8. The combined value of these two would be an early second round pick at best I believe. Particularly if they shoulder the entirety of McDonald's horrible contract.
  9. Out of curiosity what role did Pendlebury play in Petracca's breakout?
  10. I think we will end up trading Tom for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick, possibly even next year's. GWS have cash to splash with all the high profile trade requests they are copping over the past month; can't see there being an issue with them taking on Tom's salary if they get him on the cheap in a trade. Win win, frees up cap space for us and fills a positional need for them.
  11. Any club looking at TMac will be looking to deploy him in his natural position of key defender. GWS need to replace Aiden Corr, if anything the Hogan news strengthens TMac to the Giants as they will likely be enthused by the prospect of surrounding him with a former team mate and familiar face.
  12. I agree with that. Also would be nice to see our selectors punish poor form. To your point, we need contributing players on the park every single round. And, I know, how can you tell who is in form with no seconds comp? To have a vastly healthy list and Melksham not be dropped once is insanity in my book. Its one thing when you're bottom 10 isn't performing and it's another to keep picking them.
  13. Using Richmond as an example, it's the likes of Martin, Cotchin, Edwards, Lynch and Short that make their bottom 10 look better than they actually are. Their prime movers set the tone and carry the team on their back. If you look at our supposed prime movers in Oliver and Brayshaw for example, how often do we see them stuck in 1st or 2nd gear on transition? I'm sure it's not as simplistic as any of that, and probably a combination of various factors, my point is that whilst 5 new guys in the best 22 may elevate us it won't change the attitude problem of our top echelon players. Looking forward
  14. It is an interesting theory, however it doesn't explain our top 10 players picking and choosing when to exert consistent effort, again, from quarter to quarter.
  15. That's all good and well but what about our inherent mental fragility from quarter to quarter.
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