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  1. Richmond have the draft assets to satisfy Fremantle but apparently have no room in their TPP. Unlikely is what I've heard
  2. Apologies if this has already been mentioned but thought Petty was superb today. Hard to imagine he'll be playing at Casey much over the next decade
  3. Somebody get on seedsman. He killed us earlier this season too
  4. How good was Bowey last night minus the error at the end. We've found a good one!
  5. Bring what we brought last week and we crush them 👹
  6. I also reckon he's in trouble. It wasn't 2 or 3 seconds, he pinned his neck for an uncomfortable amount of time. Don't like it and I'm sure the tribunal won't either
  7. So where does this leave our fixture against GC? Are we now having a bye and playing the Eagles?
  8. We got pantsed by Freo and Sydney to essentially end our season
  9. This is not an ideal lead in to finals if true, the supporters definitely have PTSD from what happened in Darwin last season...
  10. Bump. Just want to make a positive post - It's easy to forget our Kozzie is only in his second season. I continue to be in awe of the talent we have at our disposal with this young man. He's electric with or without the ball, forward pressure is off the charts and tackles to hurt. Left or right foot on the run, it doesn't matter. The way he glides across the turf is brilliant to watch. Couldn't be happier with his development this season. Hats off to Kozzie!!
  11. We are all frustrated by the officiating last night and rightly so, it's pretty inconceivable what we all witnessed. I think you could ask a dogs fan and they will admit they got it good. As for the team, thought our effort was there for four quarters but there are some players that are really badly out of form. Langdon - was a driving force for us on that outer wing earlier this season. Can't find it at the moment and his kicking is pox. Salem has been paid far more attention from opposition and its showing, he had no space to operate in last night. That's two of our biggest meters gained players that are really struggling at the minute. Hibberd fumble fumble fumble. We need more drive off the half back line, not against seeing Bowey debut in the coming weeks. We still have it in us to go deep into September but we badly need some players to find form next week against GC, let's use that as a springboard and get going again.
  12. The wing is a bit of a concern, my take on Gus' role this season is that his strongest asset has been his ability to influence aerial contests, often putting himself in harms way. AVB has no fear and is also a good size. He can do it. I have a vague recollection of Gus being pretty clean by foot going forward when we were blowing teams away in 2018. He was damaging. We need that version of him at the moment
  13. I think it's time we started looking at giving Gus a run on the ball. I acknowledge his performance as a defensive winger has been admirable so far this season but our clearance game is broken at the moment. Feel like AVB or Harmes could be as effective in the defensive wing role.
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