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  1. I hope his goggles fog up and he trips over himself, falls flat on his face, breaks his nose and never plays again.
  2. They can do whatever they want, as long as it does no harm to themselves or others. It's the Mad Mondays that end up with someone getting done for assault, a long term injury, or inappropriate sexual behaviour, that I feel we have all moved past in 2023.
  3. This right here is everything that is wrong with the AFL and our society. Victim blaming and celebrating of thuggery. No wonder that 2 in every 5 Australians have experienced domestic or sexual assault in their lifetime, when the biggest sport in this country constantly perpetuates this type of aggressive behaviour as peak masculinity.
  4. He has 3 young kids and Emma has a full time job. His family are his priority and he is very invested in his farm. He’s won 3 flags and Geelong are more than happy to keep him. Absolutely no chance he leaves.
  5. Absolutely categorically no chance in hell Tom and Emma are leaving their farm or moving their girls schools. They are settled in Geelong for the future. Fantasy land.
  6. On what planet is McKay worth that? He is a dud. Honestly.
  7. Sad to see the vitriol directed at Neale online. Like he made the umpires give him votes. Really pathetic.
  8. He is a lovely humble guy and I don’t think he deserves the wave of anger that he’s going to cop now. He didn’t do anything wrong and he didn’t ask for the votes or the win. He will now get caught up in this conversation that he’s an unworthy winner and frankly I think he agrees. Hope it’s not a distraction come Saturday. A Norm Smith will shut people up pretty quickly.
  9. Gus had 37 versus North. He deserved 3. But Hunter and Fritta over Trac against North and Sydney is a joke.
  10. 100% Gulden deserved 3. Trac 2. How did Trac get 0 votes for this game and his game against North? Absolutely putrid.
  11. Just [censored] off. When you think you can’t hate the AFL anymore you watch this waste of time
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