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  1. Never said he didn’t. And if you don’t think that deciding mid season that you’re out the door, putting in no effort for half a season and then not even engaging with another WA club that held pick 2 (when all you apparently wanted was to go home) is not [censored] all over the club, then you’re a lot kinder than I am.
  2. I have never once wished anything bad to happen to him. I don’t want him to get injured, hell I don’t even want him to play badly. All I want is for Freo to stink it up, so that we can get what we deserve for the investment we made in him. That he chose to go home for a contract that he didn’t deserve, but was stupidly given to him, is his call. He might be playing badly but at least he gets to sleep on a pillow made of cash in his mum’s house. Good for him. We all live and die by the choices we make. We chose to spend pick 3 on Jackson and he chose to believe that Freo dumping 5 best 22 players for him wasn’t going to end in tears. And by the way, Jackson is a premiership player because he played for Melbourne. Melbourne isn’t a premiership team because of Jackson. Let’s make no mistake about that.
  3. We wasted pick 3 on a player who then won a rising star and a flag within the first two season of his career, and then decided halfway through his third season that he just couldn’t be stuffed giving anything to our club anymore. He decided mid season he wanted to go home and didn’t even try after that. He also couldn’t care less about us being screwed in a trade deal, refusing to even engage with West Coast. He treated our club like it a means to an end. I have no idea why I need to be kind to him.
  4. It’s good for the competition. I’m genuinely glad to see them improve, especially when they’re taking down the likes of Freo in the process. I am also really happy for Sheezel. I’m Jewish and it is a massive massive deal to have a Jewish kid not only drafted into the AFL but be a genuine star. It’s really fantastic. I wonder if today is the first time two Jewish players have taken the field together in the same side? Jackson should be texting Max to see how his knee is. Gawn did all he could to make Jackson a star and he [censored] all over him and our club. Deserves nothing.
  5. This. We served the world to him on a shiny silver platter and he chose a BBQ at his mum’s.
  6. On the other hand Freo got about 5 goals from absolute BS frees that weren’t there so they can cry me a river
  7. Will sit nicely next to another premiership cup I think
  8. Freo needed 4 umpires to cheat and they still couldn’t get it done. Bwahahahahahahaha Enjoy life down in WA Jackson
  9. Eat a bag Freo. Not even 4 umpires can help you with this
  10. Absolutely a win for the umpires here
  11. Norf gotta collect themselves here. It’s not over.
  12. I was gonna say, since the Gabba caught fire last night it’s been a good turn around for the ol MFC
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