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  1. I apologize personally for my non attendance. First and last home game I will miss this year. But I’m not gonna lie, my holiday was way better than that game was #noregrets
  2. Underrated observation. Lever makes us much better. His leadership has been sorely missed. He’s a totally different leader to Gawn and Viney.
  3. Absolutely rubbish display of football We are cooked
  4. Connect again Watch North waltz thru uncontested for a whole ground goal Turn off
  5. Log on to watch game See Max get smacked in the neck Play on Turn off
  6. If he’s not ready for a full game he shouldn’t be getting a game. Because there’s every chance he will need to play a full game as Laurie did in last year’s final against Pies. You shouldn’t play anyone who can’t compete for a full game. Sub or otherwise.
  7. I just think that starting a debutant as sub is giving him little to no chance to succeed. Worse case scenario he comes on early for a key injury, and struggles to fill the role. Best case scenario he comes on in the last and has minimal chances to show what he’s got. Hope I’m wrong and he has a great showing on limited game time!
  8. Kayo struggles to stream with my high speed NBN. I can only imagine how amazing the stream will be using airplane WiFi 😂
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