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  1. They also had 300 people turn up and would have lost a mountain of cash turning the lights on at Marvel. So meh.
  2. Look I feel ya. I also made the trip but I totally get why many didn’t. Firstly if you don’t have a home and away membership like me, why would you pay to watch what you know will be a bad game? Secondly that stadium is awful. Thirdly this start time is a joke, I got home after 9. If you have kids, forget it. And lastly when I have to wait 32 minutes at Southern Cross for a train on Saturday evening after a game of footy, I understand why people stay home. It is a complete disgrace. Almost 2 hours to get home today and I live 45km away not 200km away.
  3. Long may we continue to complain about 47 point wins
  4. He was ok just strapped and got on with it. Same with Petty who looked really sore but played the game out. Dunstan out for Viney. We don’t need Dunstan if Viney is right to go as even if Langdon is out Dunstan gives us nothing on the wing.
  5. You wanna know why people don’t go to the games? Because I have been waiting 38 minutes for a train post game! Insane.
  6. A shout out to the arrogant North fan next to me who, when North got 2 points up said “we have a young list… it’s all downhill for you now” Enjoy that shiny spoon
  7. Yep and I bet North player won’t get suspended.
  8. I only care that Langdon is ok This game was another 4 points we bank and move on from.
  9. We have to get out of third gear now. We look really soft.
  10. Correct. I am just spewing that we will come out of this game with some significant injuries because Norf have nothing to lose and if May does what he wants to and breaks some skulls we will be down an AA full back for 2 months.
  11. Also kick straight and the game is done. 7 scoring shots to 17 plus 2 out on the full.
  12. Cut Petty some slack. He really hurt his ankle in the first quarter. Could barely walk. They obviously pumped him full of drugs and told him to carry on.
  13. Norf keep smashing into us for no consequences. Absolutely disgraceful. Time to bury this nothing club.
  14. Would be nice to wake up and try a bit more.
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