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  1. Not to mention Europe. 11.30 p.m. start here, might get the first quarter in.
  2. Perhaps not a surprise that it comes from an American.
  3. Yes, though I suspect that the plans are to play them further up the field, delivering into the forward line. (Though what would I know ...)
  4. I think the point here is that if we need cover, he has the AFL experience to just come in and play. He mightn't play brilliantly, but if he can hold down a position reasonably well, it'll be enough. It also means that if we lose another key position player (lord forbid), we won't have to rob Peter to pay Paul by shuffling existing KP's.
  5. Because there's a whole glut of above-average rucks just sitting round waiting for the phone to ring. Of course he's average. Average is fine, and he's at least as good/better ruck alternative than anyone else we have.
  6. Apart from Hunt, whose two high-scoring games skewed the stats, Weidemann had the highest goals/game average last year.
  7. He explained why that happened in the post-season interview he did. Not ideal, but he wasn't the only one across the AFL who struggled with the circumstances they were all in.
  8. Speaking of Europe, this today from one of the local online French news services (which mainly recycles International news in French.) Not the only one either. https://news-24.fr/comment-eddie-mcguire-la-royaute-de-melbourne-a-fait-appel-a-ses-contacts-apres-le-scandale-de-racisme-de-collingwood/
  9. At least the Collingwood players get it: "We acknowledge it is not enough to simply show support for the principles of anti-racism and inclusion."
  10. There's nothing inadvertent about racial discrimination.
  11. Actually, a joint report by two leading academics in the field: Professor Larissa Behrendt and Professor Lindon Coombes, both from the University of Technology in Sydney. Apart from having had a number of roles in the NSW govt., Coombes also worked at that hotbed of lefty radicalism, Price Waterhouse Cooper.
  12. Good to see. This is where the improvement needs to come, not so much the newer draftees.
  13. Hunt never "owned" anything, which is one of the reasons he was moved forward. Good on the club in being proactive in trying to find other positions for them - but all players have their limitations, and Hunt and Harmes are depth with a couple of tricks, and will never be anything more. Of course, all clubs need depth, so hoping they can establish themselves, wherever they play.
  14. "In team sport I have always believed champion players make champion coaches, not vice versa ..." Leigh Matthews
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