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  1. Yes, but you can do a match's worth of training load without having to jump, turn, tackle etc. etc.
  2. Good, grind-it-out win under the circumstances. Feel that some of the players who've missed patches of footy are still a bit off the pace - May and Salem in particular, though Langdon was back to doing what he does. Hopefully only a matter of time, especially as we have some testing games ahead. Gawn and Jackson can't come back in quick enough.
  3. “Speaking after the Cats’ three goal win over West Coast, coach Chris Scott revealed the club had strategically upped the player’s training loads in between the Bulldogs and Eagles fixtures. A heavy training block over the break is standard at GMHBA Stadium …” https://www.geelongcats.com.au/news/1153459/intense-training-block-to-prime-cats-for-september
  4. Yes, but the Suns are obviously loading.
  5. Mountain of evidence! Jesus. All we have is a few off-hand remarks here and there that could be interpreted in any number of ways - except on Demonland where, heh, it's all loading, nudge nudge wink wink. And a current/retired footballer HAS been specific about what goes on in-season, and that was Buckley. He talks about a week or two of extra running sessions. There was some BS on the Is Goodwin The Right Man thread, but this takes it to another level. Not only is there a conspiracy theory about loading, now there's even a layer of conspiracy theories as to why no-one's talking about it. This is how people like Trump get elected.
  6. FWIW, one of the very (very) few discussions of this in the media was between Lyon and Buckley (on SEN?) where Buckley (who would know a thing or two) elaborated on doing extra running/training load in the lead up to the bye, as it's almost the only time in the year when it's possible. Chris Scott (AFL 360?) clarified that what Geelong were doing was for a 14 day period. Neither of which are loading or have long-term adaptive benefits, but may be useful as maintenance without too much cost.
  7. Not to mention Cats and Pies, 4 wins in a row. Or come to it, Dogs, Suns and Richmond, won 4 of last 5.
  8. Also less reliance on tall KPF's and bombing it in. Maybe Tom Mac out is a blessing in disguise. For the rest, spot on. As Petracca said, "After the break we're a lot more energised ..."
  9. It's not even what he said. (I know you're only quoting EO). Agree that that reference could be about anything from skills to game plan to who know what. But heh ... yadda yadda loading.
  10. Someone from the club confirmed we were "loading"? Must have missed it. We may have used the time around the bye to put in a couple of weeks of extra running or weights sessions - but that isn't loading, at best it's maintenance.
  11. Might as well get it right: "We've worked incredibly hard the last 3-4 weeks on the training track". Which could mean anything. Forward craft? Stoppage setups? Taking every off-hand comment as evidence that we're supposedly loading is just confirmation bias.
  12. Still a half to go. Lions are a very good team, not going to roll over. But at least we've had a glimpse.
  13. Make Viney captain every other week. Tearing it apart.
  14. I like Jordan, but needs to get better at hitting targets, both by hand and foot. Turning it over too much at the moment.
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