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  1. The Burgess interview is worth a listen in this context ... he speaks of the benefit of the team being locked in together, first in Sydney then in Qld. as something which brought them together both personally and professionally. We weren't ready to do much better in 2020, and agree with the posters above who point out the necessity of getting another year into the younger players (especially), but the whole team. I know we tend to look at Kozzie and Jackson, but everyone from ANB to Brayshaw to Spargo to Sparrow all took it up a notch this year, even players like Salem found another level.
  2. "NO JAB, NO PLAY: AFL releases vaccination policy" Now just waiting for a dummy spit from Tom McDonald. https://www.afl.com.au/news/685424/no-jab-no-play-afl-releases-vaccination-policy "Clubs will have several options to address players who choose not to get vaccinated: - including putting the player on the inactive list on reduced pay - keep the player on their playing list on reduced pay - terminate the player's contract with their agreement - or terminate the player's contract without their agreement but not before May 18, 2022"
  3. He referenced this in another interview (from the rooms after the game?). He said that he was just confirming the rotations, to check what Goodwin and the coaches needed in terms of availability and confirming that he wanted to stick to the planning that they'd put in place. He's said before that his role on match day is very much around getting the rotations right and in phase with the coaching needs/game plan. It should be remembered as well that he's the one that has access to all the in-game performance metrics through his technical team, and it's his job to manage that, but also to pass it on to the coaches (player x is close to his game limit for performance factor y, etc. etc.) But agree, will be a big loss. Though he does speak positively about the high performance team that they'd built, so hopefully we'll be OK. I also presume that he's had input into the pre-season program, both collectively and individually. Could be wrong though ...
  4. Impressive. Sends a great message through the whole list - the two best players in the GF are already putting in the extra work. Bit of a head-scratcher in the tail end of that segment: De Goey appointing his fire-fighter brother-in-law as his manager?
  5. Which is one of the reasons why this one-off case is so harmful. She has a platform and visibility and the optics here ("nurse refuses jab") are appalling in terms of the public-health message that's needed. At least pleased to see her club come out and encourage people to get vaxxed.
  6. Stupid, selfish, egotistical, gullible ... words fail me.
  7. We should never underestimate the contribution Simon Goodwin made to this club. That remark from Burgess that Goodwin backed him and the fitness team 100% and not once in 2 years questioned him about players' fitness, bodies etc. etc. Also, his remark that Goodwin has no self-interest and only does what's best for the club/team was revelatory and reinforces what we saw with the players backing each other with their "team-first" approach. (rather than just trying to get 30 touches). Perhaps the best behind-the-scenes AFL podcast or interview I've ever heard.
  8. "Dave Misson is very experienced and had done a great job."
  9. Interesting, Spargo comes across as being more mature than what I'd imagined. Though they all do. There's obviously a pattern to the drafting etc. the past few years. Todd Viney's influence?
  10. Clear that more people aren't adhering to the rules, but the lockdown is working. If not, you could add at least a zero to those case numbers, and similar for deaths.
  11. Employees in all these places have some kind of pass-checking app on their phones. The rest of us have an app that stores/displays a QR code with your vaccination status. So yes, a digital certificate, and while each country has their own app, the certificates all follow the same format and can be validated/read anywhere in the EU.
  12. Been plenty of times when we were locked down here and I looked with envy at Victorians out and about ... but yes, wonderful. Hang in there.
  13. Body let him down in the end. Heart and soul player, hope he stays around the club in some capacity.
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