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  1. Too many variables to put absolutes on it, though I think anyone saying Top 4 is kidding themselves. Maybe next year if all goes well this season, but the distance between us and the genuine Top 4 sides is still a chasm. But what I'd be looking for more than anything is consistency, lack of which was our undoing this year.
  2. Sad to see him go, to be honest. He held up the KPD role for a couple of years when we had no-one else who could. Has fallen down the pecking order behind players who are either more capable (May especially) or who can play multiple roles (Smith, Tomlinson). Plus Petty lurking in the wings. Good luck to him, he's still young and you'd think he has a good chance of being picked up elsewhere.
  3. Endurance is not something you lose (easily). Tom has always been able to run all day. It's the other areas that have let him down.
  4. Underexamined in my opinion, especially for the run-all-day players.
  5. Deleted (mixing up my Collingwood offcasts).
  6. The impact of being in the hub on players hasn't really been given much exposure. It's something that Weideman commented on in terms of his own loss of form across the last few rounds.
  7. Cats also got 2 future second-rounders (tied to Essendon) back from GWS. Need to look at the whole trade. (People do this all the time.)
  8. No idea what's gone on this year, there are so many factors involved, who knows. Carrying an injury? Overweight? The whole hub situation, the shorter quarters, even being a new dad ... ? One thing I'd say though is that 2019 was a write-off for the whole club - for reasons we all know - and I'd be careful about singling out individuals. Would Tom have had a better year if the mid-field and those around him had a better year? One thing though re 2019 is that from the middle of the season Tom definitely started to get his mojo back. He had one game with 28 possessions, and his best goa
  9. It's embarrassing to you. Someone who has played 80 AFL games is, by definition, AFL standard. Confirmation bias on stilts.
  10. For another time, but disagree. Misogyny runs deep - you only have to look at some of the commentary regarding Kamala Harris after the VP debate. On top of that, the Republicans put 20 years into Hillary, and that adds up. Also not helped by the both-sidesism and news-as-product of the mainstream media.
  11. Not as a percentage, especially blacks (12%?). Hispanic is more nuanced and seems to vary a lot by region, though the anti "left" cuban-Americans in Florida weren't all that hard to get onside.
  12. Yeah, just rampant. Onset of the colder weather and everyone staying indoors is what has really pushed us over the top.
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