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  1. Don't get some of the posts here. Jones and Baker were emergencies, and can go back to being emergencies. That doesn't mean that they're dropped, as they weren't named in the 22 in the first place. From that team, we've lost two: Viney and Tomlinson. For the latter, obviously either Petty, or Tom Mac goes back and Weed comes in. For the former obvious choice is Sparrow, has been doing well in the VFL. Less obvious and left-field choice is Jetta, who has been playing that bullocking inside role in the VFL very well for the last couple of weeks.
  2. From Tom Browne: Understand Jack Viney late out and won’t play today. Baker In. Viney trained yesterday but had some foot soreness.
  3. Time. = more experience, more maturity. Also increased physical strength.
  4. It'll never be right until everyone is vaccinated, especially with these increasingly contagious variants. Not much to be done that isn't being done I'm afraid - though looking at Australia from Europe, the situation you have is incomparably better.
  5. Yes, why would any coach love a forward who kicks 3 goals and has a hand in a handful of others?
  6. Astounded (though not really ...) by the calls for Melksham to be dropped. He was our most dangerous forward by far against the Hawks - more goals and more score involvements than ANB and Spargo combined. If you have to drop one of the small/mid forwards for Fritsch, then ANB would be first to go I would have thought.
  7. No way Melksham gets dropped, even when he's at his best he's been like that - kind of invisible but then by the end of the match he's managed 2 or 3 goals and had a hand in a few others. A couple of those kicks across the body to find targets were sublime. If Fritsch and May are ready, they both have to come in. Jones would be the obvious out but not happening, at least for this week.
  8. It might have taken us 3 quarters to start kicking goals, but the game turned after quarter time when we tightened up defensively. They kicked half their score in the first quarter, and except for the McEvoy bonus free > goal, only managed one goal a quarter after that.
  9. Would like to think that one of May or Fritsch could be ready again - though the shorter turnaround doesn't help. You can't not put Weideman in, but Ben Brown was playing more up the ground apparently, so goals not everything. Hard to see us having Jackson, Tom Mac, Weideman and Ben Brown in the same team, especially as you'd have to drop a smaller forward to do so. But ...?
  10. Scrappy, but losing it because of poor conversion. Throwing it away with poor kick shots.
  11. Missing May, back line looks ... random. As for forward line, less said the better.
  12. Petty needs some time to adjust to this level again. At our cost perhaps.
  13. Our fringe players starting to look fringe again. Rivers having a mare. Brown not the answer up forward. Jordan off the pace (2nd week running?) Jones largely invisible. Incredible how two key players out impacts how the whole team looks. Concerning.
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