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  1. Perhaps. Equally, he did seem to improve as the year went on and had a couple of 20+ disposal games. Also, depends on where he played as Port SANFL didn't 'win many matches and if he was being used up forward mightn't have seen much of it. Still, he has a pre-season to state his case.
  2. Daisy and Tayla get in on the act. https://7news.com.au/sport/aflw/daisy-pearces-sentence-i-never-thought-id-say-after-getting-premiership-tattoo-with-aflw-icon-c-9062114
  3. Great to see that the coaches are trying new techniques/approaches, pushing both themselves and the players. Not nothing.
  4. Interesting. WC had all those problems with Covid and had to bring in players from their top-up list, which skews the figures somewhat (AFL average). Also interesting that there's a kind of trend for the teams up the top of the ladder to use fewer players, presumably because of having more settled lists. Would be interested to see the Players Used lined up against games lost to injury.
  5. Interesting snippet here re Goodwin's role in getting the Davey twins to the Dons: They are the two oldest sons of speedster forward Alwyn, who played 100 games for the Bombers from 2007-13. But for his four sons to be eligible as father-son picks, Davey had to reach that 100-game milestone. He was banged up at the end of the 2013 season and so were the Bombers, with coach James Hird suspended for the last game against Richmond because of their drugs scandal. But caretaker coach Simon Goodwin – now the Melbourne premiership coach – made sure Davey reached 100 games. https://www.afl.com.au/news/870487/dons-double-davey-delight-a-plan-nine-years-in-the-making
  6. Toumpas wasn't a poor pick, it just turned out that the 18 year old Jimmy was a good as it got. No-one has a crystal ball on 18 year olds and their football careers. Here's "Draft Guru" Callum Twomey back in the day: 4. Melbourne - Jimmy Toumpas Height: 182cm Weight: 78kg DOB: 12/01/94 Club: Woodville-West Torrens Draft range: 2-5 The Demons snare Toumpas at pick four, despite the South Australian being touted a top-three prospect for most of the year. And they'll love him, too, with his class, poise and goalkicking skills excellent for a midfielder. He had an interrupted season with a niggling hip injury, which required surgery at the end of the year, but he'll be fine for the club's pre-season and for next year. Announced himself as a draft pick in this sort of range late last year, when he starred for SANFL side Woodville-West Torrens as they charged to the league premiership. Has excellent leadership qualities that were on show as captain of his state this season, and some already see him growing into an AFL captain.
  7. Not to mention, we need Petty to continue to develop down back so that he can take over when May moves on or starts to decline - which could be only a season or two away. May will be 31 next year. There's no reason why the bulk of this group can't be up at the pointy end of things for 5 years or so and we need to draft, list manage and develop players accordingly.
  8. I find this suggestion of throwing Petty forward just bizarre. It only weakens our backline. Heck, if we really want to solve the KPF question we could just go the whole hog and move Steven May down there.
  9. "We should have played Baker, Weideman and Dunstan more" is a hell of a hill to die on. As for the rest, nah. Nothing but conjecture, projection and hindsight bias.
  10. Maybe - work with me here - we just didn't have the alternatives. Oscar Baker for a banged-up Ed Langdon? I'd take the banged-up Lingers any day. People just have to accept that sometimes, for reasons you can't control, things don't work out. True in life, especially true in sport.
  11. Yes, because playing players who had consistently failed at senior level was a sure-fire recipe for success.
  12. Add to this the sense that 21 just rolled into 22 without enough of a break, both physically and mentally. Not to mention missing key players, especially McDonald and (effectively) Salem. But it was clear that players like Gawn, Langdon and Lever were carrying something, at least for the last part of the season. It all adds up.
  13. Getting the band back together. Misson knows his stuff, good move for the Saints, though shame it didn't work out for Misson and his family in Canada.
  14. Lots of hindsight Harry's here. Moral of the story is you can't miss months of footy with an injury and then get back to anything like decent form, especially on top of missing periods during the pre-season. True of Salem, true of plenty of others, and coming back through the VFL or whatever wouldn't have made any difference. The fact that he had 20 disposals in his first game back against the Swans showed that he was at least ready to play. Hopefully a full pre-season gets him back to the player he was and the player we need him to be.
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