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  1. For all that asked my mum was a lot better today than yesterday, though she will need some rehabilitation at the Peter James Centre. It is great to be sitting 9/0 for the season. They are playing great team football. CARN THE DEMONS.
  2. My 90 year old Mother had a fall on Wednesday, and is now in Box Hill Hospital. I am now on my way to the MCG after visiting her on the way. CARN THE DEMONS.
  3. A great win. On the way home from game, I was standing at taxi rank at Caulfield Station, and man waiting as well was former player Paul Callery. He asked what my memory was like, and I told the famous story when Vin Waite knocked him out, and Big Carl knocked out Waite. Waite got 4 weeks at tribunal, and Big Carl zero weeks.
  4. A very good team performance. CARN THE DEMONS.
  5. I am really pleased that Dec is doing well, and good luck for the rest of the season.
  6. I am on my way to the MCG. It is great to be going to the footy again. CARN THE DEMONS.
  7. All I have received an email from Melbourne offering a 40% discount from New Balance prior to Round 1
  8. Happy New Year to everyone on Demonland. Let's make 2021 a great year for the Demons. Again thank you to Andy and his team for running such a great site.
  9. Merry Christmas to all on Demonland. I hope that 2021 is a great year for all.
  10. I have just received my 2021 Melbourne Membership Pack in the mail. CARN THE DEMONS in 2021
  11. Probably due to the reduced soft cap. I suspect that your last statement will prove to be correct. The reduced soft cap forces difficult choices.
  12. Thank you Demonland for running such a great site. Also thank you to all the contributors for their great contribution to this great site. Let's hope that 2021 is a great year for the Demons
  13. Yes, I do and I was there. It was a great day.
  14. An outstanding win. It is always great to beat Collingwood. CARN THE DEMONS.
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