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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. I tried to delve into this topic recently for ESPN. Most of the people I spoke to weren't too worried (yet) but it'll be a different matter in coming years. https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/38746696/afl-tasmania-enters-league-soon-does-mean-tassie-based-draftees
  2. I didn’t realise that! I knew it was continually referenced on here but didn’t know it was coined by rpfc. Respect!
  3. Thanks all - that’s me who wrote it. Long time reader/lurker but rare poster. I’m confident all the [censored] we’ve gone through is behind us now, win or lose tonight.
  4. His past two weeks has reminded the footy world what he can do when 'switched on' / confident .. if he can produce that sort of footy in two red-hot finals, it's a pretty big statement. Add to that his strengths -- pace, line-breaking, quality foot skills, nose for goal -- are exactly what we're crying out for, so I'd be staggered if we weren't seriously considering him as a FA. The challenge for the coaching/development team, if we do get him, is to find a way to get that effort more often than not.
  5. Wow, that's huge. Would also love a PM if you can.
  6. Great stuff mate, cheers for that. Question re the Weid - did he/has he been doing any ruckwork in the VFL, or just playing as a key forward? And as a forward, is he more stay at home, or roaming up the ground a bit?
  7. Motlop's a free agent so we could get him for nothing more than salary cap space. Could be worth the punt playing as that high half-forward/wingman who can break lines. I haven't watched him enough this year though so not sure if he's got rid of that inconsistency that's always been there.
  8. Gawn's loss has been huge in many ways as noted by posters above. But a big negative has been the flow-on effect. With no Gawn (and no Spencer, and no Hogan in some games), we've had to take Watts away from being the 'third tall' who can be so damaging up the field, finding space, and also working his way back into the forward 50. I reckon Gawn and Hogan missing big chunks of the season so far really messes up everything we've trained for in terms of our structures.
  9. This is interesting. Is this the first time JT has played in the backline? I wonder whether it's an effort to add more flexibility to his game considering how well stocked the senior team is for inside mids.
  10. I believe Trengrove, Gartlett and Watt's should be right to play though...
  11. BUMP! Anyone have any idea what the great man is up to these days? Easily the most talented player I have ever seen in red and blue, and a true enigma off the field. Would love to know what he's doing these days.
  12. Have heard very little re McKenna on this site or elsewhere through the preseason ... Has he been injured? Any information as to how he's going on the track?
  13. I noticed the same thing too. Repeatedly, Jack did dome nice early bodywork and looked set to take a mark but didn't take it arms outstretched, and AVB was able to get a fist in. Hats off to AVB though, he is a fierce competitor.
  14. Hogan was certainly up the ground for a lot of the first 'half' but in the second, he was often deep, and I thought he was much better when he was further up the ground (I also feel the same way from his first two years at AFL level). Completely agree that both Hogan and Weid need to be better at repeat leading. That's not to discredit the McDonald brothers. They're very smart at positioning themselves.
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