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  1. The problem is if the player (ie Brayshaw/Harmes) offers us little when they're not in the midfield we still have a problem. They need to be able to contribute when they are on the wing/flanks otherwise they are just list cloggers.
  2. The guy who almost single-handedly willed us over the line against the Lions?
  3. We'll be lucky to get a 2nd rounder for Brayshaw and no-one is giving up anything for Sparrow. He would be a delist not a trade.
  4. Oliver is nowhere near a generational player. He has a long way to go, needs to hurt the opposition with his disposal and start hitting the scoreboard. At the moment he is a decent starting mid and nothing more, would be lucky to crack the top 100 in the comp.
  5. So who makes way for Brayshaw in the middle? Petracca Oliver or Viney?
  6. That is completely different. Libba probably the only true "grunt" in that lot.
  7. He's not wrong, the problem is we won't trade Oliver and Brayshaw has minimal trade value.
  8. As bad as Hannan has been I would've rather kept him in the side over Brayshaw. At least Hannan bobs up every 3 or 4 games with a couple of goals, Brayshaw has done nothing for a year and a half
  9. How the f--- is Brayshaw still getting a game? He has been putrid
  10. I see Brayshaw is still getting a game. That probably answers your question.
  11. Which is why it's hard to lay the blame solely at Goodwin's feet. There are things he can do better of course but when the players stink it up like they did last Thursday you could have Norm Smith in the box and it wouldnt matter
  12. "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" - Mike Tyson
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