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  1. Australian Football is a contact sport, always has been.
  2. We shouldn't be targeting Maynard with bone jarring tackles. We should be executing bone jarring tackles on all our opponents, that's the problem with us. Going after Maynard is useless, he is the type of guy who would thrive on it and let's be honest, probably laugh off most of our efforts. So you go and execute bone jarring tackles on Daicos, Sidebottom, Hoskin-Elliott, Hill etc. Nothing illegal just play hard and make them hurt. It should be like that week in, week out. That's footy, that is how you play to win.
  3. I really feel for Trac, he along with Gawn and one or two others, seem to be the only ones having a dip and despairing where we are at. I hope he doesn't second guess his decision to sign that long term deal, a stint on the sidelines will be good for him I think.
  4. They get confidence by slotting the easy ones early, running into an open 50 and banging then in from 20 out puts scoreboard pressure on and creates confidence. Yes, role players who come in to a system and perform. That was us the last couple of years but things have been allowed to deteriorate and now the system is broken and the role players just look like spuds. Whose fault is that? Goodwin? Line coaches? Recruitment and development? The players? A combination of the above? Whatever it is it needs to be identified and fixed ASAP otherwise the club will be left to look extremely stupid talking about wanting to be perennial contenders like Geelong and Sydney and end up being one hit wonders back to the doldrums.
  5. I didn't want blood but I did want physicality. Not directed at Maynard either, just a bruising style around the ground. A Maynard "bounty-gate" would have been counter productive but there is still room in footy to "make them earn it" with a hard-hitting attack on the footy and opponent.
  6. Where to from here? How can we lose to Collingwood the same way every time we play them? Bar the Kings Bday game last year where our game plan dismantled them (yet they almost came back to pinch it at the death) we have lost 4 of the last 5 against them in almost exactly the same fashion. They force us to the pockets taking low percentage shots leading to plenty of behinds and then get us on the rebound to walk it in for easy goals in an open forward line. What does it say for our system when we seem to totally fall apart after losing one key player (Lever) whereas Collingwood have a third of their best 22 out and plug in a number of rookies and are still able to execute a winning game plan? What can we learn from a Pies side that always turns up to play regardless of personnel?
  7. Agree I think Goodwin deserves to be given a chance considering his runs on the board but he needs the fresh voices around, things feel stale. Stafford, McQualter, Choco, Richardson, Chaplin should all be in the firing line. If memory serves Chaplin was the only one who survived the last cull so he has been around for a fair amount of time.
  8. No transition would've worked because Goodwin (rightfully) would've told them to get stuffed, Malthouse style. It's fanciful stuff.
  9. In the hard times vs good times ledger I'd say most Melbourne supporters have plenty in credit.
  10. Who would bother? The club/team has broken the trust of the supporters, people have better things to do than waste time on a club that doesn't reward the supporters with the bare minimum effort required.
  11. Come on, take a look at the respective sides out their today. Only one reason that we lost and it is our fragile mentality. Lever is one player and Petracca played half the game where we had already shown we weren't up for it before he was injured.
  12. Collect a cheque for years doing sweet [censored] all
  13. Since our flag we've played the Pies 5 times and lost 4 times to them in exactly the same way every time! They started kicking some goals out their [censored] towards the end but when the game was still live they were waltzing it in off rebound from turnovers. Today we had no names like Harvey Harrison, some guy named Krueger and spuds like Hoskin-Elliott slotting them through. Effort was [censored] from first bounce, I'm not buying this "effort was ok" garbage.
  14. Tell me again about how good the "effort" was 🤬 This club is not a serious footy club
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