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  1. I can't believe anyone cares about the name, of all the things ...
  2. Hopefully they do it again this offseason, was a great insight despite the detractors
  3. I guess we have different definitions of A graders.
  4. Back when teams had around 15-20 tackles a game.
  5. I love Weid and think he is developing nicely but I would take Brown over him every day of the week for 2021. That said I think they will play well in the same forwardline together with LJ playing a roaming role pushing up across half forward/wing If anyone's position is in danger in the forwardline it would be Fritsch for mine. I would prefer a Brown/Weid/LJ forwardline over Weid/LJ/Fritsch.
  6. Exactly especially considering the quality of the competition. Geelong is playing off in the GF this weekend FFS!
  7. Exactly. The core of the team was the same but two years later they had a flag, a prelim finish and 8 AA's.
  8. That was in the mid 80s and is the reason they admitted west coast and Brisbane at $4 million each. Realistically though while being "technically" insolvent the majority of clubs were not in danger of being wound up. Media rights boomed in the two and a half decades following which would have happened regardless of whether the AFL gave lucrative fixtures to Carlton, Essendon, Collingwood or not Two clubs can make an argument for turning things around financially without AFL assistance - the Hawks and the Bulldogs. The Hawks did so on the back of two eras of success (70s/80s and 2008-15),
  9. The last "strike" is shacking up with a lady after returning from Qld while meant to be in quarantine. I wouldn't hang him on that.
  10. I can't see a private ownership model resurfacing in the AFL after the debacle that happened the first time around. There are obvious downsides to this model as well (owners picking up teams and relocating them on a whim, teams being stuck with inept owners giving the members no power to influence the running of the club etc) Look at my team in the NFL, the New York Jets. They are absolutely pathetic at the moment and have been for much of the last decade. Most of that comes down to ownership making bad decisions again and again yet the owners will not sell as it is a proven money-spinner for
  11. The NFL has a revenue sharing model, because they realise the strength of the competition is dependent on the strength of all clubs. The AFL instead pursues policies that favour the bigger clubs (eg with the fixture) but they don't then spread the revenue gained from that around. This has led to the widening gap between rich and poor over the last 25 years.
  12. Because of the private ownership model. The franchises are privately owned "for profit" organisations and the NFL commissioner (Goodell) is there to serve their interests. The AFL is unique in that they play a dual role - governors of the competition (the AFL) as well as governors of the code (Australian Football or Australian Rules), the latter role which was usurped from the ANFC in the early 90s.
  13. There is no legal aspect. What you are referring to is perfectly legal, I do the same thing with my NFL gamepass subscription and save about $150 a year.
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