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  1. Weightman and Hunter, if they duck into a tackle rip their [censored] heads off.
  2. I'm not usually a huge fan of the Knight posters (his Richmond ones were terrible) but I actually don't mind that Demons one. A wegart one has also been released, basically rips off the unused 1958 one which doesn't make sense, would've preferred they went with the unused 2000 one.
  3. I'm pretty sure it also includes the watchAFL app so you can watch all footy games overseas
  4. Definitely one of the great footy stories, there's a 30 for 30 episode there just waiting to be made
  5. That's actually a killer playlist, feels like some late night Rage on ABC back in the 80s/90s or 3am drunk at a party somewhere
  6. That's fine but I didn't really comment on how Jackson landed at the Demons, only that getting Cook is as significant for the Blues as PJ was for us and they may turn things around and no longer be a place where talent goes to die as we were for so long.
  7. Your son is 100% on the money. I've been waiting his whole career to see Viney in the GF, he just will not allow us to lose on Saturday. We'll either win or he'll die trying.
  8. Fantastic recognition of the work and accomplishments he has achieved so far this year. One major one to go though, keep on trucking Goody.
  9. Dazzle is right though, would be silly to nominate a club before knowing who the coach is. Might just be waiting on that before announcing. I won't lose sleep over it if we miss him, would be a good get sure but we can do without him.
  10. Just like we did? Things do change, I think landing Cook is as important to Carlton as getting Jackson was for us. Great get, as important (if not moreso) than the new coach appointment.
  11. It's a great read although my superstitions won't allow me to finish it before saturday (because?? Reasons.) So I've read all but the last few pages, look forward to finishing it on Sunday after we salute for number 13. It really is written very well, very gripping narrative and the background to some of the kesser known players is very informative.
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