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  1. Yeah reread it after I responded and realised that's what you meant - you were too quick for my ninja edit tho haha
  2. He's such a strong tackler for a small guy. Check his tackle on the much larger Henderson in the 1st quarter, outstanding technique.
  3. Yeah, but who does she barrack for? 😂
  4. 2000 probably better offensively 2021 clearly better defensively and far more grunt around the contest
  5. I was surprised Melksham got a gig and even more surprised it was at Sparrows expense. I thought he'd been good this year with his defensive work hopefully they back the kid in and keep him in the side now.
  6. Our defensive structure has been outstanding all year. I could feel it against Freo with the amount of intercept marks we had, particularly with opposition kicks out of our 50 but it wasn't until the Saints game I could actually see what we were doing. It's been immense and I hope people will actually give some credit to Goodwin instead of saying "it must be Choco/Yze" - of course they'll be having an influence but I think what we're seeing is the culmination of a couple of years of Goodwin's gameplan coming to fruition and a huge part of that is the forward pressure we have with Kozzie,
  7. Agreed, I thought it was accidental at first but looking at the replay just now he definitely meant to throw his arm back. Obviously didn't mean to smash his face in but it was reckless and when you do that sometimes there are consequences like what happened to May. No way it gets looked at though.
  8. For the club's sake hope it's not related to 1) factions or 2) issues with the new training base
  9. Why? We already have LJ playing that role. He is an insurance policy and nothing more.
  10. By the late 80s I'd be surprised if any players outside the VFL were good enough to qualify! VFL was far and away the premier competition by the early 80s
  11. It's great that these kids can just work on developing their games without being thrown to the wolves if senior footy before they're ready. Such a change from where we've been for a long time
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