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  1. I wonder why Saban didn't reach the same heights as an NFL coach? https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/heres-why-nick-saban-knew-he-wasnt-a-fit-for-the-nfl/
  2. Lol at blaming the hubs because these meatheads can't keep their [censored] in their pants
  3. Plot twist! Would've laid down good money they'd blame it on Lucifer
  4. I think they tell you when you get the renewal email to login to your member account for those extras. I'm an AFL member with MFC club support but I've done it for my kids memberships (selected a player for the card as well as purchase the birthday club add-on).
  5. Without having read the paper I wonder whether the author has accounted for other factors such as a new coach clearing out experienced players, implementing a new game style etc I'm assuming you've read this, are you able to recall whether these other factors were accounted for or whether it was a pure numbers analysis?
  6. May is a level above them. Viney has the mentality but not the communication/people skills, Maxy has the communication/people skills but not the mentality.
  7. The Swans/Freo games were massive blemishes against him and the team but let's not also forgot we were pretty unlucky not to score wins against the Lions, Cats and even the Tigers earlier in the year. I still have (blind) hope that Goodwin and the team can get things to click this season but he is on his last chance.
  8. It's a fine line between persevering and backing your players and system in on the one hand and being slow to react and one dimensional on the other.
  9. You're right, I'm sure he just tells them to go out there and crack in 🤔
  10. If he's done it in the 2s tho it demonstrates it is not a skill/touch issue so much as a confidence/strength issue. So he can do it and for that matter he has taken one grab pack marks in the 1s just has to do it consistently.
  11. Of course he's under the pump. Should've made finals in 2020 and lost two games to bottom of the ladder sides when it counted as well as getting off to a poor start due to being stubborn with player selection. If the team has a poor start to the season he will be struggling to keep.gis job by Queens Birthday and if we miss finals he's gone.
  12. When Farmer left Melbourne it was the only time I have seriously considered abandoning the Demons. Such a gut punch.
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