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  1. The other key games for the remainder of the year; ROUND 14 Geelong vs Bulldogs (KP) ROUND 15 Brisbane vs Geelong (G) Port vs Sydney (AO) WCE vs Bulldogs (Perth) ROUND 16 Sydney vs WCE (SCG) ROUND 17 Bulldogs vs Sydney (Docklands) ROUND 18 Richmond vs Brisbane (MCG) GWS vs Sydney (GS) ROUND 19 Richmond vs Geelong (MCG) ROUND 20 GWS vs Port (MO) ROUND 22 GWS vs Richmond (GS) ROUND 23 Bulldogs vs Port (Docklands) Brisbane vs WCE (G) By the way, Cats have their last THREE game
  2. Anyone who thinks we lost to the Pies because Goodwin was outcoached has absolutely NFI.
  3. They can extend as long as they want - Kozzie and Rivers extended for 2 years beyond their 2 year rookie contract.
  4. Depends how hard you're willing to play - Cats held out on Kelly and got 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks.
  5. If there's only 25% crowd allowed will MFC members even get in? Probably only those with MCC/AFL Memberships
  6. In the paper (Sun) today it said the Cats stand to lose up to $900k if the game on Friday is played in front of no crowd.
  7. Teams have off games, the trust will be dependent on how we respond against the Bombers and for the rest of the year.
  8. $25k? They make half a million a game down there don't they? The fact is we had the option of playing at the G and we didn't - as a player I'd be pretty annoyed with that. The only thing the club should be worried about at this stage is looking after the players and banking 4 points.
  9. It's not unrealistic, Geelong have been given the option of playing at Kardinia Park in front of no supporters on Friday which they are likely to take. They value the welfare of their players and the 4 points over a few quid.
  10. Don't feel as though you have to justify yourself to online trolls
  11. Furious with this "effort", absolutely pathetic today
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