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  1. As opposed to our other mids who drop it on a dime for our forwards? At least he wins the clearance.
  2. Windsor looked pretty good Kozzie must play greater midfield minutes Viney was dominating early Kicking/decision making going inside 50 still an issue Seems not much has changed, Richmond minus Dusty and Baker should not have troubled us
  3. Sounds like they are trying to launch something to compete with AppleTV/Google TV. I'm assuming it won't effect the existing Kayo/Binge apps.
  4. Agreed, that stuff usually comes with confidence, we did it earlier in the year notably against the Dogs and Swans but went into our shells later in the year trying to play too conservatively. With that comes hesitation and second guessing and then you just make a noose for yourself. I hope we take the game on a bit more next year, I'd rather win 22 goals to 20 than 12 goals to 9 like our late season win vs Richmond.
  5. Richmond will be interesting under Yze but I agree they are in clear rebuilding mode and we should really account for them easily.
  6. I would also add that I don't think forward entries is the sole problem - at the end of the day we created enough opportunities, particularly in that QF, to win the game despite the quality of forward entries. It was our accuracy in front of goal that lost the game and perhaps a flag. Was it just a bad night? Or did we get spooked by the 92k boisterously pro-Collingwood crowd?
  7. I agree to an extent but we really are our own worst enemy at times. It's not always down to precision kicking, look at how Collingwood delivers the ball to Cox, they lob it up in front of him so he can run onto the ball and crash whoever is in front. We do this on occasion but generally our kicks sit on top of the forwards head making them sit under the footy and making it easy for the defenders to scrag and spoil by jumping over the top. We can fix some things up with our forward entries without getting a Nick Daicos who can laser kicks onto the chest.
  8. I'm not saying Max has to play aggro but he does have to play smarter I feel.
  9. I disagree, the way we came out against Collingwood showed that our endeavour was wanting. For a team that had a point to prove after 2022 it was extremely disappointing. We have allowed a 3rd rate hack in Cox to bully us for years and it happened again at the very first bounce where he ran straight into Max with his knee. Our endeavour in the Carlton game was much better and we came out breathing fire but we didn't capitalise. I'm not so fussed about the Carlton game to be honest because other than the ignominy of going out in straight sets our dash was done in the QF.
  10. My analysis is that we are too predictable going forward, we just hack it in like banging our heads against a brick wall instead of taking time to be more creative with the footy. Is this coaches or players? A bit of both I think. We do need to change our style, and we didn't. That's where the whinge comes from. Kozzie needs to spend more time in the middle, he has speed and creativity which we sorely lack. The cultural issues need to be knocked on the head. The team seems either too complacent or they have a soft underbelly. They talk a lot about wanting to have a great culture and being ruthless but actions talk and they have floundered when it mattered two years running. Can we turn it around? Yes absolutely. Will we? I think that's yet to be proven especially with teams like Adeliade, GWS, Carlton and I think Freo pushing for a flag over the next couple of years.
  11. Dr. Gonzo


    Heartbreaking performance for Browns fans. They've been smashed with injuries this year but was hoping for a fairytale Flacco run and a Balt/E AFCCG, not to be. Texans very good and Singletary with a couple of good runs early opened the game up for them. Back to back pick 6s from Flacco and that's the ball game.
  12. So the problem was that we didn't adapt our game style to suit our personnel. 69 inside 50s vs 37 to Collingwood. Besides that we clearly didn't turn up to play in the QF and/or were spooked. We allow ourselves to be bullied (and I'm not talking about the Maynard/Brayshaw incident). That is either down to complacency or a soft underbelly.
  13. As opposed to Collingwoods formidable forward line 🙄 Hill Mihocek Elliott McCreery De Goey J Daicos Kozzie wasn't able to have stints on the ball because the coaches refused to play him there. After his round 1 suspension he spent very little time in the centre other than attending bounces at the start of quarters.
  14. On top of that there seem to be cultural/behavioural issues which have not been managed properly. Oliver, Smith and the smoke around Goodwin, there seems to be leaking from the club to push narratives in the media - the governance seems to have slipped since Jackson was at the club.
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