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  1. Hes also missed 3 games (Essendon, Port and GWS) so you'd think he'd have at least another 4 or 5 goals from those 3 games. He's averaging 1.7 goals a game. Ideally he'd be up around 2.5 goals a game but he's had to play a lone hand for the last 5 or 6 weeks since TMac went down. He can play better but I don't see him being dropped.
  2. That's not his only job, but it's a key part of his role and something Weideman has struggled to do. If we had someone better at playing that role they would be in, but we don't. Besides Brown has kicked 5 goals in the last 3 games and really should've had two more. Would be nice if he was averaging 2 a game but it's not like he's been unsighted.
  3. Ben Brown has been OK the last 3 games I think. Much better than his previous run of games. It's difficult being the only key forward defenders have to worry about and it would be great if he can clunk a couple of extra marks per game but as long as he's not getting outmarked and is bringing the footy to ground then he's playing his role.
  4. You might have to fork out for an extra 2187 memberships to get us over the line WCW 🤣
  5. Ending the game with 5 AA's on the bench just rubbed salt into the wound. Like an NBA side resting their starters once the game is won.
  6. Well they certainly [censored] themselves 💩😆
  7. Sucks being Geelong, they get a tummy bug every September!
  8. I love it, especially because even the waterboy is laughing at him!
  9. I agree with everything you've said other than the 22 round season coming into effect in 1925. It actually only came into effect in 1970 up until then we had an 18 round (20 rounds in 1968-69) season so there was no evenness in the fixture. The thing is in the AFL the fixture doesn't have to be a true home and away - the H&A season is only there to seed the clubs for finals, we don't award the premiership to the leader at the end of H&A like the EPL. It would be nice to see some evenness around how many times teams host each other over a period of time though. The other thing is that all the arguments you've made about us going to Geelong could just as easily be made by clubs like WCE, Port, GC, Freo etc against us for having to play in the NT. They could very well say "why do we always play Melbourne in the NT, they should rotate it so Collingwood, Richmond etc have to play the Demons there too". Obviously that will never happen though.
  10. They are not mistakes, mistakes would imply some level of balancing out over the course of the game or the odd one here or there. It is either being way too influenced by partisan/parochial crowds or just downright cheating. Either way it is unacceptable. If I made as many "mistakes" on my job as these clowns do I would have been sacked a decade ago.
  11. Rubbish, nothing in it at all. Having said that it wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  12. There was one in the first half where Langdon let the ump know about it - he gave off the handball and went to run on but was blocked. That is a free kick and automatic 50m penalty but the ump just called play on. Right in front of him, blatant and he just swallows his whistle. Kept going right to the final siren too when ANB should have got a free kick for kicking in danger, the commentators actually mentioned this one but only in a half joking manner. They're happy to single out players like Lever for doubling over after getting whacked in the guts but won't comment on the blatant cheating by the umps. They are either downright incompetent and shouldn't be officiating at the highest level or they are cheats.
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