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  1. Dogs won the flag after Murphy went down, Tigers won the flag after Rance went down. I'm sure there's other examples, it would make it harder but not impossible. Anyway, I'm assuming he misses half the season at absolute worst, didn't really look like an ACL but until scans confirm otherwise I'll assume it's a 6-8 week injury.
  2. I don't care about the result I just want Max to be ok. I seriously don't think we could've played worse, nothing went right, we just bombed away, players were fumbling and second to the footy, giving away stupid free kicks. And for all that Brisbane didn't really put us away, even before the power failure. We won't play that bad again but we need Maxy he is so integral to our structure and heart.
  3. It's a mulligan. Gawn going down in the opening minutes clearly rattled the team. When you're running on top of the ground everything goes your way. When you hesitate a fraction you look fumbly, slow and second-rate. This team will bounce back just hoping Max isn't sidelined for too long.
  4. I mean it's usually bad but this is next level
  5. That's what happens when you play from behind
  6. Poor Maxy 😭😭😭 The team look so flat since he went off just not running, not getting our hands on the footy. They just want to go home I reckon. Still, it's only 20 points if our mids pull their fingers out and get hands on the ball we could pinch it but looking extremely unlikely.
  7. Anzac Eve because it's the first one I'll get to this year. Kings Birthday because we owe those [censored] after last year. The one where we sew up the minor premiership, hopefully round 23 against the Hawks, that would be sweet.
  8. He also wouldn't have been rushed in and marketed as the saviour while still finishing VCE. He would've been brought through Casey and given the proper preparation before throwing him to the wolves. I think all that contributed to his attitude.
  9. As long as we win in September I don't care. How sweet would it would be to be able to have 7-1 bragging rights after beating them in a GF? I can dream right 😈
  10. That was Queen's Bday 2016 I think? We beat them again later that season and then beat them Queen's Bday 2017. We also beat them at the Gabba in 2020 but yes, we definitely owe them a few.
  11. Kozzie has gone to Rich in the past to shutdown his play on from a behind to get the ball to centre wing. Without Kozzie I wonder how we approach this tonight, probably Chandler playing that role?
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