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  1. Horrendous if even partly true. I’m not sure how anyone would think that those actions are good for any footballer’s career. How was that meant to improve performance?
  2. Cheers - thanks for that. So who came to us from that region? Was Garry Lyon via the zone? Yze is from that area but he must have come via the draft. is there a notable MFC supporter base in that area now? I lived in the Wimmera years ago and there are a heap of Essendon supporters there, which I think is due to the zoning.
  3. This is all a bit before my time. Two questions: 1. Where was our zone? 2. How else did clubs find players if not via the zone? Could you just find a player and sign them up?
  4. Agreed. Amazing that it’s been 10 years since he left the club, but he is currently only 33 years old. He could have played a LOT longer than he did.
  5. The bloke with the mike was in the way, and yet you still couldn’t hear the questions asked. You’d think they would have sorted it out for Fagan, but no.
  6. My nephew played junior representative footy with Tom many years ago. He reckons Tom was nothing special as a junior, and he was staggered he got drafted. Great effort to get to where he has in the game, as a 200 game player who is pretty well respected I think. Meanwhile, my nephew (who was apparently a far better junior) is still running around a local country league.
  7. I got tickets on Level 4 last night with no issue. On a side note, pre-COVID it was possible for my kids to scan their MFC memberships to get into the MCC for Dees games. Now we need to book tix via Ticketek, it doesn’t accept their barcodes, so I need to buy them a visitor ticket, which is a bit annoying. Anyone else notice this?
  8. I must admit I didn’t know the song at all until I searched for it today. It’s not good, and certainly not worthy of a feud (if that’s what it is).
  9. 3 flags, a scarf and a Herald Sun poster of Max and RDB, on display at my place in Scoresby.
  10. This is probably not the main item of interest this week, but MOPT has an upcoming tender for the Gosch’s Paddock redevelopment. Good to see it’s moving. https://www.tenders.vic.gov.au/tender/view?id=233936 ———————— The Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust will soon be inviting offers from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the Gosch's Paddock Sportsfield Redevelopment. The Trust will be seeking to appoint a Head Contractor to oversee and deliver the proposed upgrade works below: Remove existing playing surface to a depth of 100mm. Expand the existing field to a size similar to the Marvel/ MCG playing surfaces and extend the existing drainage and irrigation systems to facilitate the larger size field. Upgrade the existing lighting structures. Install a new sand layer and new turf* Upgrade the existing perimeter fence Upgrade camera coverage for both M&OP and the MFC Improve the existing facilities, including but not limited to; access to drinking water and seating for patrons. *The Trust are currently inviting offers for the turf supply and installation works that will form part of this redevelopment program, refer to RFT12082021 The Open Request for Tender will be released on 9 September 2021 and there will be a mandatory briefing onsite at 10am Monday 13 September. Tenderers will need to register for this briefing once the Request for Tender is released, you do not need to register your interest in advance. Any questions are to be directed to [email protected]
  11. Gee I hope COVID doesn’t screw up this season. This is the best chance of a flag in my lifetime (I’m 45).
  12. Agree- I said exactly the same thing at the ground today. Most of the noise is just [censored] as well, and detracts from the spectacle.
  13. Understand the theory but we have been waiting for years for this to happen. I think the key to having the right age/experience spread is for players to be “good enough” to play 150+ games. In the past we’ve waited for our players to get to the required experience level, but as it turned out- they weren’t good enough. ps. Hopefully we’ve got enough good players now.
  14. If you read the blurb about Brad sent via mail, he is also Managing Director of GMH Fire and Safety. Looks like a small company, but he is MD nonetheless.
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