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  1. If you read the blurb about Brad sent via mail, he is also Managing Director of GMH Fire and Safety. Looks like a small company, but he is MD nonetheless.
  2. No problems with my MCC/MFC membership- I paid it for next year the other day. I think it was a 30% discount to cover the lack of games this year.
  3. I watched him at training in January, and he looked so ripped then he almost looked out of proportion. It was clear to me he was up for a big season. i think the main thing was he knew he could take on anyone and beat them. Massive confidence to be able to do that.
  4. Agreed. My dad and I spoke to him on game day last year when he was injured. Top bloke, had plenty of time to chat. Great leader on and off the field. I also liked his comments about not having the flag this weekend. It’s ridiculous it can’t be shown.
  5. I think one of the problems is that the entire AFL industry has assumed that the broadcast rights would keep on expanding exponentially. This has lead to a massive blowout in costs to run clubs. But even aside from COVID I think we are getting close to saturation in the Australian market. Ultimately all the money comes from the punters - in the form of tickets, memberships or advertising (companies only advertise if they can get people to buy their product). i think they need to wind back costs but have to keep the old guard clubs. Melbourne has 50,000 odd members but about 250,
  6. Neita spoke at a MCC/MFC members function I went to with my dad last year. He was awesome - he told some great stories and the crowd loved it. Top bloke
  7. Spoke to him before game today. He hopes to be available for selection this week.
  8. My mate’s dad passed away late last year (64 year member). I called the club to let them know and they rapidly arranged a card for the family (also long term members). Subtle, classy and excellent customer service I thought.
  9. Hard to say as the line snakes around in corrals. I’d say maybe 200m, but in terms of numbers perhaps 2000-3000.
  10. I got to the line at 4.30 and the gates opened at 5 pm. Once they opened it didn’t take long to get in. By 5.25 the only walk up seats we could get (there were 6 of us) was at the top of level 4. Couldnt get tix today, so will be a similar experience this Friday.
  11. Universally admired by Dees supporters I would say. Not many people can claim that. Thanks Peter.
  12. I heard him on SEN this morning and the headline is NOT what he said. Being behind the paywall most won't find out what he actually said. i thought what he said was reasonable.
  13. The issue I have is that all the money up for grabs comes from the punters. Yes there are corporate $ but that is because they think there is a positive cost-benefit ratio to get more money off the public. Yet there is ZERO discussion about the average punter getting a share of the new money coming in. How about putting money back into grass roots footy, or reducing the cost of tickets/membership??? We have no say in the debate.
  14. I'm not sure what others thought but the pre-game poem by Rupert Bacall was ignored by many in the crowd, who continued talking between themselves and generally not paying attention. I found it hard to hear the poem. At least that's what happened at ground level in the MCC. I think the announcer contributed to it by not announcing the poem starting very prominently.
  15. Question for those who know more about this than me - is this the final decision? If either party doesn't like the CAS outcome is there any further appeal channel?
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