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  1. Did anyone expect us to win a GF this year? I didn’t. That first half was a [censored] embarrassment but I’m happy with the progression; we’re playing the long game. I look forward to a decade of finals dominance.
  2. Selwood talking like they won the game by 10 goals on the ABC. Get [censored]
  3. We're so lucky to have Daisy representing MFC. She is all class.
  4. I feel sorry for all of us and the half-dozen players who gave a ship* yesterday. Yep, should never have come to this anyway; hoping to scrape in on another team's defeat. Come a long way but still a long way to go....
  5. The latter, by a mile. Couldn't get out of the ground fast enough.
  6. If I hear Bruce growl, "the old Firm, eh", again, I'll 'release' from every orifice.
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