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  1. 1. They werent all pack marks. 2. Get back to me when he takes 6 pack marks in the ones
  2. Sam's biggest problem is that he can't take a one grab mark. So he can attack the ball better for sure but is unlikely to hold many. Yes he can bring the ball to ground but ideally he can hold his marks and I doubt he can be taught that at his age.....
  3. I'm not sure of the numbers but my intuition tells me that interstate teams pick up a gear when they get the rare chance to play at the MCG, The additional motivation of playing there plus the fact Melboure are known as a flakey team means interstate sides are often pumped and jump out of the blocks against us. It goes without saying that we need to somehow make the MCG a fortress. Over to you Simon.
  4. Had wrist surgery and went swimming up in the Murray and got it infected. This began a cycle of infection issues and career threatening wrist problem
  5. They were gifted a spot in the finals that year because of Essendrug's suspension
  6. Melbourne would want to be locked into the final 8 by around Rd 17. We can't make the 8 when we have average teams to beat let alone this lot above. Goodwin's form when our season is on the line is frankly pathetic
  7. He is more of a lockdown defender that was being groomed to take over Nev's role wasn't he? Not sure he was expected to "rack up disposals". In any case its not like we have a lot of small defenders other than Salem who rack up disposals....
  8. Make no mistake. There were sizeable forces out against him and he is saving face by announcing he is leaving in 12m. My spies tell me The natives were very restless after the debacle on contracted players.
  9. Following on from above, 1. we had a dearth of smalls a few years ago and now we have gone all in on speed, and smalls. Why so many? Do you ever draft because you think some might fail? 2. How much of this is based around Richmonds strategy? 3. Which if the previous draftees that we haven't seen much of look the most promising to become A graders? Petty, Jordan, Neitschke, Lockhart, Baker, Sparrow?
  10. It's a long way from town on a Razor scooter......
  11. That's your view. I think mine is a realistic take. I'd like to see a list of the people that we have 'attracted' to support Goodwin that have been jettisoned in the past 4 years. By your reckoning this should have resulted in success I presume? It's a long list particularly when many of those have been shuffled around in multiple roles to try and find the right combo. We have changed virtually every role except the senior coach. You can keep changing the surrounding personnel but at what point do you reach the conclusion I have come to that the bloke acting as senior coach is not
  12. Very happy with this appointment but still very concerned about how much baby sitting we have to provide for Goodwin who has essentially failed in his role.
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