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  1. Averages are meaningless in his context.
  2. Boil away Richmond is in a marginal Greens./Labor electorate as is Footscray and Casey is in a Liberal zone. Good luck getting money for them from the State Govt in Vic
  3. Its irrelevant but I would say the club was actively trying to climb up the draft order because the players like Phillipou were significantly better. I saw nothing in his highlights or other clips that demonstrated any aggression or physicality. He looks like a nice schoolboy player. And aggression and physicality IMO can't be taught or learned. A bit like Weid. Cant think of one successful KPP that doesn't have it. So I would say the odds are against him being the one to do it.
  4. I wish the lad well. He wouldn't have been my pick but he is now a Melbourne player and I am happy to support him.
  5. Recruiters often talk about 'types' of players rather than saying he is the next Buddy or Cyril If you saw Kozzie and said he plays in the same style as Cyril you would immediately know what sort of player he was without suggesting he was going to be as good or better.
  6. Dont think of it that way. Think of it as an upgrade from Jackson to Grundy which it is. Maybe longer term we lose out IF Jacko goes on to become a gun. But on form this year we have done very well.
  7. Maybe but you wouldn't necessarily know. It's not just a straight out win. There are so many multi's and combos that can affect the P&L. If for example Oliver could be knocked out of contention (or nobbled) then they might have a million or so riding on that. Regardless, an umpire has been stood down with evidence suggesting he is compromised. They are clearly allegations at this point. But its like Warney giving pitch information. You don't know what is of importance to the Bookies
  8. Of course its possible (and we did it although we did have TMac) But if you look at Richmond Carlton, Geelong they have physical fwds that take the best defenders. I would rather a fwd that has physicality than one who is a lead and mark fwd in general terms
  9. Not really. If the bookies worst result was Oliver there is an incentive for dodgy umpires to not award Oliver 3 votes for example. Plausable deniability that they awarded Mihocek the votes. There are a large number of ways the potential corruption could play out
  10. Are you seriously comparing a potential tainted or corrupt betting scandal with an irrelevant comment about general bias in an industry award? 'It might be corrupt but its OK and we can't say anything because a fwd - who rarely get votes - received votes' OK then
  11. 2021 was team first football. 2022 was not. Bayley was part of that Problem with your argument is twofold. If he doesn't kick the goal we lose. If he burns team mates they stop running to make position and they stop kicking to him if he is in a better position. We lose We are a better team when we play team first. Simples.
  12. Colour me shocked. One of the two games that was red-flagged was Melb Coll on QB Magpies forward Brody Mihocek was the surprise winner of the three votes on Brownlow Medal night with his 16 disposals and four goals edging out Demons superstar Clayton Oliver who on the day was awarded the Neale Daniher Trophy for his 43-possession game.
  13. I get why SEN do it, They are desperate for revenue of any description Bit the AFL....hmm
  14. Say what you like but we got beaten 8 times the same way. Sounds pretty stubborn to me
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