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  1. Like Jesse Hogan?? No smiles?? Aaarggghh he's gone. Out the door..............
  2. Surprised by Weid, Brayshaw and Lever Jones and Harmes missing Hibberd a good year particularly given his personal circumstances No ANB, Hunt a McDonald, Jetta, Smith
  3. I think a lot here will be surprised with Viney but well done to him an outstanding year after many predicted he would throw the toys out of the pram And to Trac, May, Langdon and Oliver you are the future.
  4. To paraphrase Ricky Bobby we're the 8th loser.
  5. There are a huge amount of factors that go into winning a flag including luck. A lot of things have to go right. Making finals regularly gives you a greater chance. We can't even make finals FFS. 8 teams every year do but not us. 8 from 18. It shouldn't be that hard. Particularly in a year where we played each team once. Once we have made finals since 2006 and 2018 now looks strongly like an aberation. Goodwin is a massive fail and those that say we should hang on because of Hardwick etc are off with the pixies When we have had the opportunity to win to make fina
  6. Isn't the reporting line Bartlett Chairman (and Board) Pert CEO Mahoney Director of Football Richardson Director of Coaching Goodwin Senior Coach
  7. New players to clubs often do well as the heirarchy likes to congratulate themselves on their astute recruiting May and Langdon to do very well. Petraccas score involvements will rate highly as will his flexibility around the ground. Gawn, Oliver and Viney should also rate highly Salem late was good but wasn't consistent. Be very surprised if the top 5 came from outside this lot. I'll go Petracca May Langdon Gawn Oliver Viney
  8. I actually think this is a real furphy. I am not pointing the finger at you but for anyone at Melb to say 6/6/6 is a cause of our problems - and in fairness no one at the club has said it to my knowledge - is clutching at straws. We go to water the moment pressure is applied. Directly the opposite of how Goodwin says we want to play. 'We want a brand to hold up in finals blah blah' Leadership is a real issue. Brisbane is an interesting case because they got Fagan and Hodge. Hodge IMO was instrumental in shaping how their backline played. Leadership in spades. We have seen it now
  9. This can't be true. It takes years to formulate a game plan and instil behaviours in players, Where did you read about such rubbish?
  10. There are zero excuses this year. Virtually a full list to choose from all year.
  11. Among our biggest problems are our ability to beat bottom sides when it matters. 2016 Coll last round. were 14th 2020 Freo and Sydney Both bottom 5 Case rests Everything else is fluff
  12. Is that supposed to be side splittingly funny? It isn't Once in 13 years. Go knock yourself out
  13. Fritsch is a real talent but excrutiatingly frustrating with his kicking for goal. He appears to be so casual as if 'what the heck I'll just bang this up there' His tackling needs a lot of work as well. To me he never tackles with intent. Not everyone can be a Viney but even Spargo who is small, when he tackles shows real intent to stop the player.
  14. 8 teams every single year make finals. Nearly half. We have made finals once since 2006. Gigantic fail. And this year like 2017 it was all in our own hands and we couldn't do it. Goodwin must go
  15. I guess the good news is rivers is still eligible next year... Unless we make finals this year
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