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  1. Infuriating is one word. Dumb is another. They played the same way against us over the last 4 games. 3 losses for us and a 1 pt win. Poor teams like Hawthorn can't keep it up for 4 qtrs but good sides can. We have no answer for the chip and give game style when good sides do it. Watching it live it is blindingly obvious what their tactics are. Our inability to combat it was appalling Clarry at half back and even first gamer Kolt in the middle at one stage? What the hell? Raynor playing like a superstar. Brisbane blocking our mids to give Neale a clean run ever stoppage. Hopeless coaching and leadership last night.
  2. We simply let them chip their way through our defence. It was pathetic. They refused to kick to may or lever, They had 40 more marks, 30 more tackles and 50 uncontested possessions. It's exactly how they have played against us the last 3 times. Our coaching staff were clueless. Gawn tried hard but was useless, hitting the ball all night to Brisbane players Out fwds aside from Chandler was disgraceful embarrassing Performance
  3. Worst game in the last 100 F useless
  4. Unwatchable [censored]. The afl is corrupt
  5. The kolt was in the last centre bounce!
  6. Collingwood's slingshot style also meant a defence has less time to set up. They threw numbers at the contest and used handball plus short sharp kicks to disrupt defences. They're not being allowed to do that so much this year.
  7. Your Swans avatar is disquieting...
  8. I thought Woey came back to play at a Casey scratch match last week? So he has had playing minutes I believe
  9. Against Adelaide it was Langdon 15.5kms, ANB 15.2 and Ned McHenry 15.0 Against Port it was Langdon 15.4, D Houston 14.5 and ANB 14.4 v Hawks Langdon 15.0, TMcDonald 14.7 F MacGuiness 14.6 ANB not in the top 5 v Dogs Langdon 16.2 Bont 14.4 Fritsch (!!) 14.4, TMac and Rivers next v Swans Langdon 15.8, ANB 15.5 Gulden 15.1 What a machine Langdon is!
  10. Geoff Hayward. Star of The Club Great movie
  11. Played golf with Adrian Anderson a few years back just after the tanking debacle, He hates Melbourne. Why TF we use him is beyond me.
  12. We are the only sport in the world that requires our officiators to execute a physical skill. The run a lot of kms and have to perform a skill. Not surprisingly there is a large variance in performance. Not sure how we go about it but it would be best for the game if these inconsistencies were removed
  13. Bowey is now nearly 5 weeks from when he did his shoulder. An 8 week injury they said.... Yet he's still 5-6 weeks away?
  14. From the AFL Website: ( things we liked at round 4) Congrats to Judd and the recruiting team. Great to see Judd getting external recognition 2) The Demons recruiters have done it again You can firmly mark Judd McVee down as yet another Melbourne recruiting masterstroke. The young West Australian, who enjoyed a breakout campaign last season, continues to take strides across half-back and has now entrenched himself as one of the club's most important players. Recruited with the 16th selection in the 2021 rookie draft, McVee was outstanding in quietening the raucous Adelaide Oval atmosphere in the early stages of Thursday night's win over the Crows. He had 11 disposals in the first quarter alone and finished with 20 touches to go with four marks, 10 intercepts and four score involvements. – Riley Beveridge
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