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  1. We expected the comeback to just happen
  2. It was bad but not the reason we lost
  3. What that got to do with it? His points are valid. Your response isn't. Argue his points if you must
  4. “We had more (forward-50) supply but we were really poor executing forward of centre which gave them great looks with the ball in hand, so they certainly played the game and set the game up better than what we did. “They had 125 uncontested marks and they had 12 intercept marks in our forward 50 so once they get an intercept mark, that starts their chain of possession and our inability to defend that at times made it look like an ‘un-Mebourne’ game and our pressure factor would suffer on the back of that." S Goodwin Goodwin was up front about what went wrong against the Pies. It was
  5. Yes, it would seem that he looks best when leading into space. Surprising that he wants to body with defenders - that clearly isn't working. And at worst him leading into space splits the defence and opens the fwd line.
  6. Of course, 10 days to prepare for a Marquee stand alone game against a long standing rival. Totally understandable .
  7. This. I sit there with family and we know in 10mins whether or not they are switched on. I am guessing the coaches know that too but yesterday they seemed owerless to rev them up.
  8. I'll preface this by saying I like petty but he was destroyed yesterday. Can mark pretty well but his decision making on when to mark and when to spoil is not yet there. Too often gets bodied out of the contest. And when he gets the ball in a close situation his first thought is to grab the ball tight and fall to the ground, I guess attempting to force a stoppage. I find it hard to know whether this is being coached into him or whether he is nervous about his place in the side or if he genuinely doesn't have an attacking mode. He's young and the jury is still out but I woul
  9. Our fwd line has not clicked all year. We have experimented with it but we haven't really crushed a team to date. Weid definitely needs a spell in the 2 's.. Bring in anyone that will compete. Brown M or B doesn't matter
  10. Getting beaten in these type of games is so Melbourne. We have been doing it for a number of years. It's largely based on attitude. You can keep your perspective. I see a team that is world class at drinking its own bathwater. They didn't run today - the Pies uncontested game enbarrassed us. Trac and Oliver played like millionaires and they not only blew it for themselves, they stuffed the game up for everyone else. So many of our fwd thrusts were simply turned over because these two peanuts have gottem ahead of themselves. They have got credits in the bank but we will never be
  11. This. Oliver needs some serious goal kicking coaching from Mark Williams
  12. Same as last year in Cairns last year. Lost to two bottom 4 sides and missed a finals berth by 1 game. Why the [censored] does this keep happening that we lose to lowly sides? Capt Motivation can't seem to get em up for these games.
  13. we have just had 10 days off. Seriously. Oh they were tired.
  14. This team has got big heads. Oliver and Trac were terrible - trying to take on all comers. Olivers' kicks for goal are putrid. Trac thinks he' s auditioning for a Hollywood movie today. The fwd line was a genuine debacle. The ease at which Pies players marked the ball and exited our fwd 50 was reminiscent of the terrible years a decade ago. Where are all the Weid defenders today? What a pathetic game. You could almost forgive him if he stopped Moore but MOore was one of their best. Fritsch chooses to play every second week. And TMac? Not sure what happened to him today. Bu
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