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  1. Gawn Petracca Lever Viney Oliver 0.5 Fritsch 0.5 Langdon
  2. How about we select the right side to match and beat the opposition? Just a thought. There seems to be a lot less experimenting with personnel in the first few rounds this year compared to previous years. It might be because we're winning or it might be because we're more mature as a group. We've certainly shown greater signs of maturity in the first 3 rounds.
  3. You clearly don't play golf Sue! When you play golf in the wind its very easy to know what the wind does to a ball's flight. You know when you hit a solid straight shot or if you have hit the ball with a draw (or slice) . The sideways movements are exacerbated but a straight shot is much less affected generally. I doubt it is any different for kicking a football.
  4. I don't think so because at least 3 were rushed. Not sure how many....
  5. Last 3 Head to head at the MCG 2020 Cats 47 Dees 44 2018 EF Melb 75 Geel 46 2018 Rd 1 Cats 97 Dees 94 We should win.
  6. Against Freo at least 8 of our 14 points went left.
  7. This is what TMac did in 2018. He has drifted from that recently but was a dead eye [censored] back then
  8. Are there any foregone conclusions you are trying to support?
  9. The issue is game time for those that aren't in the seniors. How does a Melksham for example get match fit....? With less rotations, the possibility of player fatigue is high and the ability of clubs to manage the fitness of their player rosters is compromised.
  10. Geelongs game plan is well known. Chip chip. We have to be patient, structured down back and pressure the ball carrier. It looks as though we have improved our maturity this year along with pressure acts and team efforts. we should be right. But we need to take our chances when we get a shot on goal...
  11. What a debacle the VFL still doing pre-season pratice matches when we are up to round 4. Amateur hour
  12. I was surprised that Trac had so many possessions when I reveiwed the stats. On first viewing I thought he had an average game (for him). Perhaps because his disposals weren't as damaging. I hope he doesn't go possession chasing from here on and instead goes for maximum team impact.
  13. The AFL have inadvertantly solved the kick in problem we have had for a decade or more...
  14. GWS threw loads of players back so it was never going to be a night for TMac or any tall other than Max when they bombed the ball in. But he did compete by tackling and bringing the ball to ground and his game was serviceable IMO.
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