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  1. Hearing that May might be wearing a helmet to play on Hawkins. Too many stray elbows in the past....
  2. Doesn't look it. Company page link doesn't work. Picture of Goodwin is v old. Same day is the Freo game in Perth so maybe but surely if there was a breakfast it would be organised by the club to benefit the club and its supporters in Perth not some random FB company.
  3. The 'reasoning' for this would appear to be the large crowd drawing clubs don't play at Geelong because crowds would miss out. Also in the early part of this century these clubs were quite strong This hands Geelong an enormous advantage because they avoid the big clubs there, they play the 'weaker' clubs here virtually handing them 8 or 9 wins a year. We got belted there for years. So when people laud Geelong for being so 'competitive' year in year out it a crock of bulldust. On the other hand its probably why they fail at the pointy end of the season which isnt a bad thing. Either way though it is appalling that such an imbalance exists .
  4. There is every chance that the late 50m penalty paid to Lever would not have been paid had there been a coercive full house of feral cats
  5. They play 10 -11 games at Taxpayer Park so it kind of guarantees them a good finals spot
  6. I think there are quite large differences between someone like May and someone like De Goey or Tex Walker. I don't think they are in the same category. But yes May can clearly be a DH
  7. Adelaide are the #1 Pressure team. they have been doing it all year. They have a host of problems but pressure isn't one of them
  8. West Coast have much better picks to trade with
  9. Pretty sure we have a "No D***head Policy"
  10. The umpiring was so bad that my wife was screaming at the TV. For the first time in history She never raises a voice and is normally the one saying to me "you really need to calm down watching the footy, it's just a game"
  11. a) Its not a foreign role. He plays this role often at Casey b) He has good hands? OMG that is simply laughable. He is the greatest two grabber since Chris 'Concrete Hands' Dawes except he cant even take the second grab!
  12. Didn't Dangerfield leave Adelaide to win premierships? Awwww. Take the word flag and replace the 'a' with an 'o'
  13. 3 free kicks in the last 3 quarters That's it.
  14. The Brayshaw holding decision was because he dragged the ball back in yet it was clearly the crows player that toe kicked the ball under Brayshaw.
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