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  1. Can someone clarify if Foxtel will carry the Ch7 broadcast or do I actually have to watch Ch 7?
  2. Definitely can't let Naughton get a free jump at it. Needs body contact or a Demon jumping for the ball in front of him/from the side
  3. They're not mutually exclusive ideas. He played Jack Watts a lot too before telling the recruiters to get rid of him. So yeah, really
  4. That is a stretch of the highest order. Preety easy to take someone off with a head knock or a knee twinge or heart palpitations or whatever
  5. Hunt has also played 21 games I think and was a staple and much improved player this year. Had he not been injured he'd likely still be in the side. But Goodwin isn't a fan
  6. If you listen to CLarkson and Hardwick discussing tactics for the weekend they say that you can't really tag players anymore. Maybe one but if you do that you upset your team plan and the way you play. Teams just don't play one on one any more so you might be able to nullify Trac or Oliver or Gawn or May or Lever or Fritsch or Salem but not all of them and probably not more than two of them.
  7. I think we still have Matty Whelan at the club in a role helping younger players
  8. Alastair CLarkson has never been coach of the year.. Just saying Congrats Goody. Has grown in the role and looks very comfortable.
  9. I keep saying that Keath has done his hammy TWICE since round 19. He won't be able to push very hard on that leg. As for Stef, he will basically be a decoy with English playing fwd to try and stretch our defence.
  10. Wines should poll well in hte last 7 games...
  11. This is some spammy foreign page...... Nothing on foxtel nor the CH 7 website... grrr
  12. Half your luck. Done the GRR 3 times. Outstanding party of the world.
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