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  1. No, haven’t actually seen him play, live coached against Peel colts 3 times last season and he didn’t play in any of those games
  2. They are potentially Top 4 , their mids will get better and I think Fyfe will play mostly as a forward. Their season depends on their key defenders staying fit, they are very light on down back, if Ryan and Pearce go down with no Logue to come in they could be in trouble
  3. Like Petracca, Oliver, Cadman, Ginbey, Holmes and others they come from nowhere. I see so many highly touted 15 and 16 year olds stagnate as others grow physically and get serious about their fitness catching up and/or passing many who stood out as juniors. Trac was always expected to go, but he wasn’t first round tip a year out. He got fit and probably should have went #1. There will be plenty of bolters between now and next November
  4. Daniel Curtin the best of the WA group, got size, good skills and can play either end. Some boys not on the list from WA will start attracting attention, 18 months ago nobody knew who Rueben Ginbey was and he climbed above all of the others and some highly touted for the last 2 years didn’t get taken. Jed Hagan didn’t grow and his elite fitness wasn’t enough, which didn’t really surprise m. Gilbey had an injury interrupted year . Koen Sanchez who is on that list I think may slide, had a good underage year but I’m not sold on him long term. Coen Livingston has finished school so will get a full year of Colts in and climb the boards forward ruck who impacts the scoreboard. Aiden O’Driscoll is all class playing off a wing or half back, great speed, clean at ground level, elite foot skills and impacts the scoreboard from the wing. Won the B&F at Wesley College this season finished in front of Ginbey and one I think will go the first 2 rounds next year. Tholstrup and Kentfield two big forwards at Subiaco who will be worth keeping an eye on especially Kentfield who has size, aggression and good below his knees for a tall. Hardeman from Swans will go first or early second round really good penetrating left foot and elite runner
  5. If we knew Kossie was going we would have targeted Konstanty
  6. I don’t think much of Smithy skill wise, pace and athleticism are his strengths
  7. He will be but I wouldn’t be taking him with that pick
  8. List management is sorted in advance not the year of a players departure. They will be planning for what they do if Kossie commits or not, like they would have for Dogga. Same goes with our entire list and getting 2023 out of both Pig and Melk May be something they didn’t expect
  9. He actually fits a big need IMO than Jefferson, quicker ball movement off half back was an issue last season
  10. I’d be really happy to get either Allen or Hewitt
  11. Agree with this, JT has a proven record and I think Jefferson is the safe pick for the Phantom draft selections as we need a key forward, but JT and his team will be looking beyond that. For mine Pick 13 is best available because the talk of next years super draft is based on the depth of key talls. I like the idea of taking a Hewett, Allan or George with 13 and based on the highlights reels if one of Lemmey or Foster is there at 37 then we take them, although I do like Gilbey if he lasts that long
  12. Blake Acres and Griffin Logie both left Freo during trade period heading to Carlton and North. Both WA boys
  13. Reckon it’s Sheezal, but would need one of Norths picks. We have been keen on Ginbey but not sure that was as a top 5, think that’s when we thought West Coast may have taken Hewett and Busslinger
  14. I don’t know of anything and don’t think any AFL side falls for such character flaw rumours in order for local sides to have a player fall back. The Jack Darling claims are a myth, he dropped back because he was poor in his draft year and struggled to deal with more experienced opponents.
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