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  1. Roosy never played for Brisbane, left Fitzroy a few years before the merger and played out his career at Sydney before joining the coaching panel
  2. He's answering his own posts, speaks volumes
  3. Agreed, Hard fought game but instead of the thread being about a great game a troll comments about the 2009 draft and others still wallowing in self pity chime in. Ffs get over it it's 11 years ago. As for the game after poor first halfs Grimes, Broad and Balta all improved. Tigers played Nankervis behind the ball in the 3rd quarter and Balta moved forward. Others are correct in the assessment of Dusty just putting his head over the ball and not looking for frees. Standard set for us to chase Best Tigers -Dusty, Edwards, Short, Graham, Cotchin Cats - Duncan, Gut
  4. Agreed, he tried to make the move to get Butters in 2017, which ultimately didn't come to fruition. Tried to move up last year when Devan Robertson was still available but missed again. Although in hindsight while I rate Robbo very highly we wouldn't have got Rivers
  5. Love footy so whilst disappointed it's not us, will still be watching. Richmond to win Dalhaus first goal Kane Lambert Norm Smith
  6. Amen to that, from what I've been told really loved by players who he has worked with. By all accounts very adaptable to the targeted player he is conveying the message to in order to get the best out of them
  7. Sat next to his father in our 3 point win at Subiaco in 2017. Lovely fella. Mitch was actually born in WA, Armadale Hospital. Good Luck Mitch whatever happens, you will live on in Dees folklore forever with that Elimination final sealing goal
  8. I'm not, it's the silly season and people reading social media quoting it to someone else who than says they have source Question them and they'll bring up the 1 or 2 darts out of 100 that hit the board
  9. West Coast had 4 and won the flag Richmond had 2 in the 2017 AA squad and won the flag, Port, Carlton and St Kilda also had 2 in the squad Tigers won the flag last year with 4 in the squad
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing him play for Scarborough Amateurs from 2022 and beyond
  11. Stay classy, the ability of the player determines how bad the act is does it. Pathetic
  12. Agree, rember the talk about the Hawks with Mitchell, O'Meara into their midfield. Buddy and Tippett at Sydney. The Eagles got Kelly, but gave up a hell of a lot for him, which may hirt in a few years
  13. Oh please, all the Kopites have very short memories no uproar when Stevie G ended Naysmiths career.
  14. Eagles midfield was talked up as close to perfect with the inclusion of Kelly for 2020. Things don't always end up as the media predicts. On paper they will look formidable with Hawkins and Cameron but footy isn't played on paper. He'd want to play with greater urgency than he did this season for them to be formidable
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