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  1. I cycled down West Coast Hwy near Trigg/North Beach area yesterday morning and saw Goody out and about walking (at a fairly decent pace) around 6am. According to one of the girls coming into work today around 8am she saw the team bus heading in to the car park area at Leighton Beach, which is a fairly decent hike from the team base in Joondalup. Seem to be making the most of their days and freedom
  2. Remember going into the Subiaco Social Club after losing the 06 Semi Final to Freo, Danners, Brad Miller and Jones came in. I bought all 3 a beer and had a chat. Chunk was just a kid in his first year. Back then he had hair and played with his socks up. Over the next 12 years he was an inspiration and a warrior who gave everything he had to us. It was great to see him play finals again in 2018 and kick the sealer against Geelong. Unfortunately for Chunk Father Time has caught up with him when we are close to realising a dream. His performance in the #2 has been befitting of its status. I hope it is passed down to a player who has earns the right to wear it. Thank you Jonesy for everything you gave and did for the club. You may not be on the ground next Saturday but you have played a big role in getting us there. Best wishes to you Geri and the family in life after footy
  3. Lathlain has two ovals, the old home of the Perth Demons is fenced off so can be closed off, the exterior MCG size oval is the one you can’t close. Yesterdays session footage is from Arena Joondalup
  4. Sorry mate we had our Year 10 boys playing in the GF at the same time and I watched that game so didn’t see the girls till they came back to the rooms to celebrate. The boys I coached last season got caught out by playing on a smaller oval in the GF. We were far quicker and had greater endurance but we struggled to match a bigger opponent in wet conditions on a smaller ground
  5. Got my tickets and whilst I’m ecstatic, need to be humble as I’m still a little sad for all those back in Melbourne who through no fault of their own cannot attend. Special thanks to @Lucifer's Hero what you have done for my nephew can not be put into words. Throughout my correspondence with you relating to the barcodes you have shown what a generous person you are who cares for others. I really hope Karma comes back and touch wood you get to attend the last day in September next year to see our beloved Demons
  6. Was that the 7/8 Girls at Scarborough yesterday. If so it was against our Sorrento Duncraig Yr 7/8 girls who brought home our clubs first ever girls Premiership
  7. If we win it from here, I will believe what my grandmother always told me, that everything happens for a reason. We don’t know the reason until many weeks/months/years later, she used to say. In 1980 I chose to follow Melbourne. Richmond, Carlton, Collingwood, Hawthorn and North were the popular choices. Dad was a North fan but there was something about our jumper (Royal blue at the time) which drew me. 1987 - 34 years later I still haven’t got over that and whenever I hear the commentators call of Bucke#*?#, I still get flashbacks. The Swooper years I loved, we were tough and honest 1988 & 2000, I never thought we’d win either. The Daniher years, so close on many occasions but not quite good enough. 186, 147 the period of 2012/13 and the long road back. Sitting through 2018 Preliminary and living in Perth in the aftermath. The letdown of 2019 and followed by COVID when things started to come good again. At no stage have we dropped off or lost our passion for the club. We are certainly resilient and must be the most deserving group of supporters, here’s hoping the 57 year wait only has 14 days to go
  8. No change for mine, love everything Chunk and Jetta have given for and mean to this club, but unfortunately for them they aren’t best 22/23 anymore
  9. 6. Gawn 5. Trac 4. Viney 3. Oliver 2. Petty 1. Brown
  10. Sending ❤️❤️❤️to everyone back in Melbourne, so fortunate to be there tonight and what did I see absolute ruthless hungry demons side . Work dragged call day, was nervous wreck all day. Went into overload just before halftime when they kicked two, had a couple of frothies with the brother at halftime who said You’ve got this your boys are hunting in packs and 2 goals away from putting Geelong away. I was still pessimistic but my lord they are a good side
  11. Mate he’s a fantastic footballer, reads it well attacks it clean hands and has his decision made as before he’s about to dispose of it. Pure class
  12. He was on Perth radio the other day saying he’s returned to his childhood and gone back to being a Cats supporter, because he was only a West Coast player and never a supporter. Since he’s stopped playing he’s returned to being a boy from Geelong Shows you his logic
  13. Hopefully I’m looking forward to these emails on Sunday, I’ll put my hand up and say I have 4 members in my household all long term members but should we go through I will be happy to use 2 more members barcodes if available for my brother and nephew to attend, with us. They are both long suffering Freo members but on board for September and heading to the Prelim with us tomorrow decked out in Red and Blue
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