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  1. Can be a journeyman like Phillips, Hickey, Jono Griffin . Not those in particular but that sort
  2. Who was Dean Cox before Gardiner did his PCL. Cameron back up at Sydney couldn’t get a game Mumford back up at Cats behind King and Blake Jolly behind White Biggs was a nobody 6 months ago and Hickey got Sydney to the GF last year at his 4th club. You just need to pick up a back up journeyman to give Max a chop out
  3. ZZ basketball background and cut from Claremont 2022 Colts squad Hayes and Angove both small forwards to watch next season Watson is a smart footballer and can also play across half forward, attracted some interest early 2022 before getting injured. Maybe a club will take a punt this year Boxshall - plays CHB for Scotch but played CHB and CHF for Claremont this year, hits packs hard and can take a grab. Kicking needs work. Will likely captain Scotch next season Cachard showed plenty 2022 on a wing but was still living in the country then and travelling to Perth in short stints Mitch Keene very underated, good tank , hard at contest and suffered at PSA in 2022 being played as wing , played a few on outside for Perth this year which IMO isn’t his strength Moore to me better on the outside with occasional spurts through the middle. Runs really hard and like his decision making and lateral movement Banfield really good year at PSA and back half of the WAFL season. Other mids say he’s the strongest inside mid Davis certainly one to look at 2024 I think Livingston out helped Perth against East Freo in the prelim they were more mobile inside F50 rotating the mids through there and Lee played higher up the ground. Livingston was well beaten IMO in the Semi Final by Zakostelsky and when forward by Peace/Bizacca Be interesting to see how things change in WAFL Colts 2024, Scott Moore very good coach his Trinity PSA team in 2022 and Perth team this year both very well drilled but his 06 cattle lacks depth although their futures group this season was handy, so may get games into the younger players. Claremont will lose most of their forward line to state 18s but should make finals. Subi, West Perth and Perl the sides who will climb back up to top end of the ladder
  4. Had a nearly day, took a few marks, brought the footy to ground hitting contest hard but just couldn’t impact the scoreboard. Having said that showed a lot of JVRs good traits with his workrate and second efforts at ground level to have some big score assists/involvements. That’s what has improved in the business end of the season which won’t go unnoticed by recruiters
  5. I like Clay and seen a fair bit of him last season but less this season. Only knock on him I would have is his disposal by foot which can be erratic at times, although now he’s playing against bigger bodies in the seniors and with the role he plays everything he does is under pressure
  6. Won’t be a ruckman at AFL level will likely be a KPD project player
  7. WAFL Colts GF Zane Zakostelsky- clear best on ground dominated in the ruck and with his follow up work at ground level. Commentators were a little disengenuous saying he was dominating due to Livingstone being out, but he actually towelled Livingstone up 2 weeks ago in the semi final. Turned over a few kicks and will take time at AFL level Dan Curtin - played mostly midfield before dropping back into the backline late in the fourth. Good game without being outstanding. Took some key marks and prominent around the stoppages in the 3rd when Claremont took total control. Copped significant treatment from Perth players at every opportunity throughout the day Cody Angove - very good early, playing high up the ground and getting involved in transition. Showed how dangerous he is around goal with snap on the run in the second- one to watch next year Hamish Davis best forward on the ground used his endurance to present all day and to good for Cameron Hall. Kicked 3 and very important in the 4th with his leading patterns and 1v2 wins when Perth were pushing head Seb Ballard - really solid effort as medium defender. Big bodied player who took several marks and set up rebound from Claremont defensive 50 Kai Dehaviland - strong in and under performance around the stoppages and also some poise with ball in hand when playing forward to set up tea mates Bailey Banfield - another contested mid who won hardball and was clean with his ball use. Hit Davis with a beautiful kick on the move to set up a goal Elijah Scoble - Perths best took several intercept marks, hit the contest hard to spoil after leaving his direct opponent. Probably a 3rd tall at next level if drafted but did his chances no harm on Sunday Aidan O’Driscoll - on fire early kicking the first two goals of the game with the second being one on the run where he showed his explosive pace and skill to kick a snap at full pace. Doesn’t play accountable footy but with that pace, foot skills and ability to impact the scoreboard should get picked up Jake Watson- found a fair bit of footy as he has all year with his reading of the play. Not as big an impact as normal but was important when Perth threw caution to the wind and he pushed forward more from half back Oscar Hine-Baston - had his hands full and probably lowered his colours to Angove but showed some glimpses with running handball receives of the line breaking ability he has
  8. Frawley I get, but Trengove was no different to Pies getting Pendlebury and Thomas, Hawks getting Roughie and Buddy, Ellis and Dowler, Tigers getting Tambling and Deledio and Dogs getting Griffen and Williams. They were the rules at the time
  9. Numbers for tomorrow to assist anyone watching 7 Curtin 12 Van Rooyen 18 Fonti 21 Zakostelsky 26 Van Der Struyf 29 Angove 38 Davis Perth 2 O’Driscoll 3 Moore 14 Watson 18 Dempster-Park 26 Hine -Baston 29 Cachard 45 Livingstone
  10. He will, that may be to early, I think Rookie maybe. Good GF on Sunday may change that
  11. Didn’t get a lot of it in the games played for WA this year but there were two passages of play vs SA at Optus where he takes possession and just delivers bullet passes about 45m straight onto chest of lead up team mate. Watched him through local community footy, PSA and Colts and I don’t exaggerate with the word elite with his foot skills Playing in the AFL Grand final curtain raiser next week if he gets through the WAFL Colts game unscathed Very nice kid too
  12. Poorly run club for a long time to the point where it hasn’t mattered who the coach is. Some changes last year at board level and I’m sure they will make more changes and eventually move forward Their 2006 group isn’t great but their 2007 group is not to bad, so may take a step back in Colts next season and get games into a younger group
  13. I think we have another troll , who appears every school holidays
  14. WAFL Colts Grand Final Sunday 12.10pm BD Perth time some good players on show for this year and next Claremont Daniel Curtin - enough been said about him, with seniors knocked out he returns to the colts Joe Fonti - quick deck and wide ground will suit him, running half back/wing possesses speed, but it’s the lateral movement and acceleration over first 5m which may see him taken with late pick Zane Zakostelsky - athletic big man watch his leap and size. Fairly late to the game and far but think clubs will look at him as key sevens I’ve project Sam Van Rooyen- 2 good finals games and finished the season strongly. Good athlete and when he’s on he’s on. Confidence player who has threatened to grab games by the scruff of the neck of late 2024 eligible Austin Van Der Struyf - half back wing, elite kicking skills awareness and decision maker Cody Angove - small forward with pace works high up the ground and possesses ability to move through traffic with quick feet and lateral movement Hamish Davis - forward with good acceleration and tank to find space and make repeat leads. Kicking needs work but topped goal kickers in the PSA and IMO could develop into a high half forward link player with his endurance Perth Aidan O’Driscoll - great tank, speed, awareness and decision making. Foot skills are very good and impacts the scoreboard Jake Watson- half back flanker who is good mark for his size and reads the play really well. Sets up much of their rebound with intercepts and decision making Coen Livingston- not sure if he’ll play as he’s under an injury cloud. Big strong forward/ruck but see his strength as forward. Not athletic but good kick for a tall Elijah Scoble - tall intercept defender who reads play well and also deceptively strong in contest. Probably a 3rd tall option at the next level Oscar Hine-Baston - hard running defender with clean ground ball skills and penetrating kick. Good athlete and likes to take the game on. Very much and Adam Saad type player Kalib Dempster-Park - dark horse draft chance. Midfielder who has had really strong season. Hard runner who wins the contest but gut runs to find space and gets involved in transition. Disposal okay but just knows how to find the footy 2024 eligible Cooper Moore - small mid/forward . Good decision maker with good foot skills who can also play through the middle and make an impact. Cool head who is cool in traffic and doesn’t panic with ball in hand. Size will be the question mark but has a lot of tools
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