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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. Not to mention he opens pockets/ leading lanes on top of forward pressure which effects their possession from D50 game, he hurt us and I hope they let him know Stupid no matter what way look at it
  2. Yeah nah, don’t give it any air time and let the players put it into the memory bank is how it should be dealt with
  3. Lions were coming off Bye 8 day break 6 day break Dees 7 day break 5 day break 7 day break 3 games in 23 days vs 4 games in 19 days. So whilst we won’t overlook the fundamental errors and issues let’s not pretend we weren’t looking a little flat and the above didn’t play some contributing factor
  4. He’s very talented, although the big growth spurt in the last two years has seen him virtually miss 2 seasons and he has just played 3 in the WAFL Futures(u/16). With time out and growing rapidly lost mobility but reckon he’ll grow into the body now. Both older brothers mobile for their size. This is him #86 at the beginning of the clip https://www.facebook.com/stories/104966548301236/UzpfSVNDOjExMjI4Mjc3MzIyOTcxNDk=/?view_single=1&source=shared_permalink&mibextid=W9rl1R
  5. He was pushing the Kossy to Port before he signed for us Kane has NFI
  6. No we don’t if this was in place last year Kossie would have got 6 weeks for his jump at Bailey Smith
  7. FFS it’s graded medium under the potential to cause injury factor. Once you leave the ground this is what you leave yourself open to Complain all you want but it’s the new rules rewritten after Maynard successfully challenged the ban he was given last season
  8. Can’t take recent record into account at the tribunal The issue with the new rules are the potential to cause serious injury, how is that assessed? Bump to the head - yes Impact still low - but this new rule can elevate that to medium Potential to cause injury is the key, Kozzie’s momentum to try and smother the footy is not as high speed/intensity as Maynard’s which I consider reduces the potential to cause injury
  9. Yes we’re in the same thought process In one of my earlier responses I mentioned Kozzy needing to say I did what I could to protect the opponent once I knew contact was imminent Tried to win the footy Identified contact was imminent Protected myself and Soligo No intent probably not careless High Low Impact where does that fall on the scale
  10. Adelaide haven’t played Collingwood this year so we’re comparing Apples and oranges Call it the Maynard rule or whatever you choose the goalposts changed and we know it
  11. I’m not sure Kozzy needed to make impact, he may have modified his game but once the attempt to get the footy didn’t come off was there any need for the contact. As one who played in the same manner whilst you can modify your game it’s still in you and to me it looks like there was a brief moment of I’m going to make contact and then a realisation of what may occur and then the arm is pulled back in. Sounds ridiculous be able to think all that through as it happens really quickly but that’s my take and it really doesn’t look great the side on view behind Kozzy of the impact Dont believe it has anything to do with him not being a Pie Reckon he gets a week although if he argues that he pulled his arm in when realising contact was inevitable to protect the opponent he could get it down to a fine
  12. He tipped Richmond to upset Carlton in Rd 1 and was laughed at, yet he wasn’t far off
  13. If you check history it’s less than 10% chance you make finals from 0.3 start and you don’t need to be Einstein to work out at 0-4 it’s even less chance. So in a nutshell their season is on the line As for the South Australian footy media vs the Queensland media I think that’s self explanatory
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