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  1. RIP Mark, condolences to family and friends
  2. Cheers for the reports everyone much appreciated
  3. Pretty sure he's currently in the Dogs rehab group with Toby McLean and a few others
  4. Needs to just find some composure JG when close to goal. He often has more time than he thinks, but rushes his kicks. When he does this he is often off balance, running at full pace when dropping the ball and his ball drop is high. A bit more composure to just slightly decelerate, when disposing the ball by foot. This is something IMO which should come with greater exposure at the highest level. But yes he brings plenty of other things others don't. Really think his link up play to move the ball quickly and break the lines is something special
  5. He needs to do more when he gets the football, IMO he just lacks X factor. He works hard defensively inside forward 50 and applies pressure with tackles (which need to stick more). IMO he's just like 50 other players, nothing really stands out, which is needed at Kobe's size. So he needs to either build strength/power and become a pressure forward who causes chaos with turnovers or start to really hurt opponents on the scoreboard I basically think his skills are average and need to be pushing elite with his size
  6. Why because he's the Wiz's kid Have you seen him play I have and there's a reason he wasn't drafted Long shot but sometimes fairytales become reality
  7. Yep, must say we've been very lucky over here. Hate to think of the mental health implications with lockdown
  8. Beyond the AFL, and I'm a Lib voter McGowan's border closures have been fantastic for those of us living in WA. We went hard early and have pretty much been living normal lives since May Kids missed 5 weeks of school (2 of which were school holidays) Work is pretty much back to normal with the main impact being the job keeper payments are making it hard to attract staff for some businesses Gyms, swimming pools etc all operating normally for several months Pubs restaurants etc functioning pretty normal Junior and Community sport all got seasons in and summer spor
  9. Agreed and think Buddy would be struggling to have taken 6 pack marks in his career
  10. He'll still have his 12 PSA games for Aquinas to play
  11. Neil Erasmus is one to watch Chaser, another Sorrento Duncraig boy who had an outstanding Colts grand final for Subi. Won't play many games at Subi till late as he has PSA commitments at Hale
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