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  1. 6. Trac 5. Lever 4. Langdon 3.Viney 2. Oliver 1. Gawn
  2. Don’t worry he’ll be trolling on another clubs supporters page
  3. Absolutely an accident, nothing in it but some people see what they want to see Iften been at games and thought are they actually watching the same game
  4. Yep a tragedy of the game. WAFL is close to dead and been on the decline since the Eagles first started. When the comp was getting strong again around 2009-13 they brought in stand alone for the AFL sides and killed it off further. Having said that many in WA are fair weather fans and all they care/know about is the Eagles
  5. As did the WAFL last week Ammos kicks off tomorrow, happy days Saturday catch ups with friends and old teammates over a few coldies. Life is good
  6. Yep, bloody phones and preemptive text
  7. If it guarantees us staying there, I’ll volunteer to do it
  8. Port made the fatal mistake of going in tall against West Coast particular inside forward 50m It has always been something to avoid against them but even more so now when they have good users by foot across the board. You very much need to play only 2 talls a medium and 3 smalls to lock the ball in and apply ground ball pressure against their defence. The above coupled with the lack of man on man at centre clearances set Port up for failure the other night
  9. It’s no longer us in the trade revision gun, it’s the Bombers but like us with the Josh Kelly, May for Pick 6 and trading up for Kossie Picket calls, I still think the Bombers have done ok with Cox and Perkins. Jones has shown a bit so far and it’s only very early days. Very happy to have KP, he has tricks that you just can’t teach
  10. 6. Gawn 5.Langdon 4.Hunt 3. Picket 2. Viney 1. Salem
  11. I remember James Kelly doing it at Kardinya Park around 2012/13
  12. Talk about ruining a drink, only two things go with Jameson, either Ice or a drop of water
  13. My thoughts exactly, like North on Friday they will come hard early. Any midfield with Ward, Coniglio, Kelly, Taranto,Hopper and Greene is going to be up for a fight
  14. Yes I have seen it first hand, previously worked in the Sex Crime area. Whats seen can't be unseen and what's read sometimes has a bigger impact. I became immersed in an investigation that consumed my life more than it should have a few years ago. It impacted me and my family to a point I never thought it would. It was tragic the victims ranged in age from late 30s to late 40s when they came forward and to see the effect it had on their lives and the destruction had a big impact. The offender was a Catholic priest who in the 70s and 80s preyed on vulnerable children and destroy
  15. Yes absolutely, don’t turn this into one of your long running 20 post sagas and don’t let facts get in the way of a whisper, which evolved into your statement Was Clarrie unhappy- yes maybe Was he out of contract - No Did any club offer us anything to take Clarrie -,No Do managers put rumours out 12/18 months in advance of contract negotiations- yes all the time Did any club have the required funds to pay for him - North and Hawthorn did but at trade time nobody else did Did any club have the required compensation to get Clarrie from us-No Would we have let
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