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  1. Sorry Roger, outside of PSA and state games, my WAFL Colts viewing over the last 18 months wasn’t great.
  2. Warner, Woewodin, Motlop all SOR boys and all private schools.
  3. Jed Hagan definitely one to watch, his desire to work himself into the ground with repeat efforts is like nothing I have seen since Ben Cousins. Just accumulates and racks up possessions due to pure workrate
  4. Not sure Sprigg has stopped growing and could be wrong but think he’ll be around the 200+ range now. Watched him playing for Wesley College, shot up a fair bit in the last 12/18 months. Was the dominant ruckman in PSA this season, with good skills for a big man. Has nice soft hands at the tap and a nice bit of mongrel. Having said all that I believe he may be being highly sought after the WACA and cricket Australia as a fast bowler
  5. and Tigers have 3 picks coming in the next 9, they could replenish very nicely
  6. My youngest played against JVR's younger brother this year and he was an absolute joy to watch playing. Smooth mover, penetrating kick. JVR himself as I said previously is an excellent backman and IMO has shown enough to think he has a very high ceiling as a forward
  7. Nobody who actually seen him play was excited in anyway about Kobe. I doubt without the lineage he’d even be playing WAFL Colts. As you acknowledge 2 very different players and I dare say with the WAF Colts, PSA, State games and combine testing Taj has put together over the last 18/20 months a club would have picked him.
  8. I like him as a defender because he has great footy IQ and good foot skills for a big player. He will be a very good defender. However I also think his ceiling could be extremely high as a forward, where he is still raw but the talent is there and he has the workrate
  9. Yes especially with Cerra having moved on. Personally I think the difference is they are still looking for that key forward which is why they are leaning towards Amiss. Erasmus impacts the scoreboard more than Johnson or IMO that is why the phantom drafts are compiled that way. Alternatively do they take both Erasmus and Johnson with those picks and use pick 20 to take a tall in Van Rooyen or Williams. Although if he’s available with our first pick can’t see us not taking Can Rooyen
  10. Can’t see Freo not taking Erasmus or Amiss with their first pick
  11. East Perth RPFC not West, he’s one of them filth
  12. Swans couldn’t afford to keep Mumford because of Buddy’s wage
  13. Good day for Pennant, backed the winner and had 2, 3, 4 & 24 in a box trifecta. 2021 has been very kind
  14. But they both had significant impact on the outcome of games for their respective sides and one a hell of a lot cheaper than the other
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