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  1. 2016 and not to mention 2 losses against them in 2006 , which cost us top 4
  2. He’s not on Fridays, Kane Cornes does that time slot
  3. I’m not really a stats man but since you brought them up and without having access to BTG footage or GPS data, I’m going to suggest from observations the fact that Spargo spends greater time running higher up the ground and between the arcs to get the footy. Having more possessions, metres gained, score involvements, assists, Inside 50s and rebound 50s would support the thought that Spargo works harder than Kossie . Incidentally Viney, Sparrow and Harmes all spend less time on the ground than Kossie and my observations tell me they all work harder
  4. Thank you for reinforcing my comments on your footy IQ. Apologies also to ever Deelander who wasted their hard earned backing Spargo to win the Coleman
  5. What a surprise Picket calling for Spargo to be dropped, Must be permanent cut and paste, unbelievable what you can’t see or more likely too pigheaded to acknowledge you don’t understand Your footy IQ is severely lacking
  6. Kennedy is cooked, body can’t handle AFL football demands anymore just getting up for games has been a big issue for the last 2 seasons. Will make a few cameo appearances in the next couple of years for Cervantes and Northampton in WA country football
  7. 6. Clarrie 5. Brayshaw 4. Petraca 3. Gain 2. Viney 1. Lever
  8. Bit harsh on Salem, Gawn missed an easier one, not to mention 3 goals given away by over hand balling inside our forward 50. Coaches need to sit Kozzie down and show him 2 x toe pokes inside forward 50 when you just need to put your head over the footy 1 x token arm thrown in at a ground ball contest inside forward 50 missing everything and allowing an easy clearance as opposed to locking it in Goes for a mark inside 50 in the fourth but puts only one hand up and doesn’t bring ball to ground, Quaynor mops up out the back Again contested ball on the southern wing late in the game just a hand put in, no ball or body, Pies go inside 50 and take the lead back. That was not long after the 1 arm marking contest Those are instances which cost you in a game - simple rule ball or body. Last year he’s hungry and takes ball or body, needs to do better
  9. Lobb is leaving because his partner wants to return to the eastern states. Nothing to do with issues at Freo
  10. I dont have him going that high, I think his teammate Jedd Busslinger will be the first WA boy selected. Be interesting to see how he finishes the season, he has 2 school games left , with East Perth sitting out of finals contention with just an outside chance of making it . Their Colts are currently sitting 3rd and should be safe, but they have a tough run home with 4 games against other contenders. He will be able to play their last 3 H & A games. By that stage the seniors may be out of contention and a good finals series May see him go top 10
  11. Yes pretty good comparison although taller than Deven
  12. Morning Chaser, yes he goes to school with my oldest (who is in the year group below) I have seen him play over the last two seasons and really been impressed with him. He played all of last season at CHB and stood out to me as a good 3rd tall with game awareness, strong hands and really good rebound defender. Saw him play seniors for East Perth earlier in the season and he had no issues with the bigger bodies. This season he’s spent a lot more time running through the middle and really began moving up the draft boards. Woey is the midfield coach at Wesley and he’s really pushed for Ginbey to play more through the middle. Tim Lamb came to watch him earlier in the season, big crowd there vs Scotch on Saturday so whether Tim was there again I’m not sure. He’ll be a good player, not a superstar but just has that competitive nature and work ethic, does the basics well
  13. My apologies SONS, didn’t see him, don’t think he’s get the same tricks as Serong, just a real competitor and leader
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