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  1. Collingwood’s blue print doesn’t work if we come out switched on with how we played the previous 2 weeks. You don’t consider after getting ourselves up for 2 big games against two other contenders there was potential for a let down Taking into account the likelihood of the Pies lifting for Bucks and us being slightly off and not setting self doubts in to them by putting them away early, would not surprise me if we were somewhat tired or not fully switched on mentally happens to all teams.
  2. Go back to the mobile fwd line, keep the pressure up and create turnovers and scores like earlier in the season. Out: Weid, Sparrow In: Viney, Melksham B: Lever Petty Hibberd HB: Hunt. May Salem C. Langdon Oliver Brayshaw HF. Pickett. Tmac. Nibbler F. Spargo. Jackson Fritsch R. Gawn, Trac, Oliver I/C Jordon, Harmes, Rivers, Melksham Sub: Sparrow/Chandler
  3. It’s not just trolls it’s unrealistic supporters who expect us to go undefeated through the season, the same people who are irrational on game day threads and feel the sky is falling. They have written off Goodwin, Spargo, Kossie, Nibbler, Tmac, May, Viney, Lever, Jason Taylor and still not put their hands up. For these posters when we win it’s all down to Choco and Yze but Monday was all down to Goodwin
  4. Kossie set shots aren’t great either, Oliver will be resting there as opposed to resting on the pine and the reason is Provides ability to win the ground balls and increase defensive pressure which has dropped off since we went with the extra tall Very difficult to match up on and will take a decent medium defender as nobody is going to leave him unattended his clearance/stoppage ability will provide scoring opportunities for himself and/or teammates
  5. 6. Jackson 5. Jordon 4. Salem 3. Lever 2. Gawn 1. Langdon
  6. Neither of BB or Weid, 2 x KP Talls Tmac and Jackson/Gawn 1 x Medium Tall Fritsch 3 x smalls rotating through Pickett, Nibbler, Spargo, Viney Trac or Oliver can have stints forward to
  7. Around 2000 I think it became locked in
  8. People I have spoken to reckon he will develop really well based on his desire and attitude. He’s not blessed with size, blistering pace or freakish ability but he won’t be the first or last player who develops through sheer hard work
  9. Very strong club through the 90s and noughties with players coming through regularly. Changing demographics in the area have impacted them and Willeton. Rich, Darling, Allen, Prior, Deluca, Foley and Schofield all recently either playing or drafted I know my bad, I did watch Aquinas vs Wesley the other week but Taj was playing WAFL, Logan McDonald’s brother Connor and Bevan Warner’s brother Corey both playing well with Corey the absolute stand out on the ground. Riley Sprigg Wesley’s ruckman could be worth a look for a club
  10. and Neil Erasmus another off the Sorrento Duncraig production line
  11. Pies getting on the front foot IMO to get Ross Lyon, with Carlton also holding a whole of FD review
  12. It was me, but it wasn’t a close negating tagging role it was more of being close enough to pounce and corale so he had no time with his disposal and it forced them to go to switch a lot and cut out his ability to transition Agrre with you if the top 6 Trac, Oliver, Gawn, Lever, May and Ymac all maintain this form the rest just need to perform their roles
  13. They’ve moved on from Goody for the time being and it’s now directed towards Weid and Melksham. Spargo also was a target for them in 19. Weid and Melksham aren’t world beaters by any means but they are playing their role in the system.
  14. Andrews took 2 contested marks in the game.
  15. I’ve said to a few mates this year in footy conversations this is by far the best Demons team I have ever seen I started supporting in 1980 and I’ve seen us have teams with greater spread of individual talent, but not a team who sets up and sacrifices their own game for the good of the team. Having said that we do have some exceptional talent in this team, with two potential HOF kids and a future HOF Ruckman Those previous teams tended to get on a run based on talent and form IMO. I have always felt 1998 was the one that got away. That team was laced with talent and had a decent back
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